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Magic - walking on the swimming pool
Walking on the pool!Cool!
Views: 5841 btwt1996
Swimming Pool Magic Life
This clip was taken last year on our holiday to Rhodos. We stayed in a Magic Life hotel.
Views: 5725 Hawkeyepierce001
Pool Splash and magic show
This show what a bunch of bored kids do when they are in high school and can't obtain alcohol. I left it as original so you can see there's obviously no trick photography. Our heads were in the right place, but it seems as if the final product wasn't quite as intended due to lack of technology at the time. Embarrassing, but quite funny as well. All in all a complete burial on Myself and Jamie.
Views: 1705 Lessthntim
Toba Magic Fountain
The only remote controlled floating fountain on the market for residential pools and ponds. No installation required. It has been called the Bellagio in your backyard.
Views: 4317 tobafountains
Girls Swimming
1st jump from diving board!
Views: 86072 abilenejan
Liquid Nitrogen Bomb in Swimming Pool
Misha bombs the pool with liquid nitrogen. The explosion sent an impressive shock wave through the ground!!!
Views: 3484831 djbalderstone
Nice swimming pool
A nice swimming pool...
Views: 608 andromedia
Swimming Good Time
M and M playing in the pool, Markus is a little submarine
Views: 39894 Bill Batdorf
Swimming Mermaid Doll
This is a mermaid doll that i bought and i wanted to show everyone how it works. Its really cool! I own the doll. MGA Entertainment owns the Copyright. Unfortunately, this doll is no longer sold in stores. You can always try Ebay or Amazon.
Views: 2813221 Christopher Choeng
Kasey Jake pool
Baby pool with Kasey and Jake
Views: 2417 kristystaton
swimming in pool
enjoying the swim in our pool in Bali. Splashing, diving, floating.
Views: 465 Dame Calame
Super Pool!
Super Pool!
Views: 144 21651
Chris Angel - Pool walk -Wow!
Chris Angel, the magician, walks on the water surface of a swimming pool.
Views: 10092 donnyVDObox
Vaanya walking in a swimming pool
Vaanya cool walk in pool, the first time she was waist deep in water, bits club bangalore,
Views: 914 manojsudhakaran
Life Guard in the Pool
Jamie Kennedy Experiment: Life guard orders people to exit the swimming pool due to a bathroom break.. see what happens :)
Views: 5641 Patrick Zwolle
Dragon abuses dolphin
Puff, the magic dragon abuses flipper the dolphin in a swimming pool near Siran (Languedoc, France)
Views: 13667 kristo220
John Cena Attitude Adjustment Into swimming pool
FU onto Alex in swimming pool in Tenerife
Views: 186226 Will Parish
snoopy swimming
snoopy in the pool:]
Views: 79 Willover78
Swimming in Dead Sea Pool @ 7 Months
Brought the boys on their 1st Swimming trip in the Dead Sea area. Of course, they are too young to go into the Dead Sea, but they are nevertheless still contented playing around in the Babies' Pool. They do not fear water at all!
Views: 970 jovialger
Intex pool Waves
Ryan & Me Making Waves
Views: 890396 Billyboler
Dog In Swimming pool
Dog retrieves ball
Views: 32513 g manseau
Pool Party
Puppy (chow) in the pool!
Views: 2366 JulieP31
Chelsea swimming
My poodle, Chelsea, swimming in our pool.
Views: 2684 poodlelover2you
Koko the English Bulldog Swims
She just started swimming one day, like magic.
Views: 68042 pres59
kids at the swimming pool
Yu En playing at Lilydale's swimming pool and joined by another kid.
Views: 541 SimonandLilydale
Glen and Phil at Monroes.
Views: 364 bassgod69
Pool Fun
Tricks & Flips!
Views: 1387 HoopLAproductions
Swimming Pool Runway Walk
My friend, trying to be Puerto Vallarta's Next Top Model.
Views: 3808 sweetlion101
60 pounds of dry ice and a swimming pool
Miker and I decide to find out what happens when you put large amounts of dry ice in a hot tub and swimming pool
Views: 7737386 Ken Corless
addison swimming
addi is in the pool with her daddy o
Views: 89 Rendi Mitchell
Liquid Nitrogen Box in Pool
Fill a liquid nitrogen box and sit in a pool. Great fun for a science based party.
Views: 276377 quackertduck
The Pip in the Pool
Huckleberry splashing in his baby pool
Views: 112 EKLYNCH
shh...we swimming.
dancers. shaina. hazel. heidi. swimming pool
Views: 19500 HipHopShaka
Israel Hotel Dan Eilat - Swimming Pool 2
http://www.danhotels.co.il/danSite/eng/hotelHomepage.asp?hotelNo=8 See The Beautiful Swimming Pool of Dan Eilat Hotel in israel
Views: 8328 erezico36
swimming pool
swimming pool, Mancora, Peru
Views: 218 pierro78
Wawasee Summer Swim Program
Wawasee Summer Swim Program promo.
Views: 976 sjj31
Swimming Pool
Kids playing in the pool
Views: 643 melissakraft25
Surfing the World's Largest Wave Pool, Japan
Wow! During the crazy hot Japanese summer holidays, it's funny how many people flock to the swimming pools, lol. The epic "Ocean Dome" in this video is the largest indoor wave pool in the world and holds the Guinness Record. I was featured in the Surfing Show doing my Surf Juggling Challenge during holiday periods for about three years. Follow the link to the real Ocean Version of my stunt here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kY1RC1yx8w SUBSCRIBE to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ericsurf6 UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to financial concerns the Ocean Dome was sold to Sheraton Hotels and has been indefinitely closed. I believe this was the best and largest surfing wave (non-flowrider) EVER for a pool. They held world ASP events here and several top pro surfers commented that these were the best waves they ever surfed in a wave pool. Check this out...I SURFED IN A CAVE (I'm not sure why) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ30KZCNw0s Czeck out INSANE Juggling while River Surfing in 2013: http://youtu.be/e_z2nnHrqlU Thanks for watching... Surfing is life...... GET SOME! -Eric
Views: 2748576 Ericsurf6
A Walk in the Pool
This one guy is walking upside down, another one is coming in from the side, and then the third guy is... apparently not upside down.
Views: 40705 hanxxor
1993 Barbie Fountain Pool Commercial
This is a commercial for the 1993 Barbie pool.
Views: 526552 BarbieCollectors
Walking Around The Pool
A nice, casual stroll around the humble backyard pool.
Views: 561 chazzwozer
Hayward ColorLogic LED Pool Light SP0525SLED50
Currently for sale on eBay from JusSellIt1345. Visit us at: http://stores.ebay.com/jussellit1345 Thanks!
Views: 153455 jussellit1345
Annette Funicello Gets TOSSED Into The Swimming PooL
Fully Packaged Little DOLL Annette Funicello gets Tossed Into The Swimming PooL__Uh Huh!
Views: 52749 vchim3
2007 - Swimming in the Pool
Nicky doing a flip in the water
Views: 636 gavilla2000
God of War - swimming through Challenge of Atlas.
First, finish Poseidon's challenge before Atlas'. (this is possible with infinite magic, also with regenerating magic if the player is extremely lucky and patient.) As you exit the Chamber of the Eye, the little door you go through won't close behind you. Come back after visiting some other place. You suddenly have an entrance to a half-baked CotE, with only collisions loaded. Jump in the pool and swim out through the floor. Then you're a free man, ready to roam the classy Rings or other fine areas of your choosing... This is the only way I've found to get to swim at the Rings or Atlas' challenge. EDIT: Nope, not any longer. In all actuality, your choices are very limited. Entering Hades's challenge swimming in the air is not possible, and since you already did CoP (and got the trident), Atlas's seems to be the next logical choice. The difficulty in moving like this is with the areas sometimes not loading correctly. By moving more carefully or retrying from a saved game or a checkpoint makes things sometimes alleviate themselves. You can sequence break heavily. You can get the crank, Zeus' shield and get the barred door (at the saw room) open easily. Hades' shield you can't get to, since the area won't load until you drop the stone in there, and you can't pull the switch while swimming. You can swim all the way through to the other end, but you can't get the skull, nor can you open up the door to the TotE, leaving you stuck in the small strand of corridor where you witness the cutscene. The only place where you can abort your state of "swimmingness" is at the yard where there is a puddle of water. The wet stains at the Atlas-statue's room's floor do not unfortunately count as water. God of War glitch FAQ: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/919864/52361
Views: 39246 AKheon
Treks Kids at Magic Springs (part3)
Treks Kids at Magic Springs in Hot Springs Ar.
Views: 8785 trekster Jay
Deep-end Dice
A dice trick I came up with while vacationing by the shore. No magnets, I swear, just cancelled Vegas casino dice.
Views: 6450 JorickHorn
Swimming pool
enjoy sa kapihan
Swimming Pool on Diamond Princess 1/5/06
Swimming Pool on Diamond Princess 1/5/06
Views: 8753 hbsprite

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