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Packing light inside my carry on 4.8kg - 3 weeks in the UK
A look at what I brought with me to the UK in my hand luggage for a 3 week trip. Flew with Ryanair from Stuttgart to Manchester. Like if you like packing light!
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Updated minimalist closet / wardrobe tour
A very quick look at my new wardrobe organisation - this is not all my clothes/bags, I have the rest in my chest of drawers that I'll be showing once I've reorganised that too 😇. Thanks so much for watching 💚💛💜! Please leave me a comment, I'd love to chat 😆
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Empty Apartment Tour - Moving Out and Leaving France
A look at our flat in France just before we move out.
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Charity shop haul - UK, Dec 2016
This is what I've bought (so far) during my stay on the UK. These are all really functional staple items which is important seeing as they'll all have to fit in my ryan air carry on only luggage when I go back! Thanks so much for watching - give it a thumbs up if you love charity shopping too!
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How I'm wrapping presents this year - mindful wrapping - low waste
A look at how I'm wrapping my loved ones' presents this year 😊. Give this video a thumbs up if you're also trying to create less waste or trying to be more mindful of what you consume!
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Why I buy second hand - Charity Shop Haul 2 - UK December 2016
A look at what I bought on my second trip round the charity shops - tops and dresses this time! Including my thoughts on why I buy second hand.
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What I'm getting rid of this week - Decluttering
Apologies for the amount of times I say the word 'things' at the start of this video!
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Cosmetics Tour and Decluttering
A look at my cosmetics and what I'm getting rid of
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