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Blue Bird || Original Song
Just a simple little tune I wrote..... Lyrics: Bluebird fly, fly far away close your eyes and think of tomorrow I know you'll find a brighter day bluebird fly, fly far away Won't you sing, your sweet song in the silence, in the cold let the melody sound strong bluebird sing, just sing your song Oh I hear the voices so close outside my door there's a ghost that's whispering the words from days before You and I we are the same broken faces in the rain but please, hear just what I say bluebird fly bluebird fly blue bird fly fly far away.
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My Lyme Disease Story
Hey guys, here is my chronic lyme disease story. Watch Under our skin : http://underourskin.com/ ILADS: http://www.ilads.org/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/janakaymusic/?hl=en BLOG:http://janadiaries.blogspot.com/
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Last Christmas cover with my little bro JJ
This is my little brother's favorite Christmas song so I taught him to sing it and we made a lil video. He's seven. Be nice.
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"Boris" (BOY cover)
So. I recorded one of my favorite songs by BOY. They are awesome. side note: it would look much better in 1080....
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New song. Hope you guys like it :)
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La Vie En Rose ||  COVER
Pardon my French. This is one of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy it! (Edith Piaf/ Louis Armstrong Cover) Download this music for free: https://soundcloud.com/jana-gilmore/la-vie-en-rose-cover Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janakaymusic/
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Ruin || Shawn Mendes Cover
Thanks for listening!
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The Luckiest Girl || ORIGINAL SONG
Here's a cheesy little tune I wrote for my hubs back when we were first dating. Hope you enjoy! Happy belated Valentine's day! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janakaymusic/ Lyrics: Baby I don't need no diamonds, don't need a string of pearls cause every time that you kiss me I know that I'm the luckiest girl Baby I don't need a great big house a big tv or a leather couch cause every time that you spin me around i know i'm the luckiest girl Chorus: So let's take a ride to the country side where the grass is green and the water's fine so jump on in, put your hand in mine I know it's gonna be alright Baby I don't need no fancy car, I just wanna be where you are when where you are is beside me I know that I"m the luckiest girl and if the world would fall apart I know that you would have my heart and I could write a thousand songs about how you and I belong
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"You are the Sea"-Original Song
Wrote this a couple months ago and finally did a little recording....hope yall like it :)
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Where are you now
Here's a demo for a song I wrote back in the spring of last year. "Where are you now" Between the sheets I toss and I turn in the middle of the night between the words I ache and I burn for you to be by my side Oh where are you now Oh, where are you now? there's a spark in your perfect brown eyes oh where are you now? Between my fingers there's a letter that you wrote so many years ago I'll miss a lot of things but I'll miss you the most and all the love we use to know Oh where are you now Oh, where are you now? You were soft summer wind blowing on my skin oh, where are you now? Between the walls of my little home I see the pictures of you and I here comes the feeling that I'm on my own I'm on my own this time Oh where are you now Oh, where are you now? and in the evening light, I'll be waiting for you still. Oh, where are you now?
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The Scientist || Coldplay Cover
One of my favorite Coldplay songs. Hope you guys like it!
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You are my home
Demo for a song I've been workin' on. Lyrics: From the skies all painted gold to the earth, I find you're all I wanted When my skin and bones grow cold, I find you there at last and you give me rest Those who left me pale and white, to the wolves on the darkest night they are falling, and I hear your voice I can breathe in the quiet, I can say you are my home I was reaching for the fire, just to find that you are brighter I've been chasing all this time, a love that is already mine In the morning, I can hear your voice I can breathe in the quiet I can say you are my home
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Blue Eyes-original
I wrote this a couple month ago and tried to record it...still learning... hope yall enjoy :) Lyrics: Sharp edge of a knife, let it bring me back to life, I'm barefoot in the rain with all that's left to remain Blue eyes intoxicated heartbeat infatuated me how I wish that I understood you Chorus: I'm breathless, waiting for you to come home, I'm mindless, tell me are you coming home? will this flood of longing cease? I just want a little peace of mind guess you could say that I was blind and a fool in love but you were smart, you got bored and tired with my heart how I wish that I understood you Chorus x2
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Hey Darling || Original Song
Song I wrote last year. Hope yall enjoy. (Thanks to keeton for recording the video!) Lyrics: Hey darling well it's been awhile since I've seen your face and it's dark and it's cold here in this quiet place hey darling it's been too long, since I've seen the sun when that flickering light in the hall is the only one old newspapers and forgotten names on the oak table with the coffee stains I still remember that morning you cried still see the tears in your eyes I know it's too much to ask for you to take me back but would you take me back? Hey darling do you recall that little house on the hill with the yellow sunlight through the leaves wind swaying the tall pine trees Same old heartbeat as before, but I can't feel it anymore take me back
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Here's a song I wrote last year! Hope you like it. Download it here; https://soundcloud.com/jana-gilmore/to-be-your-girl
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Listen to a better quality version (and download for free) here:http://janagilmore.bandcamp.com/ Kudos to Keeton Coffman for helping me record. You should check out his tunes: http://www.keetoncoffman.com/
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