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Sarah Rector 10 yrs old Richest Black Girl  millionaire 1902 -1967 Pre Blk history month
She Was the Richest Black Girl in the World and It’s a Shame We Barely Know Her Name he was 10 years old when she went from being a poor negro girl to becoming one of the richest African Americans in the early 1900’s. Born and raised on a Creek Indian plantation, Sarah Rector came into millions after her leased Oklahoma land, thought to be worthless, was discovered to be flush with oil and they began extracting 2500 barrels per day. So, here’s what happened. As a result of an agreement between the United States and the Creek Indians, Creeks, and their former slaves, were allotted a plot of land and Sarah and her family each received a portion of rock infested land making it difficult to near impossible to farm. But what was meant for her bad, turned out for her good. for more information click https://blackandmarriedwithkids.com/2015/10/she-was-the-richest-black-girl-in-the-world-and-its-a-shame-we-barely-know-her-name/
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This is about people who feel as if they wear the hair they want they will be clocked. Clocked means not being passable for being transgender, for the one who live there life base on another person opinion then your soul is weak and you don't need to judge me the question at hand is why don't love yourself enough your problem not mine if it make yup happy do you, but know your the type of person to try and steal someone else joy, because they do thing you cant, well let's watch
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Journey in the Hood
this video is about th daily things going on in life of newark and the out come well let;s watch
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So Was Whitney Houston murdered
As Whitney Houston's drugs-ravaged body lay cold under a sheet in her suite at a Beverly Hills hotel, elsewhere in the building a Grammy Awards party was being thrown by her long-time mentor Clive Davis. Later, while guests including Britney Spears, Diana Ross, Jane Fonda and Sir Richard Branson were swanning out of the front entrance, Houston's corpse was being hustled ignominiously out of a side door. It's difficult to imagine how the singer's demise — in a bath last February — could have been more melodramatic. But now startling new claims suggest an extraordinary twist. A Los Angeles private investigator, who has probed celebrity drugs cases and suspicious deaths, sensationally alleges that 48-year-old Houston was murdered by two thugs sent by high-powered East Coast drug dealers to collect on a $1.5 million debt. Former police officer Paul Huebl says he has presented the FBI with what he insists is compelling evidence that Houston was targeted by the two men, who were part of a group of scruffily dressed hangers-on. He says the pair were unknown to most, but not all, of Whitney's huge entourage, which repeatedly visited her hotel room in her final days. Incredibly, Huebl even claims the men were captured on the hotel's CCTV going into the singer's suite — No.  434 — at the luxurious Beverly Hilton around the time she died. Whitney was discovered face down in a scalding bath by her assistant, who had left her for just 45 minutes while she went out to run errands. When paramedics arrived, Whitney was unresponsive. They performed CPR for about 20 minutes before declaring her dead. A coroner ruled that the death of the greatest singer of her age had been due to accidental drowning, with heart disease and chronic cocaine abuse listed as contributory factors. An 'acute dose' of cocaine was found in her system as well as a cocktail of other drugs, including marijuana and prescription sedatives. As theories swirled about Whitney's untimely death, it emerged she was in so much debt that she was having to ask for $100 handouts from her friends. (Her hotel suite had been paid for by Clive Davis.)
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SILICONE Work it is your choice!
this video is about once again silicone injection i do not tell people where to go to get work the girls that did my body have past on and i don't trust anyone else due to all the side affects and deaths that have occurred well let's watch
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Transgender getting spooked tell or not tell
this is a video about thinking your going to be spooked in other words people knowing your a transgender cause you think you look hard and well let's watch
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Putting silcone in your face vs hormone pills it your choice
this video is about getting your face pump with silicone and all the things you need to be aware of also female hormone pills i take you through many steps of what you need to think about Let's watching
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Transgender Lives Matter
Current affair , and the the fact of many trans gender women that have lost there life to violence well lets'watch
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UPDATE Jazz Alford He Said No One Would Care if He Shot Transgender Women
Denzell Thomas allegedly texted Larissa to say no one would care that he robbed her. She wouldn’t be his last victim, according to authorities After he robbed her at gunpoint, Larissa’s attacker texted her to say that no one would care about what happened to a black transgender woman in Alabama. “Yea yea they ain’t gone come for a tranny,” the man texted her, according to messages shown to The Daily Beast. “U a back page prostitute who really gone give AF.” Larissa had invited the man, who she identified to The Daily Beast as Denzell Thomas, into Room 230 at America’s Best Inn in Homewood, Alabama, on Sept. 20. He had answered her ad on Backpage.com for sex. Usually, she makes clients pay up front and pats them down for protection, Larissa said, but this was their fourth time together so she let her guard down. He’d seemed nice, Larissa said, “like he was just getting off work.” After they were done together, he went to the bathroom to clean up and she asked him to pay. “Once he came out, it seemed like he was about to pull the money out of his pocket, but what he pulled out was a gun,” Larissa said. “He pointed at me and said, ‘Bitch, shut up, where is the money?’" Larissa told him she had no money and tried to think of a way to signal her friend Jessica Mays in the room next door, but Thomas already ordered her to the floor. She considered trying to use her legs to kick the gun from his hands, but decided the risk was too great. click on link for more information http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/10/17/he-said-no-one-would-care-if-he-shot-transgender-women-he-was-wrong.html
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Bottom's up!!
this is about straight men that looking for the back door bang but never make sure there clean before the act and my reaction to that
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Mr Cee of Hot97 it ok live your life, Your life begin today
This video is about a DJ name Mr Cee, legendary icon work for hot 97 for over 20years that have continue to mess with cross dresser, and pay them for sex, He admit he is not gay, however another boy in a wig pops up again now let it be know these are not transgender but cross dresser Boy one day Girl the next or for fun However this time he pick the wrong cross dresser and he was ready camera phone on deck well let's watch
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this video is about i need a man and the only one that going to give you want is you and mean it!!
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Transgender attacking other Transgender
this video is about transexual that attack each other in public and also online as well ..let watch!!
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Dating Bisexual
this video is about catering to the one you love and hoping that there not looking at you as a sucker because it dont matter to him or her because they feel they deserve you being there sucker, how do you feel about dating a person that honest and they tell you there bisexual, can you trust there friends because do you wonder if they are just friend or x on someone that helps him use people well let's watch
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Dudes stated his TransWomen get spooked alot and he is at a lost help
A guy hit me up asking for advice on how to handle being with a trans women that get spooked it have come very un easy for him to handle when he is in public with her
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this video is about being trans and tried of always explaining to people our story as fi we are on a interview
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TransWoman Has Been Killed  Keanna Mattel  35 y/o  Detroit, Michigan
Trans Woman Has Been Killed #KeannaMattel 35 Detroit, Michigan On Friday morning, police found Mattel dead in her Palmer Park neighborhood, the victim of a gunshot wound.
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THIS VIDEO is about how far we go to be happy, in transition but lie about the fact we are happy, when we are asked , quote oh im happy being alone i don;t need a man i married me i understand that your hurt, but know one want to be alone , they just don't want the pain to come with it well let's watch
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Stop Killing Transgenders part 2
this video is about a few things i have talk about in part 1 about transgenders safety, and how we have to not believe we can do was we wish just yet and a few other topics well let's watch
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Transgender's Being Raped part 2 of 2
This is a 2 part video of being true to you and how some men taken it as if you want sex with them so in there minds they think you done your change in what you done to your body for them and feel as if there rape you it is ok well let's watch
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3RD UPDATE Jury convicts Georgia man who threw boiled water on gay couple
ATLANTA -- A jury convicted a Georgia man on Wednesday for throwing boiled water on a same-sex couplesleeping in an apartment​, leaving them with severe burns that required surgery. Jurors deliberated for about 90 minutes before finding Martin Blackwell guilty of eight counts of aggravated battery and two counts of aggravated assault in the attack on Anthony Gooden and Marquez Tolbert. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison.
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Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline Hernandez,Ciera , Wendy Williams
this a video about females who have been called men but was born female and how they should well let's watch
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this video is about when transgender want to date other trans they dont know
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Transgender's Hormones Results are they working
This video is about being on hormones and you still get recognize for being the sex you don't want to be well let's watch
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How to be a strong side Bish and not catch feeling
this is a video about being a side sex partner and not fall in love
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The Nosey Old Lady Neighbor
This video about I was at the bus stop on way on my way to the store for food and i a older women approached me asking me all kinda question well let's watch
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Transgender women Noony Norwood” 30  found shot dead Richmond, VA
UPDATE 11/6 – 8PM: GayRVA has learned from friends that Norwood did identify as trans and a facebook page for “Noony Norwood” seems to confirm as much. The top image of this article comes from that facebook page. Although it is still early in their investigation, RPD detectives believe the man in the photo below may have been nearby at the time of the shooting. They would like to speak with him about what he may have seen and heard. He was last seen leaving the area in a dark colored sedan, possibly a Hyundai Sonata. He is described as a black male, 30-40 years old, 6’2”- 6’4” tall, weighing approximately 290 pounds. Detectives are confident they will be able to provide the public with a much better look at the man once the photo is enhanced. They are hopeful he may even contact them before that occurs. William D. Norwood, 30, was found shot dead on a the 2700 block of Hull Street street early Sunday morning. Police have been unable to determine if Norwood identified on the LGBTQ spectrum, but Norwood was found wearing women’s clothes at the time of their death. If Norwood did, they would be the second sexual minority murdered in the Richmond area in less than a month. Richmond police LGBTQ Liaison Capt. Dan Minton reached out to GayRVA Sunday morning hoping those in the community might be able to help with information from friends and associates. Anyone with information about this shooting is asked to call Major Crimes Detective Anthony Coates at (804) 646-0729 or contactCrime Stoppers at 780-1000 or at www.7801000.com.
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Mr Cee of Hot97 with Cross dresser not Transgender so stop!!
This video is about, how i'm tried of every time something goes crazy, the person is called a transgender, but clearly the person is a cross dresser, People are becoming confused, many think there the same thing , when clearly there are not, Cross-dresser are not Transgenders. Transgenders is serious about there life, and there way or living,to be accepted, i'am not saying cross dressed don't however, when cross dresser do it for fun, kicks and so forth, well let's watch
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Passable Ver Non Passable Transgenders
This is a video about passable transgender putting the other non passable down and we (transgenders) are cut from the same cloth passable or not embrace others that are different more love less hate well let's watch
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Downlow Men Secretly Hate Females for not being men
This video is about, do down low men beat, there women for not being men, of course many man will never admit his truth, of the abuse of a women but will for his hate for the LGBT Community, when asked if he is gay he will respond, to say im a real man i will knock one of them out, he is trying to live his life,in denial cause the man cant, truly be himself, when a man try to show he is gay and will stand up and let people know he is gay, or bi or like trans he is made a mockery, other men see this and will say that's why i dont tell, cause of this type of reaction, so he is angry and treat his women like a men name calling beating on her cheating and make her pay for him not being true to him, he beats her or gays, cause he cant live his life, cause of society saying tell us, we will embrace you, however when they do then there attack him, for telling so like many men they hold it inside. many self medicate on drugs. or liquor or just cheat on women.always want anal sex be make women pay or punished for his secret and his truth well let's watch
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Why dont most transgender have a man because he is straight
this video is why transgenders that don't have a man, well it's because there straight men, and they don't know how to deal with the new life, and the judgement of other people .family finding out, transgender wants to introduce him to a new worlds however remember it took a process for you, so you need to give him time if he willing to go the extra mile for you, if he cant do it then let him be move on let's watch
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this video is about when you meet a guy and you tell him your transgender and he is ok with it, however he never been with one but he is very interested, so he come over and have intercourse after intercourse he gets mad at you he feel you turned him out well let's watch
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Walking in the Hood Of Newark, to do Hair
This Video is about me taken a walk in the hood of Newark New Jersey, oh how i need to work out but i don't however I do some girls hair for free, because we all are in the money struggle and i understand the pain of wanting to look pretty, but cant afford a stylish, so i help them for free, God Will Bless Me, so it is already paid for however lets watch
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Transgender Murdered De'janay Lanorra 24 Shot in head Chicago Ill
Crime Stoppers Number People can call 1-800-535-STOP or Text2Tip at "CRIMES" (274637) Transgender Murdered De'janay Lanorra 24 aslo known as Dejanay Stanton Shot in head Chicago Ill A balloon release will be held later today at the 40th and King Street alley where she was killed starting at 7:30 PM. Chicago Police Department Area Central detectives are investigating this case, and would appreciate any information you can give them that will help bring the perpetration of this crime to justice.
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MY VOICE IS TO DEEP, but im not bothered!
this video is about few transgenders there tons more like me and guys that tried to fit into society and paid a heavy price let watch
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Trans women Tanisha Cassadine got illegal silicone injections, have died  TAMPA
Tampa woman dies days after getting illegal silicone injections Friends rally to discourage illegal practice TAMPA - The day after Tanisha Cassadine got illegal silicone injections, she fell deathly ill. Two of her closest friends, Hamburger Mary’s franchise owner Kurt King, and entertainer Delores Van-Cartier were at the hospital when Cassadine took her last breath. King said Cassadine was sick with pneumonia from an arduous travel schedule. But, said the injections were too much for her body to handle. “Silicone needs to stop,” King told friends and family gathered at Hamburger Mary’s in Clearwater. “That person took Tanisha from us way too early. It's not worth losing other people. If I find out anybody does any injection you are not working for me, please stop.” King said he called the Federal Bureau of Investigations to report the woman who Cassadine said performed the illegal injections. So far, he said no one from the FBI has called him back. “Tanisha doesn't have a voice anymore,” Van-Cartier said. “The people who have been hurt and damaged they are the ones who need to speak out.” Van-Cartier said getting silicone injections on the black market is a cheaper and faster alternative for drag queens to shape their bodies the way they want them before pageants. She said Cassadine has been doing it for decades. Friends say the injections Cassadine had done on March 11 were to touch up her body for another pageant. She died five days later. “She had the injections done in her buttock area and hips to correct some things,” Van-Cartier said. We asked Van-Cartier why people get the injections if they know it could killed them. She said being transgender comes with a lot of physical and mental issues that are difficult to overcome. “The day to day pressure trying to be real, trying to pass for normal, as a woman,” Van-Cartier said. A friend of Cassadine’s, Taliyah Cassadine, who said Cassadine was her adopted mother started a group to try and help raise awareness about the dangers of illegal injections. Taliyah said she lost both breasts in 2015 to a botched surgery. RELATED: Fake doctor gets 10 years for bogus, deadly butt injections “As soon as he (doctor) opened me up he told me it smelled like rotting flesh and rubber,” Taliyah said. Taliyah said she also got injections to conform to what she thought she needed to look like and to avoid paying higher fees for surgeries. “I end up going to people in my community that can give me that quick fix,” Taliyah said. “So I can be the person I want to see in the mirror.” King said he has more than 40 drag queens. Out of those he estimates 90 percent have gotten illegal injections. He said Cassadine was a beautiful soul, a wonderful entertainer. He doesn’t want her death to be in vain. He hopes her story will help someone else thinking about getting illegal silicone injections to change their mind. “They are beautiful on the inside and they are beautiful on the outside and they don't need to do it,” King said.
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Gwynevere Song Becomes 17th Transgender Person Murdered In America This Year
Gwynevere Song became the 17th transgender American murdered in the U.S. this year after being shot over the weekend in their home in Waxahachie, Texas. The details surrounding the death of the 26-year-old, who used they/them pronouns, are still be investigated by the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department. But it appears Song was involved in an altercation with a man some time after 5pm on Saturday. The man, who was also injured during the incident, was transported to the hospital but Song was pronounced dead on the scene. Song identified as femandrogyne and studied radiation physics at the University of Texas, where they graduated in 2015. Song also had a strong conviction to fight against injustice and intolerance. “My father wasn’t a good person, and put us through a lot of shit,” they wrote in February. “A white supremacist phase was one of them. Took a long while to get over what my toddler brain was fed.” According to their memorial page on Facebook, Song’s mother has organized a memorial vigil in their honor on August 21. Friends have suggested donations in Song’s name to Trans Lifeline. Last year was the deadliest on record for transgender Americans and though its only August, 2017 is on track to be even worse. This year is also a record year for LGBT murders in general: According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, there have been 33 homicides so far linked to the victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity, or more than one a week.
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Are you happy becoming a Transgender
This video is about people are curious to find out, why you became a transgender, and feel all the problems, you have is because you became a transgender, The problem with that is i was never a straight person,i love men period so if i went from a straight male to transgender, then maybe i would be a little confused or maybe not, well let';s watch
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What Club's do Transgender really belong to?
this is about what club do transexuals, really belong to, because many str men want to meet them, but there not going to no gay or ts spot...check it out
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Trans women Dana Rivers 61  charged with triple homicide of Lesbian couple and son  Oakland  Calif
OAKLAND, Calif. — A Northern California woman has been charged killing a woman and her wife, and the teenage son of one of the victims before setting fire to the family’s home to destroy evidence. Dana Rivers, 61, had her first court appearance Tuesday on murder charges in the deaths of Patricia Wright, 57, and Charlotte Reed, 56, and Benny Diambu-Wright, 19, The Mercury News reported. Oakland police said Rivers was covered in blood and about to ride away on Reed’s motorcycle when she was arrested Friday. Authorities say the motive might have been a dispute over property. Rivers gained national attention when she had a sex-change operation to become a woman nearly 20 years ago. Born David Warfield, she was a suburban Sacramento teacher when she began hormone treatments and surgeries in 1999. When she told school district officials about her plans, they placed her on administrative leave and eventually fired her. She sued and reached a settlement. Diambu-Wright was an aspiring nurse who was attending college in Oakland and working at Walmart. Wright and Reed had been married for more than a year and had three children between them, the newspaper reported. Friends said Reed was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and owned a hair salon in San Jose. Wright worked part-time at an elementary school in Oakland as a computer prep teacher, a school district spokesman said.
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Transgender women  Ava Le’Ray Barrin 17  Killed ATHENS, GEORGIA
ATHENS, GEORGIA — In the death of our dear friend Ava Barrin, a Georgia man has been charged and jailed over her murder. Jalen Breon Brown, 21, shot and killed Barrin yesterday in the parking lot of an Athens apartment complex after a domestic dispute.According to police reports now obtained by The Daily News, Brown and Barrin were involved in a dispute in the parking lot that Brown maintains he “was defending himself” in. During the dispute, Barrin, per the report, was shot in the left side of his chest — and later died at a local hospital hours later. Brown, was almost immediately charged with her murder and aggravated assault after investigators and police spoke to witnesses on site. The police report did not immediately say what the dispute was actually over. We’ve managed to discover booking information on Brown, who, is being held without bond in Clark County Jail on serious felony charges
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Straight  Night Club Transgender meet a Str Man
this is about trans girls that go to straight clubs and get drunk and for get to tell the man she is trans and bring him home well lets watch
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Mercedes Successful Becomes 12th Trans Person Killed in 2016
Mercedes Successful, move to Haines City, FL to talk about the death of 32 year old Mercedes Successful, whose body was found on Sunday at 7 PM in the parking lot of Big Lots and Tractor Supply Company at 35884 US 27. And as you probably guessed, Mercedes got misgendered in the initial reporting by Bay 9. While I know the deadname, I'm not using it in this post so that I can give her the respect she deserves of being seen in death as she was during her all too brief life. And once again, we have lost another Black trans sister before her 40th birthday. I'm beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of this crap happening. The conservative movement's facts free anti-trans rhetoric and transphobic hatred has real world costs, and trans women of color are paying in blood those costs Anyone with information regarding the death of Mercedes Successful is asked to contact the Haines City Police Department at (863) 421-3636 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 226-TIPS.
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Brittany Johnson 29 Lesbian rapper shot and killed in Algiers New Orleans
A gay rapper was shot and killed in New Orleans. Brittany Johnson was gunned down at her home she shared with another unnamed woman, who was also shot but survived. She was just 29. The rapper, who performed undert the names Bunny and Big Bei, was found dead at her home in Algiers. Police report the couple had been fighting, but did not specify if it was verbal or a physical altercation. They did also not state if anyone else was involved. ‘It was devastating to me,’ Johnson’s aunt Rhonda Williams told the Times-Picayune. Growing up in New Orleans is hard for anyone, Williams said, especially as a gay woman of color. ‘She thought she had a message that could be received by many others,’ Williams said. “She really wanted to connect with the LGBT community and help the younger generation that may have been struggling with self-identity.’ A child, the daughter of one of Johnson’s friends, was in the house but was not injured. They were placed in protective custody. ‘She was just a very caring person, just very loving,’ Williams said. ‘That’s what I’m going to miss about her the most.’ She stressed Johnson would want to be remembered ‘for her efforts to help young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by letting them know through her music that they were not alone.’ Williams added: ‘She was just a kind, loving person that really was just trying to find her place in the world. She didn’t deserve this.
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Transgender Panic Attack Social Anxiety help
A panic attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear. Your heart pounds and you can't breathe. You may even feel like you're dying or going crazy
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If i want a women, i get a real one
this video is about a few things but there a question have you ever thought of dating a biological female being trans well let's watch
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You Was Born To Stand Out, Embrace Your Gift
This video is about how you try and move forward in life, and for some reason, you keep hitting the same wall, if this happen you have to change everything you doing, and go a different way if you meet people, that offer you help and don't help you ,the way you want, there not the ones to help you, leave with them knowing you left and never share information, on your dream. but only to people, that truly have you back, because many don't want to see you make it and there goal is to make sure your dream never happen well let's watch
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Transgender Sasha Garden 27yr old  found dead  in apartment  Orlando, Fla
The Orange County Sheriff's Office wanted to be clear they investigate every case equally and without bias. They are actively investigating Sasha Garden's murder. Anyone with more information is asked to contact Crimeline anonymously at 1-800-423-TIPS.
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Outre Duby Xpress Blonde Human Hair  Premium Blend
This video is about Outre Duby Xpress Blonde Human Harr Premium Blend with a mix of blonde 27 brown number 4, and light blonde 613 well lets' watch
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First transgender star The Lady Chablis dies at 59 SAVANNAH, Ga.
SAVANNAH, Ga. — The Lady Chablis, the transgender performer who became an unlikely celebrity for her role in the 1994 best-seller "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," died Thursday in Savannah, her family said. She was 59. Chablis' sister, Cynthia Ponder, confirmed she died at Candler Hospital. A close friend, Cale Hall, said Chablis died from pneumonia and had been in the hospital for the past month. A modern, nonfiction take on Southern Gothic storytelling, author John Berendt's "Midnight" thrust Savannah into the pop-culture spotlight. And the sassy, blunt-spoken Chablis rode the book's popularity to a level of fame that was rare for transgender performers at the time. "The legacy that she wanted to leave was one of 'believe in who you are and never let the world change who you are,'" Ponder said. "Love yourself first and respect yourself first and others will love and respect you." Chablis insisted on playing herself in 1997's "Midnight" movie directed by Clint Eastwood. That same year she published an autobiography, "Hiding My Candy
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