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Funny Girl - Glee Cast
Performed by Shelby Corcoran Lyrics: Funny Did you hear that? Funny Yeah, the guy said honey You're a funny girl That's me I just keep them in stitches Doubled in half And though I may be all wrong for the guy I'm good for a laugh I guess it's not funny Life is far from sunny When the laugh is over And the jokes on you A girl ought to have a sense of humor That's one thing you really need for sure When you're a funny girl The fellow said a funny girl Funny, how it ain't so funny Funny girl
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Barbra Streisand - My Man (1975) Funny Girl to Funny Lady
Oy. The sickest performance EVER. ♥ I LOVE this. Excuse the picture quality. If you want to skip through the beginning to the amazingest (shut up, it IS a word. IMPROVISING, HERE.) part, go to around 2:10 . Which will make you go " :O WOAH. " Again, it MAY just be me being a stupid sixteen year old fangirl, but I am in love with that high note. And Barbra herself. :D ♥ ENJOY (:
Views: 59324 StreisandLove
Justin Bieber making fun of a girl's laugh! SO FUNNY!
i was dying hahahahaha
Views: 78284 kidrauhllover3
Funny Girl Dancing
Views: 33443 loga nathan
william pitt funny girl
Views: 18362 PIERRE SIMIAN
Kevin Hart Seriously Funny - Women
A segment from my favorite Kevin Hart Stand Up Special.
Views: 4541272 Alpha Tech Unity Gaming
Rihanna - Only Girl In The World (Guy Singing So Fail! Very FUNNY)
Guy singing rihanna newest song. Its really funny. Check it out! :)
Views: 163068 McWazzaa
The Look of FUNNY GIRL - 1967 TV Special - Barbra Streisand
This isn't great quality, but it's rare, so worth a look! This is an 8-minute television spot ("The Look of Funny Girl") about the costumes Barbra Streisand wore in the 1968 film; "Funny Girl". Lots of footage of Barbra's wardrobe tests! Enjoy
Views: 18932 RecordingStudioGuy
Girl Stunt,So Funny Watch Plzz
Girl Stunt,So Funny Watch Plzz http://impactdesk.com/
Views: 2480 CrazeClub
Funny Girl Cover (barbra streisand) - Pauline Oyco
FOLLOW ME ON SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/paulineoyco
Views: 6536 ariaaspromised
Funny Demon Cam Girl!!
This is a hilarious Demon cam video from the iphone app: Demon Cam! It is so funny its worth the two dollars any day! Enjoy and be kind, rewind (and send it to your friends!)
Views: 59106 TheWeirdoGuys
Banned VW ad of girl saying bollocks..VERY FUNNY!!
Very funny banned Volkswagen ad of a little girl taking after her father after he swears after putting wrong fuel in his VW
Views: 3336 TAYSPORTS
White Girl Dancing: So Funny.
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 32 kayla40cheer
Funny Nativity
Filmed in 1996, we think, at our village church nativity. My sister Ellie was told by Mum to 'sing up so Mummy can hear you at the back'. I hope this makes you laugh as much as it has for my family over the years. See part 2 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmboRgW-LUw&noredirect=1
Views: 2070234 Hannah Sergeant
Hajime No Ippo Idol - Very Funny
When idol goes to the gym, and everyone wants to impress the interviewer. Hilarious!!
Views: 2139397 cloudybrain
so funny a little girl :D
a little girl playing with the vacuum and gets surprise
Views: 239 Aboody1407
Hard Bass- A Girl Singing, So Funny
You have to watch it, she's so funny, and moves her hair like a monkey
Views: 254355 Matt Madigan
Girl's Day play hide & seek part 1
kkkk so funny XD credit : girlsdaydaily no copyright intended. just for fun.
Views: 29747 charron
funny girl  Don't stick your finger up your nose. WattsZap
So funny http://oricepe.blogspot.ro/
Views: 1514 BlueEyes Luci
Funny Girl Cover
I love this song, so here's a go of me singing it from Barbra Streisand's movie "Funny Girl" :-)
Views: 341 Claire Hirsch
funny girl
i just wanted to sing it, so i cheated.
Views: 1442 Alana Goldmann
Seinfeld Clip - Jerry And The Girl With The Funny Laugh
Jerry gives his number to a hostess and tells her a joke. She then laughs in that typical New York laugh.
Views: 239720 MFrancojr1
Omg the girl in this so funny haha
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Views: 178 Darren Millington
funny girl on spy cam
so funny
Views: 372 Annette Brooks
Funny Girl To Funny Lady Preshow- Barbra Streisand (1975)
Funny Girl To Funny Lady, Barbra Streisand and Dick Cavett chat on 3/9/1975
Views: 36951 happykewlgirl
Very "funny" girl dancing with a monkey....Crazy!
We all had a very boring life in Southern Illinois. So, this is how we were entertained.
Views: 93 Mark Baier
Little girl dancing in the mirror - So funny!
This is my daughter caught dancing in front of a mirror in a store. I'm behind a mannequin and racks with my other daughter and she has no idea I am filming her. I have no idea where these moves came from! She doesn't attend dance classes and believe she doesn't get it from me! It's obvious she just really enjoys and can move to the music.
Views: 2586 Honey Habanero
Funny Little Girl Playing on the Slide at Chuck E Cheese.  So cute!  Lilah
See more videos: http://www.youtube.com/libbysmith0003 Lilah loves to slide! Funny Little Girl Playing on the Slide at Chuck E Cheese. So cute! Lilah Lilah playing at Chuck E. Cheese right before Mommy has her baby sister, Londyn. She loves to play here! vlog funny baby girl cute kid
Views: 889864 MiMi's Brag Book
So funny have to watch!!! Little girl cussing!!!
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Views: 193 thegatorweeks
Welcome to the Dejah-Vu Show, where Dejah Taylor- Hudson rules the world. This funny little girl is not holding back and her laugh out loud humor only equals how cute she is. So buckcle up and get ready for the ride through the Bay Area with this Oakland native. Dejah-Vu is ready to show you her world....tune in to "The Dejah-Vu Show"
Views: 745 Baybiz Films
Ave Maria Performed by Silly Girls- Very Funny
Danielle, Baylee and Jamie performing their theatrical version of Ave Maria (or Ave Daniella). So Silly!!!!
Views: 1948 cottoncandy580
Guy Gets Dropped By Woman's Karate Kick so funny.
Karate Front Kick go to http://www.online-karate.com/ to see more in-depth tutorials for FREE
Views: 26384 John Bryan
girl get slap so hard (FUNNY VIDEO)
ADD MY FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/jmellowtv
Views: 35427 JMellowTV
fat girl on a bike (so funny)
some fat girl riding a motorcycle.. lmfao XD
Views: 2965 fatmonkey0069
Kamal Haider is so funny
Kamal Haider sleep style is so funny
Views: 63 786fairystar
Funny Girl - I'm So Pretty, Part 2
My daughter goofin' off again on the computer's funny camera!!!
Views: 48 dcwriter11769
SO FUNNY! Two girls on a rollercoaster (Bobbejaanland)
Zundert mei Bobbejaanland pretpark achtbaan rollercoaster grappig funny humor two girls scream rollercoastertycoon
Views: 345 lOtteu
Funny Two Year Old Little Girl is Batman!  -   Lilah  Ha!
See more Lilah videos: http://www.youtube.com/libbysmith0003 Here's BATMAN - or Lilah! Ha! Lilah loves her super heroes! She's growing up so fast! Funny Two Year Old Little Girl is Batman! - Lilah Ha! Cute funny adorable
Views: 29190 MiMi's Brag Book
Idina Menzel - Funny Girl
Idina Menzel - Funny Girl (Royal Albert Hall - London, 06/10/2011)
Views: 2145 meryn675
Funny - Girl Sings Nigerian National Anthem
Young Girl Sings Nigerian National Anthem on Nigerian Independence Day - Very Funny!!!
How About Cupcake funny girl AFV
I DO NOT own this video or claim any rights to it. I saw this little girl on an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos and fell in love! It was difficult finding the video so I'm just trying to spread it around :)
Views: 37696 vdotubetk
Little Girl Locks Her Sister in A Cupboard! LOL SO FUNNY!
Views: 585 OfficialTillie
Ray is Scared of the Dandelion!! Very Funny! Boy screams like a little girl! Funny kid gets scared!
Its funny the weird things that scare us lol. We found a dead mice in the driveway coming home and Ray wanted to act brave and asked if he can put it in a trash bag and throw it away. Ray is almost 4 at the time and he used to call the tiny mice "Mushak" which is why I keep saying that word in reference to the mice. I was recording him with my phone the whole time so I can show my husband. After he was done he wanted to explain to his dad what he did when he sees a flying dandelion which we call a Wishy lol. I remembered I used to blow on it to make a wish as a kid but this poor kid might never do that. I was recording with my phone so sorry for the shakiness.
Views: 4580 Ray Faiez

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