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HI BABY DOLLS!!! Ok so I know I said I was gonna do a Q&A video next lol...but I went to film it and realized MY NAILS WEREN'T DONE (which is like, life or death for me lol) so I filmed this instead :P I have used pre-made press on nail companies in the past (you may remember some of my old videos!) but I discovered how to do it myself for even cheaper and way better, so I decided to give you all an updated nail routine!!! Links to everything I used are below :) LOVE YOU MUFFINS!!! Xx Amber insta/snap/twitter: @AmberScholl ACRYLIC NAILS: http://rstyle.me/~9qLa8 POLISH SET: http://rstyle.me/~9qLb2 GLUE:http://rstyle.me/~9qLbd
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lol hi guys!!! SOOO per popular request, I am going to start sharing weekly storytime videos with you about all the ridiculous nonsense that goes on in my life - because let me tell you, there's a lot of it lol. So here's the first adventure about my date this weekend where I lied...a lot. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT OKAY!??!!?!!??! Hope you enjoy. lol. Xx Amber PS - IF YOU ARE CAMERON...I'M SORRY!!! really...sorry :) xx insta/snap: @AmberScholl www.xo-amber.com
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LMAO HI PUMPKINS!!! I just thought you might get a kick out of this :P Here are some bloopers & deleted scenes from my youtube videos in 2016!!! I know I said no more videos in 2016, but I just couldn't stay away I missed you guys way too much! (even though it's only been like 4 days lol) I LOVE YOU!!!! Can't wait to spend 2017 together. Have the most magical new years eve my angels - see you soon :P Xx Amber insta/twitter/snap: @AmberScholl Send me mail! PO BOX 48582 LOS ANGELES CA 90048
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HI ANGELS! TODAY I'M TRANSFORMING AN OUTFIT FROM A THRIFT STORE BY GIVING IT A FULL DESIGNER DIY MAKEOVER - BROKE BITCH STYLE! I love doing fashion on a budget and I love being creative, so I thought in the spirit of twitter girl power, would do my own little do-it-yourself version of designer runway pieces and show you life hacks for how to make your own instagram worthy outfits out of what would be trash cheap, easy, and fabulously! :P so here is me, DIY-ing a full outfit even though this is my first time ever trying it lol...weird vlog tutorial style. ENJOY THE MAKEOVER MY LOVES! Stay empowered.. 2,729,000 KISSES! Xx Amber :) @sari_e0 is the Inspo photo! check her out :) Instagram/Twitter: @AmberScholl https://instagram.com/amberscholl
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WELCOME TO MY ONLINE SHOPPING FAILS...TIME FOR SOME TEA! lol hi angels! I LOVE shopping and am certifiably addicted, so I though instead of doing a regular clothing haul of my favorite products, I would do a haul of products I hate when they arrived. Because nobody is perfect, and sometimes expectations just don't meet up with reality (at all lol.) So from cheap to expensive, shoes to clothes, here are my worst celebrity inspired online shopping disasters! Hope you enjoy my failures lol. 2,884,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) instagram: @AmberScholl https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl
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DRAW MY LIFE! Amber Scholl
HI ANGELS! WELCOME TO MY OFFICIAL DRAW MY LIFE VIDEO! This has been one of my most requested videos ever, and today I am finally doing it. I used to love watching the original big youtbers do the “Draw My Life” tag years ago, and even though it’s 2019 and I don’t think anyone does these anymore, I am finally doing my own. So here is my terrible attempt at being an artist and telling my life story from beginning to now: my life before youtube, things you didn’t know about me, things you did know, and everything else in between. Here’s one heartfelt storytime: my story. From me to you. You have changed my life forever and I will never forget it. To the moon & back always. 2,667,000 kisses, Xx Amber :) Instagram: @AmberScholl https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl
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HI ANGELS - WE’RE CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET!!! Inspired by Marie Kondo and tidying up, I thought I would go through my closet and do a full clean out! How to sort and keep things folded and organized is not exatcly my specialty, much less something i should be giving tips on…but as a certified shopaholic, it’ll at least be fun to try on a lot of clothes and shoes as i go through the mess :P So here is me, cleaning out my closet! kind of. lol. 2,742,000 kisses! Xx Amber
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HI MUFFINS!!! SOOO per popular request, here is my second storytime video...I hope you get a good chuckle out of my embarrassing life, I love sharing it with you. :) lol Xx Amber Insta/Snap @AmberScholl www.xo-amber.com
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Amber Wins The Price Is Right!!! :)
Can't believe this happened...Watch me win EVERYTHING!!! :) Follow me on twitter @AmberScholl :)
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i go on really bad dates. LOL HI ANGELS!!! TA-DA, YOU ASKED, HERE IT IS: A TRUE DATING STORYTIME ABOUT MY WORST DATES EVER! Living the single life from tinder to college parties to LA celeb hook-ups (shhh ;) I've had my share of crazy date stories...none of them good lol. So here are my top 5 favs! or least favs, depending on how you look at it lol. I LOVE YOU! Hope you enjoy my funny dating life disasters...this one's dedicated to you, boys. *sips tea* Xx Amber Insta/Twitter/Snap: @AmberScholl
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HELLO ANGELS! HAPPY 2018!!! Today I am taking a look back at my 2017 year in review, and setting goals for the new year by making my 2018 vision board! I believe in the law of attraction and making all your dreams come true, so I thought I'd show you how to do it too :) I LOVE YOU! Thank you for the best year of my life - I can't wait to spend the rest with you. 1,275,000 kisses! Xx Amber Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl
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HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE ANGELS! WE'RE MAKING A DREAM BOARD! 2018 was one of the best years of my life, so I thought instead of doing a year in review video I would show you guys the power of my mood board! I 100% believe in the law of attraction and make vision boards every year to help set goals and resolutions. So this year I'm doing an easy DIY tutorial on how to make all your wildest dreams come true - simply by believing. I LOVE YOU! Thank you for giving me the world - I hope I can give it to you too. To the moon and back always, 2,622,00 kisses! Xx Amber :) SHOP MY MAKEUP LINE! https://www.shophush.com/product/5607 SHOP MY CLOTHING LINE! http://bit.ly/2NYKTUC The Secret (in case you're interested!) https://amzn.to/2CFy3be
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pro-tips and hacks for traveling and packing the perfect suitcase straight from the worst packer in the world: me. lol LOL HI ANGELS! I'M GOING ON MY DREAM VACATION TO AUSTRALIA!!! I AM SCREAMING!!! I originally was gonna make a "pack with me" vlog, but since I am so bad at packing I made this instead. So here are my life hacks for packing the perfect suitcase... all as a parody spoof on myself, of course :P SEE YOU SOON AUSTRALIA!!! AHHHH!!! 1,442,000 kisses! Xx Amber insta/twitter: @AmberScholl SYDNEY BABES! I'll be casually taking pics at the Royal Botanic Gardens near the Calyx on Sunday March 11 from 4:30-5:30 :) come say hi!!
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lmfao hi angels!!! so yea, this is exactly what it says: my tinder date does my voiceover. lol. You know I LOVE the boyfriend tags on youtube, but since I'm single, I always have to think of funny twists. So here is my most recent idea: having my tinder date Brennen (#storytime: yea, we really matched on Tinder. LA is lit lol) do it for me instead! I know, I'm crazy lol. Enjoy the nonsense makeup tutorial :P AND REMEMBER I LOVE YOU! SO SO SOOO MUCH!!! xx Amber Insta/Twitter/Snap: @AmberScholl Brennen!!! @Brennen His channel: http://www.youtube.com/xBrennenTaylor
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***THANKS BIOCLARITY FOR SPONSORING THIS VID! SHOP VEGAN GLOWY SKINCARE 50% OFF CODE "AMBER" http://bit.ly/2BH8jfl *** HI ANGELS! TA-DA: MY VERY EXTRA NIGHT TIME ROUTINE! Per popular request, this is me filming what I do at night! From skincare to haircare to dancing around my kitchen, this is literally what I do lol. A vlog tutorial sort of get "un-ready" with me video of my easy beauty tips and winter bed time shenanigans! (I know I know, I'm not the world's greatest beauty guru lol - but thanks for loving me anyway) :P I LOVE YOU! SO SO SO SOOOO MUCH! 1,359,000 kisses! Xx Amber Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl SHOP MY JEWELRY COLLECTION: https://ok1984.com/collections/amberscholl IF YOU WANT TO TWIN WITH ME :P Red pj set: http://amzn.to/2C1aOVw Gold robe: http://amzn.to/2FT6JoZ Hair Extensions (I get the crown in 1b 22 inches!): http://bit.ly/2iAgQat My Toothbrush! lol: http://amzn.to/2E8ps3u Toothpaste: http://amzn.to/2E4STDe Fluffy shoes: http://bit.ly/2GTIJ6g Sparkle shoes: http://bit.ly/2EMIAkr
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HI ANGELS - WELCOME TO THE #ShoppingWorldTour ! I traveled to Tokyo, Japan for the first time to see what it's like to shop in one of the most luxurious cities in the world! From Harajuku street and all the fabulous Tokyo fashion, cheap to expensive, street style to designer, here is me going on a shopping spree in Tokyo! ENJOY THE VLOG ADVENTURE HAUL! I LOVE YOU! thank you for giving me the world. I hope you enjoy this small way of me bringing it back too you. 2,889,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl
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HI ANGELS! WE’RE BAKING A CAKE TODAY! KINDA! lol you guys know from my trying to cook for the first time video, I am not exactly Gordon Ramsey. However, I am a bit of a Martha Stewart DIY queen, so today I am showing nyou how to give a cheap birthday cake a maekover and make it look celebrity level expensive! This do it yourself cake decor is easy and fun and anyone can do it - on a birthday baby shower wedding budget whatever the occasion may be, here’s my tutorial of how to make your own cake decor absolutely fabulous! Broke bitch style, of course :P I LOVE YOU! ENJOY THE FESTIVITIES! 2,860,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) @amebrscholl https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl SHOP THE SUPPLIES! happy birthday sticker: https://amzn.to/2DQlSc1 pink fondant: https://amzn.to/2DQ4LXI butterflies: https://amzn.to/2H2qYUl lace: https://amzn.to/2DQO1zL other fun cake decor: https://amzn.to/2H2Avtx
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*** DOWNLOAD COOKING FEVER: http://bit.ly/cookingfevergame *** *** THANKS FOR SPONSORING THIS VIDEO! LOL HI ANGELS! Today I am showing you how to bake a celebrity inspired cake - for cheap! I'm no chef, but I LOVE food, and ever since I saw the super expensive birthday cakes Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez had at their birthday parties, I thought I should test my luck at making one myself! This is literally my first time so it's not exactly perfect (sort of a fail, in fact lol) but it was a fun cooking DIY challenge! So here is me, decorating a celebrity inspired luxury cake... ...broke bitch style, of course :P ENJOY THE VLOG TUTORIAL NONSENSE MY LOVES! 2,126,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) Instagram: @AmberScholl https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl Twitter: @AmberScholl https://www/twitter.com/amberscholl OUTFIT OF THE DAY! lashes: http://bit.ly/2tY53pG Black bodysuit: http://bit.ly/2O5Hsfe similar skirt: https://amzn.to/2MeVmLx boots: https://amzn.to/2AID6ci MAKE YOUR OWN! Fondant: https://amzn.to/2O7FR8O Cake spray paint: https://amzn.to/2O9qOeP Edible flowers: https://amzn.to/2LV3FiG Edible Shoes: https://amzn.to/2OF38Qh Other fun cake decor: https://amzn.to/2MfbzQX HAVE FUN!!! ***this video is in partnership with YPSOCIAL*** xx
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HI ANGELS! HERE'S SOME RANDOM TEA ON ME! lol Today I thought it would be fun to do a sort of "get to know me" tag type of video and share some personal funny facts about me! I'm a very weird person with lots of funny storytimes, so here are 50 facts you didn't know about me! Or maybe you did know them...some of the almost 3 millions of you are probably psychics lol. ENJOY THE ABSOLUTE NONSENSE MY SWEETS! I love you more than you know. forever grateful and humbled, 2,856,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) ps plz follow me on Instagram I'm trying to hit 1 mil before the year ends lol: @AmberScholl https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl
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LOL HI ANGELS! It's me, giving myself a very #extra makeover! DIY style, of course :P I love making 'how to" videos and tutorials of making basic things look expensive, so I thought I would do that to myself with a little bit of makeup and hair and a fire outfit of the day! So here is a ridiculous "get ready with me" before and after style video of me pre-DIY plastic surgery...and after :P LOL ENJOY THE NONSENSE MY LOVES!!! And remember - inner beauty shines the most. always. 2,200,000 kisses! xx Amber :) LINKS TO EVERYTHING: Tanning lotion: code "AMBER5" https://bit.ly/2kOzsCF Versace Robe: https://amzn.to/2C9qM5z Lashes: http://bit.ly/2tY53pG Perfume: https://amzn.to/2LMxQEo Teeth Whitener: https://amzn.to/2NDAuyj Face razors: https://amzn.to/2PWG5kz Flower top: https://amzn.to/2LJo5qM Denim skirt: https://amzn.to/2PUVj9T Winged Heels: https://amzn.to/2PpeV56 Hair Dye: https://amzn.to/2NEwRrE Straightener: https://amzn.to/2wCLOTZ Hair extensions: www.zala.com.au code "AmberScholl10"
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LOL HI ANGELS!!! TA-DA, I'M SPILLING ALL MY SECRETS TODAY! ...kinda! I just thought it would be fun to do a "get to know me" kind of video because aside of a few Q and A's, I've never done one before! So here is my first time spilling some funny facts from my past on love, boyfriends, near death experiences, and other things all about me and my life story :P ENJOY THE NONSENSE MY LOVES! Now that you know all my secrets...consider us bff's!! I LOVE YOU MY SWEET ANGEL PIES!!! 1,433,000 kisses! Xx Amber Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl http://www.instagram.com/amberscholl
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life is short, wear crazy stuff. LMAO HI ANGELS!!! So today I just thought it would be fun to try & out-extra even myself and try on all the most truly outrageously fabulous clothes I could possibly find!!! Wigs, glitter, heels, feathers...You know I love shopping, so this was a really fun twist on my fav hobby :P I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH IT HURTS ME! May God shower you with blessings as you have showered me with love. All the love & then some. Xx Amber Insta/Twitter/Snap: @AmberScholl PO BOX HAUL COMING SOON SO SEND ME STUFF! (if you want of course lol): PO BOX 48582 LOS ANGELES CA 90048 ALL THE FABULOUSITY I TRIED ON: Similar pink fluff jacket: http://amzn.to/2rKpTZO Sequin shorts (I DIE I LOVE THEM): http://bit.ly/2snAHOK Disco top: http://bit.ly/2snGdAL ...honestly I'm bored of looking for links it's Friday night lol so if there is something you really want tweet me a pic & I'll find it for you!!! lol @AmberScholl :) ***this video was not sponsored and is in no way affiliated with any of the brands/companies shown*** :) xx
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LOL HI ANGELS! WE'RE DOING A STYLE SWAP! My little sister Alyssa and I have VERY DIFFERENT styles - so I thought it would be funny if we swapped clothes for the day and did the opposite outfit style swap challenge! So here we are raiding our closets and picking outfits and dressing each other up in each other's clothes, I'm transforming my little sister into me! (and me to her lol) From grungy to glam and everything in-between, ENJOY THE NONSENSE MY LOVES!! I LOVE YOU! 1,481,000 kisses! Xx Amber Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl Alyssa!: @alyssascholl
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1,000,000 THANK YOU!
HI ANGELS!!! WE DID IT!!! WE HIT 1,000,000!!!! 1 MILLION ANGELS!!! So this is a video to say thank you. A look back at the crazy journey here. From broke bitch hacks to cheap DIY'S to shopping, it's been quite the ride! (I've probably tried on one million shoes and screamed about one million sparkles lol) And from my very first youtube subscriber to my channel to subscriber number 1,000,001 - thank you for believing in me. Thank you for everything. I am the luckiest girl in the world. And And I can never say it enough, but know I mean it more and more everytime: I LOVE YOU. More than you'll ever know. 1,000,000 kisses!! Xx Amber :) insta/twitter: @AmberScholl SIGN UP FOR UPDATES ON MY NECKLACE LAUNCH! http://ok1984.com/amberscholl
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HI ANGELS! WELCOME TO NEW YORK CITY! I'm playing Gossip Girl today and going on a shopping spree through the upper east side of NYC! Cheap to expensive, purses to clothes to shoes to jewelry I am trying it on for a very extra shopping vlog! ...basically I just love fashion and travel, so I figured why not start my very own travel fashion show here on good ol' youtube :P I LOVE YOU! ENJOY THE SHOPPING HAUL! 2,860,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl
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HELLO ANGELS! HERE IT IS, THE EVERY GIRL'S GUIDE ON HOW TO WALK IN HIGH HEELS! From walking to standing to picking the right shoe & everything in between, these are my hacks for being a professional grade Heel Ho™️️ :P Have fun slaying the shoe game - I LOVE YOU! Xx Amber Insta/Twitter/Snap: @AmberScholl MY SHOES, in no particular order because I know you will ask lol: White Fluffy ones: (only pink nude and black left) http://bit.ly/2nJ4Llq Butterfly Wing shoe: http://amzn.to/2ncNGxC SPARKLY RAINBOW SHOE (code xoamber): http://urlend.com/uyeYvaJ other sparkly rainbow shoe (code xoamber): http://urlend.com/3UbMnaV Rhianna looking olive boots: http://bit.ly/2mW46Zs Metallic rose gold boot: http://bit.ly/2nJbUlF Silver Wing shoe (code xoamber): http://urlend.com/EBnMja6 Sock Boot: http://bit.ly/2mVZh2q Patent leather nude boot ($25!): http://bit.ly/2mxFQ4s Silver Studded boot: http://solewish.com/new-in/ava-grey-stud-boots-studded-stiletto.html Clear heel shoe: http://bit.ly/2nJe7ha Red bow shoe (code xoamber): http://urlend.com/fQFr6ba White pump with gold studs: http://amzn.to/2nvRsV4 Grey tie ups: (only black left) http://bit.ly/2mZ4Flv ***this video was not sponsored, but links to my shoes are affiliate (which means it costs you nothing, but the companies give me a small percentage of the sale if you so choose to purchase any of the shoes via the link) Any $ earned goes straight back into my shoe fund for more videos! :P lol*** love you xx
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HI ANGELS!!! All right, here it is - my guide to shopping at one of my FAV stores of all time: SEPHORA!!! I literally could live in there lol...so, here are my tips! Hope you have even half the fun watching this that I had making it :P I LOVE YOU!!! Stay pretty my pumpkins. Xx Amber Here's my faux fur coat thing: https://goo.gl/doXpjw And my failed but beautiful arabic name necklace lol: http://bit.ly/2jvQ52T And my choker: http://bit.ly/2jnec8W ***like I said, I go to Sephora and actually buy a bunch of stuff like twice a year lol - so this was a BIG spree for me lol :P But here's what I got! like I said, this video is not sponsored (to my dismay lol) but some links are affiliates just so you babes know :) xx Primer: Dr Brandt Pores No More http://bit.ly/2jmQAkF Liner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner http://bit.ly/2jvx94q Foundation: Makeup Forever HD stick: http://bit.ly/2kMhz5D Concealer: Tarte http://bit.ly/2kKOo6M Eyeshadow primer: Urban Decay http://bit.ly/2kKOxXS Urban Decay Setting Spray: http://bit.ly/2kKN57Z YSL Lipstick: http://bit.ly/2kKKYAU The little mini NARS thing is the sample I picked up with my points! It's "orgasm" blush: http://bit.ly/2kMz0Tr My lashes are black magic lashes "slayer" code AmberBM :) ***DISCLAIMER*** this video was in NO WAY sponsored by Sephora...like, at all lol. I wish it was though geez if anyone knows how to get them to sponsor me hit a sista up lmao***
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LOL HI ANGELS! You loved me making a dress out of trash bags...and money...and toilet paper...so today I bring you: MAKING A DRESS OUT OF CVS RECEIPTS! This is a silly DIY challenge inspired by you guys - and many funny memes about how crazy long cvs receipts are. like, I go on one shipping spree and need to recycle 3 tree lengths of paper lol. So just in time for prom dress season, here is a cheap easy tutorial to make your own DIY dress ft. me, trying to figure out how to make a dress out of cvs receipts... that I dug out of a trash can. stay classy, I know lol :P Enjoy the weird vlog tutorial nonsense! I LOVE YOU!!! 2,770,000 KISSES! xx Amber :) Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl www.instagram.com/amberscholl
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HI BABIES!!! So, here it is: how I keep my skin so soft & smooth! I am no beauty expert, but this is what I've been using on my skin for YEARS! It's the best way to stay soft and luxurious all year round :P Plus, it's homemade, organic, all natural, & costs like $7 - and what's better than that?! lol I LOVE YOU!!! Have fun being smooth softies! Xx Amber Insta/Twitter/Snap: @AmberScholl Send me anything! Letters back to anyone who has sent me anything already are going out today :))) P.O BOX 48582 LOS ANGELES CA 90048
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LOL HI ANGELS! TODAY WE ARE MAKING A DIY CELEBRITY INSPIRED FLOWER WALL! ALSO I'M BLONDE!! lol jk but the wig is fun :P ANYWAYS: Ever since I saw Kim Kardashian with one at her wedding, I decided I had to have a Tumblr rose flower wall of my own lol! So I am making a cheap easy do it yourself dupe - perfect for weddings, instagram pictures, or just fun home or dorm decor :P ENJOY THE ADVENTURE SWEET ANGEL PIES! 1,235,000 KISSES! Xx Amber Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl MAKE YOUR OWN!: roses: http://amzn.to/2zdwQTy foam board: http://bit.ly/2CTrwHf wigs! lol: http://amzn.to/2BMS2CS
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HI ANGELS! TA-DA: MY EVERYDAY MORNING ROUTINE! Per popular request, this is me filming what I do in the mornings! From skincare to hair to breakfast in bed, this is literally it lol. It's also my first "youtube-y" type of video so I hope you like it...I had fun filming it for you beauties (as I always do!) I LOVE YOU!!! So much it almost hurts me. Xx Amber ps did you hear Harry's new song?! amazing. ***big thanks to @VanityPlanet and @SugarBearHair for teaming up with me to sponsor this vid! Sending a big kiss to them (but an even bigger kiss to you! :) *** Links to everything if you want to twin with me :P Ultimate Skin Spa System: Vanity Planet Store http://vpwow.com/spin4amber SugarBearHair: http://amzn.to/2oS6Xoi MY CUPCAKE PERFUME: http://bit.ly/2oOf1tj Those smoothies i love so much lol: http://amzn.to/2oMDEXz My fab hair extensions: http://bit.ly/2iAgQat My bow headband (similar one, I can't find my exact one but this one is just as cute!): http://amzn.to/2no06pP My electric toothbrush: http://amzn.to/2nnX4Sv Face Cleanser: http://amzn.to/2obje9p Neutrgogena SPF lotion: http://bit.ly/2nMT6Os Velvet Booties: http://bit.ly/2oScKdT Velvet jumpsuit: http://bit.ly/2obfy7g ***links are affiliate, aka it costs you nothing but the companies give a small percentage of the sale back to me. All proceeds go straight back into making more videos for you babes! (and my shoe fund :P*** xx
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Hello Angels :) So...this is the special video I've been talking about for so long. I've been wanting to share this forever, but never could quite get into words how I felt (I just ended up a blubbering disaster everytime lol) So after many failed efforts to film this (and still kind of being a blubbery disaster lol) here is my best attempt to tell my story. And though no video will ever be able to express how I feel, I hope this can give you a glimpse into my life & show you just how much each and every one of you truly mean to me. I don't call you my angels for nothing :) I love you. Xx Amber Insta/Twitter/Snap: @AmberScholl (Ps I know you're going to ask lol - my phone case is from Velvet Caviar lol - code "xoamber" for 20% off the site! xx) https://velvetcaviar.com/collections/iphone-7-cases/products/glitter-decal-pink
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HI ANGELS! I'M DOING THE BRATZ DOLL CHALLENGE - kinda :P There is a crazy trend in the makeup community right now where people are turning themselves into bratz dolls - so I thought instead it would be funny to switch it and turn a bratz doll into ME! So I am giving the doll a very extra makeover amber style and showing the transformation tutorial of making her clothes, doing her hair, and even giving her a matching new puppy lol. So here is me, playing with dolls at 25 years old. I love my job. 2,713,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl
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GET IN LOSERS - WE'RE GOING SHOPPING! lol hi angels! I have been in a bad mood lately (idk why? it be like that sometimes tho lol, and since new shoes cure any heartache, I decided to go on a shopping spree! Because retail has always been my favorite kind of therapy :P Enjoy the nonsense shopping haul my loves! Thanks for being a sunshine even on the darkest days. I love you more than you'll ever know. 2,725,000 KISSES! Xx Amber :) https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl
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***THANKS @POSHMARK FOR SPONSORING THIS VID! DOWNLOAD AND SHOP MY CLOSET @AmberScholl: https://pshmrk.app.link/baJUHjGZ1G *** LOL HI ANGELS! TODAY, WE ARE CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET! WHICH IS A MESS! (I'm a shopaholic lol) SO IT'S GONNA BE WILD! haha but seriously, I do a spring cleaning thing every fall (I know that's backwards, whatever) to make room for new clothes and shopping adventures! So we are going through and giving away everything from shoes to dresses to random other nonsense. And selling the rest to you babes, if you want to twin :P I LOVE YOU! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE MESS! (ps I'm really not a hoarder it just kinda looks like it in this video...I swear lol) 1,031,000 kisses! Xx Amber Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl SHOP MY JEWELRY COLLECTION! https://ok1984.com/collections/amberscholl current fav online shoe shop because I know you'll ask lol: http://bit.ly/2z5gQUQ
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LOL HI ANGELS!!! This is exactly what it says..me sitting in a tub of diamonds. lol Inspired by Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" music video (I love her) I just HAD to try it for myself! Like, a tub of sparkles?! SO EXTRA! and perfect for Halloween?! how could I resist? lol :P So here is me and my friends making a mini parody of miss t swift's costumes and the fabulous tub. Hope you enjoy the glittery nonsense :P I LOVE YOU! (even more than I love diamonds! aka, A LOT.) 1,013,000 kisses Xx Amber @AmberScholl SHOP MY JEWELRY COLLECTION! https://ok1984.com/collections/amberscholl MY LASHES: (slayer and ladykiller are what I wore!) http://rougeandrogue.com CODE "AmberBM" for $$ :P LINKS TO MY FRIEND'S VIDEOS: @roxettearisa: https://youtu.be/FaYRBxMuVsg @madison89miller: https://youtu.be/X-hIAmdCKVQ @aasian: https://youtu.be/adTNKg2gv2w @spankievalentine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0GiyPp0X_o
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LOL HI ANGELS! Today we are going on a shopping spree: IN THE SENIOR SECTION! I love shopping and am always up for a challenge, so when you guys suggested I try to find to cheap deals on clothing in the senior section, I decided to and film the adventure and try it for the first time! So here is me - wearing grandma clothes, shopping in the senior section! ...for myself. lol. ENJOY THE NONSENSE MY LOVES! 1,644,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) MY LASHES! http://bit.ly/2HhOkGo Outfit of the day: black jumpsuit: http://bit.ly/2KkAqC2 sneakers: http://bit.ly/2KdH4dn black dress and nude dresses from the end are both from meshki! https://t.cfjump.com/48530/t/32917?Url=
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HELLO PUMPKINS!!! OK, here it is: my attempt at making all those GLORIOUS shoes you see on the runway! Major shout out to Lulu's (https://www.lulus.com) for sponsoring the vid and sending me all the shoes to decorate! This was such a fun project & super easy - not to mention CHEAP AF! All the decals I bought were under $10 :P so go out, have fun! Be your own designer! Hope you enjoy the shoes my darlings! They're very extra (just like me :P lol I LOOOOOVE YOU!!! Xx Amber ALL the shoes are from Lulus :) You can shop them here: https://goo.gl/LMT8fv They have cute clothes too :P : https://goo.gl/0vaeZz Online store I bought the crystal things from: http://bit.ly/2lkhPMx As for other FAWQ, my lashes are black magic lashes "slayer" :P code AmberBM for a discount! My lipstick (as always!) is NYX lip liner in mauve :)))
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73 Questions with Amber Scholl | Vogue Parody
Amber Scholl answers Vogue’s 73 Questions. Except it’s not really Vogue. lol HI ANGELS! I love the celebrity q & a’s with Vogue, so I thought I would film a quick parody interview! Answering all the burning most talked about questions about my life, boyfriends, shoes, and more shoes...in one take. And it kind of came out terrible but ya know hey we tried lol. Enjoy the literal absolute nonsense. I LOVE YOU! 2,713,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) Instagram: https:www.instagram.com/amberscholl ***this is in no way affiliated with the actual Vogue magazine…obviously lol***
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JEAN SHOPPING! (the struggle is real lol)
HI ANGELS!!! TA-DA, IT'S ME GOING JEAN SHOPPING! EW! I hate jean shopping, but I go once every year and TODAY IS THE DAY! So from expensive jeans to cheap ones, shorts to bell bottoms ,to skinny to ripped, I thought I would take you guys with me on the jean shopping spree extravaganza of the century! Hope you enjoy the mess of a try on haul video I made for you lol. I love you! So, so much. 2,813,000 kisses! Xx Amber Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl https:www.instagram.com/amberscholl SHOP WHAT I BOUGHT! H&M shorts: http://bit.ly/2KRLuLk Old Navy light wash: http://bit.ly/2GrMgJK dark wash: http://bit.ly/2DqFNOx shorts: http://bit.ly/2Xvb22r
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LOL HI ANGELS - TODAY WE ARE DIY -ING SOME GUCCI INSPIRED LOOKS FOR LESS! You guys know I LOVE to shop and love recreating celebrity looks for less, so I thought it would be fun to take that idea to another level and show you how to make expensive luxury clothing -for cheap! So here is me, making Gucci inspired looks a la Rihanna... ...broke bitch style, of course :P I LOVE YOU! ENJOY THE DESIGNER DUPE CRAFTS! 2,515,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl BUY MY CREATIONS SUPPORTING ST JUDE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL: Jacket: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/302967157971 Sneakers: https://ebay.us/GtGdQV Purse: https://ebay.us/YRmAj8 MAKE YOUR OWN: Jean Jacket: https://amzn.to/2FvzgFO Embroidery: https://amzn.to/2FxHDjT White Sneakers: https://amzn.to/2DA27Gb Striped Ribbon: https://amzn.to/2Dxasua Roses: https://amzn.to/2KmF9E3 Crystals: https://amzn.to/2DB831x Scarf: https://amzn.to/2qXnmdJ similar Black bag: https://amzn.to/2qYKw32 ***this video was not sponsored (obviously) and is absolutely in no way affiliated with Gucci! Just me doing my own take on their styles :) xx***
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***THANKS TO @SLEEKMAKEUPUSA FOR SPONSORING THIS VID! SHOP THEIR COLLECTION HERE: https://www.sleekmakeup.com/us *** LOL HI ANGELS!!! WELCOME TO A MAJOR THROWBACK: HOW I DID MY MAKEUP IN HIGH SCHOOL! Ever since I saw Nikki Tutorials do this funny challenge, I figured I had to try it out myself! I love a good laugh and since a bunch of you asked what I looked like in High School, here it is: my old makeup routine from 2009! Black eyeshadow, way too dark foundation...it was a mess, but I loved it. And I hope you love it too lol. ENJOY THE NONSENSE MY LOVES :) 1,283,000 KISSES! Xx Amber SLEEK MAKEUP!: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sleekmakeupusa/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/sleekmakeupusa Updated Makeup Tutorial Look Products: Life Proof Foundation in LP04 http://bit.ly/2ApcxnC Eyeshadow Palette in When The Sun Goes Down http://bit.ly/2AHrsOi Brow Kit in Dark http://bit.ly/2AHVMIt I'm Conditional Mascara http://bit.ly/2ytmj6z Major Matte Lip Cream in HAPPY http://bit.ly/2j5Za4O Highlighting Palette in Cleopatra's Kiss http://bit.ly/2yu3wI7
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BRA SHOPPING! (the struggle is real lol)
HI ANGELS!!! TA-DA, IT'S ME GOING BRA SHOPPING! (aka, a very very weird video lol) I get so many questions about my bras all the time, everything from where I get them to what I buy to are my boobs real (which yes, btw - they are lol) And with a larger chest it can be a STRUGGLE AND A HALF to find anything I like, so bra shopping for me is always a wild adventure. So, I thought I would take you guys with me on the bra extravaganza of the century! Hope you enjoy the mess of a video I made for you lol. I love you! So, so much. Xx Amber Insta/Twitter/Snap: @AmberScholl PS- REMEMBER, YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT SIZE!!! A TO DDD, THIN TO CURVY, SHORT TO TALL & EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN, remember to love yourself ok? ok :) VS bras I eventually bought lol: http://bit.ly/2s8HCse
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HI BABIES!!!! WELCOME TO THE PREMIERE OF #UNPROFESSIONALTUTORIALS!!!! Lol SOOO you guys have been asking me to start doing makeup videos, so here's how I do that winged inner corner cat-eye eyeliner look I wear in all my videos! I'm not a professional makeup artist (like, at all lol) but since you asked - here I am trying lol! Hope you love it! Despite having no clue what I'm doing, I had fun with this :) *ps sorry my voiceover sounds funny in this...I'm very stuffy currently & this was the best I could do lol I LOVE YOU!!! SO MUCH I'M WILLING TO FILM MAKEUP VIDEOS FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING LOL!! 350,000 kisses my loves. Xx Amber Kat Von D Liner: http://rstyle.me/~9r2Ba Makeup Forever Pencil liner : http://rstyle.me/n/cbg2ueb8ru7 Wet N Wild Pencil: http://rstyle.me/~9r2G3 (I buy these at CVS for $1 so not sure why I can't locate it online for the same price lol, but bring in the pic and the employees should know what you're talking about!!! I've bought them at Target & Ulta before too xx) Lashes: Black Magic Lashes Synthetic Lash "Ladykiller" code AmberBM for $$ off :P http://blackmagiclashes.com/product/lady-killer/ Choker: http://rstyle.me/n/cbg4trb8ru7 Sweatshirt: http://rstyle.me/n/cbg4x5b8ru7 ***this video is not sponsored, but some links are affiliates*** xo
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HI PRETTY BABES!!! You knew I would do this. In fact, it's a wonder I haven't done it before lol. SO HERE IT IS! How to bedazzle your Nike's swoosh!!! You can do this with any sneakers by the way - so go for it! Use any color crystals! Use any shoes! DO WHATEVER YOU WANT MY ANGELS! Have fun being sparkly superstars! LOVE YOU!!! so so SOOO much. Xx Amber insta/twitter/snap: @AmberScholl My sneakers: http://rstyle.me/n/b9ctndb8ru7 If you don't want to bedazzle them yourself, you can buy them here lol: http://rstyle.me/n/b9ctpeb8ru7 But if you do, here are the crystals I used (i buy them in downtown LA which is why I can get them so cheap - if you live here, it's called Bead Factory!) otherwise this is the cheapest I can find: http://rstyle.me/n/b9ctqnb8ru7
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HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! I decided to do a quick bathroom renovation this weekend and install marble countertops! So, here's the quick and easy DIY that made my bathroom fab for $20 :) Enjoy! As always, any questions just ask. PS- Let's be friends! Insta/Snap: @AmberScholl Xx Amber LINK TO BUY THE MARBLE CONTACT PAPER: http://rstyle.me/n/b7u5bmb8ru7
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HI ANGELS! MY SECRETS TO BUILDING YOUR WARDROBE WITH BASICS AND TURNING YOUR BORING CLOTHES INTO FABULOUS LOOKS! ...you know, as a kind of sequel to my beloved "How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive" vid that blew my channel many moons ago :P So here are my tips to dressing up basic clothes from day to night, matching shoes, accessorizing, and everything in-between to show you how to turn your wardrobe into an Instagram baddie fashion show! *on a budget, of course :P PS- I can't believe last time I wrote a description for a video like this I said "thank you so much for 5k"...what a ride... I love you more than you'll ever know. 888,0000 kisses, xx Amber links to my looks: bling choker: http://bit.ly/2xtHXaG black set: http://bit.ly/2v779XX white sneakers: http://bit.ly/2wpo1ch nude/black dresses: http://bit.ly/2vhgB6J diamond shoes: http://bit.ly/2vpTM0b diamond rings: t shirt dress: http://bit.ly/2vpZXBs lace up boot only grey left!: http://bit.ly/2wpb5mD corset sweatshirt: http://bit.ly/2wGYdYA gold sneakers: http://bit.ly/2vhqP78 pink boots: http://bit.ly/2xebo14 satin sweatpants: http://bit.ly/2wzwav0 orange blazer: http://bit.ly/2vqlsSs sparkle black blazer: http://bit.ly/2v7lEuL oversized denim jacket: http://bit.ly/2vqEyYK *video was not sponsored but links are affiliate* xx :)
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HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY - LET THE HOLIDAY SHOPPING SPREE BEGIN! I love to shop, and as a self-proclaimed shopaholic who is addicted to shoes, I absolutely LOVE Black Friday. So today I am vlogging my annual Black Friday shopping spree! I love bargains and cheap deals, so this is basically my Christmas lol. So from a winter clothing haul to makeup to candles to home holiday decor, I am buying everything and showing you what I got! So here is me, very extra Black Friday shopping...with a camera :P LOL ENJOY THE CRAZYNESS MY LOVES! And remember to treat yourself. You deserve it sis. 2,523,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl SHOP MY MAKEUP COLlECTION A.S COSMETICS: https://www.shophush.com/amberscholl STEAL MY STYLE! (& dupe gift ideas too!) Yoga top: http://bit.ly/2R991Gk Yoga pants: http://bit.ly/2R99low Pink Jacket: http://bit.ly/2PUNe8G Feather mini dress: https://amzn.to/2DXeltI Polka dot shirt: https://amzn.to/2FHG17i Ring dupes (SO MANY ON AMAZON!): https://amzn.to/2DWvPGo Teddy Bear: https://amzn.to/2PUOlVS Perfume Gift box: http://bit.ly/2RaNsoP
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HAPPY PROM SEASON - WE'RE DOING A WISH TRY-ON HAUL! I love online shopping, and ever since I tried the wish app and did some clothing hauls off there last year, I've been dying to do a very extra prom shopping haul! I love cheap clothes, I love bargains, I love online shopping, so I figured why not? :P So here is my full honest review and very funny try on haul of my first ever wish prom dress shopping experience... it's a fail & total mess. lol. ENJOY THE NONSENSE MY LOVES! 2,760,000 kisses! Xx Amber :) Insta/Twitter: @AmberScholl https://www.instagram.com/amberscholl ***this video is not sponsored (obviously lol)***
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LOL HI ANGELS!!! WE'RE GOING TIME TRAVELING TODAY - ANTIQUE SHOPPING!!! I've been obsessed with throwback fashion trends lately and always wanted to go on a shopping challenge in LA's best trendy antique shops (also I need to decorate my new apartment lol) SO WE'RE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE HAUL FOR CHEAP BARGAINS ON FAB OLD FINDS! Enjoy the shenanigans xx 1,297,000 kisses! Amber insta/twitter: @amberscholl OUTFIT OF THE DAY LINKS: sweater: http://rstyle.me/~cz-afQ9w shoes: http://rstyle.me/~cz-afQct leggings: http://bit.ly/2D9WsaN Similar mirror: http://bit.ly/2D7Kn5V similar glasses: http://bit.ly/2r2JSVe
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