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Sarah Rector 10 yrs old Richest Black Girl  millionaire 1902 -1967 Pre Blk history month
She Was the Richest Black Girl in the World and It’s a Shame We Barely Know Her Name he was 10 years old when she went from being a poor negro girl to becoming one of the richest African Americans in the early 1900’s. Born and raised on a Creek Indian plantation, Sarah Rector came into millions after her leased Oklahoma land, thought to be worthless, was discovered to be flush with oil and they began extracting 2500 barrels per day. So, here’s what happened. As a result of an agreement between the United States and the Creek Indians, Creeks, and their former slaves, were allotted a plot of land and Sarah and her family each received a portion of rock infested land making it difficult to near impossible to farm. But what was meant for her bad, turned out for her good. for more information click https://blackandmarriedwithkids.com/2015/10/she-was-the-richest-black-girl-in-the-world-and-its-a-shame-we-barely-know-her-name/
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What Happen to taken me on a date instead of chilling
This video is about online people you never meet before that wants to come over to your place of residence and chill and of course the goal is try and have sex why cant people take you out on a date a night on the town or day and have a great time and get to know the person instead of playing them out as there whore well let's watch
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You wear to much make up or should i mind my business
this is a video about people that wear to much make up. Would you tell then or not and other stuff let's watch.
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Why All Of My Friends, Are Leaving Me
This video is about, how you trying to figure out, why all of your friends are leaving you, when you need them the most, what could you have done wrong, for them to go well let's watch
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I have been delivered, from whom?
This video is about when you a man Andre Cardwell when to church and stated that he have been delivered he is not gay know more the pressure of being true to you and the extreme we go to to be accepted however im not saying he isn't gay know more however gay doesn't go away it is not a disease well let's watch
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this is a video about living your truth and not deceive a person to deceive mean to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage
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Once you leave, Im not the Same
this is a video about if you leave someone because you change your mind and your not ready don't think you will come back to the same person you left well let's watch
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Straight men are afraid to tell people what there into
this video is about how straight men are afraid to tell anyone there truth cause people say so many bad thing about the lgbt so they sneak well lets watch
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SILICONE Work it is your choice!
this video is about once again silicone injection i do not tell people where to go to get work the girls that did my body have past on and i don't trust anyone else due to all the side affects and deaths that have occurred well let's watch
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look at Raven from back in the day a mess
this is me from back in the day and some not that far back
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Hanging with you will get me Spooked/Clocked
This video is about i cant hang with you cause you will get me spooked or clocked let's watch
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Being Proud Giving Zero Phucks
bring true to you and not caring about anything anyone say dress the way you want even if it dont match proud to be you and not accepting any apologizes
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this video is about how i been going to ny and i meet 2 guy asking to come home with me at the same time there friends i guess they wanted to either rob me or do something not so great, or sex maybe however i don't want to find out and another time the same thing happen again 2 different guys, this is to let the girls be aware that there is something going on in NYC with the transgender women and they need to be very aware of this so to be very careful, you choose it is your life well let's watch
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New FAMILY ?Gone But Come Again ?
This video is a recap on so many issues i have been seeing online well let's watch sorry the video cut off but oh well you get my point
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Stop Killing Transgenders part 2
this video is about a few things i have talk about in part 1 about transgenders safety, and how we have to not believe we can do was we wish just yet and a few other topics well let's watch
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Job Discrimination for Transgenders
This video is about being transgender's and looking for work and know wants to hire you they say Equal Opportunity but to many not all they refuse transgender's, give them such a hard way to go, many people say transgender's are sex worker they choose the easy way out, when it not all true for many, some do and some dont however there turned away, and that make the trans person have to survive the best way they can, as well as other people different, that trying to live there life the right way within the society well let's watch
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So Was Whitney Houston murdered
As Whitney Houston's drugs-ravaged body lay cold under a sheet in her suite at a Beverly Hills hotel, elsewhere in the building a Grammy Awards party was being thrown by her long-time mentor Clive Davis. Later, while guests including Britney Spears, Diana Ross, Jane Fonda and Sir Richard Branson were swanning out of the front entrance, Houston's corpse was being hustled ignominiously out of a side door. It's difficult to imagine how the singer's demise — in a bath last February — could have been more melodramatic. But now startling new claims suggest an extraordinary twist. A Los Angeles private investigator, who has probed celebrity drugs cases and suspicious deaths, sensationally alleges that 48-year-old Houston was murdered by two thugs sent by high-powered East Coast drug dealers to collect on a $1.5 million debt. Former police officer Paul Huebl says he has presented the FBI with what he insists is compelling evidence that Houston was targeted by the two men, who were part of a group of scruffily dressed hangers-on. He says the pair were unknown to most, but not all, of Whitney's huge entourage, which repeatedly visited her hotel room in her final days. Incredibly, Huebl even claims the men were captured on the hotel's CCTV going into the singer's suite — No.  434 — at the luxurious Beverly Hilton around the time she died. Whitney was discovered face down in a scalding bath by her assistant, who had left her for just 45 minutes while she went out to run errands. When paramedics arrived, Whitney was unresponsive. They performed CPR for about 20 minutes before declaring her dead. A coroner ruled that the death of the greatest singer of her age had been due to accidental drowning, with heart disease and chronic cocaine abuse listed as contributory factors. An 'acute dose' of cocaine was found in her system as well as a cocktail of other drugs, including marijuana and prescription sedatives. As theories swirled about Whitney's untimely death, it emerged she was in so much debt that she was having to ask for $100 handouts from her friends. (Her hotel suite had been paid for by Clive Davis.)
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Portia Labeija, Icon. Legend, Trail Blazer
This video is about a Real Legend Portia Labeija she fought so the younger generation woulndt have to suffer as much younger transgenders will never understand all the trails that our older transgenders women had to endeavor, bottle being thrown, beating, murdered, however we celebrate icon like Portia Labeija that fought back to help improve the way society think however our fight is far from over,and many things have not changed however Portia Labeija was a fighter and we will never understand what her eyes have seen and the many tears that fall from her eyes, well God said its enough, so he brought his child back home, to rest in his arms she will be missed love ya and thank you Portia Labeija One of The Greatest performer of all time my Gay Mother Jasmin James link below for booking her https://www.facebook.com/jasmin.james.524?fref=ts
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Silcone Body Work how i feel about it
this is a a video about a few things BEYONCE also covering body contouring sil injection and the deaths it have cause let watch
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this video is about cheating now for me once you decide, you want to have a man or women there always the possibility if cheating happening so when you decide you want to date be prepared for all things, they say you have to kiss alot of frogs to find a prince good luck..lol well let's watch
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Why dont most transgender have a man because he is straight
this video is why transgenders that don't have a man, well it's because there straight men, and they don't know how to deal with the new life, and the judgement of other people .family finding out, transgender wants to introduce him to a new worlds however remember it took a process for you, so you need to give him time if he willing to go the extra mile for you, if he cant do it then let him be move on let's watch
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Whats a Girls to do, When The Pain Is Stronger then Love
this video is about when you meet a man and he wants to know you but you been down this road so many time that you have lost all kinda hope and you already feel it a wasye of my time because hurt is wating on the other side of the door and you have had enough
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this video is about i need a man and the only one that going to give you want is you and mean it!!
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Transgender Umbrella cause Confusion need to be changed
I feel we live in a world of judgement, and if you want society to understand your term or what a transgender women or man, it needs to be presented correctly, however in the transgender umbrella everyone under it, but str men and women this is where the confusion, start if you say your a women why are you presented as a man, if you say your a man why are you presented as a women if your transitioning, and this is where the problem we are having with he bathroom, because this umbrella have many people thinking they are trans women, and they can walk around like str up men well lets watch
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Introduce as a him not a Transgender or my name Raven
This is a video about one of your friends and i use the term loosely introduce you as a man, when they know that your in transition to become a women and there trying to clown you in front of people for the sake of a laugh at your expense, not thinking at any point your about to beat there as well let's watch
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THIS VIDEO is about how far we go to be happy, in transition but lie about the fact we are happy, when we are asked , quote oh im happy being alone i don;t need a man i married me i understand that your hurt, but know one want to be alone , they just don't want the pain to come with it well let's watch
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Wendy Williams speaks on Bruce Jenner
This video is about how someone i watched from radio to television and i use to really like her on some days however she can be very deceitful in the fame of being famous and making money at any price don't care who they hurt as long as she not being attacked well let's watch
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As I Get older im starting not to care anymore
As I Get older im starting not to care anymore with people pinon of me never good enough but always ready to point out my flaws
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The Street Life of Eye to Eye Contact
this video is about how people love to put a negative thought in your head to try and break the humble person you are so i was told im not passable and if anyone tell me different there a lier so day i put it to a test, i walked threw the street of Newark to find what guys would say when they saw me well let's watch
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Non Passable Transgenders Women or Man is saving souls and dont even know it
Non Passable Transgenders Women or Man is saving souls and dont even know it but you know now
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Transgender getting spooked tell or not tell
this is a video about thinking your going to be spooked in other words people knowing your a transgender cause you think you look hard and well let's watch
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where is the love
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Malicious Internet HIV Hoax Allegedly
News of man intentionally spreading HIV to 240 people is an Internet hoax From Examiner.com: Friday, a news report from an NBC affiliate in New York circulated the web via blogs claiming that police were searching for a man named Isaac Don Burks for intentionally spreading HIV in the NY Tri-State area. Over the weekend the story spread like wildfire via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, even Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey shared the “story”. On Monday, the original source was called into question when the link being shared redirected to an Augusta news site. The original source came from a fake site made to look like the NBC New York 4 website. The slight difference was in the domain. The real NBC affiliate’s domain is www.nbcnewyork.com the fake site used www.nbcnewyork4.com.
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Jobs For Transgenders
This video is about trying to find a job and a job called me for the same job but this time they wanted more information on me hair sample all kind of stuff to answer phone so figure well let's watch
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Transgender's Being Raped part 2 of 2
This is a 2 part video of being true to you and how some men taken it as if you want sex with them so in there minds they think you done your change in what you done to your body for them and feel as if there rape you it is ok well let's watch
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Transgenders stressed can be the silent killer of health
this is about being so stressed out that you start making you self feel you are sick and you find out you are not and your shocked that it is stress
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Downlow Men Secretly Hate Females for not being men
This video is about, do down low men beat, there women for not being men, of course many man will never admit his truth, of the abuse of a women but will for his hate for the LGBT Community, when asked if he is gay he will respond, to say im a real man i will knock one of them out, he is trying to live his life,in denial cause the man cant, truly be himself, when a man try to show he is gay and will stand up and let people know he is gay, or bi or like trans he is made a mockery, other men see this and will say that's why i dont tell, cause of this type of reaction, so he is angry and treat his women like a men name calling beating on her cheating and make her pay for him not being true to him, he beats her or gays, cause he cant live his life, cause of society saying tell us, we will embrace you, however when they do then there attack him, for telling so like many men they hold it inside. many self medicate on drugs. or liquor or just cheat on women.always want anal sex be make women pay or punished for his secret and his truth well let's watch
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What Club's do Transgender really belong to?
this is about what club do transexuals, really belong to, because many str men want to meet them, but there not going to no gay or ts spot...check it out
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Straight  Night Club Transgender meet a Str Man
this is about trans girls that go to straight clubs and get drunk and for get to tell the man she is trans and bring him home well lets watch
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Females who say Transgender's Women  wants to be me
this video is about how some females meet transgender women and automatically say oh you want to be me, a women when the transgender is only trying to be herself, let's not make a mistake here we already are aware that we are not born women, on the outside and we also are aware we can not push out a baby, however many females cant either however we will not focus on that well let's watch
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This is about people who feel as if they wear the hair they want they will be clocked. Clocked means not being passable for being transgender, for the one who live there life base on another person opinion then your soul is weak and you don't need to judge me the question at hand is why don't love yourself enough your problem not mine if it make yup happy do you, but know your the type of person to try and steal someone else joy, because they do thing you cant, well let's watch
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Laser  Hair Rermoval
THIS video is about being laser and how it can help you to stop shaving and have great skin , even if it didn't work in the video cause i had laser my skin before to make sure it worked get product let watch
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Black Trans Woman Shot, 24 Pinky  Houston Police need your help
#Trans Woman Shot, 24 Pinky Houston Police need your help So somebody saw something or knows something that will lead to the arrest and conviction of this fool. The approximately 5' 8" Black male assailant wearing a gray hoodie got away in a light colored SUV, possibly a Honda. HPD is definitely looking for his reprehensible behind. If you have any information that will expedite that happening, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477)
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First transgender star The Lady Chablis dies at 59 SAVANNAH, Ga.
SAVANNAH, Ga. — The Lady Chablis, the transgender performer who became an unlikely celebrity for her role in the 1994 best-seller "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," died Thursday in Savannah, her family said. She was 59. Chablis' sister, Cynthia Ponder, confirmed she died at Candler Hospital. A close friend, Cale Hall, said Chablis died from pneumonia and had been in the hospital for the past month. A modern, nonfiction take on Southern Gothic storytelling, author John Berendt's "Midnight" thrust Savannah into the pop-culture spotlight. And the sassy, blunt-spoken Chablis rode the book's popularity to a level of fame that was rare for transgender performers at the time. "The legacy that she wanted to leave was one of 'believe in who you are and never let the world change who you are,'" Ponder said. "Love yourself first and respect yourself first and others will love and respect you." Chablis insisted on playing herself in 1997's "Midnight" movie directed by Clint Eastwood. That same year she published an autobiography, "Hiding My Candy
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Man charged in murder of trans woman Jazz Alford 30 Birmingham motel
A 23-year-old man charged in the Monday shooting and holdup of a transgender woman in an eastern Birmingham house is now charged in the slaying of another transgender woman. Denzell Thomas today was charged with murder in the Sept. 23 death of Jazz Alford, 30, Housekeeping at the Kings Inn on Third Avenue North made the discovery in a second-floor room. Alford, of North Carolina, had been shot multiple times, according to family members. She was found lying naked on the floor of the room and pronounced dead on the scene. Officers were told that gunshots could be heard at the location prior to officers' arrival to the scene.
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Aggressive Trangenders 9 times out of 10
This video about transgender that was dominant before they became trans and how they interact that with the straight man and his way of thinking well let's watch
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UPDATE on Hormones also  he dont want Raven to be Trans aka The Dolls
this is about the stronger dosage of hormones and how they making me not take people mess also what become the middle ground when a straight man want a trans women but become sad because he wants her to be cis female and not transgender and fyi No i dont have a man or even talking to one im shocked if anyone will read this if you do but in the comments wink that will let me know you read this dont tell anyone why lets just see what happens
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UPDATE#4 On the Eviction will I move  Question answered
UPDATE#4 ON THE #APARTMENT #Eviction will I move answered here the donation link paypal.me/raven2spirits
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Why i stop talking to people on the street  being 2 Spirit Raven
Why i stop talking to people on the street being 2 Spirit and the message i learned
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Being Transgender getting approach by men of all races how i react
Being Transgender getting approach by men of all races how i react
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