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New HELO LX Product Video by WorldGNPro.com
Get your own replicated landing pages with this new video at http://worldgnpro.com The HELO LX is the world's most cutting-edge, feature-rich wearable wristband that provides more potential wellness benefits than any other device like it. As such, we, the Wor(l)d Pro marketing system team, feel it is our duty to try and get this product in front of more eyes. This new HELO LX sizzle video was professionally produced to create that great first impression. When you sign up for Wor(l)d Pro, instantly you'll receive a full replicated website (like this one from Wor(l)d's Master Distributor: http://wgnpro.com/?id=chanida) with a full HELO product page. Not only that, but you'll receive multiple lead capture landing pages for distributor AND customer acquisition, including pages with this new HELO LX video (Example: http://wgnpro.com/helo1/?id=chanida). As a World Global Network distributor, you can sign up for the Wor(l)d PRO marketing system and any future landing pages we create is included with your subscription. To begin sharing this new HELO LX product video on your own personalized web page, and to get access to multiple other landing pages go to http://worldgnpro.com (And yes, you can try the system for FREE)
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World Global Network MLM Business Opportunity
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Wor(l)d HELO LX 2 Min Product Video (Aug. 2017)
http://worldgnpro.com - Watch the new Helo LX 2 Minute product video to learn why the HELO LX is the world's #1 wellness wearable wristband. The HELO LX by World Global Network, has been voted the #1 product in the direct sales industry for 2017 and has been featured on news programs such as Fox & Friends, Fox News, The Today Show and CBS News. If you are a Wor(l)d distributor you can share this video on your own personal website by subscribing to the Wor(l)d Pro system at http://worldgnpro.com. Wor(l)d Pro is endorsed by the master distributors of Wor(l)d and offers a full replicated site and targeted lead capture pages for member and customer acquisition. Get a free trial of Wor(l)d Pro now at http://worldgnpro.com
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NBC's Today Show Showcases The HELO LX
http://worldgnpro.com - The Today Show recently featured the incredible HELO LX wearable wellness band, showcasing what this amazing technology can do. The Helo LX is the most advanced wearable wellness tracking device on the planet and has also been featured by Fox News and other media outlets. To learn more about the HELO LX get in touch with the person who shared this video with you. If you are a Wor(l)d Global Network distributor, visit http://worldgnpro.com to learn about our marketing system. World GN Pro helps you effectively share the HELO LX and other Wor(l)d products with others!
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BioZen ElectroSmog Protection by World Global Network
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Wor(l)d HELO LX Seen On TV (Fox)
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Wor(l)d GN Compensation Plan Overview April 2017
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Wor(l)d GN - The Future of Network Marketing
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BioZen results as shown with a Biomonitor
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Wor(l)d is Creating The Next Multi-Billion Dollar Company
http://worldgnpro.com - World GN is changing the game and disrupting the wearable technology space with their revolutionary HELO LX wellness tracking device. World Global Network, headed up by Fabio Galdi, is producing some of the most cutting-edge technology products, with the help of Antonio De Rosa, the man who helped design the iPhone. Wor(l)d has a passion and vision to become the next multi-billion dollar technology company and is already on track with hundreds of millions in sales. Learn how you can sign up and promote these products as well as earn income by signing up other promoters. Visit the master distributors and top earners personal site to learn more at http://worldglobalnetwork.co Once you are a member, you can get a site just like the one above plus multiple lead capture landing pages to easily share and sell the Wor(l)d products. Just go to http://worldgnpro.com to get your own personal website once you are a Wor(l)d distributor.
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Discover Helo LX by World GN | Love At First Beat
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World Global Network SuperCar Bonus - Get The Keys
http://worldgnpro.com - Wor(l)d has set the bar with the SuperCar Bonus, the opportunity for World Global Network distributors to earn the title of a brand new Lamborghini, Ferarri or Rolls Royce! Our Wor(l)d Pro marketing system includes a landing page that helps distributors promote this bonus. See an example at http://wgnpro.com/supercar1/?id=chanida Once you sign up as a Wor(l)d distributor, you gain access to potentially qualify for the SuperCar Bonus. Plus you can attract other leaders that have the potential to hit President Millionaire in the time required to get this bonus. Sign up for the Wor(l)d Pro marketing system at http://worldgnpro.com and get this very same landing page shown above, plus a full website and many other lead capture pages!
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Helo LX | Getting Started With Your New Device
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BioZen results tested with a Teslameter
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HELO Classic Seen on Fox 32 News
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Evolution of Helo LX by Wor(l)d | Antonio De Rosa
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Wor(l)d HELO Featured on Fox | Tech Trends 2017
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Unboxing The Helo LX Wellness Tracker
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WOR(l)D GN 7 Min Opportunity Overview Video (Aug. 2017)
http://worldgnpro.com - World Global Network has quickly risen to become one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in the entire industry and the #1 technology company in network marketing. In the video, learn why Wor(l)d GN is attracting top leaders around the globe and how you can participate in the incredible business opportunity available through the company. Are you already a Wor(l)d Global Network distributor? Get your own personal website and landing pages with this video (and many others) by going to http://worldgnpro.com. Wor(l)d Pro is the #1 marketing system for Wor(l)d and is used and endorsed by the master distributors. Why? Because it flat out works! Get a free trial now at http://worldgnpro.com
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World Global Network | #1 Direct Sales Technology Company
http://worldgnpro.com - World Global Network, otherwise known as Wor(l)d, has surged onto the scene over the past 12 months with their revolutionary life-sensing technology and wearable device called the HELO. Wor(l)d was founded in 2011, and is now the fastest growing network marketing MLM company in the technology space, surpassing $400 million in cumulative sales in 2017. Learn more about Wor(l)d by visiting the master distributors personal website at http://worldglobalnetwork.co. To get a site like the one above, try the Wor(l)d Pro replicated marketing system at http://worldgnpro.com.
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