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Calculus: Derivatives 0
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Graphing a Trig Function
MORE AT http://www.mathtv.com/ Graphing Trig functions: Phase Shift
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Calculus: Logarithmic Differentiation
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Calculus: Chain Rule 1
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Calculus: Related Rates 1
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Study Skills:  Complaining
Complaining about a class may make you feel better, but it doesn't always help you.
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Calculus: Implicit Differentiation
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Trigonometry: Identities
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Algebra Help: Finding the Equation of a Parabola
More at www.mathtv.com Any three points that do not lie in a straight line will determine a parabola.
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Calculus: Derivatives 0.5
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Sequences 5: Golden Rectangles
Constructing Golden Rectangles from squares, and finding the Golden Ratio.
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Study Skills:  Making  Mistakes
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Natural Logarithms and the Chain Rule
From Applied Calculus by Denny Burzynski. We have to be careful when we apply the chain rule to derivatives of natural logarithms, so that we are sure to differentiate the argument of the function.
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Calculus: Derivatives 1
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Introduction to Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
This is the introduction to Chapter 4 of Applied Calculus by Denny Burzynski, that is being published by XYZTextbooks.com. We want to set the stage for the natural exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivatives, and point out that these are special functions, with special derivatives. More to come.
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Sequences 9: Fractals 3
More at www.mathtv.com. An interesting relationship between Pascal's triangle and the Sierpinski triangle.
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Calculus: Related Rates 2
MORE AT http://www.mathtv.com/ This is part two of a discussion of related rates is a common topic in most calculus courses. Enjoy.
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Sequences 1: Number Sequences
More at htp://www.MathTV.com Part one of our algebra lessons on sequences. Part one talks about the relationship between the sequence of squares and the sequence of odd numbers.
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Calculus: Integrals 4
More integration by substitution
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Sequences 10: Fractals and Chaos
A look at a surprising connection between two topics in mathematics.
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Calculus Help: Limits 3
When can we simply substitute to find limits?
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Calculus Help: Integrals 1
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Algebra: Deriving the Quadratic Formula
MORE AT http://www.mathtv.com/ Showing why the quadratic formula looks the way it looks.
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Trig: Solving Equations 1
Introduction to solving trigonometric equations.
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Algebra Help: Distance Rate and Time
MORE AT http://www.mathtv.com/ Algebra Word Problem: Distance Rate and Time. Appropriate for a student in Algebra 1 or Algebra 2
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Exponential Functions and Tangent Lines
Here we find the equation of the line tangent to an exponential function at the origin. In the process, we use the product rule. Try the problem again using the slope-intercept form of the equation of a line: y = mx + b.
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Calculus Help: Limits 5
Finding the limit of a rational function at a point at which it is undefined.
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Algebra Word Problem: Mixture
Solving a Mixture problem with Algebra
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Calculus: Integrals 8
MORE AT http://www.mathtv.com/ Find the area under a curve using integration.
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Calculus: Chain Rule 3
We combine the chain rule with the product rule and the quotient rule.
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Why do we call it Algebra?
Part 1 of Islam and Mathematics: A Story of Cooperation and Peace. If you like this video, share it on your Facebook page.
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Calculus: Related Rates 3
MORE AT http://www.mathtv.com/ Another related rates problem.
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Calculus Help: Tangent Line
Finding the equation of the line tangent to a graph at a specific point.
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Math Help Exponents 1: Definitions
More at http://www.mathtv.com Part one of a four part series on exponents. Part one, definitions, covers negative exponents and zero as an exponent
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Trig: Double-Angle Formulas
More trig videos at http://www.mathtv.com/ A few examples that use double-angle formulas from trigonometry.
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The Golden Ratio in 1150
The mathematician, al-Samawal, working in Baghdad, Iraq, around the year 1150, gives an expression for the Golden Ratio that looks much different from the expression we use. Is he correct?
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AP Calculus Help: Derivatives
A multiple choice question from the Advanced Placement Calculus exam.
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Trigonometry:  Finding an Equation from a Graph
More trig videos at http://www.MathTV.com
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Pythagorean Theorem: The Spiral of Roots
Using the Pythagorean theorem to get a visual representation of some common irrational numbers.
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Calculus: Derivatives 2
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Sequences 7: Fractals 1
An introduction to fractals.
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MathTV on Facebook
MathTV is now on Facebook. And we have made more progress with our online textbooks at www.mathtv.com/onlinebooks.
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Success Skill: Do Something for the Person You will be in 5 Years
If you are looking for something to do to in the new year that will help point you in the direction of success, you may want to arrange your life so that you are doing something for the person you will be five years from now.
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Introduction to Logarithms
This is the introduction to Section 4.2 of Applied Calculus by Denny Burzynski, published by XYZ Textbooks. Here we preview the definition for logarithmic functions and their relationship to exponential functions. You can preview the textbook online at www.xyztextbooks.com.
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The Fibonacci Sequence
Doing mathematics is an enjoyable experience. We experience this when we work with sequences. The Fibonacci sequence has many applications in the world around us, including the family tree of a male honey bee.
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Calculus: Derivatives 4
MORE AT http://www.mathtv.com/ Part 4: Derivatives of trigonometric functions.
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Calculus: Integrals 9
MORE AT http://www.mathtv.com/ Volumes of solids of revolution.
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Natural Logarithms and the Quotient Rule
This derivative involves both the Quotient Rule and the Chain Rule.
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Calculus: Integrals 3
Integration by substitution.
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Why Use a Textbook?
Someone asked me why would I want to use a textbook in class when there is so much material available for free on the Internet. Here is my response.
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