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Make a Div Clickable as a Link
Make a div tag clickable as a link using simple javascript. Add the following code to the div tag: onclick="location.href='http://www.google.com';" style="cursor:pointer;" Change the link to whatever link you wish to use. Link to website post: http://startwebdesign.co.uk/tutorials/?p=33
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301 Re-Direct Domain with GoDaddy Account (SEO Strategy)
Re-direct Domain on your GoDaddy cPanel in 6 easy steps. Information on the importance of redirects to SEO can be found here: https://moz.com/learn/seo/redirection
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Contact Form 7 not sending emails on Various Servers Simple Fix
This may or may not be the problem for you, but I recently noticed an issue with Contact form 7 Wordpress plugin on my GoDaddy server and found this as a solution.
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A Linked Div box with a Javascript 'jump' Hover Effect
Full code and description here: http://startwebdesign.co.uk/tutorials/?p=55
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Make active links stay active using simple css
Very easy way to keep the active/hover state of a link on your navigation bar stay highlighted to clarify which page you are browsing. Demonstration done on Dreamweaver using a simple html webpage (with a simple css stylesheet). For a step by step guide to this tutorial with code visit: http://startwebdesign.co.uk/tutorials/?p=27
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How to Fix Blur Fast on Photoshop
Just one method! By all means add other elements. This is an easy and quick way to use Photoshop. To bring your images into focus better.
Use Simple PHP (includes rule) to Save Time with Site Content
Using php include to link repeated content on mulitiple website pages. No more search and replace on your website footers! Full details and step by step instructions: http://startwebdesign.co.uk/tutorials/?p=68
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Dreamweaver Image Rollover Tutorial
To download the image I use in the tutorial go to the link for my site here: http://startwebdesign.co.uk/tutorials/?p=8 Using Dreamweaver CS5. Similar process for most other versions of Dreamweaver so should be applicable for those too. Easily create a rollover image swap anywhere on your website.
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Create a really simple attractive rounded box for a Website w/html,css,dw,ps
A really easy way to create a rounded box for a website using Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Full step by step code/instructions here: http://startwebdesign.co.uk/tutorials/?p=47
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