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Charlene Compilation One
Presenting the first compilation of Charlene, the hot mess friend created by Ava Ryan. As seen on Katie Ryan's social media channels.
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Bossy Boss Lady Compilation
A compilation of Ava's second favorite character, Bossy Boss Lady. Join her while she hates everything about work.
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Katie Ryan - Vine Compilation! New 2015
A compilation of some of our favorite Vines from our Vine channel! Find us on Vine, Vine.co/katieryan
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Ava's mission to find Kate
Ava has been a Kate McKinnon fan forever. And we all know Charlene loves her some goats. After seeing Kate McKinnon star as “Lupe” the goat in #Ferdinand, she's become an even bigger fan. So naturally she decided to head to the big apple to find Kate. You won’t believe what happens next! #sponsored
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For years Ava has been asking us for a puppy. She would pretend the stuffed animal dogs she owned were real, even leaving out food and water bowls for them and dragging them around the neighborhood on a leash for "walks." She even got so frustrated with her dad that she wanted people to tweet at him, telling him to get Ava a dog. Daniel is allergic so I thought we would never be dog owners, but we finally found a breed that he's okay with. We found a puppy, set a date to pick her up, and somehow managed to keep it from Ava for an entire month. We told her that her dad was going to the furniture store and found her something really awesome (which she assumed was a doll house). Here's Ava meeting Little Vivie the labradoodle for the first time.
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Follow Jimmy Jimson and Jimmy Bruno on their first recorded ghost hunting adventure! In this episode they help out a young man worried that the ghost of a bowler is stealing all of his beer. You will never believe what they find!
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GYM TIPS!!!!! With Ava
Happy Thanksgiving! Here's some workout motivation for tomorrow. This was Ava's first time on the treadmill. She's been wanting to go on it forever, and I finally relented. She wanted to pretend she was at the gym, and she was acting like she thinks people at the gym act. So we decided to make some "Gym Tips" because gyms would be way more exciting if everyone acted like this. All the time. Come back every Thursday for a new video! :)
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Bossy Boss Lady on the office during the holidays
Bossy Boss Lady explains her work environment during the holidays
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Old interview with Ava
Old video I took of Ava when she was a little babe ;)
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Charlene's views on October and Halloween
What Charlene thinks of October and Halloween
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Bossy Boss Lady on November
Bossy Boss Lady shares her views on November, Thanksgiving, and a frustrating phone call with her son.
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NEW Best Vines of 2014 | FUNNIEST Katie Ryan Vine Compilation
A compilation of some of our Vines! Follow us on Vine - vine.co/KatieRyan
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Trying 2 make a family vlog
Guys!! I bought a selfie stick. So in this video...Ava tries to teach me how to vlog (I didn't know "hey fam" was a thing), and we discuss important things like marriage, goths and our favorite month, Halloween! Thanks for watching as always.
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Bossy Boss Lady on how to be a better person
Carol thinks Bossy Boss Lady needs to work on herself.
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Happy Birthday Vivvy!!
Sorry for the late post this week. It's Vivvy's first birthday and we are so excited! Ava and I attempt to make a birthday cake for her. Daniel does too. Who's cake will win? Also the three of us have a little party, just us, to celebrate our girl
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Charlene's Advice on Online Etiquette
Charlene describes the Internet
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Some old snaps and video I found
Just realized we have a bunch of old videos on the computer. Here are a few of our favorite ones. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did! It's crazy how fast time flies... It feels like these videos were taken yesterday!
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Trying 2 make a Fam Vlog # 2
Just a silly little vlog of us (and Ava's cousin Isabella!) going to grandma and grandpas for dinner. Thank you so much for watching our videos!
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Katie Ryan Vine Compilation One - Early 2014 Vines
Here are some of our earliest vines! This is the first of many vine compilations we will be posting to our channel. These are videos from when Ava was three and four.
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Ava and Stacee - Katie Ryan
Did you know Ava actually has an older sister named Stacee? This video, filmed over the past year, shows the special relationship that exists between the two girls.
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Up North Vacation Video - Katie Ryan
This summer we went up north to enjoy the beaches, explore the wilderness and just have a generally awesome time. Throughout the vacation I captured some hilarious Ava and family moments (ghost hunts! Monopoly! Random strangers named Bobby!) and edited them together to create a video we can always look back on and laugh. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
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Bossy Boss Lady's feelings on October
Bossy Boss Lady discusses the month of October at the office
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Dog Training Tips!!!!!!! With Katie & Ava
After the initial surprise wore off, we started to realize that having a puppy is hard work! From potty training to keeping Vivvy from chewing our shoes, we've had to devise methods to help her understand what she can and can't do. Join us on this crazy journey of puppy training! And maybe you'll find some helpful tips! ALSO come back every Thursday for a new video!!!
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January Vlog and Ava's room tour
Hi guys! It's been a minute since we've posted a vlog. This is just random moments from the last week while we were dealing with colds ... and Ava giving a tour of her room!
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Ghost Hunting with the Jimmys! Episode One: "Three years later"
The Jimmy's are back! After three years of not talking to one another, they are back to solve their craziest case to date. This is episode one in a series of new Jimmy videos!
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Just going to our favorite place in the world to hang out and shop.
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Ghost Hunting with the Jimmys Part II - Katie Ryan
Join Jimmy Bruno and Jimmy Jimsen on their second ghost hunting adventure. This time they are helping out a man who is convinced that the ghost of his cat is haunting him! Wait until the end to see the crazy evidence that Jimmy and Jimmy find!
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Old Vines! Part One
Some of our older vines that are no longer on our page! The first of four throwbacks. Hope you enjoy.
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Meet Bruno and Timmy, two long-haired bros who meet at a bar weekly. One week, they wonder what life will be like when they're grandpas.. They soon realize that Bruno will grow up to be an old man with a vast amount of unchecked rage and confusion, while Timmy still desperately clings to the fringe of youth. Join them as they discover what the future has in store! More videos from these two oldies soon.
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All Katie Ryan Vines - updated 2017
Every Katie Ryan Vine
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Europe Vlog
HELLO YOUTUBE FRIENDS! Please forgive us for being MIA, we have missed YouTube so much! We went to Europe in November, and it was amazing. So of course I made sure to vlog some of it. Here's our random European vacation vlog!
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California Vacation - Katie Ryan
Random snippets of our California vacation. Including Disneyland and just hanging around the beach. Super silly, fun and genuinely amazing times were had by all.
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Grandma reads her holiday cards!
#ad Don’t forget to send your Grandma and all your loved ones a holiday card this season with USPS! Who doesn’t love reading warm and heartfelt messages by the fireplace? Go pick up some holiday stamps for your own cards at usps.com/katie! #USPS #DeliveringtheHolidays
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Katherine's Vacation Plans
Katherine (Ava's newest character) knows where kids want to spend their summer, do you?
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Vivvy the Labradoodle Puppy meets Stella the Pug!!
Ava's puppy Vivvy meets Stella!! Stella is Ava's Grandparent's dog and has been Ava's buddy since she was a baby. Stella was in many of our vines and videos, and we were excited to introduce the two girls. Here they are, meeting for the first time.
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Katie Ryan - Putting Together The Halloween Hallway
We decided this year to document the process of putting up our annual Halloween Hallway. It's a tradition, every September we transform a boring hallway into a super fun, silly and spooky place!
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Ava decided to write a song tonight. I think it's pretty good!? PS we have missed you SO MUCH Youtube!!!! Coming back with more vids
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I Smell Like Beef Original Extended Version #beefbaby - Katie Ryan
I Smell Like Beef Original Video. This is the original version of the #beefbaby video featured on Tosh.0. Isn't Ava is the best!? You can find us on Vine by searching Katie.Ryan.
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Ava and I trying to taste all the disgusting flavors in the BeanBoozled Jelly Bean Challenge. Ava has been wanting to try this FOREVER. We decided to buy the Jelly Belly BeanBoozled game and try all of the flavors to see which one is the worst. Our first youtube challenge - and it was tough to get through. Truly grateful, thankful & #blessed we were allowed a spit cup.
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Ava Describes A Perfect Date - Katie Ryan
Ava is four, and she describes what her perfect date would consist of.
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Makeup Tutorial with Ava
Have a hot date coming up? Job interview? Classy dinner party? Ava is here to show you a really great look (as modeled by me, the mom). Hope you find these tips useful for future fancy outings. I sure did! Cold Funk - Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100499 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Playing with the Mask App - Katie Ryan
Ava and I decide to have some fun with a new app. Can you blame us? This is pretty fun stuff!
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Seafood - Katie Ryan
Ava talks about seafood, and somehow Spongebob factors in to the mix
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Trying the LifePrint blue tooth printer!
Thanks for our friends at LifePrint for sponsoring this video! #ad Ava loves looking through my old pictures, and she's always asking why we don't have many actual pictures. I always tell her that it's just so much easier to store pictures in my phone or online. Luckily, we found LifePrint which connects to my phone via bluetooth and prints out my pictures in seconds. There's even a special feature that allows you to bring your videos using the app! We are having a lot of fun with this - it makes a great gift. Use our promo link to get a free printer paper pack and shipping! Link: http://bit.ly/2AHTZhL
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Freakin Bats and Halloween
Is it too soon?
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What people do at work...
We are going to be posting some of our older vines on here from time to time!! Here's one of our favorites Vine created on February 10, 2016. https://vine.co/v/inuTrLVHVMZ
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Doctor Ava - Katie Ryan
Ava takes care of her dad when he's sick.
Views: 38107 Katie Ryan

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