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Visual Studio Code setup—Part 1
I have this feeling that if you set off the year right, everything will become a lot smoother. So, this first video lesson is really important; I want to show you how to setup Visual Studio Code. **What the heck is Visual Studio Code?!** Visual Studio Code is a text editor like Atom and Sublime Text. I recently switched over from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code and I'm loving every minute of it. Even Vitaly, the founder of Smashing Magazine switched over to Visual Studio Code! Look!! :D **Why learn to setup Visual Studio Code?** Imagine if you can get your text editor to tell you if you've made an error and help you format your code properly, how wonderful would it me? The good news is, this is possible! That's why getting a great text editor setup like is half the battle won when you're coding. Visual Studio Code excels here because you get a lot out of the box with Visual Studio Code without much configuration. I want to help you kick off 2018 properly by setting up Visual Studio Code through a three-part video tutorial. This is the first part. Here are some links you may be interested in: - Blog: https://zellwk.com - Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/vscode-1 - Visual Code Studio: https://code.visualstudio.com - Visual Code Studio (Insiders): https://code.visualstudio.com/insiders/
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Zellwk #06: Should you use CSS or JavaScript for animations?
My website: https://zellwk.com Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/css-or-js-for-animations CSS Transition tutorial: https://zellwk.com/blog/css-transitions CSS Animation tutorial: https://zellwk.com/blog/css-animations Merry Christmas and have a good weekend!
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Are you too old to learn to code?
Today, we a question from two students. They're in their forties and are getting started in web development, and they are worried that they're too old. Too old to learn or too old to get a job. To answer this question, you can break your worries into three things: I think we can break your worries into three questions. 1. Is it too late for you to learn to code? 2. Can you get a job because you are too old? 3. Can you afford to fail? Useful links: Text version: https://zellwk.com/blog/too-old Blog: https://zellwk.com
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Finding motivation
Many people complain about not having enough motivation. But motivation isn't the problem. Something else is. Here's why motivation isn't a problem and what you should do instead. LINKS: Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/finding-motivation
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Why I switched from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code
A student asked why I switched over from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code, and he's wondering whether he should switch too. I made a quick video to answer the question. Watch it if you're wondering whether you should switch :) Bottom line: Switch if you're unhappy with Sublime Text. Don't switch if you're already happy with it. Time is limited. Spend it wisely. Links: - Text version: https://zellwk.com/blog/sublime-to-vscode
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Results of the restructure
A month ago I told you I made a major decision for Learn JavaScript—to restructure the course materials I created—and I'm here to update you on the results! (Hint: it was totally worth it to restructure 🙃) Here's a useful lesson: You always have a reason when you make a decision. You'll know if you chose correctly if you look back, and see that your results aligned with your reason. This reason doesn't need to be countable or tangible, like money. It can be a gut feeling too. LINKS - Text version: https://zellwk.com/blog/restructure-results - Learn JavaScript: https://learnjavascript.today
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How to use a linter
When you use a linter, you will see red squiggly underlines all over your code. If you're not used to using a linter yet, it's hard not to feel like you're doing something wrong! You don't have to feel that way. A linter is there to help you write better code. There are reasons for the red squiggly underlines. Once you know what brings these underlines out, you'll know what to ignore and what not to. Links you may be interested in: - My website: https://zellwk.com - Text version of this video: https://zellwk.com/blog/linter
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Visual Studio Code setup—Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of the VS code setup series. What we're gonna do in this video is to install useful extensions and configure settings to help you edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can copy/paste the settings I used if you visit the transcript page (listed below). - Blog: https://zellwk.com - Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/vscode-2 Note: CSS Peek doesn't work the way I mentioned in the video. I mixed features up, sorry! I'll put up a short video explaining what CSS Peek does soon.
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Zellwk #01: Should you use semicolons in Javascript? #
It doesn't matter whether you use semicolons or not in your JavaScript. It is not going to make a big difference in the quality of your code. Personally, I don't use any semicolons in my code because it feels nicer to write JavaScript without it. I used to use semicolons before, and I tried removing it, and I realize its okay. Read this article by Feross if you're interested to find out why you can omit semicolons: https://feross.org/never-use-semicolons/. To help you maintain code consistency, consider using a linter. If you use Sublime Text, you can use Sublime Linter (https://packagecontrol.io/packages/SublimeLinter). If you want to omit semicolons, I suggest you use standard (https://standardjs.com). If you like semicolons, you can try semistandard (https://github.com/Flet/semistandard). To hear more from me, leave your name and email address over at https://zellwk.com and I'll update you whenever I release a new article every Wednesday and a video like this one every Friday. If you have any questions about frontend development, or if you want to say hi, feel free to send me an email at https://zellwk.com/apply Thanks for watching, I'm Zell. Stay awesome and have a nice day.
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Dealing with Confusion
It's normal to feel confused when you're trying to learn something new. Some people hate this feeling. I know I do. But it's important to feel this confusion. Here's why and how to deal with it. LINKS - Blog: https://zellwk.com - Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/dealing-with-confusion - Learn JavaScript: https://learnjavascript.today
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Which should you learn? JavaScript or Frameworks?
One question you may have when thinking about learning JavaScript is whether you should learn JavaScript first or frameworks first. You may have heard both sides of the argument. If you learn JavaScript first, you'll learn the basics, but it might bit slower, and it might be abit more painful before you can build components. If you learn frameworks first, you'll be able to use frameworks, and you'll be able to build things quicker compared to using JavaScript. Which one should you choose? LINKS: - Blog: https://zellwk.com - Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/frameworks-vs-javascript
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Are you a real developer?
Has anyone asked you whether you are a real developer? Has anyone ever told you in your face that you're not a real developer? The important part is not what they think. It's what you think. If you don't feel like a real developer, do you let that feeling stop you from becoming more "real", whatever real may mean to you. Do you try to get better? Or do you back off? Links - Text version: https://zellwk.com/blog/real-dev
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Visual Code Studio setup—Part 3 (extensions)
Welcome Part 3 of the VS Code setup series.For today, I want to share the extensions I use on a daily basis. Here's a the list of the extensions I use. We'll go through them one by one. - Advanced new file - Bracket pair colorizer - Code spell checker - Editor config - Path intellisense - Settings Sync - Sort JSON Objects - Sort lines - SVG Viewer - TODO Highlight Links: - Blog: https://zellwk.com - Text version: https://zellwk.com/blog/vscode-3
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Experiment publicly
Here's my experiment: I'm going to record videos, and upload them without editing them. This video explains why I do such a stupid thing and why you should experiment publicly as well. Links: - Text version: https://zellwk.com/blog/experiment-publicly - My website: https://zellwk.com
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Zellwk #03: How to debug Javascript errors
It's normal for you to make errors when you code. So if you see an error, you don't have to be afraid. I get error messages all the time. When I have bad days, I get more error messages! Error messages are something bad. We're actually lucky to have error messages show up infront of us when code. Think about designers and other professions, when they create something, its hard for them to know what's wrong with their work. In our case, we get instant feedback through error messages. These error messages are like angels that gently tell us that something is wrong. You can correct the code and your program would work. https://zellwk.com
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Why I restructured Learn JavaScript
I want to share with you a big decision I made—I restructured Learn JavaScript. In this video, I share why this was a difficult decision and how you can use the lessons from this video to decide between two difficult choices. Links: - Text version: https://zellwk.com/blog/restructured-learn-javascript - Learn JavaScript: https://learnjavascript.today - Website: https://zellwk.com
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Dealing with overwhelm
It's easy to feel overwhelm as developer. We have so many things to learn. We need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, accessibility, animations, frameworks, dev tooling, and new things that pop up every now and then. I wouldn't be surprised if you're overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed too. Every single day. This video gives you some tips on dealing with overwhelm LINKS - Blog: https://zellwk.com - Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/dealing-with-overwhelm - Learn JavaScript: https://learnjavascript.today
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Useful shortcuts for Visual Studio Code
Today, I want to share vs code shortcuts I use on a daily basis. Here's a list of what we're going to go through: 1. Opening and closing the sidebar 2. File explorer 3. Marketplace 4. Switching workspaces 5. Opening the terminal 6. Go to file 7. Go to line 8. Go to symbol 9. The command palette 10. Split editor 11. Toggle editor group layout 12. Working with tabs 13. Select word 14. Folding and unfolding 15. Move line upwards or downwards. 16. Split lines 17. Pageup/pagedown 18. Jump to word 19. Expand region Here are some links you may be interested in: - My blog: https://zellwk.com - Text version of this video: https://zellwk.com/blog/useful-vscode-keyboard-shortcuts
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Handling “tell me about a bad experience”
Do you freak out whenever a recruiter asks her to talk about a bad experience in an interview? How do you handle it? We're going to tackle this question today. Links: Text version: https://zellwk.com/blog/bad-experience website: https://zellwk.com Project from hell writeup: https://zellwk.com/blog/https://zellwk.com/blog/
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Job search protip: don't look for a junior position
Today, I want to share a disturbing truth about finding a job. This may just change the way you think about how you find a job, especially if you are starting out. Don't aim to get hired for a junior position. Aim to get hired for an intermediate position. This video explains why. Useful links: 1. Learn JavaScript: https://learnjavascript.today 2. Text version: https://zellwk.com/blog/dont-look-for-a-junior-position 3. Blog: https://zellwk.com
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Remote pair programming with VS Live Share
VS Live share lets you do setup a pair programming session with your partner remotely. You're going to learn how to setup VS Live Share, how to start a collaboration session and how to join one. == LINKS: - Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/vs-live-share - Blog: https://zellwk.com - VS Live Share: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=MS-vsliveshare.vsliveshare - Appear.in: https://appear.in - Zoom: https://zoom.us
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Zellwk #04: How to make interactive components
- My webste: https://zellwk.com - For a transcript, visit this link: https://zellwk.com/blog/interactive-components - Learn Javascript: https://learnjavascript.today - MDN Event referene: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Events
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Is your code good enough?
Do you worry about the quality of your code? Are you afraid of writing bad code? There is no perfect code. Messy code that works is better than clean code that doesn't work. Focus on making your code work first. Don't worry about the final outcome. Have fun getting your hands dirty, creating things, and figuring things out. LINKS - https://zellwk.com/blog/code-quality
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Zellwk #02: Console.log everything!
Console.log is your friend. Use it to help you learn by trial and error and you'll learn much more about Javascript than reading any article or watching any videos out there. If you like this video, you'll love Learn JavaScript – https://learnJavaScript.today – a course to help you learn Javascript properly and build things from scratch. If you want me to send you one article and one video every week to help you on frontend development – subscribe to my blog over at https://zellwk.com!
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How to find mentors
We usually think of people when we think of mentors. But that's a mistake, because mentors don't have to be people. They can be in other forms. The best mentors when you're starting out are books and courses. You can get more from reading books and courses than from talking to the author. Four ways to find mentors: 1. Join a community around a book/course you bought 2. Meet people at events 3. Talk to people you respect 4. Ask questions on twitter and hope for the best 🤞 LINKS: – Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/finding-mentors – Website: https://zellwk.com – Learn JavaScript: https://learnjavascript.today
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Which framework should you choose?
There are so many frameworks out there. How do you know which one to choose to learn? We're going to do things differently in this video. I want to walk you through a few questions. For each question, I want you to pause the video and write down your answer to the question on a piece of paper. Do it before you listen to the next question. If you answer the questions, you will be able to figure out which framework you should learn, and how to start learning it. LINKS - Blog: https://zellwk.com - Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/which-framework-to-learn
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Zellwk#05: How do deal with imposter syndrome?
My website: https://zellwk.com. Transcript/summary: https://zellwk.com/blog/imposter
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Your first Git commit
We're going to talk about how to make your first Git commit. LINKS ===== - Text/Podcast version: https://zellwk.com/blog/your-first-git-commit - Website: https://zellwk.com
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Setting up a Git Client
Git is like a save-point system in games. You can use Git to save and load your work. The easiest way to start with Git is to use a Git application. And the easiest application to start with is Git-Fork. Links: - Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/setting-up-git - Blog: https://zellwk.com - Show your hidden files: https://ianlunn.co.uk/articles/quickly-showhide-hidden-files-mac-os-x-mavericks/ - Overcoming fear of command line: https://zellwk.com/blog//fear-of-command-line/ Git Clients - Tower: https://www.git-tower.com/ - Sourcetree: https://www.sourcetreeapp.com - Gitkraken: https://www.gitkraken.com - Fork: https://git-fork.com
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Finding materials to learn
You can find almost anything you want in the first three pages of Google. If you cannot find it, it can mean four different possibilities: 1. The answer is already there 2. You don't have enough knowledge to understand the answer yet 3. You don't know what to search for 4. The answer might not be on google This video explains what you should do in each situation, and gives you two additional tips to find good materials.
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Thank you! :)
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99u part2
A video on making 99u's layout. Be sure to grab the full package of Learning Susy at http://zell-weekeat.com if you're interested in the rest of the videos!
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Starting a podcast
I'm going to start a podcast. This video explains why I'm starting a podcast even though I'm already releasing a video every Friday. LINKS - Podcast version: https://simplecast.com/s/04f0c0a5 - Transcript: https://zellwk.com/blog/starting-a-podcast - Website: https://zellwk.com
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Pushing to a Git remote
A Git remote is the same repository stored somewhere else on the internet. It can serve as a backup. If your computer crashes, you can always get the latest version from the remote back onto your computer. To push to a Git remote, you need to set up the Git remote first. Then, click on the Push button in your Git client. Git services ===== - Github: (https://github.com) - Bitbucket: (https://bitbucket.org) - Gitlab: (https://gitlab.com) LINKS ===== - Text / Podcast version: https://zellwk.com/blog/pushing-to-a-git-remote - Website: https://zellwk.com
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