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THE FRIEDMAN COLLECTION contemporary glass at auction
WOLFS Art Dealers & Appraisers proudly presents THE FRIEDMAN COLLECTION, contemporary glass at auction. Meet Marc Petrovic professional glass artist and professor, Bridget McWilliams director of WOLFS and the Friedman daughters as we get an exclusive first look at the FRIEDMAN COLLECTION. All shot from within the Friedman's home we see the pieces beautifully displayed as a collection as well as learn the incredible impact the Friedmans had on the Art Glass community. The online only auction is on September 26th 2015 hosted by www.bidsquare.com to view the complete catalogue go to www.wolfsgallery.com Music copyright Phillip Glass
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Cleveland: A Cultural Center - Panel Discussion
A fascinating panel discussion organized in conjunction with our exhibition Cleveland: A Cultural Center and why Cleveland became an important cultural arts center. This exhibition of over 150 works originating from the Cleveland School, a community of exceptionally talented artists which began to take shape in Northeast Ohio during the early 1900s. The men and women of the Cleveland School would go on to contribute a staggering number of beautiful and important works of art and design throughout much of the 20th century. Panelists: William Robinson, PhD, Senior Curator, Cleveland Museum of Art Henry Adams, PhD, Professor of Art History, Case Western Reserve University Dennis Barrie, PhD, Principal, Barrie Projects Mark Inglis, VP of Marketing & Communications, The Cleveland Institute of Art Moderated by Alexxa Gotthardt, Staff Writer, Artsy.net www.wolfsgallery.com July 19th, 2018
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Cleveland: A Cultural Center
Professor Henry Adams on the Cleveland School. Opening Reception July 11th
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Glasco Opening Reception
An Innate Eye: The Artist and The Collector The Late Stanley J. Seeger Jr. Collection of Works by Joseph Glasco Opening Reception April 28th, 2017 Following our recent exhibition Joseph Glasco: The David Chesler Collection, We are pleased to bring to the gallery a most important second private collection of works by this truly brilliant figurative expressionist artist. A fortuitous circle of events sparked into motion the communion of these two collections. With this catalog we are fortunate to bring 63 works by Joseph Glasco from the collection of the late Stanley J. Seeger Jr. to Cleveland from his estate in London, UK. “ The American painter Joseph Glasco is an artist of rare gifts. He has a highly complex, idiosyncratic conception of the figure as a pictorial device. He is an exquisite and dramatic draftsman, who, even when he chooses to work in black and white, has the ability to endow his (usually elaborate) images with an aura of sensuality. He is also a powerful designer, who confers on every area of the picture surface a very personal and empathetic visual quality.” --Hilton Kramer, NYT Review of Joseph Glasco, at Catherine Viviano Gallery, New York, Feb.7, 1970 Wolfs Gallery is fortunate to be able to retrieve from London the Stanley J. Seeger collection of works by American artist Joseph Glasco. The forthcoming exhibition of nearly 100 works will put all periods of Glasco’s work together for the first time in three decades, providing an opportunity to examine in total a shockingly brilliant American artist. With this exhibition we expand our exploration of the work and career of this fascinating 20thc. artist, who in 1950 achieved the distinction of being the youngest living artist to have a work acquired by the Museum of Modern Art, New York. As a young artist in New York in 1950, Glasco became a friend of both Pollock and Dubuffet and was among those who would soon become the most coveted painters of the time. At the same time Glasco was an artist swimming against the tide. His style represented a kind of figurative expressionism, and remained so until he began producing large-scale painted canvas collages in the mid to late seventies. Notably, the earlier works of Joseph Glasco have not been examined in depth since the very first show at the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston in 1986. This new exhibition allows a further examination of one of the greatest art collectors of the 20thc, Stanley J. Seeger Jr. Seeger is widely known for his astute and far-reaching collections, having amassed close to 100 Picassos as well as an enviable trove of modern masters from Matisse and Miró to Giacometti and Francis Bacon. He was also a generous patron of many living artists. As Raeburn has written, . . .“Seeger is like a magician who allows us glimpses into a secret world, and the magic touches all the pieces he has collected . . .it is the collection of a magician . . .the magic does not rub off.” Joseph Glasco was one of the artists Seeger loved most; he acquired his first work from the Catherine Viviano Gallery in 1955 and continued to collect for forty years. Artist and collector became good friends and Seeger remained true to Glasco throughout his life. Glasco traveled around Greece on Seeger’s sailing yacht and spent time at Seeger’s house in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, as well as his Tudor manor Sutton Place. The exhibition provides a rare opportunity to appreciate the timeless work of an artist collected in his lifetime by the finest connoisseurs and absent from the art market for the two decades since his death. For more information and to view the collection visit www.wolfsgallery.com
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March 2019 Gallery Tour
A brief video tour of the gallery's main floor and upper level
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Bombard Your Senses
No Exit with special guest Zeitgeist at WOLFS
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The David Chesler Collection of Joseph Glasco
Exhibition and Sale Opening November 17th In 1949 New York Joseph Glasco was a mid century modern painter at the beginning of the American modern art movement. Collected early in his career by major American museums, Glasco pursued his individual style, a figurative abstraction combined with a serene classicism that was visually monumental, graphically complex and refined. WOLFS is pleased to exhibit and offer for sale The David Chesler Collection: Works by Joseph Glasco, a personal group of works derived from a long and important friendship. View the collection online athttp://wolfsgallery.com/collection/special/joseph-glasco-the-david-chesler-collection
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Cleveland School Show
WOLFS is pleased to present Cleveland: A Cultural Center, an exhibition of over 150 works originating from the Cleveland School, a community of exceptionally talented artists which began to take shape in Northeast Ohio during the early 1900s. The men and women of the Cleveland School would go on to contribute a staggering number of beautiful and important works of art and design throughout much of the 20th century. By many accounts, this exhibition is long overdue. The Cleveland School’s collective body of work has been aggressively pursued by collectors for over a century; as a result, much of the Cleveland School’s greatest work has existed within private collections, rarely having been exhibited publicly. Not since The Cleveland Museum of Art’s 1996 exhibition, Transformations in Cleveland Art, has such a comprehensive survey of the Cleveland School’s remarkable legacy been available for public viewing. Curated by Henry Adams, Professor of Art History at Case Western Reserve University and noted authority on the Cleveland School, Cleveland: A Cultural Center is a celebration of both the Cleveland School’s enormous impact on the region’s cultural landscape, and its importance within the larger narrative of American art history. This loan exhibition is drawn almost entirely from private Cleveland School collections throughout the country. In fact, a great many of the works included in the exhibition were acquired from WOLFS over the course of the last four decades. By assembling the finest examples of work by the Cleveland School’s most talented artists, a vibrant visual chemistry results in a compelling chronicle of 20th century American Art.
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