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How to Rebuild a SEADOO 2stroke 951 - part 8 Jet pump restoration - Impeller wearring
Broken Crankshaft SEADOO GSX 951 Rotax 135hp two stroke DIY Rebuild jet ski part 8 Jet pump restoration, New wearring and restor the impeller. Project "Broken Crankshaft". 2016 Please rate this video, and subscribe to my channel! full hd http://www.brp.com http://www.sea-doo.com
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How to - Starter motor Rebuild
How to Rebuild your starter motor. Easy en cheap way out! Step by step DIY servicing video! Full HD. Edit 2016 This starter fits a lot of Jetski's and motorcycles. If you got another starter principle is the same only different sizes! Starter motor Seadoo GSX 135HP Rotax 951cc Bombardier 1998. Renegade When most starters quit, they only need a clean-up of oil ingression and carbon dust deposits, their brushes and commutators specifications
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How to Build an Garden lounge Seat Sofa XL - time lapse Modern scaffold planks
How to make your own XL wooden outdoor garden bench. Do it yourself in Time lapse Higher quality, less money!! Scaffold planks 30 meters of wood, more than 75 kgs and less than 100 euro! Watch my next scaffold project https://youtu.be/xv4nX0IcxAc Link to the wood shop: http://www.houthandelvanhulst.nl/ Dimentions: 5 x 195x2000 mm. 2 x 195x84.2 mm. 20 x 195x600 mm. 3 x 30x62x525 mm. 3 x 30x62mmx425 mm. 2 x 30x62x2000 mm. 2 x 30x62x395 mm. 2 x 30x62x810 mm. 8 x 30x30x775 mm. 1 x 30x30x1945 mm. Music by Stillebeats www.soundcloud.com/stillebeats
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How to Rebuild a SEADOO 2stroke 951 - part 6 Engine Installation Cables and Lines
Broken Crankshaft SEADOO GSX 951 Rotax 135hp two stroke DIY Rebuild jet ski part 6 Engine Installation. Cables, tubes and lines. Engine Supports. Shaft connection and removal jet pump. Project "Broken Crankshaft". full hd www.brp.com www.sea-doo.com
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Première van dertiende aflevering ‘Floris’ Rutger Hauer 2016
Rutger Hauer terug op kasteel Doornenburg voor de nog nooit uitgezonden aflevering 13 van Floris! De Première Floris aflevering 13 kasteel Doornenburg Full HD 19-08-2016 Rutger Hauer Starfish Association http://www.rutgerhauer.org/rutgerhauer.org/
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How To - CV-Joint VW 1.6 TDI Replace - Homokineet vervangen - VAG
How to replace your cv joint. Gopro Full HD 1080 https://bovag.nl http://www.volkswagen.nl/ https://www.muntstad.nl/onderhoud-reparatie-volkswagen?gclid=CKf8luK788sCFQmNGwod4g8Diw http://www.nationaalautoforum.nl/ http://www.vwforum.nl/ http://www.autozine.nl/text/comment_toon.php?mok=1278 http://forums.vwvortex.com/forumdisplay.php?112-Phaeton
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How to Rebuild a SEADOO 2stroke 951 - part 2 Bottom end, Crankcase
Broken Crankshaft SEADOO GSX 951 Rotax 135hp two stroke Rebuild jet ski part 2 bottom end. Project "Broken Crankshaft". full hd
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HOW TO - RENAULT TWINGO Water pump Replace DIY
Do it yourself Twingo cooling pump replace in a Jiffy! Goedkoop je waterpomp vervangen! Gopro 1080p HD Music: from a chillstep remix I AM NOT THE OWNER http://www.renault.nl/ http://www.renaultforum.nl/ http://www.renaultoloog.nl/losangemagazine.htm http://autoweetjes.com/ http://www.anwb.nl/
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How to Rebuild a SEADOO 2stroke 951 - part 4 Ignition, Starter/Bendix, Carb and exhaust manifold
Broken Crankshaft SEADOO GSX 951 Rotax 135hp 2stroke DIY Rebuild jetski part 4 Ignition Bendix Carb ass'y. Project "Broken Crankshaft". Full hd
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How to Rebuild a SEADOO 2stroke 951 - part 9 Finish, Start Engine - Have fun!
Broken Crankshaft SEADOO GSX 951 Rotax 135hp two stroke DIY Rebuild jet ski part 9 Installation of a hour counter! Start of the Engine with a water hose connected. And some testing on the river! Project "Broken Crankshaft". 2016 full hd http://www.brp.com http://www.sea-doo.com
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How to - Ignition Coil Replace Seat Arosa
DIY Ignition coil Seat Arosa 1.4 Music By Stillebeats https://soundcloud.com/stillebeats Full HD 1080p 30fps http://www.anwb.nl/auto/tests/autotests/occasion/SEAT/AROSA/2001-01-01/2005-03-01/1374 http://www.autozine.nl/text/comment_toon.php?mok=131 http://www.autowereld.nl/seat/arosa/ http://www.lupoclub.nl/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=19
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HOW TO - VW fan speed Resistor replace
Fan speed only blow on hi..? How to repair your volkswagen 2.0 SDI 2005-2010 Blower Motor Resistor Replacement Heater blower resistor electric connector repair step by step VW DIY If you only replace your Resistor, there is NO need to remove your glovebox ONLY the soft panel!! Save yourself some money! Buy your resistance here for exemple.. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/blower-motor-resistor http://www.auto-onderdelen24.nl/vw http://www.besteonderdelen.nl/auto-merk/auto-onderdelen-vw.html If you want to help me, please "like" the video and subscribe!
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How to - Syma X8 Low Lipo Battery alarm indicator
How to build a simple low battery alarm buzzer on your syma drone. To prevent your drone falling out of the sky all the time :S Gear used: galaxy 5s 1080 and the original Syma cam 1080p Link to buy the alarm: http://www.ebay.nl/itm/2x-Lipo-Alarm-Battery-Low-Voltage-1S-8S-Buzzer-Indicator-RC-Checker-Tester-LED-/231756319872?hash=item35f5c0cc80:g:UssAAOSw~gRV6rQR
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How to Rebuild a SEADOO 2stroke 951 - part 1 Broken Crankshaft
Broken Crankshaft SEADOO GSX 951 Rotax 135hp DIY Rebuild part 1 what do we have. 2015-2016 http://www.seadoo.com/ http://www.brp.com/
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DIY- TV Stand Cabinet - Modern scaffold Planks
How to build your own wooden TV cabinet stand. Do it yourself in a short edit. Higher quality, less money!! Scaffold planks costs me only 15 euro Watch my other scaffold project DIY XXL Sofa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUENXKfi9OE&t=197s Link to wood shop: http://www.houthandelvanhulst.nl/ Full HD 1080 Gopo hero 4 Please rate this video and subscribe to my channel
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How to Rebuild a SEADOO 2stroke 951 - part 3 Top End, cylinder and pistons
Broken Crankshaft SEADOO GSX 951 Rotax 135hp 2stroke DIY restoration Rebuild part 3 Top end. Project "Broken Crankshaft". Full hd Www.sea-doo.com http://www.brp.com/
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The Citadel of Namur - 2017 HD
A walk through the Citadel of Namur, Belgium / Citadelle de Namur / castle of Namur The Namur Citadel is a 100 meter high hill above the Wallonian city of Namur. He enjoys a strategic location on the spot where the River Sambre flows into the river. It is one of the largest castles in Europe. History Probably this hill was eight thousand years ago inhabited. The Romans used this place for a fortress. The first stone ramparts dating anywhere from the early Middle Ages. From the 10th century, the complex is the seat of the Earls of Namur. Until 1429, a total of twenty-three graves succession. In that year Philip the Good takes the field in Namur and is attached to the Duchy of Burgundy. Until the independence of Belgium is often besieged fortress, and it is in Spanish, Austrian, French and Dutch hands. Between 1816 and 1825 the entire complex will be rebuilt by the Dutch. After the Belgian Revolution is the final fortress in Belgian hands. In 1893 a part of the complex was transferred to the city by King Leopold II. On this section of the park, the Esplanade, built. In 1975 the entire fortress is transferred to the city and the demilitarized area. In 1977 left the latter commands the fort.
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How to - Boat Trailer Mudguards - DIY trailer serie Part 1
How to Mount your own pro Mudguards on your Boat trailer. In part 2 and 3 i show how to build your Lightboard bar and how to raplace and mount your trailer Winch.
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Build your own Gopro macro super zoom lens in 5 minutes for less than €10. With test footage, 1080 Hero 4 with lens, Hero 2 without. Raw footage, only cut and music. Please rate this video and subscribe to my channel.
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How to Rebuild a SEADOO 2stroke 951 - part 7 Paint and install Exhaust and air silencer
Broken Crankshaft SEADOO GSX 951 Rotax 135hp two stroke DIY restoration Rebuild jet ski part 7 Exhaust installation and air silencer, i also paint the exhaust before instal. and i instal the shaft cover. Project "Broken Crankshaft". Full hd http://www.brp.com http://www.sea-doo.com
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How to Rebuild a SEADOO 2stroke 951 - part 5 Engine Paint job, carb
Broken Crankshaft SEADOO GSX 951 Rotax 135hp two stroke Rebuild jet ski part 5 Engine Paint job, carb instal, engine support and exhaust bracket Project "Broken Crankshaft". full hd www.brp.com www.sea-doo.com
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Police and Jetski's - DUTCH RIVER RIDERS - Edit
Epic edit PWC movie. A day out with the chargers. We had alot of fun. Also the police came to say hello! Location: Europe, The Netherlands, Nijmegen Gear: Seadoos, Gopro's, DJI Phantom, 360 swivel and some cops.. Edit: Full hd 1080 @ 30 - Sony Vegas and Gopro Studio (90% footage is from last week 25-05-2017) Music: Phibes-Sound of daPolice (twerk mashup) Combustibless-In da Mood(Bass Boosted mix) Please rate this video and subscribe. Also checkout Dutch River Riders the movement: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/755662194566368/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGAp7RmXinKd8wyCaYak-w And remember. After you subscribe on YouTube there is always room on the FunTube! ;)
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ATV helps PWC. CAN-AM meet SEA-DOO BRP Jetski
When you need a ATV! Dutch River RIders Location: Druten @ the beach. The Netherlands.
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How to reset your service light indicator VW longlife caddy SDI 2008. DIY Very easy
DIY service light indicator reset. HOW TO RESET CHECK LIGHT IT IS FREE AND EASY DO IT YOURSELF. service interval reset / resetare interval de service VOLKSWAGEN CADDY SDI 2008 Gopro HD www.vw.nl www.volkswagen.du www.vw.com www.youtube.com/user/wjansen
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How to Replace wearring and oil jet pump Seadoo GTX 717 PWC
DIY wearring and jetpump oil on a SEADOO GTX 717 from 1997 Jetski. 2 stroke power! Gopro Full HD 1080 www.seadoo.nl www.seadoo.com http://www.brp.com/
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The Nutty Professor Universal studios Hollywood Trip 1999 720 mono
Behind the scene family Klump Nutty professor California, Los Angeles, Hollywood 1996.. and a short scene from the movie! Around the time of the movie's release, a selection of scenery and props from the second Nutty Professor movie was displayed on Stage 34, adjacent to the World of Cinemagic show. Before this walkthrough (around 1998) the Small Soldiers Behind the Scenes Experience was on the same stage. Footage from Sony Handcam 1999 - 2000 Rendered in 720p Link to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxULm_b7Z0o
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Italy jet ski @ lake Garda 2013 Gopro - Seadoo
GoPro Hero - Roadtrip italy 2013 lago di Garda. There are NO people and animals,damaged or touched during the making of this video. Also, there are almost no gear and other expensive shit damagedorHIT
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HOW TO - Replace Exhaust Seadoo RXP 4tec musclecraft
Do it yourself Removal exhaust Seadoo Rxp 4tec rotax. DIY replace the exhaust of a brp jetski supercharged repair. Music in video, Stooges - I wanna be your dog. www.seadoo.nl www.youtube.com/user/WJANSEN www.jetservice.nl
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Rotterdam DUTCH RIVER RIDERS if you fail you burn - 4k EDIT
Wereld Haven dagen Rotterdam 2017 Team Splash Dont forget to use 4k Dutch River Riders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pak3DQVp1wo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtq-10vFhTc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jymQZZxApc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3tczbcanyo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdlp3e_VgW8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR8HPGwc6rM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI1Pk1sWvy0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDK_9XKVj-Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8pi56SB4N4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTojyLwtHTk Ultra high resolution 4k. Gopro Hero 4 black. Sony Vegas Music in video: SirenOverParis
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Jet ski summer fun 2013 edit GoPro HD RXP RXX XP
WATCH in HD 720p! Fun time on Seadoo Jetski Musclecraft On a hot summer day..!
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How to Gopro NIGHT LIGHT Heavy Grip with POWERBANK DIY
How to make your own heavy grip with built in powerbank and LED ring. Hero 4 Black 1080 60fps Please rate this video
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How to DIY - Longlife service 1 6TDI vw in 25 minutes
How to maintance your own car in 25 minutes!! http://gopro.com/ http://www.autoweek.nl/onderhoud/reparatie
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How to get the most strength out of fiberglass Primer Like rock Best way to repair your boat car
Mix your different primers 2k Fiberglass and 2k Polyester Primer for the most strength. Let´s Try it!! 720HD Song: 'Ping Pong Peggy - Vladimir Cosma'
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Øresund Bridge Sweden Denmark
Full HD 1080p The Øresund/Öresund Bridge (Danish: Øresundsbroen], Swedish: Öresundsbron, hybrid name: Øresundsbron) is a combined railway and motorway bridge across the Øresund strait between Sweden and Denmark. The bridge runs nearly 8 kilometres (5 miles) from the Swedish coast to the artificial island Peberholm in the middle of the strait. The crossing is completed by the 4 km (2.5-mile) Drogden Tunnel from Peberholm to the Danish island of Amager. The Øresund Bridge is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe and connects two major metropolitan areas: Copenhagen, the Danish capital city, and the Swedish city of Malmö. It connects the road and rail networks of the Scandinavian Peninsula with those of Central and Western Europe. A data cable also makes the bridge the backbone of internet data transmission between central Europe and Sweden/Finland.[2] The international European route E20 crosses via road, the Oresund Line via railway. The construction of the Great Belt Fixed Link, connecting Zealand to Funen and thence to the Jutland Peninsula, and the Øresund Bridge have connected Central and Western Europe to Scandinavia by road and rail. The Øresund Bridge was designed by the Danish engineering firm COWI. The justification for the additional expenditure and complexity related to digging a tunnel for part of the way, rather than raising that section of the bridge, was to avoid interfering with air traffic from the nearby Copenhagen Airport, to provide a clear channel for ships in good weather or bad, and to prevent ice floes from blocking the strait. The Øresund Bridge crosses the border between Denmark and Sweden, but in accordance with the Schengen Agreement and the Nordic Passport Union, there are usually no passport inspections. There are random customs checks at the entrance toll booths entering Sweden, but not when entering Denmark. Since January 2016, checks have become significantly more stringent due to the European migrant crisis. The Øresund Bridge received the 2002 IABSE Outstanding Structure Award. (WIKIPEDIA) Prices: https://www.oresundsbron.com/en/prices https://www.oresundsbron.com/sv/start
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Feiyu Tech G4S Extention bar test
Testing the extention bars from feiyutech Gopro hero 4 black 1080p 60fps
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Seadoo RXP 215 type 2005 Supercharger
Seadoo RXP type 2005. Jumps with slow motion. Full HD Gopro Hero4 bl 1080 60fps
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Russian Military box never opened in 30 years
We couldnt wait to open this old war boxes. Please translate this video! Gear: Gopro and Gimbal Full hd 1080/30 Music: Road to Moscow - Jingle Punks From Russia with love - Huma Huma
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VW Caddy 1.6TDI Before and After Chiptuning
Volkswagen caddy 1.6TDI Original 75HP and 200Nm After chiptuning 145HP and 310Nm. With a heavy load Gearbox. From 145kmh to 200kmh. From a small 20 sec 0/100 to a small 10 sec! Made 160000km after chipped and the engine is still in great condition! Full HD http://www.tunex.nl/ http://tunex1-px.rtrk.nl/
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How to swap your Jet pump on a Sea-Doo (RXP 215) + Testride Supercharged
How to instal your Seadoo jet pump easy. edit DIY jet motor Seadoo RXP 4tec supercharger jetski. Full HD movie with Gopro Hero 2 1080 @ 30fps Music used: Gunnar Ulson - First to Last. Https://www.sea-doo.com Https://www.gopro.com http://www.loctite.com
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SEADOO GTI 155 2012 Full Pull Top Speed test - DUTCH RIVER RIDERS
Seadoo Full Trottle speed test. Seadoo GTI 2012 155 hp DUTCH RIVER RIDERS HOLLAND video's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pak3DQVp1wo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI1Pk1sWvy0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wtq-10vFhTc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDK_9XKVj-Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozIn1NGtFs0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2yOdQUro8A&t=14s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jymQZZxApc Please rate this video and subscribe. Also checkout Dutch River Riders the movement: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/755662194566368/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGAp7RmXinKd8wyCaYak-w
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Wave Jumping Seadoo RXP-X 260rs | Summer edit 2015 pwc
Some fun with a RXPX 260hp 4TEC Seadoo Supercharged Jetski! Gopro FullHD 1080, Dont forget to use it! Music: DJ Fresh - Louder (Doctor P & Flux Pavilion remix) Wave Jumping on a SeaDoo RXPX http://www.sprok.nl/sprok_beach https://www.nijmegen.nl/
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GoPro HD - RC Team ADVENTURES. DRONE & Baja aerial
WATCH ON HD 720P Offroad and onroad fun aerial camera drone shots
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Aprilia sr50 Ditech full speed chiptuned ECU bike
Old bike 2005 with a injection engine! Chiptuned to max. Fun to ride! Full HD 1080 Gopro Hero4 Black 60fps http://nl.aprilia.com/nl/nl/index.html
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Metal Band Saw Automated liquid cooled
Metal automated cutting saw big machine Full HD 19th century metal bandsaw Bandsaws for cutting metal are available in vertical and horizontal designs. Typical band speeds range from 40 feet (12 meters) per minute to 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) per minute, however specialized bandsaws are built for friction cutting of hard metals and run band speeds to 15,000 feet per minute. Metal-cutting bandsaws are usually equipped with brushes or brushwheels to prevent chips from becoming stuck in between the blade's teeth. Systems which cool the blade are also common equipment on metal-cutting bandsaws. The coolant washes away chips and keeps the blade cool and lubricated. Horizontal bandsaws hold the workpiece stationary while the blade swings down through the cut. This configuration is used to cut long materials such as pipe or bar stock to length. Thus it is an important part of the facilities in most machine shops. The horizontal design is not useful for cutting curves or complicated shapes. Small horizontal bandsaws typically employ a gravity feed alone, retarded to an adjustable degree by a coil spring; on industrial models, the rate of descent is usually controlled by a hydraulic cylinder bleeding through an adjustable valve. When the saw is set up for a cut, the operator raises the saw, positions the material to be cut underneath the blade, and then turns on the saw. The blade slowly descends into the material, cutting it as the band blade moves. When the cut is complete, a switch is tripped and the saw automatically turns off. More sophisticated versions of this type of saw are partially or entirely automated (via PLC or CNC) for high-volume cutting of machining blanks. Such machines provide a stream of cutting fluid recirculated from a sump, in the same manner that a CNC machining center does. A vertical bandsaw, also called a contour saw, keeps the blade's path stationary while the workpiece is moved across it. This type of saw can be used to cut out complex shapes and angles. The part may be fed into the blade manually or with a power assist mechanism. This type of metal-cutting bandsaw is often equipped with a built-in blade welder. This not only allows the operator to repair broken blades or fabricate new blades quickly, but also allows for the blade to be purposely cut, routed through the center of a part, and re-welded in order to make interior cuts. These saws are often fitted with a built-in air blower to cool the blade and to blow chips away from the cut area giving the operator a clear view of the work. This type of saw is also built in a woodworking version. The woodworking type is generally of much lighter construction and does not incorporate a power feed mechanism, coolant, or welder. Advancements have also been made in the bandsaw blades used to cut metals. The development of new tooth geometries and tooth pitches have produced increased production rates and greater blade life. New materials and processes such as M51 steel and the cryogenic treatment of blades have produced results that were thought impossible just a few years ago. New machines have been developed to automate the welding process of bandsaw blades as well. Ideal computerized welding machines, setting and cut to length machines and contributions from other manufacturers continue to increase productivity.
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Seadoo RXP 215 and the RXP-X 260 some gopro's and a DJI Phantom 4 Ultra HD 4k Music by Fabian Drone controls by MrZervox
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A nice gadget for welding! Real review!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5_WivgQ448
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Jetski Pulled by Quad - PWC  Musclecraft and ATV - BRP Renegade
My SEADOO RXP pulled out of the water by a BRP ATV on beach. Filmed with a phone Whats my other atv - pwc video to see this from another angle in full hd.
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Kneeboarding lake Garda Italy. GoPro FPV drone. Aerial footage
Kneeboarding with friends at lake Garda. Some Gopro´s a drone and Seadoos Bombardier. Got some great aerial The music is not mine. Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) _FREE_ http://www.sea-doo.com/ http://gopro.com/ https://www.gardameer.com/gardameer-forum/jetski-en-vissen-t415.html http://www.tripadvisor.nl/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g194883-d314198-i100710259-Hotel_Garda_TonelliHotels-Riva_Del_Garda_Province_of_Trento_Trentino_Alto.html http://www.allcamps.nl/camping/italie/gardameer/?gclid=CKrA3tGgn8UCFcLItAodLSoA-w http://www.visittrentino.it/nl/vacanze_a_tema/lake-holidays-trentino/articoli/dett/lakes-and-mountains-holidays?currentItem=0;0&gclid=CMzW5dygn8UCFTCWtAodOBUAww
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HOW TO - easy Anti theft - how to block your OBD vw VAG. for all cars! 1080HD
DIY anti theft OBD how blocker. cost only 6 euros, and takes only 15 minutes! edit. 1080 HD Gopro Hero2 Music: a chillstep remix from www.youtube.com http://www.volkswagen.nl/ http://www.volkswagen.du http://www.diagnoseapparatuur.nl/scantool-volkswagen-audi-seat-skoda http://www.vwpassat.nl/viewforum.php?f=126 http://www.vwforum.nl/portal.php
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Anti-Gravity Levitating Terrestrial Globe Unboxing
Unboxing Magic Anti-Gravity Levitating Terrestrial Globe Ebay- http://www.ebay.nl/itm/Magic-Anti-Gravity-Levitating-Terrestrial-Globe-with-White-LED-lights-Brand-New-/162346698855?var=&hash=item25cc9e0867:m:mJkZ_jY5rk1cjJ8-G2HAMow Full Hd 1080 @ 30fps Music: Otis Mcdonald
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