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Spirit - I Got A Line On You 1969
DJ Copy. Notice how the record company made sure the DJ knew which side to play by putting a big A on the plug side.
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Johnny Guitar Watson - Cuttin' In  1961
"Shoulda been a hit". Great RnB guitar driven ballad. Johnny before he got all funked up.
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Savoy Brown - I'm Tired 1969
You Have The Blues Not Me.....
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Shadows Of Knight - Shake 1969
From Wiki: In 1969, the second generation The Shadows of Knight released "Shake" on Buddha's short-lived subsidiary Team Records; the track eventually climbed to No. 46 (#37 Canada Dec.68). "Shake" and its B-Side, "From Way Out to Way Under" were actually recorded by Sohns and a number of studio musicians, on the understanding that a Shadows of Knight reassembled by Sohns would record the follow-up album.
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Lyle Lovett - You Can't Resist It (LIVE) Acoustic late 80's
when it happens to you..
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Junior Wells - Little By Little 1960
Great RnB 45
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Billy Joe Walker Jr - Defeated Creek
featuring the world's greatest dancer
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Donovan - You're Gonna' Need Somebody On Your Bond 1966
Great little known Donovan track. Covering a Blind Willie Johnson song.
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Buzz & The Flyers - Little Pig
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John Lee Hooker - Frisco Blues 1963
John Lee's tribute to San Francisco recorded a year after "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" became a hit.
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David Johansen - Girls
Well here comes one...
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David Johansen - Reach Out (I'll Be There)
Reach out to me
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Lowell Fulsom(n) - Tramp 1966
Some debate on who wrote this. Most claim this was written by Jimmy McCracklin and Fulsom had no part in it. Otis Redding and Carla Thomas had a big hit with this in the same year.
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Fabulous Thunderbirds - Can't Tear It Up Enuf
I Dig Tearin' Up That Stuff
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The Last Poets - Black Thighs 1971
Beat poetry from black radicals. Came out on their first LP. B-Side is O.D. This is one of the tamer songs.
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Rockin' Robin Roberts - Louie Louie  1961
With The Fabulous Wailers Etiquette-1 Northwest rocks Rosetta Stone. reworking Richard Berry's Doo-wop shanty to an RnB classic
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Lyle Lovett - She's No Lady (LIVE) late 80's
been hangin' here off my right arm
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Ohio Express - Sausalito (Is The Place To Go) 1969
This is actually Graham Gouldman co founder of 10cc. He wrote and sang this.
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Wallace Brothers - Precious Words 1964
Great Soul Ballad from Ervin & Johnny
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Jimmy Hanna & The Dynamics - Leaving Here  1964
Northwest R&B Bolo
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Jim And Bill - The Woodpecker
This ain't about a bird that flies.
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Junior Wells - Two Headed Woman 1957
Junior's first single on Chief.
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Bob Seger - Rosalie 1973
This is a tribute to Rosalie Trombley the music director of AM Top 40 powerhouse CKLW - also known as "The Big 8 in Windsor Ontario, who people believed had a special ear for a hit song.
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Gabriel & The Angels - That's Life 1962
Hint: it costs 20 cents
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Lowell Fulson - Talkin' Woman 1966
This reminds me of Thorogoods "You Talk Too Much" Only 30 years earlier.
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George Thorogood - House Of Blue Lights
keep a walking till you see that welcome mat
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Marty Robbins - That's All Right 1955
Marty takes on the Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup song a year after Elvis. A little more countrified.
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Otis Redding - Respect 1965
Classic Otis on Volt.
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Freddy King - Someday, After Awhile 1964
You'll Be Sorry
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Tiny Tony & The Statics - Hey Mrs Jones 1962
Northwest R&B Bolo. A young Marilee (Gunst) Rush on backing vocals.
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Jimmy Reed  - Texas Is So Doggone Big 1966
Originally called Crazy 'Bout Oklahoma (Texas Is So Doggone Big) on Bluesway. recorded in Chicago, May 1966 featuring Jimmy Reed:vcl/hca/gtr, Eddie Taylor:gtr, Lefty Bates:gtr, Jimmy Reed Jr:bs-gtr, Phil Upchurch:bs, Al Duncan:dms). This is the re-release in 1968.
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Paul Revere & The Raiders - Over You  1964
1964 NW
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Dickey Lee With The Collegiates - Good Lovin' 1958
First single on Sun. Great RnR.
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Lightnin' Hopkins - Feel So Bad 1962
B side to Shotgun.
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Dyke & The Blazers - So Sharp 1967
2nd single from the pride of Buffalo NY
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Clifton Chenier - Ay Tete Fee 1955
Clifton's first hit. Produced by Bumps Blackwell."Ay Tete Fille (Hey, Little Girl)," is a cover of a Professor Longhair tune, released in May 1955
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Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels - Too Many Fish In The Sea 1967
Too Many Fish In The Sea & Three Little Fishes. Classic Mitch speeding up a Motown hit. One of his last songs to chart.
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Lightnin' Hopkins - Sinner's Prayer 1963
Rockin' out with Lightnin' "If You Pray For Me, I'm Gonna Pray For You"
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The Swinging Blue Jeans - One Of These Days  1965
Mod rocker from rare audition 45. Must of worked cause this was their US label.
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Bo Diddley - Let The Kid's Dance 1965
Great overlooked rocker from 65
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KC Douglas - Mercury Boogie 1948
Later renamed Mercury Blues. Famous lyrics everywhere here copied by many artists most notably Steve Miller. David Lindley had a hit with this in the late 70's.
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Peanut Butter Conspiracy - I'm A Fool 1968
Guilty Pleasure. Great overlooked white soul single. Easily the best thing they ever did.
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Jack Bruce - I'm Getting Tired Of (Drinkin' & Gamblin') 1965
By request. RIP Jack
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The Blasters - Crazy Baby
coolest little chick I know
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Lowell Fulson - Three O'Clock Blues 1948
Original 3 O'Clock Blues recorded in Oakland in 1946 with his brother Martin on second guitar. Released in 1948 it became his first hit. Most known as a B.B. King song who didn't record it until 1951 but became a staple of his throughout his life.
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