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R. Kelly | Ignition | Drum Cover
**NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED** This song hit me right in the childhood so I thought I'd have a little go at jamming to it. Usually I would just do straight up covers, but I really wanted to do a song where I had room to improvise, rather than being pinned down playing set parts. I set up some microphones, got the old GoPro out and called my buddy, James (Grey Wolf Media), to come and do some shooting. I set up my Gretsch Catalina Ash for this cover and tuned the toms really high so they come through really clear when doing various runs up and down. I'm really enjoying playing along to tracks I wouldn't normally listen to, let alone jam out to, but genres such as; Hip Hop, Deep House, Funk and R&B just work really nice with this kit set up and everything cranked up super high.
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Lower Than Atlantis | Normally Strange | Changing Tune Live Sessions
Again this video isn't mine, Don't cry blah blah blah, Fucking epic shit right here.
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Changing Seasons | Dodge
Free Download https://soundcloud.com/caffeinebassist/changing-seasons-dodge-single Enjoy the brand new single "Dodge" from the band Changing Seasons! The guys spent the end of 2013 recording this track for you guys to listen too. Phil Panton was the guy who produced it and did a fantastic job. Our good friend Chloe did a fantastic job on the artwork and our friend James of Grey Wolf Media did all of the media you see before you. Downloads and links are available down below. Enjoy and cheers guys! Phil Panton - Brook Lodge studios: https://www.facebook.com/BrookLodgeStudios?fref=ts Chloe-Sue Mango Art: https://www.facebook.com/ChloeSueMangoArt?fref=ts Grey Wolf Media: https://www.facebook.com/greywolfmediaproductions?fref=ts
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Thirty Seconds To Mars | Alibi | Drum Cover
A little hitty thing I did. The soft crashes were recorded separately which is why they aren't in the video. Sampled drums for the last section. Bangin' song, with quite a dynamic range for drums, which is why I chose it.
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Thrice | In Exile | Drum Cover
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! This was taken when I did my first little test with the new Tascam US 1800 interface, so these are all legit drums that you hear.
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Lower Than Atlantis - Another Sad Song | Drum Cover
My first cover, so i thought i would choose an epic song ;) It goes out of sync from time to time due to failed editing and shitty drumming :P
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Moving Mountains | The Cascade | Drum Cover
***DON'T KILL ME YOUTUBE*** This song sounds huge, like your mum. Real Drums.
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Karnivool | Aeons | Drum Cover
***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** Band: Karnivool Song: Aeons Album: Asymmetry This song sounds a hell of a lot easier to play than it actually is. I had to cut it a bit short because my stick decided it didn't want to be alive any more and bailed on me, right before the end of my session. There are plenty of little mistakes in there but just take it on the chin and thank Judd for being a tank. This does contain live drums. Actual, legit, live drums. (I know right, it's mad.)
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Changing Seasons | Jonny Returns! VLOG
We go to pick up Chris' latest investment and document the highlights of our lives at that very particular moment in time. Also, Jonny makes a cameo appearance to prove that he still exists. CHANGING SEASONS FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/changingseasonsuk
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Changing Seasons - Is This Made Of Oak?
Track 4 from the E.P. and this one is the most happy track from the E.P. Lyrically, it deals about why Pop Punk is so hypocritical... But its a really happy song... Somehow? Download The Full E.P for FREE! - https://soundcloud.com/caffeinebassist/sets/progressions-e-p
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Thrice | Blur | Band Cover
DISCLAIMER: This is not our music, this is but a cover/interpretation of the original artists work. Links: Changing Seasons: https://www.facebook.com/ChangingSeasonsUK Chris Guyatt (Session Bassist): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Guyatt-Session-Bassist/169981919739150?fref=ts Grey Wolf Media: https://www.facebook.com/greywolfmediaproductions
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Changing Seasons | NOT SO VLOG, VLOG
We swiftly travelled to our secret place of happy snaps to take pictures of our faces.
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PVRIS | St. Patrick | Drum Cover
***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** Audio produced by Chris Guyatt Camera tekkers courtesy of James Free Sloppy drums played by yours truly Recorded at Highfield Studio
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Changing Seasons | Blur Cover VLOG
We headed off to Highfields Studio with Grey Wolf Media for some shooting and this crafty little update captures those splendid little moments all in glorious iPhone quality. Changing Seasons Page: https://www.facebook.com/ChangingSeasonsUK Grey Wolf Media Page: https://www.facebook.com/greywolfmediaproductions
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Drum Mic Testing | Shure SM57 | Shure PG56
TWAT ME HERE @FaceFullOfSam This is just a little tester for our new drum mics which are: Shure SM57 (Snare) Shure PG56 (Rack/Floor Tom), there are also 2 Condenser mics on each side of the kit and a kick drum mic mounted inside the kick drum. This was recorded on 'Audacity' and only has a small amount of EQ from the mixer itself. Enjoy :)
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Coldplay | Yellow | Drum Cover
I understand that some of you might not like it and will moan about how it sounds, and to that I say fuck off :) I just got a load of new stuff so I thought I'd give it a little test run. So I set up a small 2 piece kit, whacked some mics on it and Bob's your ballbag, here it is. Cheers!
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Here's a short live video taken of us debuting the title track from our upcoming EP, "Lack Of Colour". Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
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Changing Seasons | Studio Fun Times!
Hey guys. A small video explaining what we aim to do in the future and what not. We recently went up too Brook Lodge Studios located near braintree. We well had fun init. Look out for the new single coming out in the new year. Have fun. Cheers. Chris.
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An acoustic rendition of "Lack Of Colour" performed by Ravioli.
Grab your copy here! - https://changingseasonsband.bandcamp.com/
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Changing Seasons - Look In My Eye
The second track is called "Look In My Eye". Very big, very open sounding. Like the ocean, but not as wet... Download the full E.P for FREE! - https://soundcloud.com/caffeinebassist/sets/progressions-e-p
Changing Seasons - Lack Of Colour (Demo/Playthrough)
We have been pretty quiet over the last few months but we have still been hard at work writing material and organising many things for the not so distant future. FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/ChangingSeasonsUK CHRIS GUYATT SESSION BASSIST: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Guyatt-Session-Bassist/169981919739150?fref=ts
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Changing Seasons - Coffee Was A Bad Idea
Track 5 and this one is the "Heavy" song from the E.P. Drop C Motha Trucka! Download The Full E.P for FREE! - https://soundcloud.com/caffeinebassist/sets/progressions-e-p
Changing Seasons - Progressions
The third track off of the "Progressions" E.P. This track includes a rather odd time signature at the beginning of the track, however it is still a very solid and powerful song. Download The Full E.P for FREE! - https://soundcloud.com/caffeinebassist/sets/progressions-e-p
Changing Seasons - A (Intro)
The first track from the E.P. Progressions. We went for a very ambient vibe for the opening track. Download The Full E.P for FREE! - https://soundcloud.com/caffeinebassist/sets/progressions-e-p
Changing Seasons | Dodge (Drum Playthrough)
Download FREE: https://soundcloud.com/caffeinebassist/changing-seasons-dodge-single So here it is. The Drum Playthrough of Changing Seasons newest release "Dodge". Me and the rest of the guys spent the last few months getting this all planned and released for you guys to enjoy. So enjoy. Thank you to everyone involved with the single and its release. Links are all down below. Cheers guys! Changing Seasons: https://www.facebook.com/ChangingSeasonsUK Brook Lodge Studios: https://www.facebook.com/BrookLodgeStudios Chloe-Sue Mango Art: https://www.facebook.com/ChloeSueMangoArt Grey Wolf Media: https://www.facebook.com/greywolfmediaproductions
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Changing Seasons | Fresh Meat VLOG
We introduce Ollie, the new member of the band. We also have plenty of random moments that have nothing to do with anything.
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Changing Seasons - Z (Outro)
Track 6 and the last song from the E.P. Progressions. A mix betweens da electronic and de raw guitars. Mmmmm. Liony. Download The Full E.P for FREE! - https://soundcloud.com/caffeinebassist/sets/progressions-e-p

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