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Credit Check functionality in Oracle applications functional
This video describes how one can achieve credit check functionality in oracle applications. What are the mandatory setups for that and how to do that. This video has all answers of your questions pertaining credit check functionality in oracle apps. Subscribe the channel.
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Account Alias Transactions in Oracle Inventory Applications
This video will describe details of oracle inventory's Account alias issue & receipt transactions. What is Account aliases and how to setup them into oracle system. Once you setup into Oracle inventory it could be seen into Source field on Oracle Miscellaneous transaction windows. This video will also demonstrate that how to setup Transaction source for Account alias issue & receipt transactions. If you like the video, kindly like & share it.
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How to purge data in Oracle General Ledger module?
This is an ultimate solution to purge data from Oracle general ledger module. It has all the details from setup to whole process. This process can work across 11i, R12.1.3, R12.2.6. Review whole video to get an exact idea of purging process for General ledgers.
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Oracle iProcurement Content zones and shopping categories
This is indian oracle. You can reach me on [email protected] This video contains information on Oracle iProcurement module basics and key features. Along with that it is fully loaded with information of content zones which are essential in order to define stores as per business requirements and also shows shopping categories. How to setup it in Oracle iProcurement and what are the key things need to consider. You can always reach me on my email id ([email protected]) for any kind of help, assistance, guiadance or any kind of work related to oracle SCM modules.
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Induction of Indian Oracle
This is a debut of Indian Oracle channel. As I explained on video I am going to create YouTube videos on Oracle applications. Next video series would be regarding 'how to purge data from various module of Oracle'. Purging activity has its own advantages which can help us to increase the performance of system. Next very first video will be sharing info for GL module data purge. How it can be achieved and what are the advantages as well as risks for that. Stay tuned......
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