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eco-friendly fashion: SMARTER* clothing saves you time, space and money
this slip of fabric is endlessly transformable, and fits in your handbag - perfect for travel - wear it your way
Eco Friendly Clothing, Conscious Clothing, Threadbanger
This time on Thread Heads were hangin out with Stephanie from the Conscious Clothing Store Ragtrade. Were also taking on a viewer challenge and showing you how to make a pair of overalls from some old jeans, and spotlighting some of our favorite green designers. Links in this episode: Rag Trade Happy Clothing Co http://www.myspace.com/ragtradeco Bad Unkl Sista http://www.badunklsista.com/ Reware Style http://www.rewarestyle.com/ Etsy Trashion Street Team http://www.etsytrashion.etsy.com/ Music Video: The Willowz http://www.thewillowz.com/
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Unique & Eco-Friendly  Upcyceld Fashion by Studio Unicps
Duch Fashion item: Fashion desigers Pim Kramer and Jaq Volckmann from Studio Unicps styled their customized collection in a musical & film theme. Website http://www.unicps.com/
Views: 810 pomrose
Broadcaster News - Green Fashion
want to help the planet but look hot while doing it? check out this eco-friendly fashion show!
Views: 143 BroadcasterNews
What is environmentally friendly clothing?
Ever wanted to know what Kook Wear is all about, watch the video...
Views: 495 kookwear
Natural Home Decorating Tips : Natural Products for Environmentally Friendly Interior Decorating
A professional designer discusses a variety of environmentally friendly interior decorating products for your home, in this free online natural home decorating video guide. Expert: Shelley Jones Bio: Shelley Jones is a professional environmental decorator and lives in her own straw bale home.
Views: 15605 expertvillage
Eco Friendly Purses
http://www.squidoo.com/eco-friendly-purses With Ecoist Eco Friendly Purses you can be in high style and save the environment too. Ecoist earth friendly purses are made from recycled materials like candy wrappers, movie billboards and soft drink pull tabs that would otherwise wind up in landfills. Each Eco friendly purse is handmade and is a unique work of art. After viewing this video click on the following link to see more styles and accessories. Visit:http://www.squidoo.com/eco-friendly-purses
Views: 50304 laserdirect
Ami  Melecio   Eco-Friendly Designer
Featured on ABC7 Chicago with Janet Davies, Ami was able to showcase some of her designs. Featured on My Hispanic Network "Style in The Windy City" section. A Favorite with many actors and musicians. Ami's Designs will also be featured in two Independent Films this fall.
Views: 479 Designsbyami
Eco-Friendly Products, "Your Life A to Z"
East West magazine Editor-in-Chief Anita Malik talks about the latest eco-friendly products for home, wardrobe and entertaining.
Views: 5199 Anita Malik
AAGM : Eco-Chic Green Edition
We went green bitches!
Views: 313866 William Sledd
Clothing Trends Go Green
New Houston Fashion Designer is making environmentally friendly clothing.
Views: 962 khcw
Eco-Friendly Products
Deco segment on Green/Eco-Friendly Products
Views: 3288 miaubrey
Eco Shopping At Xin Boutique in Hollywood, CA
Anna goes in search of gorgeous eco-friendly fashion at a cool Melrose boutique
Views: 1185 annacgriffin
Eco Apparel
Eco Apparel PR Video Learn more about the line and what you can do to help stop global warming at: www.ecoapparel.ca An Official Opposition Production Shot and Cut by Matt Reed
Views: 5276 JasonNeve
Bamboo Hot New Eco-Chic Fashion Trend
As more people try to go green with their lives, the eco-clothing business is booming.
Views: 9320 WTAE-TV Pittsburgh
Howies' eco-friendly Carnaby Street Shop Launch
Shiny Fashion TV joins forces with Hippyshopper to check out the opening of ethical clothing label howies' first store in Carnaby Street, London
Views: 1058 shinyhippy
Views: 848 enriquetl
Organic Avenue: CBS 2 Goes Green: Organic Eating and Fashion
As Part of CBS 2's "Going Green" series, we take you shopping at Organic Avenue. It' becoming less challenging to find eco-friendly, organ and vegan products to fit a more environmentally aware lifestyle. There's a great new shop on the Lower East Side that addresses many of these needs quite stylishly. www.organicavenue.com
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Re-styled 70's fashion by Studio Unicps .
Dutch Fashion item: Fashion designer Pim Kramer from Studio Unicps styled their eco-friendly re-designed & customized collection & models in a '70s fashion theme, based on icon's from the 70. Website: http://www.unicps.com
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Eco video
Informações Importantes
Views: 1947 Renata2407
Organic Avenue CBS News
Eco-Friendly Clothes Get A Makeover Image Jeanette Pavini Reporting (CBS 5) Eco-friendly clothing doesn't exactly have that high fashion ring to it yet, but that's changing. Green clothing designers are doing a makeover. "Eco-friendly can be anything from biodegradable to compostable to recyclable," said Denise Mari of Organic Avenue. In the past, the clothes were more frumpy than chic. But customers and retailers say designers are finally listening. "Customers really want the high-fashion clothing," Mari said. "They don't want to feel like they're being deprived of style in order to make an eco-conscious choice." "Designers and things have made big strides in the last few years to try and become sort of more urban trendy," said Alice White, a shopper. There are many choices in designers and companies. Moral Fervor uses fabrics from sustainable products such as bamboo. "They're all bio-based. We don't use any petroleum-based fabrics," said Melissa Sack of Moral Fervor. Bay Area denim pioneer Levi Strauss is going green with jeans and jackets made from organic cotton. "It is fertilizer free. It is pesticide free," said Brett Anderson of Levi's. Even the zippers and buttons are made from recycled metals. "All the hang tags on the products are all made from recycled papers," Anderson added. At Terra Plana, one shoe is made out of an old quilt and rubber soles are from a used tire. "When people find out that the shoes they're trying on are Eco-friendly, you really see their face change and they're really happy to give back to the environment," said Sabra Ellingson of Terra Plana. Eco-shoppers say they're proving you can really look good and feel good at the same time. "If you can put your money into a place where you believe in the issues and the causes that they're supporting, you're forwarding the movement yourself," White said.
Views: 3992 youareworthy
Green Bag an environmental shopping bag
Eco-friendly shopping bag. Ecogirl demonstrates an earth friendly bag. Reusable. Reliable stitching. Washable. Made from recycled water bottles and pop bottles. Bags are recyclable. Various styles available. Polyethylene free.
Views: 7290 ecostew
Organic Fashion Show
Great fashion show. Vote for the Green Belt Prize winner at www.citytv.com/events/toronto/greenbelt07
Views: 1698 madoc9
Green Week 2007!
Green Week comes alive with a week long interactive environmental expo that includes tree planting (Arbour day), an eco-food fair and a recycled eco-friendly fashion show. Get involved by planting a tree, tasting some eco-food, or making something fashionable by using recycled materials. You can model in the recycled eco-friendly fashion show as well! Eco-Friendly Food Fair Date: Tuesday October 2nd Location: East Bear Pit (Central Square) Time: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Arbour Day - Tree Planting & Coffee House/Eco Art Show Date: Wednesday October 3rd Location: Meet at Fireside Lounge (115 Fine Arts Building) @ 12:00 PM. Tree Planting at Danby Woods from 1:00-4:00 PM (Coffee House/Eco-Art show run from 12-2pm) Eco Fashion Show Date: Thursday October 4th Location: Student Centre (tabling at Chancellors at the Underground) Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Contact Information: Victoria Campus Life Director Tel: 416-736-5492 [email protected] www.yorkisu.ca
Views: 981 Yorkisu
RAW ORGANIC SAVING THE PLANET eco fashion label Fashion Show
This is my new Eco Fashion Label called RAW ORGANIC SAVING THE PLANET, my fabric is made of Bamboo and Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton or Modal which is made from Organic Trees. In this clip it is the Modal in Red and Yellow glamour dresses. These are designed by Bryan Au and I can custom make clothing for you whether it is jeans, dresses, jackets for men and women in different Eco Oraganic materials. I specialize in Bamboo, these Modal dresses are $150 each and more information is found at my website: http://www.RawInTen.com I am empowering people to save the Planet in the most fun, delicious and fashionable ways possible! Bryan Au http://www.RawInTen.com
Views: 4360 Bryan Au
Portland Fashion Week
A collection of Portland designers showcase their work at day 4 of Portland Fashion Week. Many of the designers used eco-friendly materials.
Views: 486 Marnellie Bishop
Eco Chick on CW 11 NYC "Eco Friendly Gear"
An NYC-area morning show showcase of great new green products with Eco Chick Starre Vartan
Views: 226 starrevartan
How to fold eco-friendly bags
This is a video to show you how to fold up your new bag
Views: 59612 Shawn, Sam Monk
Stinging Nettle Fashion / Brennels Brandnetel
Brennels Brandnetelkleding. De ontwikkeling van de brandnetelstof tot de daadwerkelijke kleding.
Views: 3728 brennels01
Summer Rayne Oakes
Feature on eco-model and sustainability spokesperson Summer Rayne Oakes from TV special It's Easy Being Green.
Views: 7750 Scott Myers
Greenlight talks Eco Fashion
Is Green the New Black? Greenlight invites Kate Pears and Felicity Large to talk about "My Sister's Wardrobe" and the ways environmentalismis weaving into our lives through fashion.
Views: 141 missminimia
Make Eco Fashion your passion
http://venuscow.com/ Here we are out and about again doing our thing promoting charity shopping. Make Eco fashion your passion and lets save the World from over spending and still not looking stylish.
Views: 1281 Shirley Yanez
Eco-Chick.com at Project Earth Day Fashion Show NYC
Join Eco-Chick.com blogger and host Olivia Zaleski on a behind the scenes tour of the NYC set of the Project Earth Day Fashion Show 2007. Meet the set's designer and several of the artists behind the show's collections, which include leading examples of high and affordable fashion created with the utmost care for the environment and social health. Shot and edited by Brian Clark Howard.
Views: 2547 Brian Clark Howard
My question or comment rather is: is there makeup out there that is eco-friendly, doesn't test on animals, and is good for my skin?
Views: 506 pattyshmatty
Green Pages Eco Fashion Show 2007 Timelapse
Green Pages Eco Fashion Show 2007 Timelapse
Views: 615 greenpagesaustralia
Greenlight talks Eco Fashion continued
the second part of the discussion with Greenlight hosts Hilary and Steph and Linden, guests Kate and Felicity. We discuss environmentalism going mainstream through fashion and the positives and negatives of green being 'hip'
Views: 85 missminimia
Carrying Power - Solar Power On The Go
Noon Solar Video You can purchase Noon Solar bags at Pivot Boutique http://www.pivotboutique.com/ If you are looking for cutting-edge fashion or eco-friendly fabrics and designs - you'll find both at Pivot. Stylish and sustainable can co-exist. http://www.noonsolar.com/ Produced by Robert Aquilar and Dorothee Royal-Hedinger (of the video magazine GET FRESH CUT) with animation by Arthur Jones. http://getfreshcut.com/
Views: 160426 BulletProof Film
Global Eco Show
In a small corner of the Venetian, 30 designers gathered for what I thought was the most important fashion show in Vegas. The Global eco-fashion show. By interviewing these designers, I found out what they were using, how and where they were making the clothes, what the challenges were and what their designs were. Watch it!
Views: 848 Trista Thompson
Newconsumer.com at Wildlife Works' London Fashion Week show
Green and fair trade fashion brand Wildlife Works launched its 2007 collection in London today. Newconsumer.com was on hand to film the new eco collection.
Views: 702 newconsumer
Environmental Fashion Competition(Finals)
U just gotta see it to believe it, They got skills
Views: 453 Devar Danny
The Story of a Wooly Jumper - the high eco cost of fashion
A story about the journey of a wooly jumper form manufacture to shop, to throwing it away in landfill. This film highlight the eco cost of fashion and to encourage the ethical disposal and promote swapping of garments.
Views: 414 SavvyStyleGirls
ABC News Story of Green Pages Eco Fashion Show 2007
ABC News Story of Green Pages Eco Fashion Show 2007
Views: 2963 greenpagesaustralia
Sustainable Fashion
Meet the conscionable designers behind Moral Fervor and learn how their use of renewable fabric are becoming a fashion trademark.
Views: 7939 LIMEdotcom
Page Crawford interviews Eco Party-Planner Traci Phillips
Learn ways to throw an eco-friendly party from the woman who planned Sheryl Crow's "green" baby shower
Views: 446 CBS 17
Girls Gone Styled Ep. 3: Green with Rainer Wolter
The Girls Gone Styled Green Episode, with Rainer Wolter. Welcome back to Girls Gone Styled! There's lots of talk about "going green" these days, and this week we interview Proenza Schouler's technical designer, Rainer Wolter, to learn about his contribution to green design. When not creating Proenza pieces, Rainer makes one-of-a-kind dresses from organic and recycled materials. He tells us about how he got his start in fashion, why the green movement is so important, and where he keeps his lederhosen! Email us and let us know your thoughts on the green movement in fashion at [email protected], or upload a video of your eco-friendly designs.
Views: 5563 confashional
Sustainable Collective Spring 08
Sustainable Collective's Spring 08 Collection
The Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show
This fashion show was presented by The Gallery Los Angeles.
Views: 3470 thegalleryla
Green Chic fashion show
Fashion show June
Views: 105 Carole deGagné
The Battalion Fall/Winter 2007 Runway Show
The Battalion Fall/Winter 2007 Runway Show was held during Kitten Fashion Week at the Standard in Downtown Los Angeles. The Battalion is a LA based Eco-friendly women's contemporary clothing line.
Views: 1047 thebattalion2005
Green Chic fashion show
La Chatte Bottee shoes featured at the Green Chic fashion show May 31st 2007
Views: 1149 Carole deGagné

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