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Stealth Camping
Things change at night. I guess that's why people are usually pretty weird about where other people sleep. Or maybe it's because there's an idea in our society that people that don't have a home are some sort of degenerate. Unless you want to be hassled and if you're unlucky, run off, fined, maybe even detained, you're gonna wanna stay outta sight when you camp. Just make sure you're awake and packed up at Dawn before people start coming by. If you do it right though you can get away with camping in some pretty cool spots And that's what it's all about Screw the rules! I have a Bicycle!
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Step 6: Curing
This is how to create a smoking pipe out of Bamboo Step 6 - Cure the Bamboo over a flame/in high heat. The Bamboo has natural sugars within it. In heat, those sugars will come out of the Bamboo and Glaze on the outside, producing a pleasing sheen which looks nice, smells nice, and helps protect the Bamboo! Don't forget to burn each end a bit to finish smoothing out any little splintery bits. There's plenty of flair you can add to your pipe after this step. Carb hole. Etch/Burn in words. Scent it. But after this your pipe is ready to smoke from!
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Just Climbing Up Some Rocks... In The Mountains!
There isn't a trail to the top of this unnamed Peak But it was the Peak which I wanted to climb... So I made my own! This segment of the Trail One emerges out of a densely grown area Lush from a just underground flow of water To this huge stretch of Large Rocks Which block any potential plant growth The climb is rather steep But hopping from Rock to Rock is a fun challenge! As is scanning ahead every few jumps to decide which path to take Both immediately and in the distance. By veering more to the left of this trail of Rocks One will get to a slightly less rocky area Which still has lots of large Rocks but also some interspersed Pine Trees, Bushes, Flower Patches, and Grass (Perfect place to stop and have a picnic) Or by veering to the right The rocks become smaller but steeper As one begins ascending to The Peak
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CampFire Fiddlin'
After drying the important stuff off and getting the fire burning brightly again I Wanted to end my day with some practice and figured I'd invite y'all to check it out (: It really doesn't get much better than music by the camp Fire
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Mesa Sunset Fiddlin'
Sister had set me up at a camp site, and with my bedding all laid out and secure, I wanted to practice my violin. Then I noticed some cool rocks that looked like a fun hike. The sun was on its way down and I figured I might be able to make it to the top in time to see the Sunset. Awe, but I wanted to play a bit... Then, a voice... por qué no ambos!?
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Just Jumpin' on Some Rocks... In The Mountains!!!
So I meant to climb Mt. Crestone but got confused and ended up climbing to a sub-peak of Crestone Needle So I didn't quite summit but meh—still climbed a mountain. It gets very cold in the higher altitude areas of the Mountains once the sun sets Once again I neglected to bring adequate clothing for this So I was in a race with the sun to get as far down the mountain as I could before it got unbearably cold and, y'know, getting lost in the mountain wilderness at night might be not so good. But regardless of potential danger or discomfort I was having a LOT of fun! The Mountains are like a Giant Nature Playground!
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Ridin' Outta Galveston
In the future I plan to add a bass line too Lyrics: Well I'm ridin' outta Galveston I'm headin' West to Austin Stayin' good so I don't sin Nah she don't know the pain I'm in... Yeah I'm pedalin' under The Full Moon This God-Given Strengths my Boone Prayin' that I'll see her soon Maybe we can get a room! Y'know I'm pushin' harder e'ryday Screamin' under Sunlight Rays All just so that I can say Darlin' Love You too this Day! I tell ya plannin' to Explore The World Just wanna know if you My Girl Babe you know you ain't the only one But who's gonna give me a son!?
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Step 4: Opening
This is how to make a pipe out of Bamboo Step 4 - Using a hammer and awl to create a small opening in the node barrier for air flow. You can also use a Dremel/electric drill if you have one small enough. I recommend a diamond drill, super easy. But here is how one could create the hole with a hammer and an awl. Shout out to my camera woman (;
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Step 5: Clearing
This is how to create a smoking pipe out of bamboo! Step 5 - Clearing out the inner stalk of the "Bamboo Paper." It can be a little tedious at times, but the bamboo is filled with a papery material that must be removed for a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience. We use a pipe cleaner (for larger pieces only) and a "reamer" which is a fancy word for a thin pointy metal rod. Scrap it ALL out!
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Calling some dudes out
Unfortunately you can't see it But there's like six guys sitting there not doing anything But you can see my challenge to them Trying to say, "like hey, bring it on!" I beat my chest twice and throw the sticks down Just one of the guys comes up and starts dancing with me
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§†ä╔    еÑæ
§†ä╔ еÑæ But don’t stop listening to Inner Universe! REPEAT!! Continue listening to Inner Universe!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovHnkKvYZ74 IN THE NAME OF §†ä╔ еÑæ !!!!
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West Lake Half Moon 🌒
Christened my new pipe I made at The Lake CHAOS JUSTICE LOVE FLY FIGHT LIVE MY Pipe There's a lot of thoughts and emotions that swirl through my consciousness while I'm out there But those are a lot harder to capture Especially with a Smart Phone... That's why I Journal. Good Night!
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Dancing Up Towards the Light
All You See is Blue.
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Step 1: Harvest
How to make a smoking pipe out of bamboo. Step One of Six - Harvest Smoking out of bamboo is a natural way to enjoy your whatever, and offers a nice sweet tinge as well due to the natural sugars in the stalk. I learned how to make these pipes on the road, so here's a series of videos showing how I do it! Enjoy smoking outta Bamboo!
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Restarting My Fire
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That Time I Saved up for a Motorcycle to Ride Home for Christmas and Surprise a Lady I Love
NIGHT RIDER!!! I was going to Give Her the Motorcycle too. Too bad it randomly died in the middle of the night in the middle of Louisiana. I pushed it for miles, then tricked the devil by trading the vehicle for a bus ticket. 'Cause a Ticket Home is worth waaaay more than any Motorcycle (; I made it back on Christmas Eve, walked from the train station to her doorstep, and she was Home. And don't worry I Gave Her something much much better than a Motorcycle (A 46 page Epic Love Poem) *bow*
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Tranquil Hike
I made it through the Fall N' Tree area towards the top of the ridge where I found many intersecting short trails which I believe to have been created by the denizens of the Mountain Elk and Bears and the like A much easier and more relaxed and pleasurable hike I suddenly got the idea to share the moment! I usually don't listen to music as I hike as I prefer to bask in the Serenity of The Wilderness But I didn't think that would come through in the video so I played some of my most favorite Chill music ever Black Creek is Just South of Me The Sun being High in The Sky I used my compass to determine West And paid attention to the shadows so I didn't have to constantly check my compass I knew the summit was West and I knew it was Up And with the Sound of Black Creek within earshot I could not get Lost A Walk Ascension ~By Tycho
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Fiddlin' in Four Corners!
I was super excited for Four Corners because, aside of the fact I've Just always wanted to see it, there was a special Navajo Food Stand I felt it very important to eat from. I'm in Save-Every-Dollar mode though to get home for Christmas, so I wouldn't let myself buy any food. Luckily, my Fiddlin' ain't so bad no more. Took me 'bout an hour, but eventually a man bought me a special Navajo Taco! And it Was Very Special. All that Fiddlin' really put me in the mood though, and that's when I got the idea to Fiddle in Four States at once! I messed up a bit when I was walkin' around, but then I pull it back together (;
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Last Climb Part I
The darkest night These hopeless days Still we are waiting To touch the source As all life prays Hope keeps on fading As dawn draws near Ignite in me Fire consuming They try to break The light we bring But still we are moving on Fate Killing our time Spending our lives Fighting alone Faith Filling our souls Willing us fight You're not alone Deep in silence Darkness blinds us Will you break these Chains that bind us You're not alone
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Into the Wilderness on a Sky Blue Day
Flying down the Steep Windy Hill from The Lion's Den Both these songs mean a lot to me For years they've been helping me Find Hope in this World we Live in That is far too often far too oppressively Dark Into the Wilderness ~By Michiko Naruke (Wild Arms) and 空色デイズ (Sky Blue Days) ~By Shoko Nakagawa (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
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The Healing Peace Bong
This is a special piece I made for a special Lady named Kymm! This video is for Kymm too! But if anyone else watches it it's a good explanation of my art.
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Step 3: Smoothing
How to make a smoking pipe out of Bamboo Step 3 - Smooth any abrasive edge using a blade (whittle) Remember! Don't split the Bamboo! Then you'll Just have to make chop sticks
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A Warrior comes to Warm Up with me
While others had retreated he had charged Alone he stepped forward Engagement He's a Warrior.
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Just Scaling Up Some Rocks... In The Mountains!!
There's a swath of small rocks that are very loose to the right Climbing up them is difficult as they'll roll over each other and one can slide downward Trying to avoid that treacherous swath I come upon a near vertical incline There are a few different paths one can take to the top of this Peak But it seems that for a few vertical climbs are necessary There appears to be plenty of handholds to scale here and not wanting to backtrack even a bit... I get to climbing.
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Space Lion
Child: "A star just fell from the sky." Laughing Bull: "That is not an ordinary star, my son. That star is the tear of a warrior." Child: "What warrior is it?" Laughing Bull: "A lost soul who has finished his battles somewhere on this planet. A pitiful soul who could not find his way to the lofty realm where the great spirit awaits us all." Except I'm Still Fighting I'm Still Climbing For All of You Space Lion ~By Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts
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African-Jazz Fusion on the Streets of New Orleans
An awesome performance. I Love when people are doing new stuff! This guy went to Africa and learned this instrument and their music Then combined what he learned with what he grew up with 'round the states! Pretty Amazing I tipped him an Atari Game :D
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Howls of The Wolves
At Mission: Wolf 🐺 aka The Wolf Village Every Dawn and every Dusk the Wolves would begin to Howl One would begin and every other would join in this haunting symphony. There is a Deep Communication within The Howl They would All Stop at somehow the Exact Same Time A splendid way to wake up.
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Rescuing Onions
For some crazy reason I can't understand, people throw away perfectly good food all the time. I got my hands on these moldy onions that would have been left to rot... But not on My Watch! I rescued like a pound of them and later carmelized them. Healthy and delicious, carmelized onions go on everything! I had a bunch and shared them with my friends. To think, they were going to go to waste.
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I Give This Song to You
I've Always Loved this Song I've Been Singing it for Years It's Always Fired Me Up! Years ago It would fill with with a sense of Longing A Sort of Regret This Beautiful Song I'd Never Live. Forgive Me for My Passion My Dear It's how I Push Myself so Hard Where Do You Think it comes from? I admit there are several sources... From DBZ to DDR to RPGs to YOU Born to Run ~By The Boss
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May The Road Rise Up to Meet Your Feet
If we're all extending our hands in friendship and Love to everyone we meet If we all see each other as One People One United Human Family All sharing this same planet together If we all understand that we all have the same Needs Food-Shelter-Love If we commit ourselves to Caring for and Respecting everyone we meet and building positive relationships Well, that's all some direction towards some kind of Enlightenment And therein lies a lot of Hope For Me at least
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Expressing Myself Helps My Ego Stay Alive and Healthy and My Heart Stay Awake and Warm
My Expression on the stage was unfortunately cut off I finished the song Talked about the experience that inspired me to write that And the experience just after After she left Climbing the Hill And meeting with her. I also talked about the 3 meteorites I found And who I wanted to give them too. But anyways, here's what I did capture, on my way home for Christmas on Night Rider, when the clutch cable snapped in Galveston.
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I Will Be Here
If I Write it Here I'm Declaring it to The World Hold Me To It I Won't Let You Down And That Is the Basis of My very Self This is What it means to Me To Have a LionHeart That's What I Wanted That's What I Was Given That's Who I Am and What I'll Be So OF COURSE I WILL Be Here For All of You I Will Be Here ~By DJ Tiësto
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Stormy Night Ride
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Pina Colada Risotto - Part 1
Cooking Pina Colada Risotto! In this video We have already sautéed the diced onions for a couple minutes, then added sliced plantain and the Arborio Rice! We also add some more oil to help the rice not burn. You can see the rice browning Which takes about 2-3 minutes of constant stirring When it is sufficiently browned We add our Secondary Liquid Coconut Rum! The Arborio Rice will drink it up quickly So be ready with your Primary Liquid Coconut Water (: Pour it in when all the liquid has been absorbed
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Band Playing in New Orleans Street for Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras is pretty amazing 😉 I was in the City on my own Mission and got to see a bit of it. The City really comes Alive! All sorts of stuff Everywhere Adventure and interactions to be had. Definitely See it in your Lifetime But when you go Remember to Give and Interact with Folk and The World there. That's the fun of it And the Amazing part about it! I tipped these musicians an Atari game cartridge that I'd found. Woot!
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Last Dance of the Evening
I don't usually go so low Hurt my knee here lol At least those dudes from before come back Guy off-shot to the left started humping the floor so I had to match his... Style. He was pretty good too GG!
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House of the Rising Sun
Thanks Mark and Rebel (and Blaze!) for helping me out!
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Starting Up Wolf Creek Pass
The Nights are getting Frigid The Leaves are starting to change It's a little less vibrant than New England There are way more coniferous trees along the slopes of the Mountains But those slopes are Beautiful anyways So with the strokes of Yellow and Spots of Orange Riding Here is Breathtaking Changing Seasons ~By Seawolf
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☆ §†ä╔ ☆ ₧εŇ ツ
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Mixed some Boxing into my Dancing and frightened a bunch of Ladies behind me Oops lol
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Retreat from the Mountain - Ya Never Know
As I ascended up towards Star Peak it was as if the season was fast-forwarding into Winter. When I finally arrived at the tree line the snow was knee deep. This obviously made it difficult to move, but what I hadn't thought about was the rock walls. Difficult climbs and scrambles were now completely impassable walls of white slippery death. Still, not ever ever EVER wanting to give up, I tried to climb the slope, imaging the beauty and glory of Star Peak above... But being unable to see the buried rocks below the snow I could only step blindly; every other step was a slip. The Winds were bitter blowing against me, and the foot of snow now had to be crawled through, which quickly took all the heat from my hands. It's take me hours to get to the top, and I knew if I was up here in the dark, exhausted... I'd be a goner. Another step. Another step. Up. Forward. Up! Then I slid off a rock and fell on my side into the soft cold snow. I picked myself up and looked around at the Majestic frozen Wilderness, blizzard showing no signs of abating at all, then up the snowbound slope, unsure where I or my target peak was... And decided there are better things to risk one's life for. And Hoped that all this, ALL THIS, would be enough. And turned around. Ya Never Know ~By Terraplane Sun This one's for you Ben!
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I'm Going Over There!
I'm still learning this thing haha! Mistakes Abound But Still Now that I've revealed what's in that mysterious case haha I Wanted to Share this moment too Just fiddlin' Staring at the Snow Capped Mountains in the Distance Mountains I intended to Climb.
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Last Climb Part II
You're Not Alone You're Not Alone You're Not Alone.
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Hiking Down Black Creek
Whoever is taking the Time to Read All This and Listen Thank You I'm Striving Here and Doing My Best There are a lot of emotions every day and I don't know if they all entirely come across with my expression here In Fact I Know they don't But I'm trying to Capture and Express My Experience as Honestly, as Genuinely, and as Fully as I can I Hope You See That. bicycles ~By MVDE
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Pina Colada Risotto - Part 2
Cooking Pina Colada Risotto!! In this video we add in the fresh cut pineapple and submerge the soon-to-be risotto for a second time in coconut water. Remember to constantly stir the Risotto, making sure to scrape the bottom so as to prevent any rice from burning. I like to use wooden utensils to stir for this reason. We don't have to worry about plastic melting into our food. You want to keep the Risotto submerged and cooking until it is finished. This usually takes 2-3 complete pours of the Main Liquid. You can tell when the Arborio Rice is finished cooking by taking small test bites. When the rice has reached the desired consistency (which is up to you, but I prefer it a bit softer than Al dente) then it is time for the finishing touches (we stirred in coconut flakes!) and the Risotto is finished!!!
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Lunch at the Hidden Waterfall
This isn't along any path One must hike up the Cottonwood Creek Trail about two miles to a stream flowing over the trail from the left/NorthEast. Follow that Creek to this Hidden Falls. I believe I had a Sunflower Seed Butter and Jelly on special Queen's Khorasan Bread (:
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Almost to Austin
I try to avoid riding on the Interstate/Highway It's dangerous and not a fun or nice ride at all. (Most states it's illegal to as well). But this route just sort of became one and there's no other way forward so just gotta get through it. Earlier in the day I was riding through a state park and that was awesome and beautiful so this video is sorta the Yang to that Yin.
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I Can't Make You Love Me
Crestone was the Town I'd always been searching for I felt like I belonged there In ways that I Never had felt before Not back Home Not anywhere along my travels Even in places I Consider Heaven But whether Here or There Doesn't Matter 'Cause being there without You Not being able to Share Discoveries and Joy and Moments and Struggles and Dreams and Hopes and Tears with people that Mean something to Me Something is Missing from my Life But I Guess there's Nothing I can Do No Matter The Mountain I Climb or the Challenge I Face I Can't Make You Do Anything But You Know I Wouldn't Ever Want to Thank You to The Sun for This Song I Can't Make You Love Me ~By Bon Iver
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Enjoy The Moment
Raver Girl Wisdom
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