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18 year old Paul Anka sings "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" 1951 - Live at the Ed Sullivan Show
(Lyrics Below). Sung LIVE at The Ed Sullivan show. "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" is a song written by Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Anka. Anka's version was recorded in August 1958 and released as a single by ABC-Paramount in 1959 as catalog number 4510040. I LYRICS: Put your head on my shoulder Hold me in your arms, baby Won't you squeeze me once? Show me Show me that you love me too People say that love's a game A game you just can't win If there's a way I'll find it someday And then this fool will rush in Put your head on my shoulder Whisper in my ear, baby Words I want to hear, baby Put your head on my shoulder.
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Scentsy Warmer Glass Art Tiger's Eye LED - Michael Buble's "What A Wonderful World"
Scentsy Warmer Glass Art Tiger's Eye - watching it change colours while being beautifully serenaded by Michael Buble's "What A Wonderful World" - www.KindleMyHeart.Scentsy.com.au We do not own this music, of course.. but it's one of our favourite CD's. Enjoy! If you'd like to order your own: essential.scentsy.com.au (New Zealand & Australia). If you're in America, Canada, England, and other beautiful countries, please comment below, and we'll put you in touch with a consultant from our team.
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