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How to configure syslog service for UNIX and UNIX like hosts?
This video tutorial helps you to configure syslog services for UNIX and UNIX like hosts such as HP-UX, Solaris and IBM AIX hosts. For more 'How to' videos visit http://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/
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IIS : Configuration de la journalisation
IIS : Configuration de la journalisation
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Tracking User Activity in Zend Server
Describes how to work with the Zend Server Audit Trail feature: viewing, filtering, exporting and configuring.
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How to configure the LSI Syslog Events, and what is reported to Open-E DSS V7 Event Viewer
- Connecting to the LSI RAID with MegaRAID Storage Manager - Configure the Syslog categories or other specific events - See report in Open-E DSS V7 Event Viewer - Recommendation to setup the Open-E DSS V7 E-mail © http://www.open-e.com
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Hadoop Tutorial: Analyzing Server Logs
This video explores how to use Hadoop and the Hortonworks Data Platform to analyze server log data and respond quickly to an enterprise security breach. Server logs are computer-generated logs that capture data on the operations of a network. Useful for managing network operations, especially for security and regulatory compliance. Organizations use server logs to answer questions about security and compliance.
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Log Watcher - Overview
Log Watcher is tool designed to reduce the time and energy needed to maintain a large number of servers on a network. Log Watcher is designed to collect errors from various log files from multiple servers into a central database in real time, and then transmit alerts based on the severity of the errors. This system allows technical support personnel to be alerted to errors before they escalate to a more serious problem, for example when there is a crashing server. It also allows an administrator to view the errors in a central location, rather than checking several files on many servers to look for problems. Log Watcher is fully configurable using regular expressions, so that an administrator can specify many types of log files to be read and indicate specific actions to take based on the contents of the message. The system database also maintains historical data on errors logged, which can be used for reporting and analysis of errors across many servers.
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Extrahop/Splunk: Using FLOW_TICK to monitor ClientIP Traffic
*Sorry for the audio, will re-record as soon as I get a chance, I have about ten more to do so I want to get them done then I will come back to this one. Using Extrahop's FLOW_TICK feature to root out potential malfeasance within your network or potential malware running amok.
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ms sql server 2012 how to create an automated event log monitoring solution demo
In this demo, we will learn how to create an automated event log monitoring solution in MS SQL Server 2012.
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alphorm.com | Formation administration PostgreSQL (11/22) Les logs d'activités sous PostgreSQL
Cette vidéo/tutorial fait partie de la formation administration PostgreSQL. Elle est réalisée par l'expert bases de données Noureddine Drissipour http://www.alphorm.com. Vous pouvez retrouver toute la formation ici http://www.alphorm.com/formation/administration-postgresql Voici le plan de cette formation : Les logs d'activités Enregistre les évènements pendant l'exécution du serveur Méthode d'enregistrement fsync, stderr, syslog, eventlog (Windows) Niveau de trace Différentes nature de message Possibilité d'ajuster le niveau de trace Bonne formation.
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Monitoring Log Files in Real Time with EventSentry
This tutorial shows how to configure EventSentry to monitor a log file in real time and view the results through the web-based reporting.
Top 10 New Features of IBM i Security  2013
In this Coffee with Carol session, the latest IBM i Security features are discussed. Several enhancements were provided in V6R1 and V7R1. In addition, several important enhancements have been added in the Technology Releases since V7R1. Join Carol Woodbury as she describes these recent enhancements.
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