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Sea Wolf - The Orchard
I do not own this music in any way. I'm just a fan of Sea Wolf and showing appreciation of their music.
Views: 21300 DeltaPhoenix107
Jessie falling in the ocean
Joel didn't push Jessie in, he simply held her there and she "fell".
Views: 797 DeltaPhoenix107
Cream on Chrome (live) - Ratatat at the Regency
(Sorry for the shaking, I was grooving). Ratatat playing the end of Cream on Chrome at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, Aug. 3, 2015
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First Project in awhile
I am just getting myself used to Windows 7 and the editing program with it. It's got a few errors, and I'll work on it more when I have the time. Joel Aguayo, David Kelly, Joey Bigone and Kelly White in the video, song is Lateralis by Tool, no copy right infringement intended.
Views: 101 DeltaPhoenix107
Mirando (live) - Ratatat at the Regency Ballroom
Ratatat playing live at the Regency Ballroom. The latter half of Mirando.
Views: 38 DeltaPhoenix107
Gettysburg (live) - Ratatat at the Regency Ballroom
Ratatat playing Gettysburg at the Regency Ballroom. Played on Aug 3, 2015
Views: 45 DeltaPhoenix107
Second Project in Awhile.
My second project in awhile, just editing, clipping, and scene transfers. Working on making it smooth. Fights in the video are Chad Verral, David Avila, Joel Aguayo, Nick Patino, Javie Flores and Martin Martinez. All the fighting is not coordinated or planned, we just like to spar and tackle each other for fun.
Views: 218 DeltaPhoenix107
Fighter Movie III: Rise of the Underground
In progress still, I am still adding touch up on other parts of the video. As well as editing the music to the video and the captioning. I am only using windows movie maker until I am able to get ProTools or something else better. The music rights go to Edgen at http://edgen.newgrounds.com/. Always liked his music, had it in my original Fighter Movie series I made when I was younger.
Views: 108 DeltaPhoenix107
"-O hey"
Tried to climb up a pipe at the Fortress to scare Earle. Didn't work, he's such a squirrel.
Views: 39 DeltaPhoenix107
Stacked 6 Longboards high
an old video of the old boarding group performing shenanigans
Views: 12 DeltaPhoenix107
History Project (FEDERATION)
just another side project to get me more used to the editing program. This is a quick history (still in progress) of a comic I created called "Federation Covenant". It mirrors events to our lives in a similar fashion of the same emotion but on a different plane of existence (dimension). The song used is Karma by the Weekend Wolves. I hold no rights to their music and just use it because I enjoy their music. For more information about their music, http://soundcloud.com/weekend-wolves
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Capture the Javie (Windsor RvB)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Fighter Movie III (sampler)
second project I've been working on.....
Views: 56 DeltaPhoenix107
Want me to take a video?
Views: 14 DeltaPhoenix107
Crystal Castles - Crimewave Live
Crystal Castles playing Crimewave Live at the Fox Theater in Oakland! August 6, 2010 (WARNING terrible sound quality)
Views: 36 DeltaPhoenix107
Joel and Roman on the t00b
Joel and Roman tubing. Roman ends up falling off and does a 360 on his stomach
Views: 28 DeltaPhoenix107
Boarding Run I
Just a quick run down Vine Crest (short way). (Joel - orange wheels) (Javie - other long boarder)
Views: 21 DeltaPhoenix107
Go-Pro Adventure video
a sample video of an old go-pro video that has been stored on my computer. Just a bit of a sample of what we used to do on our spare time.
Views: 34 DeltaPhoenix107

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