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Exclusive Candice Swanepoel At Home
EXCLUSIVE: Our SA Angel Candice Swanepoel We get the exclusive interview with fellow South African and Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel! Top Billing gets the exclusive with Candice Swanepoel's first interview for South African television since she has hit modeling fame and fortune. She shares tales of her youth on her farm in Mooirivier, and opens up about her adopted family at Victoria's Secret. Another stunning South African on the global stage! http://www.topbilling.com/articles/EXCLUSIVE-Our-SA-Angel-Candice-Swanepoel--.html?articleID=1128
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Jeff Dunham chats to Top Billing (FULL INSERT)
http://www.topbilling.com Here's the full insert of Jo-Ann's interview with ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham on his visit to South Africa
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Top Billing Auditions 2012 Zuziwe Gcuku 1131
Top Billing Auditions 2012 Zuziwe Gcuku 1131 Cape Town
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Hemp House featured on Top Billing
Share in the ultimate in Green Homes with a home made entirely from Hemp! It is rare to find a home with a greener fingerprint than the Hemp House in Noordhoek, built by Hemporium's Tony Budden and Duncan Parker. Amidst the all-purpose, entirely eco-friendly material is stylish sleek and modern home that is a healthy, re-cyclable alternative to modern building. Is it a view into our future or is the future now? http://www.topbilling.com/articles/Sustainable-Hemp-Home--.html?articleID=1120
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Top Billing gets a lesson in leadership from DJ Sbu (FULL INSERT)
Top Billing visits the home of the inspiring and multi-talented South African icon DJ Sbu and discovers more about his new book and latest venture. From humble beginnings growing up in Tembisa and working for free, Sibusiso Leope has come a long way and is determined to bring as many people with him as possible. Simba finds out how he is working towards his goal of promoting leadership and education and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. We then head to his house where he gives us a tour of his beautiful, modern Top Billing-inspired home. It would not be a day with Simba if there wasn't some kind of challenge, but Simba unfortunately doesn't know what he's in for when he takes up a tennis match with DJ Sbu. We then join DJ Sbu at the radio studio where we meet an unexpected guest who also wanted to get inspired by the South African legend DJ Sbu. http://topbilling.com/
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Top Billing features businessman and entrepreneur Priven Reddy | FULL FEATURE
Of the many self-made, young South Africans we’ve met, Priven Reddy’s story stands out. He took himself from car guard to heading up the leading mobile software development company in Africa and his is a tale of pure inspiration. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing features an incredible container home in Cape Town | FULL FEATURE
African innovation has turned shipping containers to every use imaginable and one of those is in cutting edge home design. Now we’ve seen one or two of these over the years but for re-cycling, re-purposing and genius DIY – this one takes the cake. http://www.topbilling.com
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Top Billing Auditions Jessica Nkosi 0309
Top Billing Auditions 2012 Jessica Nkosi 0309 Durban
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Ed Sheeran confesses his most romantic moves | FULL INTERVIEW
Ed Sheeran gives us the scoop on writing the impossibly sexy Shape of You and confesses his most romantic moves When he was just a teenager, he moved to London to pursue his music career, and his outpouring of creativity added up to hundreds of live shows. Getting a lot of attention with his online performances, Sheeran hit No. 1 on the iTunes chart before he ever signed with a record label. Since signing with Atlantic, Sheeran has sold millions of records, had a song appear in the second installment of The Hobbit and won a Grammy for Song of the Year, "Thinking Out Loud." On the release day of Sheeran’s new album ‘Divide’, it streamed a world record thirteen million times on Spotify. The twenty six year old Englishman is in a league of his own.
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We feature the incredible wedding of Natasha & Kagiso Dibotelo | FULL INSERT
Love is many things and most of them can be found in the relationship of Natasha Bhimjee and Kagiso Dibotelo. We joined this Indian-Tsonga, multi-cultural couple for the wedding that celebrated their ten years, three beautiful sons Kanye, Diego and Malik and the thriving business they’ve built together. http://www.topbilling.com
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Enya discusses her new album on Top Billing | FULL INTERVIEW
Join Roxy on Top Billing this week as she jets off to London to chat to multi-platinum Irish singer Enya about her new first new album in seven years, Dark Sky Island. Enya sings in Latin, Welsh, Japanese and her lyricist Roma Ryan even made up a language for some tracks. Her fans love her all the more for it and the proof is in the eighty million albums she’s sold. Don’t miss this Top Billing exclusive! http://www.topbilling.com/
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Justin Bieber serenades TV presenter
During a resent interview with Justin Bieber, an aspiring young TV presenter is serenaded by the superstar. Catch the full interview on Top Billing - Tuesday 14 August 8pm http://www.topbilling.com/index.php
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Top Billing features the Mushwanas beautiful home | FULL FEATURE
When you moved from house to house as a child but could never call it your own, building the ultimate, modern family home is a lifelong dream come true. http://www.topbilling.com
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British illusionist Dynamo defies the laws of gravity! | FULL FEATURE
He’s the street magician who became a global superstar and is now on his way to win hearts and blow minds on his first South African tour in May! It’s only human for us to want a little magic in our lives and British illusionist Dynamo is happy to oblige. He’s walked across the river Thames, predicted the Soccer World Cup result – and he will mess with your head in the most entertaining way. Today he has a tv show playing to four hundred million people. He gets booked by Ronaldo and Jay-Z to do private shows and the landmarks of the world are his stage. But only on his ‘Seeing Is Believing’ tour to South Africa did we witness the real magic of this hairdresser’s son turned superstar - his way with people. He was born Steven Frayne and though he grew up on a poor housing estate in England, he was raised with a sense of wonder. Like the artist Banksy, Dynamo’s magic is created in the world of everyday people. He never pre-publicizes his grand illusions and often uses famous but accessible public spaces to perform them. It has allowed him to capture the imagination of young people - and in the age of social media, his eight million fans and over a billion views online make him the world’s most followed magician. Although seen as a modern day Da Vinci of his art, the hairdresser’s son believes that people need magic simply to bring hope and wonder back into their day to day lives. It could have no greater purpose. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil Dralion (FULL INSERT)
Top Billing presenter, Janez, is invited to Topeka in Kansas, USA, to learn a few tricks from the artistic entertainers of the Cirque du Soleil show Dralion. http://www.topbilling.com/index.php
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Rodriguez interview on Searching for Sugar Man (FULL INSERT)
This week on Top Billing, Jo-Ann spends some time with Craig Bartholomew Strydom, Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman and the legend himself, Rodriguez. http://www.topbilling.com/index.php
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Top Billing invites you to Chris & Takkies wedding| FULL INSERT
Join us as we invite you to the incredible wedding of choreographer Nkateko Maswanganye Takkies and her British love, Chris Dinwiddy. www.topbilling.com
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Top Billing Features Soprano Amira Willighagen
Soprano star and Holland’s Got Talent winner Amira Willighagen has sung around the world, is releasing her third album, and recently moved to South Africa.
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Top Billing tours a beautiful Polokwane mansion | FULL INSERT
This palatial home in Polokwane has stunning surroundings, a beautiful interior, and an incredible green garden!
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Sbu Ngwenya lets us in on his socks business | FULL FEATURE
This socks empire employs 60 people in its Cape Town factory and an ace design and business team in Johannesburg where every range is conceived. If you stand almost 2 metres tall, your socks tend to show because trousers aren’t made in your size. It’s the ideal problem for celebrity entrepreneur Sbu Ngwenya whose business began when his mother told him he had so many socks he should sell some. Instead of manufacturing in the Far East, Sbu chose to make his socks in South Africa and create jobs where they are needed. Following his mother Nonhlanhla Ngwenya’s suggestion to sell his socks - the business was born. It was lessons from his grandmother Salamina Mimi Molakeng that made it a success. Sbu chose to sell limited runs of each design and price them as an exclusive item. Decisions which identified him among Africa’s thirty most promising entrepreneurs under 30 and won respect from Thato Kgatlhanye. Skinny Sbu Socks will officially be available at Markham stores nationally from Friday 9th February 2018. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing meets Taylor Swift (FULL INSERT)
Jeannie chats to pop sensation Taylor Swift about her latest album 1989, heartbreak and inspiration over high tea in London. She's the best-selling digital artist of all time, she's won seven Grammy Awards, she has five homes and she's only 24! With the release of her new album, Taylor Swift has taken the music industry by storm. She is the name on everyone's lips and with the album's first single Shake it Off topping charts, there is nothing that could stand in the way of this determined young pop star. Jeannie catches up with Taylor Swift in London. Over cupcakes, petit fours and tea Jeannie asks Taylor about her style, heartbreaks, dating and her work process. This Top Billing exclusive is not to be missed! http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing features Tendai Beast Mtawarira’s beautiful home | FULL FEATURE
This week on Top Billing our modern, easy as a breeze, featured home is that of The Beast and Mrs Beast. Tendai and Kuziva Mtawarira’s Dolphin Coast, family escape is near enough to Durban for work and just far enough to feel like everyday’s a holiday.
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Top Billing features rapper Nasty C | FULL INSERT
Paying your dues in the music industry is well and good but some young talents just know what they know, back themselves and go. Rapper Nasty C was on a roll from the age of 9. On a day out, we learned how Nasty C worked on lyrics through school where his music earned him the protection of the big guys. Respect from the industry soon followed and last year he became the S.A. Hip Hop Awards’ youngest winner. Released for free download, the debut album Bad Hair quickly hit number one on distribution site Audiomack. Nasty says that the name Bad Hair is an in-joke with his family and the album is a nod to them. If you’re in Durban this New Year’s Eve then you can catch The Grand Finale featuring Nasty C. on Saturday, 31st December at Kings Park Stadium, Durban. He’s worth the ticket price alone. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Homeowner Beks Ndlovu takes us off the grid to Zimbabwe | FULL INSERT
The best of the good life is a home off the grid, out of cell range, in Matobo Hills and a vintage Model T Ford to get you there. We’ve come a long way over The Limpopo, up here to Matobo Hills to see this and it’s worth every mile it took to get here. This is the weekend escape of Beks and Sophia Ndlovu, near the World Heritage Site of Matobo Hills. It’s a brief drive from Bulawayo for Beks and his family. He founded and is the CEO of an adventure safaris operation in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. When he wants to get away from it all it’s here, to the land of his ancestors, that he comes. They called the house Khayelitshe, Ndebele for “house in stone”, but one of the first features you notice is the auto-parts outdoor lounge suite - born of Beks’ fertile design mind. Designing and building their home from scratch, Beks conceived the blueprint in his head, a good while before the build. The wood and stone were far more than stylistic choices. Colour brings textures and prints together out here on the veranda. Mixed in with Indian pieces, some features have been locally crafted in keeping with Beks’ desire to make the most of homegrown skill – from across the continent. The Ndlovus see their feet as firmly rooted in African soil, but equally as citizens of the world. It shows in their mix of North, East, West and Southern African styles. Come three on a Friday afternoon its destination Matobo with no Wi-Fi or cell signal – just the family connecting with nature. It’s first and foremost a family home to the Ndlovus and their nine, eight and five year old children. It was a unique privilege being able to buy a two hundred and forty-hectare tract of land in this magical area and even if you find yourself with nothing but a rock to sit on – it’s a pretty impressive rock! http://www.topbilling.com
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Meet the Days of Our Lives cast (FULL INSERT)
Top Billing goes behind the scenes of NBC's longest-running soapie, and meet the cast that have made the show so memorable. Tune in to see your favourite characters, including Rafe Hernandez, John Black, Marlena Evans, Kate DiMera, Hope Brady and Nicole Walker! If you're a big 'Days' fan, be sure not to miss out! http://www.topbilling.com/index.php
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Behind the scenes with Candice Swanepoel (FULL INSERT)
Top Billing spends a day with the gorgeous Candice Swanepoel, supermodel, Victoria's Secret Angel and sweetheart of the South African public. Join swooning and sighing Top Billing presenter, Janez, on set of Candice Swanepoel's photoshoot for the latest Woolworths RE: campaign. Our favourite blonde bombshell opens up about her visit home, friends, family and her flourishing career. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing features Oskido the Father of Dance | FULL INSERT
The legend of South African music cannot be told without a generous chapter on the man we lovingly know as Oskido. The acts he’s launched, his partnership with DJ Christos and the mantle he’s passed on to his son are all part of his story that is what we bring you this week along with VIP access to one very special birthday! Born a long way from the scene, in Brits, he moved to Jozi and sold boerewors rolls outside a club in Hillbrow, until the night a DJ didn’t pitch. He filled in, has never looked back and this week on Top Billing we invite you to his home that house music built. It's this leap of faith from the child of a spaza shop owner that has created the man he is today, and by becoming a mentor for up and coming artists, we know that the future of dance music is in good hands. From birthday bashes to his humble home, catch the man himself on Top Billing. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing invites you to the wedding of Divhambele Mbalavhali | FULL FEATURE
For the man they call Mr EmCee, Divhambele Mbalavhali, being master of ceremonies is a full-time profession - only this week, the wedding was his own and his bride - the lovely Mash Rambuda. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing features a modern masterpiece of a home at Steyn City | FULL FEATURE
Our epic Top Billing featured home this Saturday has hand blown glass chandeliers, a modern meets organic kitchen and a putting green on the roof! http://www.topbilling.com/
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Former Mrs SA Hlengiwe Twala invites us to her home | FULL FEATURE
Mrs SA 2017 Hlengiwe Twala on losing her mother, winning a crown and living every moment like its your last. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing attends a dream wedding in Mauritius | FULL INSERT
This stunning wedding was a fairy tale, tropical island event, and we were lucky enough to attend!
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At home with the real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort (FULL INSERT)
Join Janez as he is invited into Jordan's Los Angeles home to gain an insight into how he made his millions and the reason it all came crashing down. www.topbilling.com
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Nonhle Ndala invites Top Billing to her home | FULL FEATURE
Balancing the demands of football and family with her man Andile Jali, Nonhle Ndala shares her experience of motherhood and with it - a very big secret. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Cheslin Kolbe ties the knot on Top Billing | FULL FEATURE
Cheslin Kolbe and fiance, Layla Cupido, return home from France for a summer wedding in the mountains and Top Billing was invited. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing features family home decorated by Leighton Clapton | FULL INSERT
On Top Billing this week we feature a comfortable but luxurious family home, with spectacular interiors by interior designer Leighton Clapton. In architecture, space plays a very important role and the challenge for Brett and Rose Adams’ home was to create a feeling of space in an unusually shaped plot! Cleaver design decisions like an entrance hall design with a central garden atrium, allowing light and creating breathing were key. Natural light is also channeled in through the central stairwell which adds height and lands in the pajama lounge where the family spend as much time together as they can. The decor Leighton selected strikes a balance by being luxurious without feeling showy and ultimately creates a house where you can truly feel at home! http://www.topbilling.com/
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Michael Dlamini builds his Durban dream home | FULL INSERT
Michael Dlamini is a very busy property developer who has worked hard to achieve this kind of success. It’s hard to imagine now but the original home on this property was a dark, cramped, warren of rooms in a Spanish style. That was until Michael caught site of it. As CEO of a construction project management company who specialize in luxury developments, he had the vision to open it to these magnificent Dolphin Coast surrounds and all he could do with them. Upstairs in the pool house is an entertainer’s dream - a lounge, dining area and copper and zinc clad bar with a games area, lounge and gym downstairs. Interior designer Grant Webster created a one of a kind spiral stairwell at the heart of the structure. Clad in varying grains and stains of wood, with cork on surrounding walls to still the echo – it is a marvel. Michael and the interiors team mostly chose sculptures and paintings unique to South Africa and to specific artists. One artist in Paris even hand painted the fabric of two of the armchairs. His wife and daughter mean the world to him and to show it, he took them to a ‘boutique hotel’ he just had just finished building, then sprang the most brilliant surprise – it was his family’s new home. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Siyabonga Metane weds gorgeous Melissa Wilkinson| FULL INSERT
By the time Siyabonga Metane and Melissa Wilkinson met, each had a child, a good career and circle of friends but finding the right partner had proved elusive. Until they discovered something different in each other and realised – this is it!
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Top Billing features architect Lwazi Khumalo | FULL INSERT
Our location this week is by architect Lwazi Khumalo. Lwazi studied architecture at the University of Natal, after having spent 5 years of high school in the Midlands area of Balgowan. Having been practicing for the past 16 years, he’s garnered vast experience in residential architecture through some of the country’s leading architectural firms. Having renovated homes for both of their parents in KZN, the family orientated owners of this property asked Lwazi to create a contemporary design for themselves. Just coming home is an epic experience! The home is situated on an eco estate on and once upstairs you get to take in all twenty hectares of its indigenous, Highveld surrounds. Don't miss Lwazi Khumalo's masterpiece of a home on Top Billing this week! http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing features Cheslin Kolbe | FULL INSERT
hey call him The Lightening Bug, as Stormers rugby player Cheslin Kolbe might not be quite as tall as his team mates, but boy does he run fast and packs a mean punch. If you ask his girlfriend Layla Cupido about him however, you'll learn he's actually a softie with a heart of gold. Nico touches base with Cheslin 'The Hot-stepper' Kolbe as we get to see a different, fun-loving side of the Stormers player. With a passion for cars, we hit the go-cart track with the cute couple for a bit of petrol-fuled fun. http://www.topbilling.com
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Bonang Matheba invites Top Billing into her new home | FULL FEATURE
You’ve seen glimpses of Bonang’s new pad and this week on Top Billing she gives us a grand personal tour her seductive, black meets white masterpiece of designer living! http://www.topbilling.com
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It takes a family of visionary designers to create a home like this | FULL INTERVIEW
This week’s location was created in much the same way that a band jams and creates music. If each room in the house was a member in the band then it is how these rooms related to one other which resulted in the final design. Italian designer Georgio Armani insists that to create something exceptional, your mind must be relentlessly focused on the smallest details. Which was how husband and wife design team Rudolph and Phia Van der Meulen built their home – from the ground up. At the entrance is a figure sculpted in steel, as a metaphor for how vulnerable human emotions can be. The main living area is made up of a double volume family room that connects through to the open plan kitchen and covered terrace. With the stacking doors open, it becomes one large indoor, outdoor entertaining space. The use of screens allows the mood of the dining room or kitchen to be transformed in seconds between relaxed and open to intimate and sophisticated - then returned just as easily. This level of detail shows how not a day was wasted in the four years of design and building it took to create this house. Which includes cupboards, custom made and imported from Italy. The pool, spa and entire home are heated and cooled by a geothermal system fed from boreholes a hundred metres below and from above, by solar panels on the roof. This is an incredibly practical, self-sustaining home. The LED lit staircase in concrete and wood is cantilevered from the wall. The bed has a Japanese serenity to it, an artistically offset, light coloured rug contrasting with the drama of the bathroom. With it’s timber slat framing and the bath and shower positioned for morning and winter sun, it’s a treat to start your day here before choosing your outfit in spacious, his and hers dressing rooms. As designer accessories go, this house beats them all and what a testament to South African style. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing | David Garrett | Interview | Violinist Par Excellence
In music, there have and always will be, the purists, David Garrett is not. He has created a highly successful crossover CD through which he aims to introduce young people to the classics and in doing so install an newfound enthusiasm for classical music. He achieves this by combining classical music elements with pop, rock, rhythm and blues. What he has achieved is an perfect marriage of highly technical classical composition of chart topping popular music.
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A South Coast mansion on Top Billing | FULL INSERT
This week on Top Billing we come to you from the home of a self-made couple accustomed to doing things their way. Having a ball is top on their agenda, and this house is a pure expression of those personalities. Set on the majestic cliffs of the South Coast, it's all fast cars and helicopters, as Lorna makes her way to Casa Burger. Inspired by their love for Roman architecture and the ancient Colosseum, the house displays an array of columns and arches – over 200 to be exact! With a love for entertaining, the kitchen has become the heart of the home. But the kitchen has got nothing on the entertainment area; The big open space features an indoor pool, wine cellar and theatre – all with a spectacular ocean view! The theatre room also holds a very special place in owner Johan Burger's heart, as it is filled with memories of his boxing days, and some boxing legend memorabilia. With a breathtaking view like this, who needs The Coloseum in Rome when we’ve got Casa Burger. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing features Rolene Strauss' Wedding | FULL INSERT
After Rolene Strauss became Miss South Africa and Miss World, she then made it a hat-trick by marrying the man of her dreams - D’Niel Strauss. This week on Top Billing join us as we bring you all the magic as the stars aligned for the biggest day in Rolene’s life. The dress, the courtship and proposal and their magical wedding - Top Billing brings you the fairytale as told by Rolene. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing gives you the grand tour of Palazzo Steyn | FULL FEATURE
In a Top Billing exclusive we invite you for the highly anticipated tour of Palazzo Steyn home of Carolyn and Douw Steyn. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Top Billing features a spectacular Fresnaye villa | FULL FEATURE
As a mountain-side villa is made over for new owners, South African architect Stefan Antoni’s original design remains as fresh as the day it was built.
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Russian Princess Olga Romanoff launches her biography | FULL FEATURE
A hundred years ago, the October Revolution ended Romanov family rule over Russia, but their story didn’t end there. The book Princess Olga: A Wild and Barefoot Romanov is an account of events between then and now. Princess Olga grew up, free to roam a 13th century, English country estate - so an invitation to the wild, hills of KwaZulu-Natal will have been music to her ears. She was here to spread word on her book and as guest of honour at the re launch of this lodge. The lodge surrounds will have been inspiration to the Princess. Her new book is in part to fund renovations of her family home at Provender House. Princess Olga calls herself ‘A Wild and Barefoot Romanov’ and she was happiest on a game drive. A mother of three and a grandmother, she has visited Cape Town for the wedding of her son but this was new territory. The young Olga was educated at home by governesses but like most children preferred to be outside. To avoid homework she pretended to go to the bathroom, saddled up her pony and rode out on the estate. Once seen as a potential bride for Prince Charles, she was far happier deciding for herself who would be on her dance card. The life stories told by the Princess are so fascinating that her book was being read before the evening was even done. Friends were made and all look forward to her return. http://www.topbilling.com/
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Wisani & Mbowa's Wedding on Top Billing (FULL INSERT)
Join Top Billing as we get a front-row seat to the beautiful and heartwarming wedding of Wisani and Mbowa, two medical doctors from Polokwane!
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Top Billing attends the wedding of Metro FM DJ Criselda Kananda | FULL INSERT
The continent has got to know Criselda over a decade on air, using radio to curb disease through education. She’s a mother of three, motivational speaker, counselor, ex-nurse, television presenter and international wellness advocate who somehow – found time for love. An engineer and Managing Director of a construction company, the Siyolo Dudumashe we met for lunch builds large scale road, water and civil projects with a similar patience and quiet self belief to that which he showed in winning Criselda’s favour. Businessman Siyolo Dudumashe proposed after just three months of dating Criselda and the talented Sophie Ndaba was handed the challenge of helping them plan everything from invites to flowers in just six weeks! Join us this Thursday in our new time slot at 7:30pm as we invite you to see Criselda and Siyolo's special day unfold surrounded by their beloved family and friends! http://www.topbilling.com/
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