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RAF Pilot performs first UK takeoff of F-35B Lightning at sea
Squadron Leader Jim Schofield performs the first short takeoff at sea in a F-35B aircraft onboard USS Wasp.
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HMS Diamond Fires Sea Viper Missile for the First Time
With a flash of orange and an ear-splitting bang HMS Diamond has proved her fighting mettle by testing her missile system off the Outer Hebrides. The third of the Royal Navy's cutting edge Type-45 destroyers blasted her missile out of the silo at three times the speed of sound, obliterating the jet drone target out of the sky. The successful firing of the Sea Viper system means that HMS Diamond is now ready to take her place as a fully operational warship, capable of deploying anywhere across the world.
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VC hero Josh Leakey talks about taking on 20 Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan
Victoria Cross hero Lance Corporal Josh Leakey, 27, has been recognised for gallantry in the presence of the enemy. His actions in Afghanistan on the 22 August 2013 single-handedly regained the initiative and prevented considerable loss of life. Lance Corporal Leakey describes in his own words what happened on that day when he was deployed on a combined UK/US assault led by the United States Marine Corp into a Taliban stronghold to disrupt a key insurgent group.
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The Battle of Passchendaele Explained in Two Minutes
2017 marks a century since the Battle of Passchendaele. This video explains the significance of the battle in two minutes.
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The Battle of Jutland Explained
10,000 men. 250 ships. 12 hours. Two sides. The Battle of Jutland – 100 years ago.
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Helen, Police Constable - Ministry of Defence Police
New Authorised Firearms Officer Helen talks about her experiences of joining the MOD Police, handling firearms and the support she received along the way.
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British Pilots Training on F-35B Fighter Jets in the USA
Royal Navy and Royal Air Force Pilots are training to fly the new state-of-the-art stealth jet the F-35B Lightning II alongside their US counterparts at Marine Air Corps Station Beaufort, South Carolina. The highly advanced 5th generation jet will come into UK service from 2018, but will make it's first appearance over here at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in July and the Farnborough Air Show too.
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HMS Queen Elizabeth: How will she be used?
What is HMS Queen Elizabeth going to be used for? How will she work? Find out here.
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A day in the life of some military dogs and their handlers
A team of two Army dog handlers are working together to provide security for British forces in Helmand Province by searching vehicles entering ISAF bases for weapons and explosives. Lance Corporal Sophie Mitchell (27) and Private Kathleen Griffiths (21) are working with search dogs Flake and Trough, and protection dog Vinco at Main Operating Base (MOB) Price providing vital protection to the UK, ISAF and Afghan troops who operate in the Nahr-e Saraj area of Helmand province. While Kathleen keeps watch over the area with protection dog Vinco, a five year old German Shepherd, Sophie controls search dogs Fluke and Trough, both three year old spaniels as they search trucks and cars looking to gain access to the base. Both handlers have been out in Afghanistan for about a month, while the dogs have a much broader range of experience. Fluke came out to Helmand with Sophie, so is still settling in, while Vinco has been in Afghanistan for a year already.
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My Job In Afghanistan: Apache Pilot
Ash is an Apache Pilot. Find out more about the job he does in Afghanistan in this video.
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The Story of Jack Cornwell - Jutland 100
100 years ago Jack fought and died aged just 16 years old at the Battle of Jutland. He is also the youngest Royal Navy recipient of the Victoria Cross - Remember him and share his story.
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How the F35B Lightning II works
Royal Navy engineer, Ian Tidball takes you on a tour of F35B Lightning II. Discover how its capabilities will place the UK at the forefront of fighter technology, giving the RAF a true multi-role all weather, day and night capability. It will be able to operate from well-established land bases, deployed locations or the Royal Navy's Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers. Find out more about the capabilities of the F35B and the new aricraft carriers at https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/the-capabilities-of-the-new-uk-aircraft-carriers
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A tour of the Royal Navy's first Type 45 Destroyer - DARING
Leading Seaman Rikki Renner takes us on a tour of DARING, the first of the Royal Navy's new Type 45 Destroyers; the most advanced and powerful ever built. For more information on the Type 45 and the Royal Navy, visit www.mod.uk
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Cockpit Footage of The Red Arrows Flying Over London for the Olympics Opening Ceremony
The Red Arrows fly over the Olympic Stadium and Hyde Park for the opening of the London 2012 Olympic games.
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Apprentices at RAF Cosford
RAF apprentices talk about what it's like getting paid while they learn.
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DCPG Phase 2
Defence College of Policing and Guarding. Phase 2 Presentation.
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RAF Sentinel Patrol over Libya
Top secret reconnaissance aircraft, which are normally based at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, have been patrolling the skies over Libya as part of the No Fly Zone. They've been scouring the desert for signs of tanks, artillery and missile systems which may be used to attack the civilian population. The Sentinel R1 is equipped with powerful radar systems which can search over hundreds of square miles. BBC reporter Geoff Maskell is also an RAF Reservist. In that capacity he became the first journalist to join the crew from 5 Squadron on an operational sortie over Libya.
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Joint Force Harrier in action in Afghanistan
Operational footage of the aircraft and personnel of the UK's Joint Force Harrier in action on the ground and in the skies above Afghanistan during Operation HERRICK. Read full story: VIDEO: Harriers come home at www.mod.uk.
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Footage from BBMF Lancaster during HM Queen's Birthday Flypast: 1
Video footage captured on board the Battle of Britain Memorial flight Lancaster during its run for the Queens Birthday Flypast, 15 June 2013.
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Footage from Lancaster bomber of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at Derwent Reservoir.
Footage from onboard the RAF Memorial Flight Lancaster as it flys over the Derwent Dam, Derbyshire to mark the 70th Anniversary of the famous WWII Dambusters raid. To mark the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters air raid on 16-17 May 1943, a series of events is taking place around Britain, including a flypast by a Lancaster bomber of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at Derwent Reservoir. Derwent reservoir was one of the sites where pilots from 617 Squadron -- specially stood up to mount the raids -- practised low flying ahead of their daring mission to attack the Möhne, Eder and Sorpe dams, which produced hydroelectric power for the Ruhr and water for German industry. Read more: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dambusters-raid-remembered
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Medical care in Afghanistan
The continued efforts of the UK Medical Group in Afghanistan led to Camp Bastion's Role 3 Hospital and the Mobile Emergency Response Team (MERT) become world leaders in trauma care. With the end of operations looming, the life-saving doctors, medics and clinical personnel of the UK Medical Group (Afghanistan) explain their pivotal role and reflect on the end of operations. September 2014
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Hero hounds: The training behind military working dogs
During the Second World War, dogs were recruited by the Armed Forces to serve on patrol and as guards. Ships would also often have animals on board as their mascots. Military working dogs continue to serve a role today, ranging from the detection of explosives, weapons and drugs to the defence of military personnel and property. In a special report, Forces TV takes a look at the dogs helping to keep British soldiers safe.
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General Service Respirator
The General Service Respirator (GSR) has been developed to provide the UK Armed Forces with the highest levels of respiratory and ocular protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats. GSR offers previously unprecedented levels of protection and significantly reduces physiological and psychological burden experienced by the user thanks to features such as an increased field of view, reduced breathing resistance and improved drinking system. GSR will be personal issue for all Service Personnel, together with entitled civilians and others closely allied with the Armed Forces such as the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.
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HMS Queen Elizabeth: Carrier Innovation
The history and future of British Aircraft Carriers. How did British engineers build the HMS Queen Elizabeth?
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Meet the British pilot bringing the F-35B to the UK for the first time
The F-35B Lightning II stealth jet is coming to the UK for the first time this summer and Squadron Leader Hugh Nichols is the lucky RAF pilot who will be bringing it here. He tells us what we can expect.
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RAF Typhoon destroys a Daesh truck-bomb, near Mosul
A Royal Air Force Typhoon uses a Paveway guided bomb to safely dispose of a large truck-bomb, before it could be used by Daesh. The strike took place on Monday 17 October, some 20km south of Mosul, as Iraqi forces continued their advance on the city.
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Royal Marine Commandos; bringing climbing skills into the city
Royal Marines, mountaineering experts from the military and the emergency services train to bring their conventional climbing skills into the urban environment thanks to this specially designed facility in the heart of London.
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HMS Queen Elizabeth & F-35B Lightning CGI Tour
Take an animated tour of HMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest ship to be ever constructed in Britain for the Royal Navy and the fifth generation F-35B Lightning. You can find further information on both the F-35B Lightning and Queen Elizabeth Class carriers on our website: https://ukcarrierpower.tumblr.com/ Music: Epic War Music Theme - Audioblocks
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The Royal Marines of S Squadron, 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group
S Squadron are a sub Unit of 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines and provide force elements to the Royal Navy which specialise in Maritime Interdiction Operations and Contingent tasks. Royal Marines have deployed from S Sqn to RN Frigates, Destroyers, Amphibious platforms and RFA vessels for ten years and these teams operate predominantly on counter narcotics, counter piracy and embargo operations worldwide. Teams are also held in the UK on high readiness and deploy on a surge basis to enhance Royal Navy capability whenever and wherever required. S Squadron uses a range of assets and weapons systems in order to support their task which include: • RN Merlin and Lynx helicopters • Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats - RHIBs • Offshore Raiding Craft - ORC Weapon Systems • 9mm Pistol • H&K MP5 sub machine gun • Remington Shotgun • SA80 Rifl e • Light Machine Gun - LMG • General Purpose Machine Gun - GMPG • Several different Sniper systems. See www.royalmarines.mod.uk for more information.
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Runway Renovations at RAF Akrotiri
DIO has invested £46M in renovating the runway at RAF Akrotiri. The project brings significant operational benefits to the MOD allowing our forces to better support operations against Daesh. Keeping us safe at home and overseas. To find out more visit https://insidedio.blog.gov.uk/
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HMNB Portsmouth Dredging - Archaeological Artefacts
A major project to dredge Portsmouth Harbour ready for the arrival of the first of the Royal Navy’s two new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers has been completed. A wide range of interesting items were found during the work to clear the harbour and make it wide and deep enough for the 65,000 tonne warships. Find out more about the nations new flagship: https://ukcarrierpower.tumblr.com/ Music: Chasing Rainbows by Frau Holle is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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Protecting our Forces: the evolution of respirators
From the black veil gas mask to the modern respirator, protecting Service personnel on the front line is the very root of science in the Ministry of Defence. Here's a timeline of the innovation that led to today's state-of-the-art military breathing technology,
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Pilot's eye view of F-35B Lightning from HMS Queen Elizabeth
Motion sickness warning…This is as close to flying the F-35B Lightning, fifth generation fighter jet that most of us will get. Enjoy a pilot’s eye view of how simulation is helping pilots and Carrier crew rehearse their roles.
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Diamond Jubilee Flypast as seen from the Lancaster Bomber
Footage taken from the Lancaster Bomber taking part in The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. The formation flew down the Mall, as the Royal Family watched from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, along with thousands gathered outside. The Flypast included the Dakota flanked by two King Air aircraft, a Lancaster, Spitfires and a Hurricane from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, ahead of the Red Arrows who made their entrance seconds later.
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Watchkeeper, the Army's next-generation unmanned aerial system, has been cleared to begin military flight training with the Royal Artillery. Gathering crucial information from the battlefield, Watchkeeper will provide UK troops with life-saving surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence. It will also give personnel on the ground much greater situational awareness, helping to reduce threats.
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Royal Marine Firing New Glock 17
Sgt Steven Load, Royal Marine, firing the new Glock 17 pistol at the Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich. The MoD has signed a £9m contract to provide the Armed Forces with more than 25,000 new Glock sidearms. The Glock 17 Gen 4 pistol is not only much lighter than the Browning pistol currently used by the UK military, it is also more accurate and its magazines can carry more bullets. The Glock 17 has an increased magazine capacity of 17 9mm rounds, compared to 13 rounds for the Browning. Personnel across all three Services will begin to receive the new Glock 17s in the coming weeks and troops deployed to Afghanistan will be among the first to use the new weapon
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A former Royal Navy sailor returns to his home port after 70 years. Les Wills served on the aircraft carrier HMS Indefatigable during WW2. His ship’s home birth in Portsmouth has just been refurbished as part of a £100 million investment by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation in preparation for the latest Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers. Archive images courtesy of http://www.iwm.org.uk Music courtesy of http://www.bensound.com
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Battle of Britain memorial flight
The Royal Air Forces's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight maintains and flies historic RAF bombers and fighters, to provide members of the public with the sight and sound of a by gone age and to stay a "living and breathing tribute" to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. The flight is known as a "museum without walls." Find out more, including display date for 2014 http://www.raf.mod.uk/bbmf/
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Infrastructure works well underway at RAF Marham
Infrastructure works to prepare RAF Marham for the arrival of the F-35B Lightning multi-role combat aircraft next year are well underway at the Norfolk base. Over £500m is being invested in new infrastructure under the banner of Project Anvil, named after a type of lightning. This sum is split between projects undertaken by DIO and by DE&S.
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Royal Marine Commandos catch Taliban off guard
Royal Marines and Afghan National Army troops conduct Operation GHATSE PALANG in Helmand's Upper Sangin Valley on 19 January 2009. The operation resulted in the capture of a Taliban command post, a suspected IED (Improvised Explosive Device) factory and a huge haul of weapons. From www.mod.uk
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Coyote Training
Instructors from the Specialist Training Division are pictured training members of 1st Queens Dragoon Guards to operate the Coyote vehicle during an intensive eight day course. The course is run at the Driffield Training area in North Yorkshire which is part of the Defence School of Transport based at Leconfield. The Coyote is the six wheeled variant of the Jackal vehicle with a load carrying capability at the rear of the vehicle and amongst other duties is used in Afghanistan for re-supply to areas which are difficult for other vehicles to access.
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DIO in the Falkland Islands
DIO is currently investing £100m in a series of upgrades to facilities in the Falkland Islands. These include new accommodation at Remote Radar Heads - being undertaken by the Royal Engineers - as well as upgrades to Mare Harbour, a power station and a new school.
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How the Defence Infrastructure Organisation Supports Defence
The Defence Infrastructure Organisation, part of the Ministry of Defence, supports the military by leading and managing the delivery of what the Armed Forces need to live, work, train and deploy. Keep up with DIO here: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/defence-infrastructure-organisation or on Twitter (@mod_dio) or our blog, https://insidedio.blog.gov.uk
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The Battle of the Somme Explained in Two Minutes
2016 marks a century since the Battle of the Somme. This video explains the significance of the battle in two minutes.
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UK Forces send England World Cup squad luck from Afghanistan
A video of support and goodwill messages from the men and women of the UK Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan has been delivered to the England World Cup Squad in South Africa today, Thursday 10 June 2010.
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1st Queens Dragoon Guards in Afghanistan
The Commanding Officer from the 1st Queens Dragoon Guards talks about their role as the last Welsh combat unit on the NATO mission in Afghanistan, and the legacy the NATO troops have left for the Afghan people. Video created by NATO TV http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/video.htm
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Senior Police Officer at a United States Visiting Forces Station - Ministry of Defence Police
Senior Police Officer Kerrie talks about her career and future aspirations within the Ministry of Defence Police. For more information on joining the Ministry of Defence Police visit www.mod.police.uk
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UK Medical Emergency Response Team in action in Afghanistan
Slideshow of dramatic footage of a day in the life of crew onboard a Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) flight with commentary by Flight Sergeant Tony Kyle. The pictures show a MERT crew going to the aid of an Afghan casualty as part of their tasking in Helmand province. The MERT is able to deliver expert pre-hospital emergency care at the point of injury and then rapidly recover casualties to the deployed hospital at Camp Bastion. Each MERT consists of a military doctor, an RAF emergency nurse and two RAF state-registered paramedics. Royal Air Force Regiment gunners provide armed protection when the Chinook helicopter lands for the crew to collect the casualty.
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Bringing Belize back online - A world class training area
The Belize training area provides challenging terrain and an austere environment giving the British Army a world-class training environment. The British Military has maintained a presence in Belize since 1962. Following a drawdown in services in 2011, regeneration is now the main focus with DIO working to bring it back online as an important element of jungle warfare training for the British Army and our international partners.
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Javelin Exercise in Warminster
Members of the Royal Marines benefit from being able to live fire the Javelin guided missile prior to deployment in Afghanistan.
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