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Eco-Friendly Fashion on the Rise
Karina Huber reports from New York City on the increasingly popular "green" fashion trend. Subscribe to BizAsiaAmerica: http://goo.gl/FMKaBj Follow CCTV America: Twitter: http://bit.ly/15oqHSy Facebook: http://on.fb.me/172VKne »» Watch CCTV America 7:00pm -- 9:00pm EST daily «« Washington, DC (and greater area) • MHz - Channel 3 • COMCAST (Xfinity) - Channel 273 New York City • Time Warner - Channel 134 • FiOS (Verizon) - Channel 277 Los Angeles • Charter Cable - Channel 562 • Time Warner - Channel 155 Satellite Nationwide • DISH TV - Channel 279
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Eco Friendly, Green Luxury Fashion Brand: Wabi Sabi EcoFashionconcept
Introduction to the company Wabi Sabi Ecofashionconcept, a green fashion brand working at the intersection of quality, design and sustainability. We are the brand of choice for professional women on the go who demand high quality and great styles, and at the same time are concerned about staying healthy and fit.
4th Annual Eco-Friendly Fashion Show
4th Annual Eco-Friendly Fashion Show
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Eco-friendly fashion
Local designer, Jonathan Joseph Peters, talks about eco-friendly fashion. The Rhode Show is WPRI 12's daily lifestyle show for having fun, eating well, and living life.
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earthrise - Pesticide Free Farming in India & Eco-Friendly Fashion
Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribe earthrise explores solutions to today's environmental challenges, taking an upbeat look at ecological, scientific, technological and design projects the world over. A revolutionary experiment in sustainable agriculture is showing impressive results in south India. Urban planners combine economic growth with environmental initiatives and tackling the environmental impact of the fashion industry, one discarded scrap of fabric at a time. At Al Jazeera English, we focus on people and events that affect people's lives. We bring topics to light that often go under-reported, listening to all sides of the story and giving a 'voice to the voiceless.' Reaching more than 270 million households in over 140 countries across the globe, our viewers trust Al Jazeera English to keep them informed, inspired, and entertained. Our impartial, fact-based reporting wins worldwide praise and respect. It is our unique brand of journalism that the world has come to rely on. We are reshaping global media and constantly working to strengthen our reputation as one of the world's most respected news and current affairs channels. Social Media links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera Instagram: https://instagram.com/aljazeera/?ref=... Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajenglish Website: http://www.aljazeera.com/ google+: https://plus.google.com/+aljazeera/posts
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What Is Target Eco-Friendly Clothing Made Of? : Fashion & the Environment
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowbeauty Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowbeauty Target Eco-friendly clothing is made out of a wide variety of different materials, like bamboo or organic cotton. Find out what Target Eco-friendly clothing is made out of with help from a lifelong fashion industry professional in this free video clip. Expert: Rebecca Mink Filmmaker: John Wilbers Series Description: Just because you want to remain on the cutting edge of fashion doesn't mean that you can't be conscious about the environment while you do it. Find out about shoes and clothing with the environment in mind with help from a lifelong fashion industry professional in this free video series.
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Best Environmentally Friendly Fashion Finds | Earth Day | Fashion Must Haves
Earth Day is Monday, April 22, and to celebrate, we've found some seriously chic pieces that also prove eco-friendly and sustainable. From vegan leather handbags and vegetable-dyed sandals to organic cotton and hemp tops, these are our top eco picks with a fashionable twist. Click play to get the rundown — then, go out and shop for a good cause! On Allison McNamara: Carrie Parry dress, Jemma Sands necklace. Subscribe for more POPSUGAR Fashion! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartvfab Visit our website for more hot fashion tips! http://www.popsugar.tv/#fashion Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/POPSUGARFashion Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/POPSUGARFashion
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Are Simple, Eco-Friendly Shoes Comfortable? : Shoes & Fashion
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowbeauty Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowbeauty Just because a shoe is eco-friendly doesn't mean that it will also be uncomfortable. Find out if simple, eco-friendly shoes are comfortable with help from a model, fashion stylist, and designer in this free video clip. Expert: Rebecca Mink Filmmaker: John Wilbers Series Description: Shoes play arguably a more important role in fashion than any other item in your wardrobe. Learn more about the relationship between shoes and fashion with help from a model, fashion stylist, and designer in this free video series.
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친환경의류로 세계시장 주목 / Eco friendly clothing is getting attention in global market.
[아나운서] 빠르게 변하는 유행에 따라 옷을 입고 버리는 '패스트 패션'이 환경오염의 주범이라는 것 아시나요? 이런 가운데, 친환경 패션 문화를 이끄는 국내 사회적 기업이 늘고 있습니다. 김민지 기자의 보돕니다. [리포트] 지난 5월, 세계 최초로 선보인, 옥수수로 만든 영유아 양말. 영유아의 약한 피부에 무해해 피부질환을 일으킬 우려가 적어 자녀를 키우는 부모들의 입소문을 탔습니다. 이 옥수수 양말은 국내 사회적 기업이 1년 6개월에 걸친 연구개발 끝에 특허 출원을 마쳤습니다. 독특한 디자인과 친환경 소재가 만남으로, 출시 한 달 만에 세계에서 러브콜을 받고 있습니다. 올해 네덜란드와 미국, 일본 등에서 판매될 예정입니다. [인터뷰 이태성 대표 / 옥수수양말 판매업체] ~나일론이나 폴리에스테르로 만든 일반 양말 같은 경우에는 생분해되는 기간도 굉장히 길고, 생산이나 폐기 시에 화석연료의 사용이나 CO2배출이 대단히 많은데 비해서, 옥수수 섬유로 만든 친환경 양말의 경우에 는 화석연료 사용을 30%이상 절감시킬 수 있고 1년 이내에 생분해될 수 있는 친환경 양말입니다. 국내 모 야구팀의 유니폼으로, 윤리적 패션 문화를 이끌어오고 있는 사회적기업의 제품입니다. 겉보기엔 평범해 보이지만, 버려진 페트병을 재활용해 만들었습니다. 쓰레기 폐기를 줄이는 것은 물론. 유니폼을 생산하는 데 사용되는 석유자원을 한 벌 당 360g씩 줄여 환경에 미치는 영향이 최소화됩니다. 특히, 이 기업에서는 흰 면 티셔츠를 찾아볼 수 없습니다. 흰 면 생산에 필요한 탈색과 표백 작업이 어마어마한 환경오염을 유발하기 때문입니다. [인터뷰 김방호 대표이사 / 윤리적 패션 사회적 기업] ~환경과 노동의 가치를 존중하면서도 재무적 지속가능성을 가지고 회사를 운영하고 싶고요. 소비자에게도 경쟁력 있는 제품을 제공하고 싶습니다. 빠른 유행에 맞춰 옷을 입고 쉽게 버리는 패스트 패션문화가 자리 잡은 요즘. 멋과 환경 모두를 생각하는 친환경 의류 기업이 세계 시장에서 우뚝 서길 기대해봅니다. 산업뉴스 김민지입니다.
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DIY Upcycled Newspaper & Plastic Cups Dress ♡ 環保膠瓶&報紙裙 | SHERRY W.
Thumbs up for upcycling! 用舊膠瓶和報紙變做環保報紙裙 Transform your....plastic bottles, bags, newspaper, and other useless products into a super unique and eco-friendly dress :) Have fun upcycling! Watch as I use 環保膠瓶&報紙裙~~ ------------------- Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/sherrybyw Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/sherrybyw ♥ Business Inquiries [email protected]
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Green Fashion, Chic Compassion: Eco-Vegan Fall Style
Whitney goes on a tour of the best eco-friendly stores and fashion companies in the US, highlighting clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Have a question? Submit it here: http://bit.ly/askevgquestion -- Follow Eco-Vegan Gal on these sites (scroll down for more info on this video): -- Subscribe to videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ecovegangal -- Website: http://www.ecovegangal.com -- Sign up for the EvG newsletter: http://eepurl.com/f4sQz - Twitter: http://twitter.com/ecovegangal -- Facebook: http://facebook.com/ecovegangal -- Google Plus: http://gplus.to/ecovegangal -- Tumblr: http://ecovegangal.tumblr.com -- Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/ecovegangal -- Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ecovegangal -- Instagram: http://instagram.com/ecovegangal -- Whitney profiles some of the most stylish eco-friendly and vegan fashion designers and their fall 2013 styles. She visits Reve in LA, Grace & Greene in Redondo Beach, Sudo Shoes in Cambridge, Moo Shoes in New York City, Eco Closet in Brooklyn and Vaute Couture in Brooklyn. Designers: - ecoSkin Apparel - Beyond Skin - Stewart & Brown - Prairie Underground - Dawn Bacon - Raw Earth Wild Sky - Betty Belts - Reuse Jeans - Yala Designs - Odina - Arbor - di Romeo - Hearts of Darkness - Novacas - Raven + Lily - Mel Shoes - Love is Mighty - Gunas - Urban Expressions - Mink - FaireCollection (formerly Andean Collection) - Betsy & Iya - Marjorie Victor - Smart Glass - The Podolls - Groceries - Vaute Couture -- Music: "On Top Of The World" by Tim McMorris -- Disclosure: Ford invited me to be an Agent for the #FiestaMovement. They've provided me with a 2014 Ford Fiesta, and they're covering gas, insurance and admin costs. disclosur.es/1YxXYQ http://www.fiestamovement.com/agents/ecovegangal
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H&M Conscious Collection Sneak Peek | Fashion Flash
Why not do something good for our planet and pick up something stylish at the same time? Each Spring, H&M delivers its Conscious collection along with its dressier line, Conscious Exclusive. Filled with fringed '20s-inspired gowns, sleek suits, and a standout seafoam ball gown, it's hard to believe this line is entirely eco-friendly. We headed over to the H&M showroom in LA to show you a few of our top picks from this collection. The line hits stores on April 4, so don't forget to go shop for a good cause! On Allison McNamara: H&M. Subscribe for more POPSUGAR Fashion! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartvfab Visit our website for more hot fashion tips! http://www.popsugar.tv/#fashion Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/FabSugar Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/fabsugar
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euronews terra viva - Going green: eco-friendly weddings all the trend
http://www.euronews.com/ Mariage - an institution which stands the test of time. Two million weddings are celebrated in the European Union each year. Although the number of weddings is falling, traditions live on. Like any other business, weddings follow trends. And what could be more trendy than an eco-friendly wedding? The UK is home to some of the pioneers surfing this green wave, with a growing number of young couples opting for what's become known as the "green wedding". Kate and Gareth are getting married in the spring. They have chosen 'The Green House" hotel as their venue, a hotel specialised in weddings and sustainable development. Organising their big day has made Kate acutely aware of how every little details can have an impact on the environment. "For us, it's just choosing local produce, seasonal produce and, much like the hotel, we've been supporting local businesses. Our wedding cake is actually being made by a lady whom I've met through work, who works locally, rather than going with the big corporates. We try to support local teams with things like our favours. We have just spent a bit more time going through organic or fair trade products. It's about making a conscious choice rather than going for the cheapest of the easiest option, putting a little bit more into it and hopefully every little thing helps," says Kate. Katie Fewings has set up website to help couples planning on going green. She was a green bride back in 2005, when nobody really knew what a green wedding was. "It all started with my own wedding, basically. When I first started to read wedding magazines, I think the budget for an average wedding back then was 17,000 pounds. My husband and I were not going to spend anything like that, but it just got me thinking, if people were spending that amount of money on a wedding - and obviously some people will be spending a lot more - just imagine what good you can do with that money if you spend it in the right places," says Katie Fewings, founder of the website "Ethical Weddings". Becci is another green wedding pioneer. She got married in 2004, and made pretty much everything from scratch, from her recycled wedding dress to the decorations and gifts. Her main motivation was financial, but not only: "I think it's wonderful that it is fashionable and more in people's minds to be green. I just think that they might be spending a little bit too much money on it. I think you can do everything cheaper if you do it yourself and it's more fun as well. It makes your wedding more personal," says Becci. A different style and a whole different budget too: Lucy Tamman's Atelier in London's fashionable Bloomsbury neighbourhood. A graduate from London's prestigious Central St Martin's College of art and design, Tamman is a pioneer in eco-couture: "When someone looks at my gowns they don't say 'It's hippie and ethical', they say 'It's a beautiful, unique, couture, design' and they can see the craftsmanship and the quality straight away," says designer Lucy Tamman. "But I have the added extra of being ethical so there's more to the dress, there's a story behind it, which is very much appreciated by most of the brides because it gives a little bit extra and they can know, on their wedding day, that no one has been exploited to help them create that perfect day." And be assured that your best will be all the better for the environment, however green you go. Katie Fewings has this advice: "If you try to do everything, it can get quite stressful and you're not necessarily going to achieve it. You don't want to feel like a failure on your wedding day, which is a feedback I have with some couples: 'I can't do this green wedding because I try to do every single bit of it green'. So just relax: the fact that you are trying to have an ethical wedding is amazing. Most people won't even think about it," she says. Find us on: Youtube http://bit.ly/zr3upY Facebook http://www.facebook.com/euronews.fans Twitter http://twitter.com/euronews
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ADS TV: FASHION & STYLE: Eco-Friendly Fashion
In this week's Fashion & Style of ANOKHI Daily Spotlight TV, we explore the world of sustainable fabrics with eco-friendly label: Bhana Design Company. Clothing designer, Trisha Rampersad tells ADSTV about the ethical and environmentally friendly principles that she brings to her clothing as well as three trends for Spring/Summer 2014: 1. Voluminous Fabrics 2. Tailored Cuts 3. Metallics Tune in Mon - Fri for more episodes of ANOKHI Daily Spotlight TV at 12pm EST Interactive. Engaging. Entertaining. www.AnokhiMedia.com
► AURIA, The Eco-Friendly Swimwear Collection for ESTHETICA | An Exclusive Interview with yoox.com
http://yoox.ly/yooxFashion Auria's eco-friendly swimwear collection combines soul and pop inspirations Diana Auria is a stylist; Margot Bowman is an illustrator. Together, these longtime friends created the eco-friendly swimwear brand, Auria, which is a part of the Esthetica project, promoted by the British Fashion Council. In this exclusive video for yoox.com, they talk about the concept behind their latest collection, which is inspired by the Greek goddess Phoebe and crafted out of intricate recycled fabrics. Animo eco e ispirazioni pop per la collezione swimwear di Auria Diana Auria è la stilista, Margot Bowman l'illustratrice. Sono amiche da anni e insieme hanno creato la collezione swimwear del brand Auria, selezionata nell'ambito di Estethica, il progetto promosso dal British Fashion Council per supportare i designer dall'animo eco-friendly. In questo video esclusivo per yoox.com raccontano il concept della collezione, ispirata alla dea greca Artemide, e realizzata con speciali tessuti utilizzati riciclati. *** yoox.com, established in 2000, is the world's leading lifestyle e-store for multi-brand fashion, design and art. Shopping on yoox.com is all about discovery - an eclectic and playful journey beyond fashion's strict seasonal rules - allowing men and women to express their individuality through timeless and creative style. http://yoox.ly/shopyoox Powered by YOOX Group
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Eco-Friendly Hand Made Jewellery
Hand Made Jewellery is almost as old as mankind itself. Many new techniques were introduced over the centuries but none has prevailed more than the hand made jewellery. Hand made jewellery gives you a uniqueness that you will not have with any other type of manufactured jewellery. In today's jewellery industry there are two trends which conscious buyers need to be aware of in choosing their jewellery. One is that of mass produced cast jewellery from sweat shops in Asia, passing itself off as hand made jewellery and the other is the sourcing of precious stones from unknown sources often involving child labour in the mining of the stones. Christian Gortz Hand Made Jewellery is an eco-friendly jewellery maker who ensures all the components of his pieces are sourced locally or through fair trade. No blood diamonds or emeralds are used in the pieces you will see at the online jewellery store showcasing Chris's wonderful hand made jewellery pieces. Join with Christian Gortz in his studio in the hinterland of Byron Bay. He is a traditionally trained German craftsman with many years' experience in making eco-friendly hand made jewellery who will create exquisite original pieces especially for you that you can be proud to wear. Please visit his website www.christiangortz.com http://www.facebook.com/christian.gortz.jewellery http://youtu.be/s8ewC2RRNgs
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Eco-Friendly Fashion Show 2013
This year's Eco-Friendly Fashion Show was based on a "candy land" theme. This film demonstrates the story behind the show the tech crew developed using Keynote and then was followed by pictures taken at the actual event. The show was a success! We're even more excited to do it all again following another exciting theme!
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Green Fashion
CCTV's Karina Huber in New York City reports on the multi-billion dollar green fashion industry.
BE TH3 CHANGE - Eco-Friendly Streetwear (Kickstarter)
BE TH3 CHANGE - Eco-Friendly Streetwear Support the Campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1300219038/streetwear-never-looked-so-green FB: facebook.com/be.th3.change Twitter: @be_th3_change Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109780875725705152020/ LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/be-th3-change
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fashion handbags eco friendly
buy fashion accessories and help support a livelihood program. visit capeez online or www.capeez.biz.
USA Made Eco-Friendly Clothing
Check out these gorgeous eco-friendly fashions made in America. You have to try these clothes to see how comfortable they are. Feel good about looking great.
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TYWLSA Eco-Friendly Fashion Show and Competencies
This video shows some of process behind TYWLSA Eco-Friendly Fashion Show and how this is tied to 21st Century Skills.
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Spring 2013 Sexy Eco Fashion Show - Featuring Designer Eco Friendly Spring Season Clothing
Spring Season 2013 Sexy Eco Fashion Show - Featuring Designer Eco Friendly Clothing From Around The World
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Fashion ComPassion - ECO-FAIR - A Green Style Fashion & Art Event
On 19th June, Fashion ComPassion and Debut Contemporary gallery fused art with socially conscious style at their latest collaborative event, ECO-FAIR. Their co-curated showcase featured eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands ABO London, BACA, Rags2Riches, SUPU jewellery together stunning art pieces created by emerging artists Anja Kleemann-Jacks, David Booth and Laura Iosifescu. The night was a great success, with a fabulous crowd that loved the collection and bought the unique accessories to style their summer wardrobes. By showcasing brands that combine design and eco-friendly production, Fashion ComPassion brought sustainable and socially responsible fashion one step closer to the forefront of the main stream fashion industry.
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FashionCork UK | Eco Friendly Fashion Accessories | Bags, Purses and more
visit http://www.fashioncorkuk.com | Video by http://www.sws-ltd.com Fashion cork UK is a trading name of Techprestige Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales by Franc Germano. Born of the initiative to bring a material 100% eco friendly and truly Portuguese to the UK Market whilstraising the bar in prestige fashion, we present a range of products with functionality, durability and aesthetics. Cork products are water proof, fire proof, washable, recyclable, nontoxic, lightweight, flexible, insulating, elastic and well known in several countries in USA Canada Europe Australia and Africa. We have a new range at very good prices with summer sales and discounts Contact us at http://www.fashioncorkuk.com
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ALOHA! I hope you like today's fashion video! As I mentioned in the video, I absolutely love the Hawaiian lifestyle and especially their vibrant, fun style. I've been literally living in these dresses all summer because they are SO COMFORTABLE!! On top of being comfy, the pieces were made out of all recyclable fabrics. Amazing how a few pieces of scrap pieces of fabric can be turned into a masterpiece! I hope they inspired some of you. Huge shout out to Audrey Acosta for creating these fabulous pieces, and another shout out to Shoplately for always carrying all of my favorite jewelry!! I upload NEW VIDEOS every THURSDAY at 6am CST, so don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/1deG6M9 Related Videos: Product Information: FIRST TWO DRESSES & SKIRT by AUDREY ACOSTA DESIGNS TO SHOP: www.audreyacostadesigns.com/shop/category/short-ginger-wrap-around-skirt/ WEBSITE: www.audreyacostadesigns.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/ShopAudreyAcostaDesigns ALL JEWELRY from SHOPLATELY TO SHOP: http://shoplately.com/?u=sb30q14m Follow Me: Blog: http://bit.ly/1QONVdO Twitter: http://bit.ly/1BL65qn Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1GocdBa Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1BzFgow Instagram: http://bit.ly/1FzXIbP For business inquiries: [email protected] Email me personally: [email protected] Hello!! I'm Erica Louie & welcome to my channel! Here is where I share my life, my fashion journey, my favorite beauty finds and delicious recipes with all of my wonderful viewers. When it comes to fashion and beauty, I live by only one rule: "wear what makes you happy". No one should be constrained by trends or outdated rules. My style changes everyday, but what remains the same is the confidence I feel when I find something I love and represents ME. I hope that my videos inspire and empower you to explore the things that make YOU happy. I believe that inner beauty, confidence and true style is born when you start embracing and loving yourself. Can't wait to grow and share my journey with all of you! DISCLAIMER: Some of the links in my description box are affiliate links, and some accessories in this video were borrowed from my wonderful sponsors. Clothing items are all personal items from my wardrobe. I am humbled by the generosity of the companies I work with and grateful for the support of my subscribers. Thank you for allowing me to continue to do what I love most.
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FabriConscious - Eco-Friendly Uniforms by Superior Uniform Group and Fashion Seal Healthcare
One of the ways Superior Uniform Group and the Fashion Seal Healthcare brand takes social responsibility is through the FabriConscious line of uniforms produced with eco-friendly fabrics. Every year, billions of plastic water bottles end up in landfills creating harmful greenhouse gasses and poisoning the earth's soil and water table. Eco-poly addresses this particular malady through recycling. Once collected, the bottles enter a process in which they are cleaned, shredded, liquefied and formed into polyester filaments. The resulting yarn is stretched and spooled in preparation to be woven into polyester fabric. Superior Uniform group offers these eco-poly fabrics as part of their FabriConscious fabric line offering stylish and practical uniforms to a variety of industries. By using products that are eco-friendly and sustainable, we not only help reduce our dependence on petroleum but we decrease the size of our carbon footprint. Superior Uniform Group is proud to contribute towards a healthier environment and a greener planet. You can learn more about FabriConscious garments by contacting us at: [email protected] or 1-800-727-8643 or www.SuperiorUniformGroup.com
How to Make Shopping Eco-Friendly | Green Living
Watch more Green Living Guide videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/514809-How-to-Make-Shopping-EcoFriendly-Green-Living Hi, I'm Alegre from Ember Living, here today to talk about to green your wardrobe. There are some sustainable clothing brands out there such as Threads for Thought or Linda Loudermilk . But those are few and far between. Really the best way to green your wardrobe is to buy used. And you can do it at the traditional apparel stores et cetera but one of my favorite ways to buy used clothing is actually on Ebay. And I figured this out shortly after I had my child and two weddings to go to. And they were both out of state, totally different environments, totally different climates. And I wasn't the size that I normally am so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on that. And for one of the weddings it had to be purple because I was walking down the aisle and there was a lot of purple in the wedding. So, it was so easy to storm Ebay and look for a purple linen dress in my size and get thousands of options. If I had tried to find the same sort of thing in the store I would have spent hours looking for something. You'd be surprised Ebay is a great place to look for these sorts of things. I always go on Ebay too when I'm looking for special occasion shoes for my daughter because the shoes that she's going to maybe wear one time. So I just go on Ebay, spend 10, 20 bucks on it and I don't sweat it and then I just donate them. So, Ebay's a great source for clothes. If you're going to buy new, one of the things that I like encourage people to do to prevent people from overspending is buy clothing or shoes or whatever accessory it is and hold on to it for a week before you actually start using it. A lot of times I'll bring something home I'll hang it up and then I will force myself to wear anything that's kind of similar to it and I'll realize that I don't actually need that piece of clothing. It was a spontaneous buy that I was interested in at the moment but after a week it kind of loses its luster and then I just return it. It's better for my pocket book and it's better for the environment because the clothes that I already have are getting more use out of them. Finally, sometimes there's fun ways to make something yourself. I call these "design upgrades", where I'll take something that's sort of what I want but not quite and I'll do a little something to it to make it more special. I recently do this actually with my carry-on bag. I saw this beautiful bag. It was $500. I loved it. But it wasn't exactly right, this $500 bag. It's a little too big. Plus, it was $500. So, I was like, "Ha! I thought I could find something similar". I went on Ebay. I found a brand new bag that cost $26 and then I simply added a layer of craft paint to it to give it a little bit of a sheen, which was the thing that I really liked about the $500 bag. So, for literally a couple of bucks I now have a beautiful carry-on bag. And for more on that bag and other videos on how to green your wardrobe, visit my website EmberLiving.com.
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Dynamite Editorials Eco-Friendly Fashion Photo Shoot at ModTex #ShopModTex
08/11/13 Dynamite Editorials produced a photo shoot at reuse clothing store, ModTex in downtown Fullerton. To learn more about this shoot go to: http://wp.me/p34myR-1g6
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Green Fashion LFW
Green designers at London Fashion Week 2013
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London Fashion Week: Eco-Friendly Jewellery Katie Walker
I met Katie during London Fashion Week, Ecoluxe London exhibition, she is an eco-friendly jewellery designer who wanted to do more for pressing issues facing woman and children in developing countries through recycling. She created the concept of Believer to make change through ethical and fair trade jewellery, highlighting a social responsibility for product source and providing the public with an avenue to learn and help. The handmade collections are handmade using recycled silver, brass and trade beads. "Responsible shoppers can stand up for what they believe in and contribute to changing the world, one cause at a time" Katie believes.
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Linda Loudermilk - Eco-Friendly Denim
The eco-luxury expert gives Style.com an exclusive tour of the factory where her green jeans get made. Still haven’t subscribed to Style on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/styleyoutubesub CONNECT WITH STYLE Web: http://www.style.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/styledotcom Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/style Google+: http://plus.google.com/+styledotcom Instagram: http://instagram.com/styledotcom Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/styledotcom Tumblr: http://officialstyledotcom.tumblr.com The Scene: http://thescene.com/style Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene: http://bit.ly/subthescene Linda Loudermilk - Eco-Friendly Denim Starring: Linda Loudermilk
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Redress Eco-Fashion & Textiles Conference 2013
Redress Eco-Fashion & Textiles Conference, a weekend-long event focused on innovation and advancement within the fashion & textiles industry. During the conference attendees had the choice of attending lectures, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops varying in topics including: eco-friendly dyeing methods, become an eco-conscious consumer, and sourcing materials locally. Videography and editing by Drawbridge Media
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Rainbow Cleaners & Alterations | Phoenix, AZ | Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning
Get your clothes clean, your shirts pressed, your laundry done while saving water AND the environment. Rainbow Cleaners & Alterations in Phoenix, Arizona, provides environmentally-friendly dry cleaning, laundry, stain removal, and shirt pressing services that use green, organic products that will clean your clothes without allergy-irritating chemicals. Pants too long? They have an alteration service. Hectic schedule? They provide a 24-hour drop box and also pick-up service. Go green and get clean with Rainbow Cleaners & Alterations.
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Blake Mycoskie: Why Eco-Friendly Clothing will Never Go Out of Style (I Am Eco Warrior)
www.iamecowarrior.com in partnership with youtube.com/user/tomsshoes While vacationing in Argentina in 2006, innovator Blake Mycoskie spent a day volunteering with a local non-profit organization delivering used shoes to children in the villages outside Buenos Aires. Mycoskie realized that he could sustainably fund a philanthropic movement through the creation of a unique One for One business model, which provides a new pair of TOMS shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased. In this clip, Blake addresses concerns that eco-friendly fashion is just a fad. Transcript -- Blake Mycoskie: I want to take the question "Is eco clothing a fad or is it something here to stay?" and I want to look at it as a larger perspective -- is environmental awareness a fad or is that something that's here to stay? I think that more and more there's conclusive proof that we have to make a change. As the critical moment gets closer and closer, people will be forced to make decisions knowing that there's a real repercussion in the not so distant future. So with clothing it's a very easy way to say "Hey, I'm in the group. I'm not contributing to the problem but I'm part of the solution." Because what you wear, they've always said, is a fashion statement. And when someone's wearing a pair of Tom's, they're saying, "I care about people." You know I could've bought Converse, I could've bought Vans, I could have bought any of these canvass shoes, but I chose to buy Tom's because I know someone is getting a pair as well. And I think it's the same for some of the eco clothing lines is people recognize, ok, you maybe paid a little bit more to get that organic cotton shirt, but, you're making a statement about what's important to you. And I don't think that has ever fallen out of fashion. Directed by Roger Moenks
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Shanti Green - Yoga Clothing & Eco-Fashion from Organic Bamboo
http://www.shantigreen.com Shanti Green online shop for eco-friendly yoga clothing. Yoga pants, tops, casuals and activewear for women. Discover the beauty of organic bamboo fabric!
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Shanti Green - Organic Yoga Clothing & Casuals from Bamboo
www.shantigreen.com Shanti Green online shop for eco-friendly yoga clothing. Yoga pants, tops, casuals and activewear for women. Discover the beauty of organic bamboo fabric!
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Green Dog Eco Friendly Clothing
http://myfabulouspuppy.com- Quality eco friendly dog clothing boutique
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Eco-Conscious Denim Brands
MORE Kings of Indigo HERE: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/kings-of-indigo Trend Hunter met with Everton McDougall to learn about Kings of Indigo (K.O.I.), a denim producing company that is very conscious about the environment. Their aim is to make products that are bound to last through the years with looks that work for everyone. At K.O.I, there's a look for each person from the washes and the colors, to the cuts and flexibility of the pants.
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Jute Bags Jute bags have become apart of latest vogue and are very much in use these days. Jute is known to be one of the most valuable natural resource of India an is a truly versatile fiber. Why JUTE Bags: JUTE Bags are eco-friendly. Jute is 100% bio-degradable. Jute is a fast growing crop with a much higher carbon dioxide assimilation rate than trees. Jute production creates much needed employment in poorer regions of the world. Dwarak Exports is one of the exporters and wholesale suppliers of a wide range of Jute bags. Our main goal is to give Eco- friendly Products we ensure timely delivers of best quality products at most Economic prices at all times. We supply products depending on the need of our customers and as per buyers requirement. As per the requirements of our clients, the jute bags are customized on the following parameters: • Weight • Size • Color • Style & design • Usage • Products: • JUTE SHOPPING BAG • JUTE WINE BAG • JUTE YOGA MAT BAG • JUTE CARRY BAG • JUTE HAND BAG • JUTE BEACH BAG • JUTE YOGA PILLOW • JUTE POUCHES • JUTE FOLDERS .
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HouseSmarts Green Piece "Eco-Friendly Shoe Manufacturing" Episode 94
Each week, our experts will introduce and explore new, environmentally-friendly ways to improve your home while improving the planet. This week we're learning about green shoes.
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