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Why we decided to sell our dream house
Here's why we decided to sell our dream house and change our lives.
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Big News!
We have some new big news! Sorry I've been gone for so long. I'm trying to get back into the groove of life! Music by benesound.com
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Decluttering to become a Cozy Minimalist
I will not claim to be a Minimalist but I will try to be a "Cozy" minimalist. This is my first step! sound by benesound.com
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11 Steps to Organize and Rotate Toys
In the after Christmas chaos, toys were everywhere. It was time to take some serious measures. Here are 11 steps to help organize and rotate your toys. For a happier and healthier home!
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Finding Myself
This video is for all women; moms, working women, single women. As women we have so much attacking us in this world. It's time to find real joy every day in our lives. It's not about surviving it's about thriving.
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Finding the Motivation to Clean
Some days it is so hard to find the motivation to clean. Using one or all of these six tips may change your mind and give you more motivation to clean daily. Here's the link to Becky Edward's blog that talks more about her organization class! http://purposedrivenmotherhood.blogspot.com/p/do-you-feel-like-youre-drowning-in_15.html
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TTT: How to Not Let Your Dishes Run You!
Dishes have always been a daunting task for me, but I am finally in control of them! The book I mentioned in the video! https://www.amazon.com/Manage-Your-Home-Without-Losing-ebook/dp/B01CXE9M5E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538476280&sr=8-1&keywords=how+to+manage+your+home+without+losing
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VIPKid Set Up and Organization
Here's my VIPKid teaching set up. I am loving working for this company! Just under a month and I have taught 139 classes!!! If you are interested I will leave my code bellow. Plus message me! I really love to help other teachers get through the hiring process! https://www.vipkidteachers.com/?refereeId=6252230&partnerId=6891010
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Creating a Command Center
I spent a couple days revamping our paper situation and creating a command center in our kitchen. Paperwork, schedules, and the menu felt like they were getting the better half of me. Time for a decorative change!
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Mental Health Day Part One
I got to sleep, relax, and get most the house clean!
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Day One Home Alone with Two Kids
It was a great day home... except for our little house issue... Sound by bensound.com
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Oh Kids-The Reason I Keep Cleaning
Oh man, this morning was rough. Especially when I just cleaned it yesterday! Sound by Bensound.com
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Cozy Minimalism: Toy Clean Out Part One
We are working to become cozy Minimalists! Getting rid of the amount of toys we have will make life so much easier!
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Fitting the Toys in the Living Room
I needed to fit the Toys in this space! They are always finding their way out to the living room! sound by benesound.com
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Day 3 of Decluttering: The Junk Closet
I'm keeping on for day three and picking one space a day to tackle and reform. Today was the nasty junk/catch all closet. Ready to tackle all these little or big projects! Music by: http://www.bensound.com/
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Day 6: Decluttering the Dreaded Basement
Saturday we spent 3 1/2 hours working on the basement. I ended up getting rid of a ton of things! It was so nice to get such a big project out of the way. I even went through boxes that have moved from house to house! I'm so ready to have beautiful clutter free spaces again! Music by: http://www.bensound.com/
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Lip Tie Release Day!
We had to battle a lip tie with Porter and now with Jamison. I am so glad I know what I am doing this time around! Sound by Benesound.com
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Cozy Minimalism Living Room
I have been loving how much less we have! It has been so good for our mental health. So I am getting rid of more!
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My Laundry and Dishes Routine: 15 Minutes!
I used to struggle doing dishes and laundry. I would put it off and have a huge piles that would take me so long to do. Two months ago I started a system.. It changed everything. In 15 minutes I can have laundry and dishes done. Say goodbye to the big piles!
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Welcome Baby Jamison!
We were so excited to welcome Jamison into our family! Sound by bensound.com
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Mental Health Day the Prequel
Spending the day taking care of myself. Cleaning, relaxing, and sleeping. Also prepping for our more structured life.
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"Quick and Easy" Tutorial for Baby Clothes Storage
This took me two days to get all the clothes organized. They are so beautiful and easy to get to now! Let me say this was anything but quick and easy! Music by: Benesound.com
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Mom Rant Mom Judgement
I'm getting so tired of the moms judging moms. It's a hard job and let's start loving and caring for each other because we don't know everyone's story.
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Coolest Construction Truck Bed!
Porter's grandpa made him this bed! It is absolutely amazing!
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Unboxing my New Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag
I was so excited to get this bag! I love Itzy Ritzy! This I bought with my own hard earned money. Music by: benesound.com
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Mental Health Day Part 2
This is a long time after but I finally am getting myself together!
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Preparing for the Open House
Getting the house ready has not been easy. My anxiety became so debilitating it was hard to accomplish anything. sound by: Benesound.com
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Cozy Minimalist Living Room and Toys Tour
I got rid of a bunch more toys!
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Cozy Minimalism: Toy Organization Part 2
I am so happy with how much we got rid of! We still have a lot more to do but it's a start!
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Kitchen Cabinet Reorganize!
I loved how these cabinets turned out. Sound by benesound.com
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Unpacking in our NEW house!
What a crazy mess! It's getting clean.. Slowly..
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Unboxing the New Stroller City Mini Double
I got my new stroller! I am so excited for it! music by benesound.com
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VIPKID Mock Class Mentor Introduction Video (application)
This is my application for a VIPKID Mock Mentor.
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A Day Fighting Depression
I spent the day fighting off depression. Everything in me wanted to lay on the couch and do nothing. No I didn't get my goals done for the day. Yes my plans changed to compensate. Did it help? 100%
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Fridge Cleanout!
My fridge is so messy! I am glad I got to clean it out finally!
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Day 5: Decluttering the Pantry and Meltdowns
Yesterday was hard. Porter was in a mood and it was crazy tough but we got things done. Music by: http://www.bensound.com/
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TTT Using a Timer to Motivate Yourself to Clean
I use the timer for so many things to help me clean. It can be so useful!
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When Mom Checks Out
Being pregnant and having to heal from a fall... Never a fun mixture. Sound by: benesound.com
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Cleaning and Moving the Living Room
I can't keep things in the same spot for very long!
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Deep Cleaning the House Part 2
Finished the rest of the house and got the main floor reorganized! Sound by benesound.com
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Command Center Becoming a Cozy Minimalist
I love how this project turned out. Everything supply wise is now together in my house. So it will be much easier to do preschool and projects! Sound by bensound.com
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Becoming a Cozy Minimalist: Garage Clean out!
Taking a huge load of things to donation feels amazing! It feels so good to get rid of so much and know where things are that we have!
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Day 12 Decluttering Bathroom Cabinet
A space a day! This space has been cleaned so many times. My husband finally bought me new drawers to make it easier to store everything.
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Depression, Anxiety, and Momming
We have been having a really hard time lately. I finally have come to the conclusion that I think Porter has high functioning Aspergers/autism. Which has contributed to our rough time together. The anxiety and depression have been consuming me for the last couple weeks. I know we will be fine but it just is difficult.
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Clothes Storage & Cozy Minimalist Kids Room
My son dumped out all the clothes storage. I reorganized it and minimized his room a ton.
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Update of Decluttering a Day
I have been struggling lately. With starting a new from home job and Porter, I just feel overwhelmed. Somehow having a clean house can make me feel like a whole new person! Music by : bensound.com
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Organizing My Pantry
Cleaning my pantry was needed and I can't believe how fast it was!
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Living with HG (hyperemesis gravidarum)
This past month has been a nightmare. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum at the end of July. This pregnancy has been a rough one but I am on the up finally!
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Stocking My Fridge
Got a bunch of fresh groceries this week. Made an amazing salad bar!
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Kids Room Wall Decorations
Trying to get a few things up in the boys rooms so they don't look so bare.
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