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Dave Strenski New Energy for Detroit
Dave Strenski searches for ways to make his small Michigan town, Ypsilanti, the world's solar power destination. from Searchstories http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK7lUK0711E
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1st-of-Its-Kind Community Solar Project
Community solar programs and projects of various sorts are hugely loved here on CleanTechnica, but a new community solar program in California is a little bit different than anything I've seen before (and it might be completely unique). It's essentially crowdfunding the investment dollars for solar projects on community centers. (Think "Kickstarter for solar power on community centers.") Solar finance company Solar Mosaic and Oakland's Ella Baker Center for Human Rights are the ones behind it. Pluses: low-income communities can get cheaper electricity, more green jobs are created, and we cut greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollution. Minuses: ...? Source: Clean Technica (http://s.tt/13JgR)
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Ten years of Toshiba, so sweet
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Shenzhen Trump Lighting Technology Co., Ltd
http://www.trump-led.com/ Shenzhen Trump Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech green illumination enterprise, focuses on LED lighting and LED technic researching, manufacturing, marketing, technical support and service. It supplying the good service and advanced products for the customers of all around the world. Our company located in Longgang district of Shenzhen city, China. We have a more than 3200M2 new decotative plant, with new SMT Machine, Reflow Soldering Machine, Wave Soldering Machine, Auto-insertion rubber machine, Production line, Integrating sphere system including colour temperature, Lux, spectrum analysis and so on researching equipments and machines. Our featured products are: Flexible LED Strip series; LED Bulb series; LED Panel Light series; LED Spotlights series and so on.
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Nano-electric Power Generation's future
Insightful video featuring in depth explanation of the future of nano-electric power generation.
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Haining gears up for world´s largest tidal bore
Roaring tides along the Qiantang River in east China's Zhejiang Province are gaining momentum, as the gravitational pull of the moon is strengthening before the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. Haining local authorities have taken measures to ensure tourists safety, as tens of thousands of tourists are to flock into the city to watch the world's largest tidal bore. Our reporter Yin Hang reports from Yanguan town.
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CNPC's oil "silk road" to Kazakhstan
China National Petroleum Corporation, also know as PetroChina, is under the spotlight as we bring you the story of it connecting a new "silk road" of oil. The state-owned energy provider headed west to Kazakhstan and entered a joint venture called CNPC-International Aktobe Petroleum in 1997. But the company faced a series of tough challenges.
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Brazil's made from sugar cane waste
Biofuel made from sugar cane waste in Brazil could revolutionize the global energy industry.
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Concerns over China-US solar dispute
Let's get to an update now on the trade dispute over Chinese solar panels. The industry here has expressed its concern over a possible decision from the US Department of Commerce next year to impose both countervailing and anti-dumping duties on solar panels and modules imported from China. But it's not just Chinese firms that are concerned, US solar manufacturers are calling for competition, not protectionism.
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China to adopt energy saving led lights
As one of the biggest manufacturers and consumers of incandescent lights, China has laid out a road map to gradually phase out the energy wasting lights in five years. Plans are already underway to switch to more energy-saving LED lights, to both offset energy costs while protecting the environment.
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XTAR LED Flashlights
XTAR LED Flashlight's main business is the production and sales of a variety of LED flashlights and battery charges. The TZ series are mainly used for military purposes, hunting, etc. The D series are XTAR's diving flashlights, which can be used for scubadiving, spearfishing, underwater photography, etc. The S1 series are an incredibly powerful series of flashlights, suited to search and rescue type scenarios. XTAR also produces a range of flashlights suitable for cycling.
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Sonar technology reveals mysteries of underwater city
CCTV is about to undertake an unprecedented campaign of underwater live broadcasting at the Lion City below Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang province. Founded thousands of years ago, the city was flooded in the 1950s to make way for the construction of a hydro plant.
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XTAR,Succeed in Cracking Down the Counterfeit,Clean the Market
Hong Kong XTAR Co., Ltd is a company based in Shenzhen China which focuses on the research, production and sales of battery chargers and flashlights. In the afternoon of January 11st, 2013, LuoGang police station discovered XX company and captured the suspects with XTAR's cooperation. The 3700 pieces of fake XTAR salable chargers were found on the scene, and the market value is more than ¥500000 RMB. Some products of other Brands were also discovered. For a long time, this company has been always counterfeiting XTAR products and selling in foreign market at a price lower than XTAR's MSRP. After obtaining enough evidence, XTAR reported this kind of illegal sales to the local police in the first time. The local police paid high attention to the information, seized the XX company and captured the suspects immediately.
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Denmark leads as wind energy pioneer
There are five thousand wind turbines on and off- shore in Denmark. wind energy situation in denmark
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China eyes Africa for Photovoltaic industry expansion
Photovoltaics, or PV for short, is a method of converting solar energy into electricity. China's industry has been suffering since late last year due to anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations by the US and European countries. So the country is looking to Africa for growth and cooperation.
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2011 Nobel Prize Dark Energy feat. Sean Carroll
from minutephysicshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6o2bUPdxV0
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Glsun , a fiber optic components company in China
About Us http://www.glsun.com/ GLsun Science And Tech Co., Ltd, founded in 2001, as a national high-tech corporation, specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of optical passive components, fiber test instruments and Optical protection equipment. GLsun also provides technical services for fiber-network project. With the superexcellent location and climate, the favorable R&D base and strong human resource, GLsun gets quick and strong development. With the registered capital of $2,500,000, floor area of 10000㎡ and building area of 6000㎡, Glsun S&T zone was established in 2006 in the Guilin national high-tech industry park. Up to now, Glsun has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen,Wuhan, Chengdu and Beijing. After more than 11 years efforts, GLsun has supplied hundreds of thousand high quality fiber optic components for domestic and overseas applications. Meanwhile, GLsun has acquired national patents in optical switch and optical test instrument, ISO-9001 and RoHS compliant. GLsun promises to abide by the scientific innovation, high quality and be honesty principle to pursue the quality.
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QC Solar of China
Published on Jul 4, 2012 Quality connects the world - QC Solar is one professional enterprise which is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of solar PV electronic devices, junction boxes, sockets and connectors. QC Solar have 2 factories in China which are located in Suzhou city and Huai'an city. QC Solar has earned the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and its products have been both approved by TUV and UL. Our company has been rated as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Jiangsu R&D Center of Solar PV System ", "PV Application System Engineering Technology Research Center of Suzhou City" and "Enterprise Technology Center of Suzhou City" by the Government. QC Solar company has earned 54 patent intellectual property rights and taken on the Technology Research and Development Issue of Renewable Energy from National Development and Reform Committee/World Bank. QC Solar is the pioneer in the innovative design of high-end Solar PV connection controller in China.
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World's oldest female mountaineer shows how high one can climb
Mountaineering has become a popular activity for many. But it's still hard to imagine a senior citizen taking on this strenuous activity.
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Nigerians strike over soaring fuel price
Hundreds of Nigerians took the streets on Monday, launching a nationwide strike to protest against the axing of a popular fuel subsidy. Fears are high that this could bring parts of the country to a standstill.
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Chinese navy forces carry out anti-pirate exercise
December 26 marks the 3rd anniversary of escort missions by the Chinese navy along the Gulf of Aden and Somalia seas. On Sunday, the tenth escort team has carried out anti-pirate exercises, while on their 404th mission.
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Resource-saving capsule hotel Kyoto Japan
Japanese ingenuity alive and well in developing this minimalistic capsule hotel. If only us Westerners could do away with some of the unnecessary mod-cons we expect when in hotels.
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Low carbon life on a bike
Once the main local mode of transport for many Chinese - bicycles have long since been replaced by motor vehicles. But as the country moves towards a greener way of living, bikes are making a comeback.
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US preliminary ruling on China solar panel dispute
The US International Trade Commission has voted in favor of continuing its investigation into China's solar panel industry. This preliminary finding means they will continue with their probe, but how are Chinese solar panel manufacturers responding?
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Ugandans produce eco-friendly car
The Kiira EV Ugunda's first environmentally friendly car. From the brain on Professor Steven Tikocdri, the car was recently showcased at a university. The car's battery has a capacity of 80 kilometers travel. source: http://www.ntvuganda.co.ug/
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Transforming waste to usable products
A US company says it's found a way to make money off the recession. Re-purposed Materials specializes in devising ways to transform waste from one industry into usable products for another industry.
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Australia Waves Goodbye to Dirty Power
Australia's new carbon tax has encouraged a wave of new initiatives to find clean, cost efficient energy. Bloomberg's Paul Allen visits one company trying to harness wave power
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India to export rare earth to Japan
India has agreed to export rare earths to Japan. Indian Prime Minister Mamohan Singh is expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Japanese officials during his visit next week.
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Prison using Solar energy
The Wabash Valley Correctional Facility is using solar energy to power their water tanks, with plans to expand their programs. Great initiative at minimizing the cost of running such facilities. Let's hope to see prisons the world over start to introduce similar programs.
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Foreign Companies Invest in Myanmar
Foreign Companies Invest in Myanmar
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How politics affects non-profit enviro careers
Andrew Hutson on How Politics Impact Non-Profit Environmental Careers
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E. Africa oil exploration delayed by rig shortage
A worldwide rig shortage is delaying oil drilling in east Africa, which is slowing growth and pushing up costs in one of the industry's hottest new exploration areas, industry players and officials said.
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China now world´s largest energy producer: white paper
The State Council, or China's cabinet, issued a white paper on China's energy policy on Wednesday. The paper points out that China is currently self-supplying 90 percent of the country's energy consumption, making it the world's largest energy producer country.
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Diving With a Blue Light
Diving With a Blue Light
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Chinese solar-energy industry opposes US protectionism
China-based solar-panel manufacturers have held a press conference regarding the ongoing anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation launched by the United States. Leading Chinese solar panel makers held a joint press conference in Beijing Tuesday, together with China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, or CCCME.
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China Myanmar oil and gas pipelines to lower energy costs
China Myanmar oil and gas pipelines to lower energy costs
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Australian PM Julia Gillard on passing of Carbon Tax bill
Press conference with Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, detailing the specifics of the Carbon Tax bill recently passed in that country.
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China airlines refuse to pay EU carbon tax
China airlines will refuse to pay any charges under the European Union's new carbon trading scheme. But other Asia Pacific carriers, which are already battling a weak travel market, are likely to pass on the extra cost to passengers.
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EU Imposes duty on Chinese Solar Panels
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All US troops leave Iraq by end of 2011
The US military have been withdrawing its troops from Iraq. US President Barack Obama announced in October that the government will withdraw all troops from the country by the end of 2011, following an agreement made with Prime Minister Mouri al-Maliki. But the departure of US soldiers does not necessarily mean the war is over.
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Wish you a happy journey
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China begins journey to South Pole
A Chinese research group has arrived at the Antarctic to start the 29th scientific expedition, with the goal of establishing China's fourth base in the region.
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Iran warns stop oil flow
Iran's first vice-president warned on Tuesday that it will stop crude oil flowing through the Strait of Hor-muz if oil sanctions are imposed.
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Making Plastic from Poop
Landfills aren't the only place innovators are turning waste into green products. Sewage treatment plants could be a gold mine in the quest to replace the millions of barrels of petroleum used every year to make plastic for packaging. Sourced @ http://vimeo.com/energynow
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fly over water by water power
fly over water by water power
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China's Efforts on Green Development
China has worked on energy saving and emission reduction by adjusting its economic structure and development pattern. Let's take a look at the country's efforts to pursue APEC's primary goal of "supporting sustainable economic growth and prosperity, for the peoples' common interests in the Asia-Pacific region".
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