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Floating 2015
This extraordinary exhibition has been inspired by the ocean. It will showcase the remarkable works of Peter Nilsson and Ben Young, both of whom work in the challenging medium of laminated float glass.
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The Third Dimension - Masters in Carved and Etched Glass
The Third Dimension Masters in Carved and Etched Glass This exciting exhibition showcases the diversity of techniques both ancient and ground breaking developed by this talented group of artists to create and decorate their work. Alasdair Gordon has mastered the ancient art of copper wheel engraving to create his extraordinary cameo pieces whilst Rish Gordon uses fine sandblasting and engraving to create imagery inspired by her childhood in Africa. Kevin Gordon carves and sandblasts detailed abstract imagery to create beautiful thought provoking works. Holly Grace uses a combination of blown vessels in groups to depict etched images of evocative landscapes. Amanda Louden chooses Australian flora, insects and marine life as inspiration for her delicate sandblasted vessels and Miki Kubo carves and engraves detailed images of animals and birds onto elegant translucent forms. The rhythm, scale and detail of organic form are revealed in Mariella McKinley's exquisite carved cane pieces, whereas Peter Nilsson explores the forces of "Man versus Nature " carved into layers of clear glass to reveal powerful three dimensional sculptured works. The narrative of Tony Hanning's work etched into blown vessels, along with the landscapes by David Hay inspired by aerial photography, draw the viewer into the mind of the artist. Translucent glass is transformed by Yusuké Takemura and Kayo Yokayama. Yusuké carves patterns into fragile glass to create dramatic, light reflecting sculptures influenced by his memories of nature. Kayo uses fine diamond wheel carved imagery to create calming tiny worlds sheltered beneath trees. Guest speaker at the opening will be Dr Tony Hanning, renowned glass artist and author. Please join us on Thursday 7 March at 6.00pm to view the spectacular collection of engraved and etched glass and meet all the artists except for David Hay who unfortunately cannot be there. The Third Dimension opens on Thursday 7 March 2013 from 6.00pm - 8.00pm and closes on the 7th of April 2013. Kirra Galleries Federation Square (enter via Atrium) Cnr Swanston & Flinders Streets Melbourne VIC 3000 Phone: (03) 9639 6388 Email: [email protected]
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Flame On Glass 2015
Kirra Galleries Present the 13th Annual Overview of Contemporary Flame Formed Glass
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Narrative in Glass
Kirra Galleries are delighted to present an exhibition titled NARRATIVE IN GLASS featuring the work of nine Australian glass artists. Lisa Cahill's work talks about the vast beauty of the ocean. It can be serene and calm, at other times its wild storms can be brutal. When light shimmers on the surface the sea is transformed into an angelic vision hiding its potential to be wild and volatile. With this work Lisa aims to create a place for quiet contemplation, an artwork that ponders the reality beyond the visible. Christopher John explores the relationship of pattern to the human form with intimations of interior states of being and the mythos of antiquity and for many years he has returned to the human face at his "Licht Moif". Mikyoung Jung combines kiln-formed glass with metal and other materials and the fusion of the two elements allows her to catalogue and articulate her emotions and encountered visual experiences acquired while travelling which for Mikyoung is a continual migration. Kristin McFarlane regards glass as ideal for layering images and text to create three dimensional and creative works due to its tactile and sensual qualities. The nature of glass with its inherent refractions and optical qualities takes the graphic elements into a realm of unique dimensions. In his latest work Peter Nilsson's theme is "to catch or get caught". Peter is working with aquatic motifs and in this exhibition he will concentrate on situations where the figures are catching their prey, or they are caught by a force more powerful. Ruth Oliphant recreates an essential aspect of the modern city based on her experiences and memories. She explores the use of layers, bringing them together to create more complex landscapes and cityscapes. Yusuké Takemura's innovative methods are a fusion of traditional technique with contemporary knowledge that he has developed to translate ideas concerning human experience, history and space. Lorry Wedding-Marchioro uses imagery derived from intangible elements sourced from poetry, music and the natural world. Often a word or phrase will inspire a work, the meaning resonating with her artistic sensibilities. Originally from a boatbuilding background and with a strong passion for the ocean; this series of work by Ben Young symbolises a journey of life depicted by objects based around the ocean. Each piece can figuratively express a certain part of life's journey whether it be dropping anchor and settling, sailing off on travels or navigating obstacles. The addition of concrete and steel have been introduced to represent traditional construction methods and materials used commonly in everyday life as well as in the boat building industry. .
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Titled Virtuoso, this remarkable exhibition features work by nine of Australia’s most talented and inspiring glass makers – Lisa Cahill, Matthew Curtis, Benjamin Edols, Kathy Elliott, Brenden Scott French, Holly Grace, Ruth McCallum-Howell, Bethany Wheeler and Nick Wirdnam.
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Crystal Stubbs and George Aslanis
Kirra Galleries Exhibition featuring Crystal Stubbs and George Aslanis. The Exhibition runs from 19th April, 2012 through until 19th May, 2012
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Kirra Galleries are delighted to present the 10th Annual Overview of Contemporary Flame Formed Glass featuring the work of 26 artists The exhibition runs until 30 September 2012 Christian Arnold, Barbara Ashbee, Sally Balfour, Susie Barnes, Wendy Bergamin, Jemma Clements, Richard Clements, Cas Davey, Pauline Delaney, Kristen Dibbs, Cindy Durant, Mark Eliott, Matthew Farrell, Sally Green, Marilyn Hayes, Terri Kraehe, Len McFadden, Carol Marando, Raymond Mifsud, Peter Minson, Anne Oberin, Helen Peake, Lisa Simmons, Alan Ussher, Kathryn Wardill and Laurie Young
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Natural Selection by Amanda Louden
Amanda was one of the first glass artists to be represented at Kirra Galleries - way back in December 1997 and we are delighted to have watched Amanda’s career go from strength to strength and see her work purchased by collectors from all over the world. This will be Amanda’s 7th solo exhibition with Kirra Galleries. Amanda blows and then decorates her own glass vessels and she has made an extensive study of Australian flora, insects and marine life. Her interests are reflected in the endless array of designs with which she decorates her glass. Amanda has a worldwide following - her work is artistic, colourful and very collectable.
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Interview with Tevita Havea
Interview with Harriet Schwarzrock at the Osmosis Exhibition Opening, Kirra Galleries
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Kirra Galleries Exhibition - Miki Kubo and Amanda Louden "A Natural World"
Kirra Galleries Exhibition. Miki Kubo and Amanda Louden "A Natural World"
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An interview with Nick Mount - July 2009.mp4
An interview with Nick Mount by Kirra Galleries
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Holly Grace - Australian Alps
I grew up in Perth Western Australia, a city of extreme isolation where nature is a beautiful, yet harsh reality. It was there in my early formative years I developed a profound appreciation and love for the natural environment. As part of my education as a glassmaker and as an artist, I traveled many times to Scandinavia. These trips have been instrumental in the development of my understanding of glass as a material and in forming my aesthetic as an artist. It was in Denmark and in Sweden that I again began to look at the landscape, drawn to the soft transitions in colour that were so different from the intense bright light that is Western Australia. It was also during this time that I first began to use the camera, initially as a means of personal record then later becoming an integral part of my artwork. Having come back to Australia and living in the ACT and now in Melbourne Victoria, I have in the past seven years began investigating the Australian Alps. It is there, in and around places like Thredbo, Perisher and Falls Creek I have begun my journey anew and have developed an appreciation for and understanding of this unique landscape. These artworks are personal photographic documentations of walks taken the past year at different times of day and in different seasons. By using glass I hope to take the viewer with me on my journey and to appreciate these unique and beautiful landscapes that are the Australian Alps. Holly Grace
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Maureen Williams and Ben Sewell
Kirra Galleries Exhibition "Diverse Interpretations of the Landscape" . 11th August - 4th September, 2011
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Kirra Illuminating Glass Award (KIGA)
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.... This old proverb can apply to the Kirra Illuminating Glass Award (KIGA) exhibition and to the progress of Kirra Galleries which before its formation was just a wish. A year ago, whilst opening Kirra Galleries Light in Winter exhibition, Kate Brennan, then Chief Executive Officer of Fed Square Pty Ltd challenged us to partner Fed Square in an Australian and New Zealand competition featuring light transmitting glass art. Without realising the full extent of the effort and work involved to mount such an exhibition, we accepted the challenge and the results are in this catalogue. When Kirra Galleries were invited to mount the exhibition, in turn the Australian and New Zealand glass art practitioners were challenged to produce a new genre of light emitting glass sculptures. How they rose to the occasion for the first such competition is truly amazing. When we decided to mount this exhibition I wrote a small introduction to a document outlining our hopes and aspirations. I think for the introduction to this catalogue it is worth re-printing as it explains how the past was our inspiration for the present and hopefully for the future: "Soon after electricity was harnessed and became freely available, in the late 1800s and more prominently in the first decades of the 1900s, European Glass Artists turned their talents towards the creating of free standing decorative lights, plafoniers and chandeliers. The period was a hot house of creativity -- artists such as Emile Gallé of Nancy and René Lalique produced enormous quantities of art glass. The period was short lived as the production processes often involved dangerous materials and were hazardous to the practitioners. Believing that the glory years of the Art Nouveau period can be updated, modernised and re-visited, over the past 5 years Kirra Galleries have provided an annual exhibition of illuminated glass with handmade one-off pieces of contemporary Australian Art Glass." This was our aim and in this catalogue are images of the pieces in the KIGA Competition, the realisation of our dreams and the manifestation of the multi-faceted talents of those practicing artists working in glass as a medium. The pieces on exhibit and pictured in this catalogue represent the realisation of fifty percent of the design concepts submitted, from which the judges selected the finalists. Judging was a long and difficult process and very often the decisions which to accept and which not to, was based on a split vote. We thank the artists whose submissions did not make the list of finalists, and encourage them to submit their concepts for the next year's KIGA competition. The KIGA concept could not have become a reality without the full blown participation and encouragement of Kirra Galleries' Landlords, Fed Square Pty Ltd, with whom we are proud to partner this exhibition. It could also not have happened without Kirra Galleries' dedicated staff who went the extra mile in ensuring that work of high quality was delivered intact, ready for display from all corners of Australia and New Zealand. Finally, I wish to thank the judges who have consented to judge the exhibition under difficult conditions as the display could only become available to them shortly before the opening.
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Kirra Directors Choice 2012
A little over 10 years ago Kirra Galleries, then operating from a tenancy at Southgate, was approached and invited to open a gallery in Federation Square which, in those days, was a busy building site. We made a seminal decision to accept the offer and thereafter negotiated a lease and watched with growing involvement the building process. Soon the Atrium started taking shape, walls fell into place and I vividly recall the day when we could actually discern the shape of the future tenancy, destined to become Kirra Galleries. After a great deal of planning, fitout and two days of frenetic activity, including a stint of all night shelf stocking, on 26th October 2002 we were set to open. Round about 11.00am on the day, Premier Steve Bracks ceremoniously cut a ribbon in one of the two finished spaces in the NGV - Ian Potter Centre's new northbank home and with much pomp and circumstance declared Federation Square open. Kirra Galleries was the only commercial tenancy open for business, having opened our doors simultaneously with Steve Bracks' ribbon cutting moment. Since opening day we have assiduously set about promoting Australian Glass - we have involved ourselves with Institutions where glass making is taught, have encouraged students and participated in overseas exhibitions. We have offered prizes to emerging artists - many of whom now have achieved maturity and are represented in galleries both local and overseas. With the preceding thoughts as backdrop, we decided to hold an exhibition - "Directors' Choice" where we show examples of the work of artists who have supported us in our journey, whose work we have exhibited before and whose work is typical of the high standards we demand. Constraints of space was a concern as our preference would have been to be more inclusive, though there are artists who simply did not have work to be exhibited at this time. The end result is a colourful, spectacular display of artistic vision, showcasing a variety of techniques from thirty-two of the best glass artists in the country. The artists whose work is on display are: George Aslanis, Lisa Cahill, Tali Dalton, Ben Edols, Kathy Elliott, Brenden Scott French, Alasdair Gordon, Rish Gordon, Holly Grace, Tony Hanning, Noel Hart, Tevita Havea, Brian Hirst, Mikyoung Jung, Gerry King, Brent King, Jennifer Ashley King, Laurel Kohut, Miki Kubo, Amanda Louden, Ruth McCallum-Howell, Nadia Mercuri, Richard Morrell, Keith Rowe, Harriet Schwarzrock, Tim Shaw, Crystal Stubbs, Emma Varga, Bethany Wheeler, Patrick Wong, Robert Wynne and Takemura Yusuke. The exhibition was opened on Thursday 4 October 2012 by a dear friend of the gallery, Dr Noris Ioannou who is the author of "Australian Studio Glass - its Makers and their Art" and who is currently the Co-ordinator of J-Studios Artist Community, North Fitzroy. The exhibition runs until Sunday 4 November 2012 and we cordially invite those of our clients who have not yet been able to visit to inspect the exhibition and experience a representative cross-section of the quality of Australian Glass which is now gaining great renown and acceptance throughout Australia and worldwide. Peter Kolliner OAM Gallery Director Kirra Galleries
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Flame On Glass, 2014
Flame on Glass 2014 is the 12th Annual Overview of Contemporary Flame Formed Glass. The exhibition opens on 11th September and runs through until the 12th of October. Artists are demonstrating at Kirra Galleries on the following days: 11 September 2014: 6pm to 8pm 12 September 2014: 11am to 5pm 13 September 2014: 11am to 5pm 14 September 2014: 11am to 5pm
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Masters In Blown Glass
MASTERS IN BLOWN GLASS - Exhibition opening Thursday 26 September 2013 at 6.00pm Featuring the work of: Clare Belfrage, Tali Dalton, Benjamin Edols, Kathy Elliott, Brian Hirst, Nick Mount, Tom Rowney, Maureen Williams, Nick Wirdnam and Robert Wynne Exhibition open 26 September 2013 to 27 October 2013
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Kirra Galleries Light in Winter Exhibition on Chanel 10 News, 15th June, 2011
A feature on Kirra Galleries Light in Winter Exhibition on Chanel 10 News on the 15th of June, 2011
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flame on glass 2011
flame on glass exhibition at Kirra Galleries from 15 September until 9 October, 2011
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Miles Johnson chandelier installation for Kirra Galleries, Light in Winter Exhibition 2012
Miles Johnson chandelier installation for Kirra Galleries, Light in Winter Exhibition 2012
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‘Microcosm’ will features the work of 6 very accomplished female glass artists; Nicole Ayliffe, Holly Grace, Laurel Kohut, Mariella McKinley, Zoe Woods and Kayo Yokoyama. We are thrilled to have Nick Wirdnam open this exciting exhibition. Nick was both teacher and mentor to three of the exhibiting artists whilst head of The Monash University’s Glass department from 1983 to 2007. His career as a glass artist spans more than forty years and his work is represented in The National Gallery of Australia, Wagga Wagga National Glass Collection, Queensland Art Gallery Brisbane Australia and several international museums including Glass Museum Nijima Japan, Ebeltoft Glass Museum Denmark and Northlands Creative Glass Museum Scotland.
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Flame On Glass 2016
The 14th Annual Overview of Contemporary Flame Formed Glass.
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Perspectives: Interior-Exterior
This contemplative yet vibrant exhibition features seven of Australia's finest glass makers using a variety of techniques to express the title Perspectives -- Interior Exterior. The work featured explores personal spaces both within us and the places that hold meaning in our lives. The result is a collection of sculptural works and panels that draw the viewer into the mind's eye of the artist and take us on a journey through evocative imagery and timeless landscapes. Kate Baker is primarily interested in the intersection between the individual's internal and external realms, and her work explores psychological 'environments' created through one's individual experience. Photography, digital and print-media techniques are combined with glass making to create works where enigmatic imagery is locked within layers of glass. The kilnformed sculptures and wall pieces of Brenden Scott French are carefully layered and assembled and form stories of personal and social history. Human behaviour, character and narrative are the foundations of exploration in Brenden's work. For many years Christopher John has repeatedly returned to the human face as his "Licht Motif." The whole drama of human existence can be read in the simple lines of the profiled head or the uncompromising frontality of "le visage." His current body of work explores the relationship of pattern to the human form with intimations of interior states of being and the mythos of antiquity. Mikyoung Jung combines kilnformed glass with metal and other materials. The fusion of these elements create new spaces for discourse and allow Mikyoung to articulate her emotions and encountered visual experiences during her extensive travels, and explore the spaces we all share. Simon Maberley uses the human figure as an allegorical basis for his investigations -- he has been exploring differing theories of consciousness and human identity for some time, and continues to explore these ideas in his work. As his development continues through awareness and experience, perspectives shift and change, thoughts and concepts are discovered or renewed and this evolution becomes translated through his sculptures. Ruth Oliphant's sculptures recreate an essential aspect of the modern city based on her experiences and memories. She is exploring the use of layers, bringing them together to create more complex landscapes. Through this method she aims to recreate the layered atmospheres of the city environment. Ben Sewell's work combines techniques of overlayed colour on his vessels and panels, and glass engraving to create works of beauty reflecting the essence of the Australian Landscape. The technique of engraving is used to recreate the action of drawing pen on paper.
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SOFA Chicago 2013
Kirra Galleries at SOFA Chicago 2013
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Juxtapositions. August 2 - 31, 2012
Featuring contemporary architectural glass by nine artists who are members of AGDA (Architectural Glass Design Australia Inc). Glass is being used extensively in new design projects for internal partitions, decorative windows, external walls, bathroom accessories, water features, floors, ceilings, stair treads and as an architectural feature. JUXTAPOSITIONS will demonstrate the innovative design techniques of fused, slumped, kiln formed and forged glass. Architectural glass is perfect for contemporary installations, it transmits light, it is inspiring and uplifting, and is the perfect medium to create practical art in today's world.
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Light In Winter
Peter Kolliner OAM, Gallery Director, Kirra Galleries is delighted to invite you to an exhibition titled "Light in Winter" opening on Thursday 6 June 2013 at 6.00pm. "The Light in Winter" is Fed Square's annual celebration of light and brings together local and international artists, designers, architects, filmmakers and multicultural groups in a month long program of light sculptures, talks, events, workshops, performances and the much loved Winter Solstice Celebration. In conjunction with the winter celebration Kirra Galleries will be hosting their 5th annual Light in Winter exhibition. The exhibition space in Kirra Galleries will be dimmed and will feature an extraordinary display of light emitting artwork made by thirteen Australian Glass Artists and designers. The artists featured will be: Christine Atkins, Tim Bassett, Andrew Crewes, Spike Deane, Tony Hanning, Miles Johnson, Dónal Molloy-Drum, Kristin McFarlane, James McMurtrie, Waynne Rayson, Tim Shaw, Crystal Stubbs and Robert Wynne.
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Kirra Galleries News
Peter Kolliner talking about glass collection
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Distant Horizons
Distant Horizons - 17 July to 17 August 2014
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Interview with Harriet Schwarzrock
Interview with Harriet Schwarzrock at the Osmosis Exhibition Opening, Kirra Galleries
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Desire - April 16 - May 21 2015
In this exhibition seven female glass artists have been set the challenge to make beautiful glass sculpture complemented by wearable glass art.
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Kirra Galleries News August 2012
A little about the history of Kirra Galleries, who we are and what we promote.
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Donna Cooper discusses the Juxtapositions exhibition at Kirra Galleries, August, 2012
Donna Cooper Executive Director of Architectural Glass Design Australia discusses the Juxtapositions exhibition at Kirra Galleries, Fed Square in Melbourne
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Land Sea Sky
Kirra Galleries are delighted to present an exhibition titled LAND, SEA & SKY featuring the work of ten Australian and New Zealand glass artists. The exhibition embraces the significance of Land, Sea & Sky on the artists and its influence on their art. It will demonstrate the vitality of the exhibiting glass artists and their interpretation of the theme in sculptural art glass.
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