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Mini Tutorial: 3DTuning
Hi guys! Taking a break from PC tricks and into car customization! Hope you like the video and the music!
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Tutorial: "Matrix" on your PC
Hey, Celebrate my first video! *crickets chirping* Eventually . . .
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Tutorial: Changing the Style of Cursor
Hey Youtube! Welcome to my second video! Today I will show you guys (or a brick wall) how to change your cursor! Not just the default cursors provided by windows, but your own!!! This is how to do it: 1) Go to cursor.cc 2) Draw your own or search what you like a. If you decide to draw it, download it b. If you decide to search, then click on what you want then download 3) After download restore and drag to the desktop 4) Right click the icon and then click "copy" 5) Go to "This PC" and click Windows OS 6) After clicking Windows OS go to the Windows folder 7) Click on cursors 8) Hit the paste button on the side (try not to put it in other folders) 9) Close out of the window. Right click the desktop and go to "personalize" 10) Go to or search "mouse" and click the "change how the mouse pointer looks" link. 11) Select "browse" and change it to the one you downloaded (it will be named Cursor. TO CHANGE THE FILE NAME press "Save as" and name it) 12) Click apply and enjoy!!! Check out diamondpanpana's CHANNEL for more fun than this :) Thx for viewing this guys! This is a windows 8 pc, so it works on here. Also windows 7. MAYBE windows 10. Again, like and subssss!!!!!!
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