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Heckscher-Ohlin (intuition behind the model)
This video provides the economic intuition behind the Heckscher-Ohlin model, which focuses on differences in factor endowments as a source for trade.
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Basic tariff analysis
Basic partial equilibrium analysis of a tariff. Focus on the impacts on consumer surplus, producer surplus, government revenue, and net domestic welfare.
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Heckscher-Ohlin and factor prices
Analysis of how trade based on factor endowments (Heckscher-Ohlin) affects wages and the returns to capital.
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Hechsker-Ohlin model using production possibility fronter
A graphical version of Heckscher-Ohlin is analyzed. The focus is on the increase in consumer possibilities associated with trade based on differences in factor endowments.
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Export subsidies (small country)
Analysis of economic effects of subsidizing exports directly through government payments ***contingent upon exports***. .
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Large country tariff basics
Analysis of the impact of a tariff by a large country (i.e. one that can affect the world price of its imported good). Despite the domestic inefficiencies, this can result in net domestic benefits if the "terms of trade effect" is large enough.
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Ricardian model possible world trade prices
Analysis of range of world trade prices in a simple Ricardian model example
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Foreign Direct Investment (Introduction)
Basics of FDI, including basic motivations. Discussion includes the extra risks associated with FDI for multinational corporations.
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Small country export tax
Effects of taxing exports in a small country. Government (tax revenue) and domestic consumers benefit (from the lower domestic price) but at a net cost to the domestic economy.
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monopolistic competition and international trade
Monopolisitc competition and international trade. Michael Moore GWU
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Relative prices basics
Analysis of "relative price of a good" i.e. how much one good is worth in terms of another. Frequent context: how much a consumer foregoes when he/she decides to buy one good instead of another. Often used as in international trade as the "terms of trade" ----price of an import good in terms of an export good
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homothetic tastes
Description of homothetic tastes, which is used in the Hecksher-Ohlin model.
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CGE model
Quick overview of computable equilibrium models (CGEs), which are used frequently when trying to understand the economy-wide impact of policy changes. The are not forecasts but instead are simulations of what the economy might look like if a particular policy were in place for a base year.
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Basic import quotas analysis
Basic effects of quotas on imports. Focus on deadweight losses and allocation of import licenses. (Perfect competition, small country)
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Production deadweight losses (tariffs)
Discussion of the deadweight losses on the production side when a country imposes a tariff. Comparison of what it would cost to get the product from foreigners under free trade with the domestic costs of producing the good.
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Wage-rental ratio basics
Introducing wage-rental ratio (or the relative cost of labor in terms of capital). Critial for understanding the incentives of firms to hire labor vs. capital in a neoclassical model
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PPFs and social indifference curves
Relationship between slope of PPF (ratio of marginal costs) and the slope of social indifference curves (ratio of marginal utility).
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capital endowment increase (long run-Heckscher-Ohlin)--Rybczynski Theoem
Impact of an increase in capital on production and welfare in a Heckscher-Ohlin model. Version of the Rybczyski theorem. Impact on trade volume as well.
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Ricardian model basics
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domestic production subsidy (import)
Analysis of a production subsidy in an import-competing market (small country, perfect competition)
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WTO Dispute Settlement System
Discussion of the WTO dispute settlement system.
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Real income effects with mobile labor and fixed capital (graphical version)
Effects of changing relative prices on real returns to labor and capital. Assuming that capital is sector-specific but labor can move between industries. (Sometimes known as "short run" model.)
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Product cycle
The product cycle theory is a kind of dynamic Hecksher Ohlin framework.
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Ricardian model opportunity cost example
Example of Ricardian model opportunity cost. Comparison across countries based on unit labor coefficients
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WTO system (Institution, history, and principles)
Discussion of the WTO system, including basic institutional structures and principles.
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Lindner trade
Lindner trade focuses on how similarity in per capita income can lead to similar distribution of goods and more trade. A simple heuristic approach that motivates why trade may happen among similar countries.
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countervailing duties
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Safeguard tariffs (escape clause)
Analysis of Article XIX of the GATT. Temporary tariffs in the event of serious injury.
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Domestic monopoly and trade
This video discusses the impact of international competition on a domestic monopoly.
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Impact of tariffs on domestic prices
This video analyzes the impact of a tax on imports (i.e. a tariff) on domestic prices, both homogeneous goods and heterogeneous goods.
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Isoquant basics
Isoquants are a basic tool for analyzing the choice of inputs by competitive firms.
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Tariff effects on producers
Focus solely on the effects of tariffs on producers. Delineates the effects on new producers and those that were in the market before the tariff.
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labor endowment increase in neoclassical trade model (in Heckscher-Ohlin) version of Rybczynski
This video describes the impact of an increase in the total amount of labor in a country in the context of a Heckscher-Ohlin model. A version of the Rybczynski theorme.
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Ricardian model assumptions
This video introduces the primary assumptions of the Ricardian model. These include, among others, perfect competition in output and factor markets. For each, the implications of the assumption are explored. For example, the full employment condition leads to the derivation of the production possibilities frontier (PPF) in the Ricardian model.
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Tastes as basis for trade (neoclassical)
Tastes as basis for trade in a neoclassical model. Also covered: factor price equalization
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Foreign monopolies (linear demand)
Analysis of tariffs on a foreign monopoly. Demonstrates that a tariff can be welfare-improving for the importing country
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