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The Tremeloes LET YOUR HAIR HANG DOWN (Psych,MOD,pop,British freakbeat fuzz tone)
for these guys, this was really REALLY stepping into the wilder side of the freakbeat pop scene-"Silence is Golden"... this ain't! More like Roy Wood with Blue Cheer handling the instrumental finish...in other words some of the best of English freakbeat. This was originally the B-side.
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1949 Olds ROCKET 88 SURVIVOR OLDSMOBILE Fastback 2 door for sale-vintage car,hotrod,Nascar,Ratrod
this is my 1949 OLDS' Rocket 88 fastback 2 door. Does run and drive--a couple seeping motor/trans gaskets but original non-hot rodded/non modified car. let me know what you think/make offer! Located In southern Minnesota.
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401 SOLUTION/Speedemon song 4 AMC Javelin AMX Pacer Gremlin(FUZZ/psych/garage/doom/desert)
401 solution Song tribute to Kenosha Wi's racing efforts -a T-10 makes it a shifter- stock chassis makes her a twister solid 401 takes no prisoners-showin at the line alky smellin fine down the big block goes- My AMC nickel block shows ...now It's built in the 'Nosha world-sparkles the heart of the girls makes the 327 slam the wall-all others gotta fall tachin' 9's is where she runs-401 solution its gotta quadra track grippin-short time trippin -through the lights.
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ROCKET MAN by the JOQUS...rare 45?  Acid rock/psych/garage/doom/stoner/elton john
found this "around" here and there...sound familiar to anyone?? ;)
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HALFLINGS OF MINUS TIRITH "Franklins Maid/Synthesis 45rpm 1967 folk psych rock RARE MN USA
this is a super rare single coming from Rochester MN and the year 1967. Halflings Of Minus Tirith put out this little single on WELLHAVEN Records which is a music store in Rochester Mn still to this day. This 45 from where the songs were taken is maybe the only known mint copy. Only a handful have ever popped up. This comes from a old music store that went out of business and the basement dead stock was freed to the public.
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1. SO LONELY 0-7:40 2. HOLE IN MY LIFE 7:41-11:59 3. WOULD YOU BE MY GIRL 12:00-16:12 4. MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE 16:12-20:59 5. ROXANNE 21:00-30:22 6. NEXT TO YOU 30:22-33:25 7. LANDLORD 33:25-36:18
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THEE HYPNOTICS LIVE Minneapolis USA Friday the 13th March 1992
recorded by opening band Green Machine's recording equipment-a great performance. 1. SHAKEDOWN 2. HALF MAN HALF BOY 3. ALL NIGHT LONG 4. COAST TO COAST 5. You KNOW WHAT YOUR DOIN 6. SOUL ACCELERATOR 7. DONT BELIEVE IT(PARTIAL)
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Chromium Sun by Speedemon (space rock/doom/acid metal/fuzz psych Sean Miland)
Tearing past your Chromium Galaxy, rocketing toward a white out destiny, feeling pulled toward it by number 9 gravity I'm meeting head on with Ra's solar sanity Pulsations shooting for glittering infinity Drawn dead on by only what I can't see the Lord of Light escaping from the shadow sun now I'm shooting head on. All the slamming black power of sonic thrust I can put my faith in the lightning trust I'll meet you when we are more than just dust exploding the knowledge of consciousness going head on to infinity layers peeling back always seering the exo time melts then implodes just for me never again hiding in plain light we only live with cells open wide going head on to infinity.
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"The Road to Ash"-a strange tale of POKEMON revenge=nutty kooky short film
"Wow- I didn't think it was possible, but now I'm a believer."- PVC Monthly
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The Fang 3 "GOLDEN FRIEND" live @ the Hiawatha Austin MN Sean Miland,Chad Apold,Matt Gosha
Tell me for sure gold friend of mine in the house of gold next door where are you now when i look out my window I see the space between and I I remember I met you behind our yards I was so alive before I picked up the vial and you ran inside Golden friend where are you now Star spangles clothes and feeling so bold we built a fence that stood until when
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2018 Halloween Nerves Green Machine droneage.
Take your pills.
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Green Machine  Stand Up For Heads  from Sonic Lobotomy
"Taste the skin on your face-it's a lonely place. But Davey he don't care...he's gonna leave you anywhere."
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Vicar(edit)by Green Machine with Arthur Brown(from the Sonic Lobotomy LP)
Arthur Produced Green Machine's album "Sonic Lobotomy" back in 1994( in Austin TX). He also sang this song "VICAR" on the album. Which alot of people never knew since the album version has Arthur begin singing at the 2:35 mark with instrumental music before the vocals kicked in. Now, here is a edited version for the Arthur Brown fans who've never heard this.
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"Sinistar Ode" fuzz,psych,garage,acid rock,Sean Miland vintage video games
nodding to the master...the Sinistar
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God Of brick basement mold inhaler version /demo Green Machine
set apart from most other demos-this one features 1078's basement grown crystal mold as the centerpiece for the madness of the G.O. B.
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Green Machine "GOD OF BRICK" from the 1992 album-KING MOVER Prospective Records
settle your debt fool girl with the GOD OF BRICK
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Green Machine KING MOVER [FULL ALBUM] Prospective Records #89239 MINNEAPOLIS/AUSTIN MN
Nerves- 0:00-3:16 Rodeo- 3:16-6:16 Wrong Heart-6:16-14:00 Melissa's Molasses -14:00-16:39 God Of Brick-16:39-19:44 Villains -19:44-24:10 Sludgeshine-24:10-27:44 Blisters- 27:44-31:02 Blind To You-31:02-50:00 Prospective #89239 recorded Faribault MN, Gemini Studio, 1992
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FRIED N CONFUSED by The FUNGUS FUDGE 1990 Minneapolis Mn Jerry Byron
Jerry n I recorded a bunch of song together with me on drums and Jerry on guitar. Jerry wrote the riffs of the song, I did the lyrics. basically 2 takes improv. Miss ya Jerry RIP.. band name Fungus Fudge was later used by Scooby Doo without my consent! hahahah hence the Looney Dunes buggy reference.
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The FANG 3 "Live At The Rally"  Austin Mn, Chad Apold/Matt Gosha/Sean Miland garage rock
3 songs 0:00-2:20 110-220(She Plugged Me In The Wrong Way) 2:20-4:38 TV Riots 4:38-10:48 Mother Coming
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SONIC LOBOTOMY LP by Green Machine+Arthur Brown(vocals on VICAR/producer)
from 1994, Minneapolis Mn based Green Machine and the 2nd full length LP SONIC LOBOTOMY-recorded in Austin Tx with producer and guest vocalist Arthur Brown of legendary London psych rock fame. Sean Miland guitar vocals/ David Krejci Organ vocals/ Mark Munn drums 1. SILVER METAL PLAN 0:00 2. SPINES 4:00 3. GROUND WOMAN 7:20 4. MY DARLING GOTS NO EYES 11:10 5. FULL CIRCLE 14:15 6. THINGS IN MY HEAD 17:22 7. LOVE LEMONADE GENEALOGIC DISORDER 20:54 8. STAND UP FOR HEADS 24:54 9. COLONIC BUFFET 27:42 10. VICAR WITH ARTHUR BROWN 28:49 11. CAN OF SMASHED ASSHOLES 34:45 12. SULPHUR QUEEN 35:23 13. ALL TIME SUCKERS 39:41 14. DARK WHITE 43:29 15. BLUE GIN 48:39
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Green Machine "WRONG HEART" from 1992 KING MOVER album Miland/Krejci/Swank/Kallemyne
co-written with pat kallemeyne(third eye bassist/boneclub bassist)
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wall e bag yakking
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Green Machine "Spit to See the Shine" live on KUOM radio(Babes In Toyland song)
Green Machine live on KUOM radio in Minneapolis MN- playing a tribute/version of SPIT TO SEE THE SHINE by the Minneapolis band Babes In Toyland...
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The THIRD EYE 1989 Minneapolis Mn garage rock psych
1 Lovely Lonely 0-2:43 2 About To Crack 2:43-5:02 3 Not My Problem 5:02-7:18 4 Wont See You At All 7:18-9:08 5 Mirror 9:08-12:06 6 Smiles Make Me Cry 12:06-14:06 7 Nothing To Hide From 14:06-16:14 8 I Know It's Me 16:14-17:50 9 You're Gone 17-50-20:31 10 Mulberry Tea 20:31-21:47 11 I Can Only Give You Everything 21:47-23:56 12 Paint It Red 23:56-25:24 13 Clue 25:24-27:11
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Dec 2018 Miland HOLIDAY HOUSE tour...focus ??? hahaha
What is this? It's a trip thru some of our ornaments with a comic relief system engaged to 100% power.
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Space 1999 The Draghounds from "Last Stop Til 9th St."
early nineties Midwest band originally from Austin Mn.
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PICTURES OF LILY by Sean Miland while busking the basement. who. mod.
prepping for the 2016 busking. I get a bit pornographically challenged on this song about dreams unfulfilled..
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Imposters Of Lifes Magazine(Idle race/Jeff Lynn) by Sean Miland psych garage fuzz mod vox
a attempt to channel the Birmingham England Jeff Lynn/Idle Race song "Imposters Of Lifes Magazine" through the mindset of my now sadly departed Sean Bonniwell and the Music Machine.
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The Pachucos  People Who Died   written by the Jim Carroll Band
via Rochester Mn Stu Reed/Jim Martin/ Sean Miland
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The PACHUCOS band "COMPLETE 1st SEASON"  Full LP 17 tracks  Minnesota Punk
from Rochester Mn comes the rarely seen in person but feared heavily Pachucos. 17 tracks--all tracks ever recorded by Rochesters perhaps first old school 1st gen garage punk band? Some vintage film footage is said to exist--may surface someday. Who knows-til then enjoy the scintillating styling of The Pachucos.
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smoke on the water goat.
because i said so
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version o Sir Paul's JET/Sean Miland ponders the wonders o the McCartney/Wings era
recorded at home on my 4 track while feeling lofty. PS that's a JET powered go kart pictured in the video.
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Sleeping On The Sidewalk by Sean Miland. Brian May approved(?)
this is my slighty punka/rockabilly/lyrically customized version of the Brian May penned song about the music biz... all instrument/sounds myself from a 4 track.
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MAL FROST FULL EP. garage punk(electric prunes/love/blues magoos etc)
0-2:21 DR CROCODILE(Fang 3 bio mash up) 2:21-5:06 REARVIEW 5:06-7:36 YOUR KICKING FOOT 7:36-10:59 ISABELLE 10:59-13:39 WHEN YOU'RE A MAN 13:39-16:42 MAMA DON'T WANT YOUR 16:42-20:25 JET(Wings cover)
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SLUDGESHINE by the sour boys of the GREEN MACHINE 1991 jimmy swaggert
finally as a single song you can play n play n play again you sikkkkk folk. --just what you always wanted.
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Margaret Miland life movie
love to my Moms wherever you are. Living your dream everyday .
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WICHITA LINEMAN by the extremely self absorbed, inane 1 and only Sean Miland
I recorded this as a tribute to my old piano(Story+Clark originally used in the lounge at the local Holiday Inn in the 1960's) which will be torn apart soon. Goodbye old girl.
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ON THE ROAD SOUTH(Stereo Shoestring) Sean Miland/Speedemon  free energy via aCiD cats
from late 2011, Sean Miland on all instruments --the song On The Road South was originally written by the Texas garage acid rock psych band "Stereo Shoestring"-around '67. Stereo Shoestring borrowed a little part of the Pretty Things song "Defecting Grey" from the lp Sf Sorrow.
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"Ballad of: MAGNUS and MATHILDA" by Sean Miland freakbeat garage psych mod
this is the ballad of 2 nordic children that stand up for those downtrodden beings that deserve to have a hand given to them... lyrics; Just listen to the old black crow as he tells the tale; Of sister and brother with hands on rock and minds equal to roll; From the outside so clean and pure with miles to melt stone; But cross their paths with evil in mind and you might not make it home. (chorus)MAGNUS AND MATHILDASetting forth to answer to the call of the old crows plea; I need you he cried even though you stand only 2 foot 3": Making the path they trampled through the whispering grass)chorus) MAGNUS AND MATHILDA ; (bridge) One small crow was pinned down by the clouds of tomorrows news; But with rocks in hand and minds to rioll; The dark giant fell through . Magnus and Mathilda . Yeah.
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Dont Worry Baby ala Sean Mal-Frost Miland  beach boys energy cats
come along for the Mal vibe wont you?
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COME TO CALIFORNIA by the Fang 3 surfs up and so is the fuzztone...
our ode to the lovely state of California.
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vintage mid sixties comedy LP by JACKIE BURNS. recorded in Austin MN.
this was one of my folks fave records. i grew up listening to this.. so great this JACKIE BURNS.. dig it.
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Green Machine "MY DARLING" from 1994's Sonic Lobotomy" album produced by Arthur Brown
"cradle my babies" Green Machine "MY DARLING" from 1994's Sonic Lobotomy" album produced by Arthur Brown-recorded in Austin TX december of 1992
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Speedemon-is Sean Miland on all instruments and sounds- recorded late 2011 I am once again perusing my fascination with "moth to light" or the Icarus scenario.
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ep1 Disney Daily Spoonful "Thrift store finds"-1955 Donald @Disneyland++++
We went in search of Disney Thrift that's amazing --we found it.
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I'm going for the fuzzbone!
The baddest fuzz in the land is what we seek.
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