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Tous les garcons et les filles -  Francoise Hardy
From her first EP, recorded in 1962.
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Walk Away Renee - The Left Banke
Original version of this beautiful song. Steve Martin's voice still stirs the emotions. Brings back loads of great memories. link for pictures leftbanke.nu
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A rose for Emily - The Zombies
A haunting track from 'Odessey and Oracle'
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The Gas Man Cometh - Flanders and Swann
The joys of having work done in the house as visualised by messrs Flanders and Swann.
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Today I met the boy I'm gonna marry - Darlene Love
A solo single produced by Phil Spector.
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Here comes my baby - Cat Stevens
From his first LP 'Matthew and Son' released in 1967.
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High Germany - Martin Carthy
From his first LP 'Martin Carthy', released in 1965.
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The Game of Love - Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders
6th single and second hit. Follow up to Um um um um um.
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When you walk in the room - The Searchers
A Jackie De Shannon song. One of my favourite Searchers hits.
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Richard Cory - Simon & Garfunkel
Track from the 'Sounds of Silence' LP.
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Candy and a currant bun - The Pink Floyd
B side to 'Arnold Layne'
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He's sure the boy I Love - The Crystals
Follow up to 'He's a rebel'. Said to have actually been Darlene Love and the Blossoms but packaged as The Crystals.
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See my friends - The Kinks
Early single with an Indian feel.
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Ill wind - Flanders and Swann
British duo who performed a two man revue between 1956 and 1967.
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All tomorrow's parties - Velvet Underground and Nico
My favourite track from the Velvet's first LP.
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Where I like to stand - Vashti
Track from the first LP by Vashti Bunyan.
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I'm a mover - Free
Track from their first LP 'Tons of Sobs'.
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Who would true valour see - Maddy Prior with The Carnival Band
Released in 1990, a collection of English gallery hymns from the 18th and early 19th century. This one is by John Bunyan.
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Twa Corbies - Steeleye Span
Traditional British folk ballad concerning two ravens discussing their meal of a slain knight. There are several variations of the tale usually telling of how his hawk and hound protect him and how a doe (the knights mistress in supernatural form) cleans him and takes him for burial, denying the ravens their meal. Also know as the Three Ravens.
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Hammer song - Sensational Alex Harvey Band
One of the best live acts of the seventies. A track that was on their LP 'Framed'.
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She's just my style - Gary Lewis and the Playboys
Good, pure, American pop from 1965.
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Stop your sobbin' - The Kinks
From their first LP. Later recorded by The Pretenders.
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Overground - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Track originally from their first LP 'The Scream'. This is from a later EP.
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He's in town - Rockin' Berries
4th single from the Berries released in 1964.
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I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher
Classic hit with Cher looking natural and beautiful.
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Stay with me baby - Terry Reid
From his second LP 'Terry Reid'.
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Handbags and Gladrags - Chris Farlowe
Another of his singles that deserved better.
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First Time - The Boys
Second single by this band,released in1977.
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Ballad of a Crystal Man - Donovan
From Donovan's second LP 'Fairytale'
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Do you believe in magic - The Lovin' Spoonful
For me this sums up the spirit of the mid sixties. I think that the 'summer of love' started in spring 1966 when I first heard California Dreaming and You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (Lovin' Spoonful). The music was magic as were those incredible creatures, young girls. That summer ended 2 years later with the demise of groups like Tomorrow and the departure of Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd.
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I Can Take You To The Sun - The Misunderstood
Classic psychedelic track from December 1966. The first single from this group.
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You're no good - Swinging Blue Jeans
5th single released in May 1964.
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Juliet - The Four Pennies
Song that The Four Pennies are best remembered for.
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Isobel Goudie - Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Medieval tale from the SAHB.
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Calling all workers - Eric Coates
Theme tune for 'Music While You Work' which was broadcast into factories and workplaces during WWII and after.
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Transport of delight -  Flanders and Swann
Dedicated to Kentishbloke for his support and kindness. Variety act from the fifties and sixties. Clever wordplay was their forte. Don't get much of that anymore.
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somebody to love - Grace Slick & the Great Society
Original version of this song.
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Fighting for strangers - Steeleye Span
From 'Rocket Cottage'.
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I'll never get over you - Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
Released in 1963. The second single by a totally new band of pirates.
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Riot on Sunset Strip - The Standells
Recorded in 1967. A single and a track on the 'Try it' LP.
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What'cha gonna do about it - Small Faces
Recorded for BBC radio, August 1965.
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The Bricklayer's Song (The Sick Note) - Corries
Fine Scottish duo to whom I am indebted (along with the Spinners) for getting me interested in folk music back in the 60's.
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You do something to me - The Kinks
B side to 'You still want me' released in April 1964
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Donna Donna - Donovan
From his first LP 'What's bin did and what's bin hid' released in 1965.
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Have I the right - Honeycombs
First single. Released in 1964 and reached number one. It was downhill all the way from then on.
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Hey Joe - Tim Rose
From his 1967 LP 'Tim Rose'. This track was recorded in 1966.
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He was despised - Kathleen Ferrier
One of Kathleen Ferriers last recordings. Made in 1952. It is from Handel's 'Messiah'.
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The Hunter - Free
From their first LP.
Views: 128563 hawkmoon03111951
Please leave my butter alone - Elsie Carlisle
Light hearted little number from the thirties.
Views: 37601 hawkmoon03111951

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