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New Features in C# 7.0
A quick overview of some of the new language features coming to C# 7.0. Get more details at blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2016/08/24/whats-new-in-csharp-7-0/
Visual Studio Python Tutorial 1/6: Setting up Visual Studio for Python Development
In this Connect(“Learn”); tutorial we’ll walk you through getting setup and going with our free Python Tools for Visual Studio, available to all customers, including those using our free Visual Studio Community edition. We’ll review the basics such as which combination of tools you’ll need, then walk you through the installation and environment configuration steps, including required dependencies such as Python itself. Don’t have Visual Studio? Get Community Edition for free: https://visualstudio.com/community Don’t have Visual Studio Tools for Python? Get them free: http://aka.ms/ptvs
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What's new in C# 6.0
C# 6 adds a lot of small but useful language features to remove boilerplate and clean up your code. This video takes you on a whirlwind tour through all the new language constructs.
Agile with Visual Studio Team Services
Whether you practice scrum or Kanban or just your own flavor of Agile, Team Services has the tools to help you run your Agile team. Organize your work items and bugs, link them to your code for full traceability, visualize it easily with the Kanban or task board, create a customizable dashboard and keep everyone on the same page. With Team Services, your project doesn’t just go faster, it goes farther. https://www.visualstudio.com/features/agiletools-vs?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=Video&utm_term=Agile&utm_campaign=VSTS_AgileVideo_FY16May
Visual Studio Team Services
Agile Tools. Git. Continuous Integration. Visual Studio Team Services gives your team everything they need to take your software from idea to release. Any language, any platform. Create your free account and level up your team: https://aka.ms/vstshero
Introducing Visual Studio Community 2015
Visual Studio Community 2015 is a free, fully-featured, and extensible IDE for creating modern applications for Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as web applications and cloud services. Download it today for free at: https://www.visualstudio.com/community
Getting Started with Visual Studio 2017 – Install and setup your new IDE
Installing Visual Studio 2017. How to install Visual Studio by learning about custom install options, configuring the theme and adding extensions. Download Visual Studio for free at https://www.visualstudio.com/community?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=getstarted
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Intel Labs collaborated with Dr. Stephen Hawking on .NET-based assistive technology solution
Dr. Stephen Hawking has ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and has relied on assistive technology. Researchers from Intel Labs collaborated with Hawking on a new solution called ACAT (Assistive Context Aware Toolkit) that makes it easier for him to communicate, and navigate the computer and the Internet. ACAT uses various Microsoft open development tools, including C#, Windows Forms, WPF, and .NET 4.5, and the project was recently open sourced on GitHub so that developers and those with disabilities could customize it to their needs.
Stephen Hawking Inspires Developers World Wide
Thank you for inspiring us. ‘We are all writers. We are all dreamers. Let us continue this journey together.’ -- Stephen Hawking
Scott Hanselman’s best demo! IoT, Azure, Machine Learning & more
In this video Scott Hanselman delivers one of the best and personal demos, he'll show you how a combined solution using technologies such as IoT devices, cloud platforms, Machine Learning and Office API's can come together to solve even the most complex problems. The HealthClinic.biz demo used in the video can be found in the repo at https://github.com/Microsoft/HealthClinic.biz/. The samples in the repo are used to present an end-to-end demo scenario based on a fictitious B2B and multitenant system, named "HealthClinic.biz" that provides different websites, mobile apps, wearable apps, and services running on the latest Microsoft and open technologies.
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Test Case Management with Microsoft Test Manager 2013
Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) 2013 helps developers and testers produce quality applications. In this video you'll learn how Microsoft Test Manager enables software testers to manage their test plans, author and execute test cases and file rich, actionable bug reports to developers.
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Visual Studio Team Services – Release Management
Take a quick tour around the Release Management capabilities in Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server. See how you can deliver your software to customers faster, in any language and on any platform. Manage multiple environments and
Bing: Continuous Delivery (1 of 4) - Microsoft Engineering Stories
Read more at http://aka.ms/BingContinuousDelivery. The Bing engineering team has been on a transformation journey to not only deliver many deployments a day to production but also enable every engineer to try out new experiments quickly in production, learn from them, automatically roll back the experiments that aren't working, and scale big when they are succeeding. Bing has made huge leaps in increasing their idea velocity and we are seeing some great positive impact from their process improvements.
ChakraCore OSS
This talk introduces ChakraCore, the open source core of the Chakra JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge. https://github.com/Microsoft/ChakraCore For all the details, see our blog post: https://aka.ms/ChakraCoreOSS
Scrum with Visual Studio Online
Scrum with Visual Studio Online
Introducing SQL Azure
Windows Azure SQL Database is a fully managed relational database service based on SQL Server technologies. In this video, we will take a brief tour of Windows Azure SQL Database, and show how SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio 2013 interfaces with it, enabling rapid development of sophisticated relational databases in the Windows Azure cloud.
Visual Studio Python Tutorial 2/6: Start coding in Python using Visual Studio
In this Connect("Learn"); tutorial we’ll walk you through how Visual Studio interacts with a Python project structure and demonstrate how to use the Visual Studio Solution Explorer to navigate code. We’ll then show what options you have to get started, to import your existing code or easily create a new project using built-in project templates for various common type of website frameworks such as Django or Flask. Also check out other related deep dive video(s): Visual Studio Python Tutorial Deep Dive: Interpreters: https://youtu.be/KY1GEOo3qy0 Visual Studio Python Tutorial Deep Dive: Source Control: https://youtu.be/Aq8eqApnugM Get the free tools: Visual Studio Community: https://visualstudio.com/community Python Tools for Visual Studio: http://aka.ms/ptvs
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What's new in C# | T122
Learn about the new features available in C# 7.1 and 7.2, including async Main, default literals, ref extension methods, in parameters and more. Also get a glimpse of the future with nullable reference types. Product info: http://www.dot.net Learn more: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/ Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/whats-new/
Visual Studio Python Tutorial 6/6: Building a Website
In this Connect(“Learn”); tutorial we’ll show you an end-to-end scenario, and do it all in three minutes time. First we’ll create a simple Python web site using Visual Studio based on the Bottle framework, we’ll then publish it to the public Azure cloud making it available on the public internet, all using the same tool. Also check out other related deep dive video(s): Visual Studio Python Tutorial Deep Dive: Create a Python Django website using Visual Studio: https://youtu.be/WG3pGmoo8nE Get the free tools: Visual Studio Community: https://visualstudio.com/community Python Tools for Visual Studio: http://aka.ms/ptvs
Get Started with .NET and Docker
In this video, we briefly demo the Visual Studio features that make getting started with .NET Core and Docker easy. We also explore the benefits of being able to debug inside a container by using Visual Studio. Try out our Docker images: https://hub.docker.com/r/microsoft/aspnet/ and https://hub.docker.com/r/microsoft/dotnet-framework/
What's New in Visual Studio 2017
This video shows how Visual Studio 2017 includes support for great mobile development, streamlines cloud development, and greatly boosts developer productivity with improvements for everything from IntelliSense to Unit Testing to performance. Download Visual Studio 2017 from http://www.visualstudio.com
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Microsoft, Welcome to MariaDB
Michael “Monty” Widenius welcomes Microsoft to the MariaDB Foundation.
Dashboards in Visual Studio Team Services
Dashboards are a customizable canvas that enable your team to visualize status and monitor progress across your VSTS or TFS project. They replace your existing Team Overview page. This video shows you how easy it is to build a new dashboard, add multiple dashboards, customize your layout, and use the new widgets to bring your project to life.
Introduction to Azure IoT Suite and IoT Hub for developers
Azure IoT Suite and the Azure IoT services enable you to easily connect devices to the Cloud to not only make the most out of telemetry data generated by millions of devices, but also to take action in context, and integrate into business applications. This short video shows how to use the open source SDKs for devices to connect real devices to Azure and build an E2E IoT solution.
Introducing Unit Testing for SQL Server Database Projects
Unit testing is a core fundamental aspect of application development. But unit testing can and should be utilized when developing databases as well, to verify that changes have not regressed database functionality. Visual Studio 2013 provides SQL Server database unit tests as part of the testing infrastructure and in SQL Server Database Projects. In this video, you'll see how to create and execute database unit tests, and test scripts, in Visual Studio 2013, and then view the results.
Optolexia builds dyslexia screening tool using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
Optolexia, founded by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, built a dyslexia screening tool for young children. Using a repository of eye-tracking data and an analytical engine built with Visual Studio, R programming language and and cloud-based Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Optolexia aims to help schools identify students at risk for dyslexia significantly earlier than current screening tests.
Getting Started with Visual Studio – Setting up your IDE
Get started with Visual Studio by learning about custom install options, configuring the theme and accessing commands through quick launch. Download Visual Studio for free at https://www.visualstudio.com/community?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=getstarted
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Build Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova
In this quick 7-minute overview, you’ll learn how you can code and debug cross-platform mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We’ll take a whirlwind tour starting with setup where Visual Studio guides you through installation of all 12 tool chain dependencies you need to develop for the Android and iOS platforms. Then, we’ll take a peek at debugging your app. In this example, we’ll debug a Cordova Plugin that gives our sample app access to the device camera.
Microsoft Engineering Stories - Our DevOps Journey (4 of 4)
Read more at http://aka.ms/OurDevOpsJourney. Take a look behind the scenes of the teams in the Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise engineering division discuss how and why they implemented DevOps practices & methodologies to ship more quickly and deliver more reliable services that customers enjoy.
Azure Search Overview
Learn how to take advantage of Azure Search to extend your data from common stores such as Azure SQL and DocumentDB to build great search experiences into web and mobile applications that use advanced linguistics and geo-spatial navigation. See Azure Search documentation and samples for more information: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/services/search/
Version Control with Git in Team Foundation Server 2015
One of the biggest new Git features in Team Foundation Server 2015 is the ability to set branch policies and integrate them into a pull request workflow. This video walks through a typical developer workflow of creating a topic branch and using a pull request to get those changes into master, and shows how policies help ensure that master stays in a healthy state.
Introducing .NET Core: A Cross-Platform Runtime
.NET Core is a new cross-platform and open source version of .NET, targeting Cloud and Mobile scenarios. It is the basis of ASP.NET 5 and .NET UWP apps. In this video, Richard Lander details what .NET Core is, how it improves your development experience and how it will evolve in the future. You'll see a demo of native compilation of a .NET Core app on Linux.
The Exploratory Testing extension is now Test & Feedback.
Everyone in the team, be it product owners, developers, testers, UX designers etc., can use the Test & Feedback extension to test their web-apps and provide feedback to the team, right from their browser on any platform. Drive quality in 3 easy steps – capture, create & collaborate. Install Test & Feedback for free. For more information on manual and exploratory testing visit our documentation page.
Introducing Schema Compare for SQL Server Database Projects
Database developers can use the schema and data comparison features in Visual Studio 2013 to view and reconcile differences between physical SQL Server databases and SQL Server Database projects. In this video, we'll show you how to deploy schema updates from a SQL Server Database project to a SQL Server database, as well as how to discern and resolve data differences between two live SQL Server databases.
Build a CI/CD pipeline from Visual Studio Team Services
In this video Donovan Brown shows you how to use Team Services to build a complete CI/CD pipeline and deploy to Docker
Get started with Microsoft Cognitive Services
Learn how to easily add powerful artificial intelligence capabilities to your applications with Microsoft Cognitive Services. See Cognitive Services for more information: http://www.microsoft.com/cognitive
Building apps for iOS with Visual Studio
Building an app for iOS? No matter how you're building it, you might surprised by what Microsoft offers to support you.
Google engineers from Angular core development team are building Angular 2 with TypeScript
Angular is a JavaScript development framework that is an open source project from Google built in collaboration with Microsoft. Angular 2 is built with Typescript, which is an open source language Microsoft’s provided to improve JavaScript, and many Google developers on the Angular core team uses Visual Studio Code as their cross-platform code editor.
GOJO, the inventors of PURELL, measures hand hygiene compliance through Microsoft Azure IoT services
The GOJO SMARTLINK engineering team developed an Azure Internet of Things application that monitors PURELL hand sanitizer usage in hospitals to track hand hygiene compliance to help prevent hospital acquired infections.
(3) Building your apps first User Interface using Blend and Visual Studio
In this video Dante will show you how to create your first Universal Windows app and start building its user interface using Blend, he'll even go into making your app responsive to support various devices using AdaptiveTrigger.
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Introducing the Azure Bot Service
Are you building bots? Then you'll want to see how quickly you can get started on Azure with the intelligent bot development service powered by the Microsoft Bot Framework and run in a serverless environment on Azure. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/bot-framework/
Visual Studio Enterprise 2015
Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN is an integrated, end-to-end solution for teams of any size with demanding quality and scale needs that require comprehensive tools and services for defining, building and managing complex Enterprise applications targeting the Microsoft Enterprise platform as well as cross-platform technologies. Keywords: Visual Studio Enterprise, Enterprise applications
HockeyApp Animated Overview
HockeyApp provides you the tools you need to streamline your mobile app development. With support for Android, iOS, Windows and more, you can rapidly distribute your apps for beta testing, collect feedback and crash reports from test and live apps, and gain visibility into how your users use your app. All to help you prioritize the next investment in your app. Learn more at http://www.hockeyApp.net.
Visual Studio Python Tutorial 5/6: Interactive Python
In this Connect(“Learn”); tutorial we’ll look at the Python Interactive window in Visual Studio. This window will be familiar to Python developers and new for many Visual Studio users. We’ll show how the Interactive Windows brings with it many practical benefits, helping you iterate faster by seeing Python execution results immediately without the need for running a full project. Get the free tools: Visual Studio Community: https://visualstudio.com/community Python Tools for Visual Studio: http://aka.ms/ptvs
.NET Docker Development with Visual Studio 2017
Develop .NET Framework Apps with Windows Server Core Containers and .NET Core with Linux Containers with the productivity you'd expect from Visual Studio, while maintaining the native Docker experience.
Building cross-platform mobile apps using C# and Visual Studio 2015
Xamarin Developer Evangelist James Montemagno shows you how the Xamarin Platform enables developers to leverage their C# and .NET skills to create native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. With Xamarin, you use the same language, APIs, and data structures on every platform to build a single, shared C# codebase across all targets. Use your favorite IDE, Visual Studio, to build, design, debug, and deploy your iOS and Android applications. Xamarin features deep integration into Visual Studio 2015 with full iOS and Android designers for you to build your native user interfaces. Additionally, you can take advantage of existing libraries available on NuGet and in the Xamarin Component Store to accelerate your mobile app development.  Visit http://xamarin.com to get started today.
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Huawei – Visual Studio 2017 Customer Story
Huawei is increasing its developer productivity through Visual Studio 2017 and Linux, which enables them to provide better communication network products to connect people all over the world.
Visual Studio Python Tutorial Deep Dive: Create a Python Django website using Visual Studio
In this video we’ll go deeper and demonstrate how to build a Django website with a MySQL database, and deploy it to Microsoft Azure cloud. Get the free tools: Visual Studio Community: https://visualstudio.com/community Python Tools for Visual Studio: http://aka.ms/ptvs
Agile Project Management in Team Foundation Server 2015
Team Foundation Server 2015 adds a lot of useful improvements to the Kanban and Scrum boards/backlogs. This video walks you through many of those changes in Agile Project Management.
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Xamarin.Forms: Leaveraging XAML to Build iOS, Android, and Windows Apps
Xamarin.Forms is a new cross-platform user interface toolkit that builds on top of the Xamarin Platform to enable developers to share fully native platform user interfaces and business logic completely in XAML. This includes all the features you know and love, including data binding, styles, triggers, navigation, and animations. In this session, Xamarin Developer Evangelist James Montemagno will show you how to get started with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms so you can leverage maximum code reuse across iOS, Android, and Windows. The Xamarin Platform enables developers to create native iOS, Android, and Windows apps powered by C# and .NET. With Xamarin, you use the same language, APIs, and data structures on every platform to build a single, shared C# codebase across all targets. Native development with Xamarin features rich integration into Visual Studio to build, design, debug, and deploy your iOS and Android applications with access to 100% API coverage on each platform. Visit http://www.xamarin.com to get started today.