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IP Risk Control: Global Brand Protection Solutions
Appiphany Technologies (IP Risk Control) (OTC: APHD) is a full-service brand protection company assisting brand owners in risk management solutions covering all aspects of anti-counterfeiting, diversion and fraud. Over the past 13 years, the current core risk managers have specialized in full track and trace supply chain solutions and best-of-breed security technologies with a special focus on Watchdog, APHD’s comprehensive internet monitoring service. Although the company’s primary business focus is North and South America, they have expanded their roster to include European clientele as well. Visit Redchip.com for more information.
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Brand Protection
Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director Product Management at Xeikon, talks about the increasing importance of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection features.
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Syniverse Real-Time Intelligence Portfolio Delivers Brand Protection...
The world's top mobile service providers are turning to Syniverse's Real-Time Intelligence (RTI) suite to optimize the user experience, drive usage and mitigate churn. Watch this video overview of Syniverse's RTI portfolio and use cases. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120222005507/en/Syniverse-Real-Time-Intelligence-Portfolio-Delivers-Brand-Protection
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Junjian Brand Pre-cooling & Air Pump Ice Cream Machine
Product Feature: 1.World Famous Brand Embraco Compressor, Stability Operation 2.Produces 20-26L/H or 30-36L/H for Large Capacity 3.Low Noise, Over Current Protection, Low Voltage Protection 4.Food Safety Stainless Steel Handle And Body 5. Air Pump Pre-Cooling Function Can Be Selected 6.220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ Can Be Choose --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT Vincent Gong Sales Manager Whatsapp:+86 13229497796 WeChat: VincentGong29 Email/Skype: [email protected]
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What is brand protection: Kodak brand protection solutions (full version)
Kodak Brand Protection Services In today's global economy, off-shore manufacturing and the demand for cheaper labor have increased the risks associated with black market, gray market, trademark and patent infringement, and product tampering. Do you have a brand protection program? How effective is it? Can it protect against counterfeiting, product diversion or product tampering? Kodak Brand Protection Services can customize a solution just for you, assessing your current strategy and program, identifying risks and key problem areas, and outlining a strategy for current and future improvements. Our Brand Protection Strategy includes five steps: assess, design, protect, monitor and enforce. To create a customized solution that works for you, we offer four services, to include Assessment & Advisory Services, Forensic Product Analysis Services, Prototype Development Services, and Implementation Services. Assessment and Advisory Services Just how good is your brand protection program? Let Kodak conduct an assessment to identify black market & gray market risks, tampering concerns, and trademark infringement issues. Guiding you through a thorough assessment, we can also identify key problem areas and then design a world-class brand protection strategy customized for your company. Kodak can assist you with brand protection processes such as marketplace product sampling, covert purchases, warehouse audits, supply chain distribution inspections, enforcement strategies, customs training and import/export monitoring. Not only can we develop and implement an investigative plan to support your brand protection solution, but we can also guide you on best practices and enforcement strategies. Forensic Product Analysis Services We know you've worked hard to protect your brand. If you want a clear picture of how vulnerable you are to counterfeiting and diversion, let our world-class Analytical Sciences team evaluate your product or packaging security features and countermeasures. Send us your package plus a control sample and we'll analyze them. We can tell you how your packaging was printed and report back on the anti counterfeiting or anti diversion measures implemented by your company. It's a key part of our process for developing tailored recommendations to improve your specific brand protection tactics and strategies. The analytical scientists , conduct chemical and materials characterization, helping us design unique, hard-to-replicate products. They also ensure our security features and countermeasures cannot be detected using readily-available analytical testing and forensic-level techniques and equipment. As part of the process, we can analyze your product packaging security features, and identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The Laboratory forensic analysis includes Raman Spectroscopy, DNA sampling, molecular markings, and other scientific processes. Prototype Development Services Let us develop product and packaging prototypes that incorporate state-of-the-art security features designed specifically for your product. Our highly customizable overt and covert solutions can be applied across several different products and include hidden image artwork-based solutions, color shifting inks, truly invisible covert marks, invisible serialization and markers detectable only with Kodak proprietary readers. Based on prototype and pilot results, we'll recommend a customized solution with easy-to-use technology. You'll get to see firsthand how overt or covert countermeasures will work for your product. Implementation Services Let Kodak help you implement a complete anti-counterfeiting or anti-diversion solution; or let us enhance your existing authentication or track & trace system. Now there's an easy way to tell a genuine product from a counterfeit, or to track your products through a distribution system, safely and securely. With just an invisible mark and a small pocket viewer, you can deploy a discrete brand protection system, one that only we can provide. Do you need packaging line aggregation for item-to-carton and carton-to-pallet tracking? We can design and implement a customized specialized vision system that is ready to read Kodak's Traceless ink. There is nothing in the marketplace today comparable to our long-lived invisible printing inks. Even our detectors have proprietary optics systems. Stay one step ahead of counterfeiters and product diverters with Kodak Brand Protection Services, Kodak Secure Image Systems and Kodak Traceless Systems. With more services to choose from, Kodak can help you protect your brand, your reputation and your bottom line -- wherever your business takes you.
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Vivien, marketing manager- Meet #RBGameChangers
Vivien was the Marketing Manager of Dettol in China before moving to the UK as Global Brand Marketing Manager for Germ Protection. She decided to join RB because of their innovation and product portfolio. She started at RB in 2007 and enjoys the culture because it is results oriented and open to new ideas.
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How Do I Protect My Fashion Brand Guidebook 1
How Do I Protect My Fashion Brand Guidebook -- specific information for fashion designers about the process of brand protection. Brought to you by the Luxury Law Firm Division of AMD LAW.
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Connecting the Dots with Investigative Reports
Featuring Brittany Shaw, Brand Protection Consultant, and Nancy Merritt, Global Relationship Manager, of MarkMonitor.
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Brand Safety. Protect your brand.
Global problems need global solutions.
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Brand Protection : 5 Tips to Spot Counterfeits Online
Brand Protection : 5 Tips to Spot Counterfeits Online . Spotting counterfeit goods online has become a bit of an art form. It may be a bit early, but before you know it , Holiday season 2015 will be upon us. It will also be upon the minds of hordes of counterfeiters ,who want to piggy back ,onto your brand’s reputation, and scam unsuspecting consumers into thinking that, the good brand you worked so hard in building, can be trampled upon with counterfeit goods. Some of these knockoffs are so good, that business owners themselves are getting scammed, and being that, they aren’t able to protect their customers. While there are many brands that release their own steps on how to protect consumers from buying a fake of their own brand, there are general guidelines to follow for spotting counterfeit goods. Late last year search giant Google, and fashion retailer Louis Vuitton, decided to settle a legal dispute which lasted 10 years. They decided to work together and combat counterfeit goods being sold on the web. The suit was related to Google selling services that had Louis Vuitton’s keywords, to counterfeit online operators. Because it is difficult to spot a counterfeit through an online photo of the product (which is probably real anyways), identifying sites is critical to combat online counterfeiting. Below are some guidelines that should hep you identify online counterfeit sites. - As a whole, websites that are operating a counterfeit operation do not employ security, which means they don’t have a certificate that has the miniature padlock symbol. Secure websites have URLs that start with HTTPS. In an effort to minimize counterfeit sites coming up in searches, Google ranks those sites higher. - Many consider this the rule to live by when fighting counterfeiting. If you are looking for a good price and the one you found is just too good to be true, then the site is most probably counterfeit. Go ahead and check the website, compare other authorized dealer websites to see just how good that deal is. If you purchase a brand item, regardless of the price, and it isn’t from a retailer listed by the brand, then it’s most probably a counterfeit site. - Don’t online shop on a website that is not based in the US, if the product you are seeking is from a US based brand. If you end up purchasing a fake item, from a respectable site in the US, then most most will offer you a refund. For instance, online retailer eBay will offer money back within 30days, if it was ordered through them, and does not arrive or it doesn’t match the description on the listing. - Take a look at the URL of the website. If something looks fishy to you, try to find the real site via Google. Even more reason to check the URL carefully, is if you received some kind of special offer in an email and you clicked a link to the site. - If a site looks like it has poor graphics and artwork, then it warrants further investigation. Authentic businesses spend lots of time and money on making their websites look as slick as possible. Check the logos against the brand’s authentic logos on the real site. These have been some things to look out for, so that you do not get duped next holiday season, or whenever. If you are a brand marketing manager, you also might want to consider some type of brand protection to alert you to any threats to your brand. BrandShield monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse in multiple platforms. Contact us for a free Demo . https://www.brandshield.com/
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Online Brand Protection & Affiliates
AIM's CEO, Sarah Bundy, asks David Naffziger of Brand Verity, the http://www.allinclusivemarketing.com/ question, what do merchants and advertisers need to know when working with online brand protection and PPC affiliates?
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Easy Solutions - Detect Monitoring Service
Brand protection through fraud threat intelligence for proactive attack detection and takedown. Anti-phishing, pharming and malware protection in one service. Protect your customers from account takeover and reduce losses from debit and credit card fraud after retail breaches. Visit our website to learn more about proactive fraud intelligence: http://www.easysol.net/products/easy-sol-solutions/fraud-intelligence
Replicatch™ Brand Protection Software Demo - Marketplace Monitoring
Replicatch brand protection software provides infringer takedowns, anti-counterfeit enforcement and IP infringement monitoring. Tracking thousands of global marketplaces, search engines, social media and web domains daily.
Alpvision Cryptoglyph brand protection
Watch the video to see how the Cryptoglyph invisible marking is produced using visible ink and standard packaging manufacturing processes.
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How social media can impact your anti-counterfeiting strategy and brand image
Brand protection expert Tristan Harris, MarkMonitor Regional Manager, shares his insights into the current social media landscape. During this webinar you’ll learn about: - Understanding your brand’s exposure, both positively and negatively on prominent social media sites. - How to tread carefully when enforcing on social media, to avoid upset among fans of your brand. - What steps you can take to ensure social media is as safe a channel for your brand, as your own official presence on the web.
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An introduction to the Domino K600i Digital Foiling Application
http://www.domino-printing.com Bryan Palphreyman, Product Manager - Digital Printing Solutions, introduces unique and highly cost-effective solution for brand protection, authenticity and product embellishment.”
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Master of Your Domain?
This was a conference session titled Master of Your Domain? from Affiliate Summit East 2010, which took place August 15-17, 2010 in New York City. Speaker: - Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP(Moderator) - Sara Freixa, Brand Protection Manager, Americas, Melbourne IT DBS Inc - Peter Marinello, Director, Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program Session description: The basis of business on the internet is your domain name. Buying, selling, defending, procuring and maximizing domain names is key aspect of any affiliate marketer. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Domains Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/affsum/4c-master-of-your-domain Note: the companies and positions listed above were current as of the time of the conference. Some of this information may have changed since then. Get more information on Affiliate Summit at http://www.affiliatesummit.com
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Brand Protection
Brand protection is eliminating risk in the food processing environment. Food Industry Counsel, LLC can help a company by assessing their operations and identifying their visible food safety risks. With over 500 voluntary food recalls a year, brand protection is more important than ever. As FSMA is fully implemented in 2016, Shawn Stevens and Food Industry Counsel, LLC will work hand in hand with your company to protect your brand.
IP Protect Expo 2012
A review of IP Protect Expo 2012, the definitive Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Trade Exhibition -- by the industry for the industry: held on 28 and 29 March 2012, Business Design Centre, London, UK
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#BRANDY16 - Internet of Brands
Internet of Brands - Giovedì 20 Ottobre 2016 - Sala Atlantica Jerome Sicard - Brand Protection Evangelist, MarkMonitor Marco Palmieri - Presidente e Amministratore Delegato, Piquadro Cristina Gusmini - Group Brand Manager Heineken and Desperados, HEINEKEN Italia Ambrogio Ferrario - Digital Brand Director Southern Europe, Nike Giuseppe Stigliano - Partner, Head of Connected Retail, H-ART/AKQA www.brandyspace.com
Recorded Webinar - Paid Search Monitoring: The Missing Link in Your Brand Protection Strategy?
One of the most important components of your brand protection strategy is a comprehensive, paid search monitoring program. After all, if you’re going to spend time and invest money into building your brand, why not protect it? Join CSC Product Manager Mary Jo Murphy for a complimentary webinar, during which she will lend her expertise on getting the most out of paid search monitoring to enhance your overall online brand protection strategy. She’ll cover topics like branded keywords, how to protect against rogue affiliates and abuse by competitors, and how failing to monitor your paid search can cost you revenue and damage the overall customer experience. Additionally, we’re delighted to host our guest speaker—Jonathan Elkin—from digital monitoring specialist BrandVerity. During this webinar, Jonathan will explain: • The definition of paid search monitoring • The five most common infringements • How paid search monitoring fits into a comprehensive brand protection portfolio • Quick wins to get you started
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Brand Protection - Counterfeit Merchandise (Intelligent Investigations)
Customs has intercepted a shipment of "Branded Merchandise" that is believed to be counterfeit. In this demo, you will see how IBM Intelligent Investigations and Counter-Fraud Management (CFM) capabilities are used to identify and manage this suspicious shipment. Capture automation has automatically processed key information and new Counterfeit Merchandise "Case" has been opened. We will see the Regional Brand Protection Leader work with a Forensics Lab Technician and a Social Network Analyst to identify key information required to complete the investigation process.
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Cloud Protection Manager version 2.3 Release Webinar
Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) from N2WS is better than ever! We have rolled out a brand new version of Cloud Protection Manager - v2.3 - now available on AWS Marketplace with many powerful new features, including: - Automated Backup and Recovery for Amazon DynamoDB - Cross Region and Cross Account Disaster Recovery for Amazon Aurora - New RESTful API - New Reporting Capabilities - Much More!
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At Leadership Summit on Anti Counterfeiting and Brand Protection
At Leadership Summit on Anti Counterfeiting and Brand Protection
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dotNice is a global leader in developing and implementing digital brand protection strategies for enterprises large and small worldwide. The Italian company was founded in 1996 and has offices in Rome and since 2014, The Digital Hub in Dublin. We spoke to Fionnuala McGeough, Business Development Manager, who works out of their Digital Hub base. Fionnuala told us that dotNice specialise in the field of digital brand protection. They safeguard digital brands online presence through a range of tailored and cost-effective services, market leading technology and expertise. “If you have got a website, how are you going to protect your digital presence or your digital brand in the online space? dotNice provides a range of solutions to enterprises on how they can protect their brand identity and also their brand equity, which is really important” says Fionnuala. Fionnuala tells us that safeguarding your brand name, company reputation and digital assets is of fundamental importance to your enterprises success. The digital age allows enterprises to scale and grow at an unprecedented rate. As digital brands continue to expand globally, your digital assets are subject to increase online threats that can damage your brand equity, reputation and integrity. “Our services are guaranteed to protect our client brand names from all forms of unlawful use online”, says Fionnuala. The four key services are: Domain name portfolio management – dotNice efficiently and effectively manage domain name portfolio's for both SMB's and global brands. This involves protecting existing domain name portfolios, recognising new domain name opportunities whilst defending digital brand's from external risks. Trademark monitoring & online surveillance - dotNice use advanced technologies to monitor your trademark, filing applications to the Trademark ClearingHouse and taking appropriate legal action when warranted. Digital Brand Enforcement – dotNice manage all legal arbitration processes for domain recovery with third parties. Brand Reputation Monitoring and Analysis - dotNice use industry leading technology to provide ongoing monitoring service across the spectrum of digital channels including social media, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and the web. Enterprise DNS infrastructure management - dotNice provide the complete spectrum of services needed in Enterprise DNS Infrastructure Management for digital brands. Using dotNice's secure and reliable DNS infrastructure, web broswers can quickly and safely connect with a brand's website. Talk to dotNice about safeguarding your brand in the online space. http://www.dotnice.com --- http://www.thedigitalhub.com
Janice Abel: Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection Interview
This video was recorded at ARC World Industry Forum 2011 in Orlando, FL. In this video, Janice Abel discusses Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection. For more info, go to http://www.arcweb.com
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Brandle™ - Social Media Security and Brand Protection
The Brandle Presence Manager is the easiest way to discover, inventory, monitor and patrol your social presence! Watch our video and learn more about managing your POPs!
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Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection – iSprint Innovations
Brand protection Services Pvt ltd
Counterfeit Printing Press Raid in Patna
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Reputation Management, ORM, Brand Protection and Marketing from List My Business
Manage your online reputation, protect your brand and business image, ensure your continued success and defend against your good name from being tarnished online using listmybusiness.net Disgruntled employees, shady competitors, and angry clients can dramtically damage your copmany's name, brand and reputation. Don't let it happen before you act. List My Business (www.listmybusiness.net) protects your good name and online reputation . Visit us online today.
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Shping: the future of shopper marketing and brand protection
Our goal is for Shping Coin to evolve into a new token of exchange that incentivizes consumers, brands, retailers and associated organisations to work together to create a safer, smarter way for consumers to shop and share information about products in the market. The Shping Platform is an innovative self-service, shopper marketing system. In a similar way that digital advertising platforms are used to influence sales online, Shping offers the ability for brands and retailers to market to consumers during shopping instances that occur in-store. Yet, unlike advertising platforms, Shping enables brands and retailers to channel their marketing budgets into rewarding the consumer directly for their attention and engagement instead of paying large sums to the media giants. That’s a win for businesses and an even bigger win for the customers who buy their products. Shping Coins will become the currency that enables brands, retailers and associated organisations to utilise this powerful platform to influence and reward consumers to make smarter, safer shopping choices. We believe Shping is on the verge of revolutionising the way we shop - smarter, safer and more rewarding. Stock up on Shping Coins at https://cobinhood.com before the price rises. Learn more about Shping at https://shping.com/ Download the ShpingApp on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shping Download the Shping App in the Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/shping/id1154868301?mt=8
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Nexgate Social Media Brand Protection and Compliance
Protect your branded social media accounts and ensure compliance with Nexgate.
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Discussion with James DeMeo, Sport Brand Protection through Sport Security
Dr. Tim Rice interviewed Mr. James DeMeo, M.S., Founder, President & CEO of Unified Sports & Entertainment Security Consulting, LLC, based in Cedar Park, Texas, a suburb of Austin. Please find the organizations/resources that Mr. DeMeo discussed in the video: NCS4-National Center For Spectator Sports Safety and Security- http://www.ncs4.com/about/overview IAVM-International Association of Venue Managers-Academy for Venue Safety & Security- IAVM.org Gameday/AB-NCS4- http://www.athleticbusiness.com/gameday-security/ Pan Stadia Magazine- http://www.panstadia.com/cms/ Here is the video that details the Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1CP1751wJA Best Contact: James A.DeMeo, M.S, Unified Sports & Entertainment Security Consulting, LLC (516) 640-0076 Dr. Tim Rice [email protected]
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Brand protection tips for carnivals, festivals, and sports events
There are three key phases in developing the best strategy to protect an event. First, it is important to understand and define the event assets. Second you should take steps to protect those assets and the rights that can be commercialised. Finally, the risks of exploitation should be managed to reduce the likelihood of it occurring and to respond if it occurs. This video presented by Amelia Lynch, Head of our Sport, Leisure and Tourism Sector, provides tips and hints for creating a strategy to protect an event.
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Brand Protection Tips for Mobile Apps and Social Media Webinar
Featuring Sneha Kohli, Sr. Product Manager and Kirby Barno, Customer Success Manager of MarkMonitor®. Visit our website to download a pdf of the presentation: https://www.markmonitor.com/resources/on-demand/2014/webinar-140521-Mobile.Apps.Social.Media.php
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Fire Protection & Fire Safety Services | Fire Door Inspections CT, PA, NY Brand Services
Fire Protection & Fire Safety Services | Brand Services http://www.brand-svc.com Brand Services, the trusted name in fire safety, is the one call you need to make for all your passive fire protection and safety needs. For more than 19 years, Brand Services has delivered code-compliant fire protection and safety services that protect the building’s occupants, as well as the owner’s investment. Our cross-trained, certified technicians have the extensive training and experience necessary to provide facility managers with fire and smoke damper inspections and services, fire door inspections and services, firestopping services, fireproofing services and facility maintenance services that meet all Joint Commission, NFPA, state and federal codes and requirements. This is testament to our 98% repeat business rate! BRAND'S UNIQUE CODE COMPLIANT PROCESS SAVES FACILITIES THOUSANDS Brand Services is a single source contractor; our expertise is in all facets of passive fire protection, barrier walls and code compliance. Our unique process of locating deficiencies and making the repairs has saved facilities thousands of dollars in their budgets. Our mission is to locate and document deficiencies if they exist, to make timely efficient repairs & corrections to reduce both the number of Plans For Improvements (PFIs) and ultimately the cost of doing business. Brand Services keeps you compliant with a stress-free process. BRAND'S FIRE PROTECTION & SAFETY SERVICES AREA We serve numerous industries including: Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Commercial and Pharmaceutical companies. Our fire protection & safety customers include property owners and managers, general and mechanical contractors, as well as state and federal governments. Brand’s service region continues to expand and now includes: Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), Rhode Island (RI), Vermont (VT), New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), Washington D.C. (DC), Delaware (DE), Virginia (VA), Ohio (OH), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC) and Florida (FL). BRAND SERVICES Phone: (888) 551-4055 CT Office: Gales Ferry, CT PH: (860) 464-1991 Pennsylvania Office: Hunlock Creek, PA PH: (570) 256-2981 New York Office: North Syracuse, NY PH: (315) 329-9122
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What does South Africa’s Constitution mean to the nation brand?
On Wednesday 10 December 2014 South Africa celebrated the 18th year of its groundbreaking Constitution, the highest law of the land that is lauded across the world for its progressive protection of liberties and human rights. Dr Petrus de Kock, research manager at Brand South Africa, reflects on the deep impact the Constitution has had not only on the development of South Africa’s democracy, but on other countries across the globe seeking best practice for reform and reconciliation.
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The Avanti Group Law articles: Driving innovation, brand protection and growth
Building on the success of the 2013 IP Conference series, ALB held its inaugural Japan IP Conference on April 15, 2014, attracting more than 100 of Japan's leading senior counsel, brand protection experts, IP managers and litigators to the heart of Tokyo's Akasaka business district. Supported by Thomson Reuters IP & Science, Baker & McKenzie, UBIC, the Asia-Pacific IP Association, the Roppongi Bar Association, the Japan In-House Counsel Network and the American Chamber of Commerce Japan, the event conveyed ALB's continued presence in Japan as an international media and knowledge platform bridging local, regional and global expertise( http://theavantilawgrp.tumblr.com/ ). Aligned with the Japan Patent Office's (JPO) objective of "achieving the world's fastest and highest quality IP system," Commissioner Hideo Hato opened the conference explaining how international IP harmonization initiatives are embedded into the government's Japan Revitalizations Strategy and the subsequent strengthening of the Design, Trademark and the Patent Attorney Acts. The stretch of government keynotes continued with a presentation from one of ALB's most loyal supporters, Director-General Peter Cheung of the HK IP Department. Cheung gave an update on the IP exchange initiative, reiterating the important collaboration efforts with government and industry leaders in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and across the region. He surprised delegates by concluding his speech with an impromptu song on IP monetization, hinting on his next career move after his impending retirement from the public sector this month. The World IP Organization's (WIPO) Japan representative Masaki Okamoto offered delegates an insight into Japan's significant contribution to WIPO's global services( https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Avanti-Law-Group/210757429116770 ) such as the free patent search system PATENTSCOPE or the CASE initiative, enabling the safe exchange of search and examination documentation related to patent applications. With the launch of the GREEN and Research projects, WIPO is also pioneering IP management as a means to sustainability and healthcare development. Following a morning dominated by discussions surrounding hard IP, the afternoon focused on soft IP matters with an overarching theme of brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. In the digital piracy panel discussion, KT Ang of IFPI Asia gave an overview of the challenges faced by the global entertainment industry and the various counter piracy methods available to including advertising, litigation and website blocking. Joe Welch of 21st Century Fox took this one step further, arguing that the obsolete "notice and take-down" approach should be strengthened with the blocking of "overseas egregious rogue (pirate) sites" and downgrading and delisting penalties imposed by search engines. Using the examples of the EU and the cases of The Pirate Bay and Grooves hark, both Ang and Welch agreed that right holders should be able to apply for injunctive relief, essentially requiring Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to take blocking action without exposing them to liability to infringement. Yoichiro Hata of the Recording Industry Association of Japan showed an even higher standard adopted by Japan with the Amended Copyright Law( https://twitter.com/theavantilawgrp ), which effectively criminalizes the act of downloading music and/or motion pictures with knowledge of the illegal nature of the source and legal( http://www.scribd.com/theavantilawgrp ) pay-for alternatives. Continue reading: http://www.legalbusinessonline.com/news/driving-innovation-brand-protection-and-growth/65293
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Volvo XC60: Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS)
Mike Cottone, North America Brand Manager for the XC60, discusses the benefits of Volvo's Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS)--a Volvo world-first in safety protection. Learn more about the 2010 Volvo XC60 here: http://www.volvocars.com/us/XC60
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What is Brand Protection:  Digital Piracy Protection and Online Anti counterfeiting
What is Brand Protection: Digital Piracy Protection and Online Anti counterfeiting. Your brand’s reputation and integrity can be attacked and damaged easily on-line if gone unchecked. There are many ways a brand can be damaged which will make worthless your investments in product development, marketing, advertising and customer service. The use of your brand name on poorly designed websites, the misuse of trademarks and logos, malicious statements on blogs and social media, and in association with phishing schemes tarnishes your brand’s goodwill. Even your authorized users such as retailers and distributors can damage your brand if their on-line representation does not reflect your standards of presentation and service. Identifying those sites so you can correct this poor representation is critical to protecting your brand. Diverters not only can rob you of sales, but also confuses your customers and may turn them away from your brand completely. And of course, counterfeits, will destroy the integrity of your brand by deceiving your customers into buying products that are not authentic that will disappoint them and destroy their loyalty. https://www.brandshield.com/testimonials/
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