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How to use Oracle SQL Loader sqlldr to load data into table from text file
How to use Oracle SQL Loader sqlldr to load data into table from text file create table emp(empno number(10),ename varchar(30)); insert into emp values(10,'asif'); set echo off newpage 0 space 0 pagesize 0 feed off head off trimspool on spool d:\oradata\sqlloader\data.txt select empno || ',' || ename from emp; spool off delete emp; update file named data.txt create a file named control.txt load data infile 'd:\oradata\sqlloader\data.txt' into table emp fields terminated by "," optionally enclosed by '"' ( empno, ename ) sqlldr asif/asif control=d:\oradata\sqlloader\control.txt
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SQL *  Loader  Tutorial 2 : Control File with example
SQL * Loader Tutorial 2 : Control File with example Oracle SQL * Loader Tutorial with Control file Bad File Discard File Log file SQL Tutorial SQL Tutorial for beginners PLSQL Tutorial PLSQL Tutorial for beginners PL/SQL Tutorial PL SQL Tutorial PL SQL Tutorial for beginners PL/SQL Tutorial for beginners Oracle SQL Tutorial
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How to Import CSV, Excel, TXT  into Oracle Database With Oracle SQL Developer
This question comes up about as frequently as the ‘how do I import data to Oracle Database’ question. It’s pretty simple once you’ve ran through the process a few times. But you may be here because you’ve never ran through the process before.
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SQL Loader - Tutorial
The tutorial explains you "SQL Loader" which is used to transfer the data from External File system to Base tables.
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MLJ Comedy Club -  BIG Talks (Skit) ft. Prince Hezekiah, Arinze Baba & Tekena Iyalla
MLJ Comedy club unlike any other comedy club in this region is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment terrain. After much anticipation, the biggest of its kind in the Niger Delta finally has a premiere date, confirmed performances and official supporters (See event details below) Host: Elvis The Main Ace (Cool FM) Guest comedians: Prince Hezekiah, Tekena Iyalla, Arinze Baba, Aproko, Omo talk. Guest Musicians: Fortune, Lush, Rock Nana, Dj Mayen. Date: Saturday, 31st Oct. 2015. Time: 8PM Venue: MLJ Lounge & Restaurant, Agip road, Mgbuoshimini Junction, Port Harcourt. Gate: FREE Side attraction(s): Comedy Club interactive session Prices to be won: Television set, Pressing iron, Bag of rice, Male & Female wears, Shoes, Watches etc. Proudly supported by: MLJ Lounge, Hotelino Management & Consultancy Services, Pepe Super Mart Ltd, DPrince Baff Collection, Soundcity Ventures Nig., Rhythm 93.7 FM, Wazobia FM, Cool FM, CTL, Silverbird, PHcityPromo.com, Ukwubenda.com, Reports Afrique, Ukalasblog.com, Sleekyjamz.com, Amano image, 247ng.com, Sambass Films, Imago design. NOTE: This event holds every last Saturday of the month.
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Importar datos en SQL DEVELOPER. Carga masiva Oracle(insert-bulk)
Importar datos desde SQL DEVELOPER (interfaz grafica) una herramienta de oracle para importar archivos .csv,.xls y .tvs.
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Carga masiva de datos con archivos de control oracle/sql loader
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1.How to use Sql*loader in Export and import
Hello friends in my today video i am showing to you sql*loader which help to load data from non-oracle file to oracle. Oracle database Unbeatable,Unbreakable Platform..
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107. SQL Loader to Load Data in Database
This video tutorial provides detailed information about how to load data in Database.
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5 Interesting iOS Apps - April 2018
In this video, we take a look at yet another set of interesting iOS apps for late April/early May 2018. Read More - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/05/03/top-ios-apps-april-2018/ Forest - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/forest-stay-focused/id866450515?mt=8 Burst for Reddit - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/burst-for-reddit/id1303179128?mt=8 Cupper - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cupper/id1014894569?mt=8 Sweat Deck - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sweat-deck/id964201026?mt=8 Goblin Sword - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/goblin-sword/id905488045?mt=8
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Como utilizar SQL Loader
En este video se explica como cargar informacion desde un archivo hacia una tabla en oracle.. espero que les sirva no olvooden SUSCRIBIRSE para mas videos de su interes..
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Recuperacion de un archivo de control Oracle 11g
Log de alertas en SQLPLUS: SET linesize 160 pagesize 200 col RECORD_ID FOR 9999999 head ID col ORIGINATING_TIMESTAMP FOR a20 head DATE col MESSAGE_TEXT FOR a120 head Message SELECT record_id, to_char(originating_timestamp,'DD.MM.YYYY HH24:MI:SS'), message_text FROM x$dbgalertext; Otra consulta interesante para cambiar los archivos de control, ya sea porque falla la ubicación fisica. ALTER SYSTEM SET control_files = ' ', ' ' SCOPE=SPFILE; donde ' ' es donde quiere colocar la nueva ubicacion y se separan los archivos de control por , por ejemplo: ALTER SYSTEM SET control_files = '/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/dbs/u01/app/oracle/oradata/inacap/control01.ctl', '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/inacap/control02.ctl' SCOPE=SPFILE;
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How to Open MySQL Database With MS Access
Follow this easy step by step tutorial to learn how to open MySQL database in Microsoft Access, through an ODBC connection. Don't forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos! http://youtube.com/ithowtovids - our feed http://www.facebook.com/howtechtv - join us on facebook https://plus.google.com/103440382717658277879 - our group in Google+ It can be needed in many situations to link our MySQL database to any other database, spreadsheets or reporting tool. This tutorial will focus on one of the same scenario in which we will learn to open MySQL database. Step 1- Control Panel To link MySQL with Access, first of all, we would have to make an ODBC connection. For this purpose, open up control panel and click on the System and Security option Step 2-Administrative Tools After that, move to the Administrative Tools option. Step 3-ODBC Connection Option Click on the ODBC data source option. Step 4- Making System DSN ODBC data source admin window will open up. Over here, move to the DSN tab and click on the Add button. Step 5- Driver for MySQL Now scroll down the list, choose MySQL ODBC driver and click on the Finish button. Step 6- Configuring ODBC Connector A configuration window will open up. Give a name to the data source, type "local host" in the server field, specify "root" as a user, because it is a default user in all MySQL instances, and write the name of the desired database in the database field. Finally, click on the Test button. Step 7- Connection TEST A message will pop up confirming that the connection is successful. This means that now we would be able to link MySQL with Access. Step 8- Microsoft Access Now, open up Microsoft access, click on the Blank database option and let's create a new database. Step 9- External Data After that, move to the "External Data" tab and click on the More option. With that done, a drop down menu will appear on the screen. From the menu, choose the ODBC database option. Step 10- Linked Table Within the new window, choose the "Link to data source" option and hit Enter. Step 11- Machine Data Sources A window will open up where we will be required to choose the data source connection. Over here, move over to the Machine Data Source tab, choose the same DSN which was created earlier and hit Enter. Step 12- Selecting tables After that, it will show us all the tables which our database contains. We can choose any table individually or select all of them. For this tutorial, we will select all the tables in the database. Step 13-Database Imported to Access After that, all of the database tables would appear in Microsoft Access And that is how to open Mysql database from Access.
Locked in Love | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts
Oh Boy! A new Mickey short is here! SUBSCRIBE to get notified when new Disney Shorts videos are posted: http://di.sn/SubscribeDisneyShorts Watch classic Mickey Mouse cartoons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC6qIbU1olyVpZCk1hpZDKxo2ikOpWExN Watch the new Mickey Mouse shorts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC6qIbU1olyXQe1WOKt8UJ4hErx3D7qt8 Get more from Disney! Disney YouTube: http://di.sn/SubscribeDisney Like Disney: http://Facebook.com/Disney Follow Disney: http://Twitter.com/Disney Disney Tumblr: http://disney.tumblr.com/ Disney Google+: http://plus.google.com/+Disney/posts Disney Instagram: http://Instagram.com/Disney About Mickey Mouse Cartoons: Mickey Mouse has been synonymous with Disney since first came into our lives in 1928 with a whistle and two step in the classic Disney cartoon Steamboat Willie. Mickey has appeared in over 130 films including “Brave Little Tailor” (1938) and “Fantasia (1940), as well as television shows like the Mickey Mouse Club and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Along with his gang of trusted friends, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and even his nemesis Pete, Mickey is back for more fun and adventure in the brand new series of Mickey Mouse shorts, created by Paul Rudish. Welcome to Disney Shorts YouTube! Enjoy animated and live action Disney cartoons and short films. We have all your favorite original and new Disney characters! Enjoy classic Mickey Mouse cartoons with Donald Duck and Goofy to Schoolhouse Rock throwbacks and new digital shorts like Disney’s Planes. Plus we’ve curated some of our favorite animated short films from creators across the web that all Disney fans are sure to love! New Videos every Saturday!
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Public Meeting: eFiling Alpha Pilot Participant Feedback, Part 1
Original Broadcast Date: January 26, 2017 Public Meeting with eFiling Alpha Pilot Participants.
SAP HANA Academy - Exporting to CSV
Using SAP HANA Studio to export data from HANA to a comma delimited file. For more information, please go to http://academy.saphana.com/
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Why Kubernetes on Azure : Build 2018
In this session, we will show how to simplify the deployment, management, and operations of Kubernetes using Azure Container Service (AKS). We will demonstrate how to use Brigade - a framework for scripting together multiple tasks and executing them inside of containers and Kashti - an open source reporting dashboard web interface to easily manage and visualize their Brigade events and projects through a web browser. Additionally, we will provide comparisons of the wide variety of tools in the Kubernetes ecosystem for CI/CD, observability, storage and networking. Create a Free Account (Azure): https://aka.ms/c9-azurefree
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Tutorial: Free SSL Certificate Installation in CentOS 7 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
Step-by-Step instructions available at: https://www.linuxtrainingacademy.com/install-ssl-certificate-centos-rhel-apache INTRODUCTION TO INSTALLING AN SSL CERTIFICATE ON CENTOS 7: In this video lesson, you’re going to learn how to install a valid SSL certificate on a CentOS Linux Server running the Apache web server. By the way, the SSL certificate you’ll install will be issued by Let’s Encrypt entirely for free. Traditionally, you’ve had to pay for SSL certificates and renew them every year. With Let’s Encrypt that’s all changed. SSL CERTIFICATE INSTALLATION STEPS OVERVIEW: In this tutorial, you will learn how to install an SSL Certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt on a CentOS Linux system running the Apache web server. You will start out by installing Apache with mod_ssl. From there, you’ll add firewall rules to allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Next, you’ll enable the EPEL repository by installing the epel-release package. That will enable you to install the Certbot application and the Apache Certbot plugin. You will then create and install an SSL certificate using the Certbot utility. Finally, you’ll automate the certificate renewal process so that your site is never without a valid SSL certificate. WHY INSTALL AN SSL CERTIFICATE? (DO I NEED AN SSL CERTIFICATE?): Before you start configuring your Linux server, I want to give you some important background information. As a quick reminder, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it allows for encrypted communications between a user’s web browser and a web server. It’s important to use SSL any time sensitive data is involved such as credit card numbers, personal information, and authentication credentials such as passwords. Even if your web server is not handling sensitive information, using SSL can enhance the trust of your visitors to your site. Some web browsers now warn users that the site is “not secure” if it’s not using SSL. Also, search engines such as Google, rank SSL enabled web sites hiring in search results, so there is an SEO or Search Engine Optimization, benefit as well. PREREQUISITES AND INFORMATION NEEDED FOR AN SSL CERTIFICATE: By the way, this video makes a couple of assumptions. The first one is that your Linux system is running CentOS or RedHat Enterprise Linux. The second one is that your system is accessible over the public Internet. The last assumption is that your server has a valid DNS entry that points to your Linux system. For example, if your domain is www.example.com, when someone types in that domain in the web browser, they are actually connecting to your Linux server. I’ve included some additional information about the DNS configuration in the project documentation. NOTE: This tutorial demonstrates the installation of an SSL certificate for the demo.linuxtrainingacademy.com domain. Even though this domain will be used throughout this tutorial, you must use your own domain when following along. Step-by-Step instructions available at: https://www.linuxtrainingacademy.com/install-ssl-certificate-centos-rhel-apache
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What’s new in SQL Server on Linux and containers - BRK3228
You may have seen SQL Server 2017 now supports Linux and Docker Containers. Come learn in this session new features and plans for SQL Server futures including replication, distributed transactions, machine learning services, Active Directory enhancements, new scenarios for containers and Kubernetes, and performance.
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Securing the Software Supply Chain (Cloud Next '18)
Containers have revolutionized how we develop, package, and deploy applications. As enterprises create more containerized workloads, the security of the software supply chain must be top of mind. Join this session to learn how security teams can enhance deploy-security security. We’ll also hear from the security team at Shopify to learn how they use GCP tools as part of their container security strategy and best practices. Event schedule → http://g.co/next18 Watch more Security sessions here → http://bit.ly/2zJTZml Next ‘18 All Sessions playlist → http://bit.ly/Allsessions Subscribe to the Google Cloud channel! → http://bit.ly/NextSub
Gears of War 3 Ghost House teaser
New show Start October 17th At Machinima Ghost House - Episode 1: The Phantom Premise Don't miss it. How to annoy people in Black Ops How to kill marcu How to make lots of money How to make Machinima How to make movies with video games http://www.youtube.com/user/machinima .......................Thank too Epic games.............................. Check out the link below if your interested in GOW 3 http://forums.epicgames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=390
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SAP HANA Academy - Importing Data from CSV file
In this video we walk through the steps to load data from a CSV into SAP HANA using the SAP HANA Studio. To find out more about the SAP HANA Academy, go visit: http://academy.saphana.com/
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Chennai open: Ramkumar-Balaji team enters quarter-finals
Watch ► Jayalalithaa Takes Oath - Full Speech : https://goo.gl/W8w8Gr -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Ramkumar Ramanathan-Sriram Balaji entered the doubles quarter-finals of Chennai Open after defeating fourth seeded New Zealand pair of Artem Sitak and Marcus Daniel 2-6 7-6 10-5. Meanwhile, Somdev Devvarman-Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan pair also entered the doubles quarter-finals Connect with Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Online: SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Tamil news updates: http://bit.ly/1O4soYP Visit Puthiya Thalaimurai TV WEBSITE: http://puthiyathalaimurai.tv/ Like Puthiya Thalaimurai TV on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PTTVOnlineNews Follow Puthiya Thalaimurai TV TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PTTVOnlineNews About Puthiya Thalaimurai TV Puthiya Thalaimurai TV is a 24x7 live news channel in Tamil launched on August 24, 2011.Due to its independent editorial stance it became extremely popular in India and abroad within days of its launch and continues to remain so till date.The channel looks at issues through the eyes of the common man and serves as a platform that airs people's views.The editorial policy is built on strong ethics and fair reporting methods that does not favour or oppose any individual, ideology, group, government, organisation or sponsor.The channel’s primary aim is taking unbiased and accurate information to the socially conscious common man.   Besides giving live and current information the channel broadcasts news on sports,  business and international affairs. It also offers a wide array of week end programmes.   The channel is promoted by Chennai based New Gen Media Corporation. The company also publishes popular Tamil magazines- Puthiya Thalaimurai and Kalvi.   The news center is based in Chennai city, supported by a sprawling network of bureaus all over Tamil Nadu. It has a northern hub in the capital Delhi.The channel is proud of its well trained journalists and employs cutting edge technology for news gathering and processing.
Crossfire 2 - Ryan K + Rolex vs Will + Bluez - Winners Finals - Project M
Streamed and recorded live by CLASH Tournaments http://clashtournaments.com May 18th, 2013 in Brooklyn, NY Shoutouts to theDuL0R for hosting! For more information on competitive Smash check out http://smash4u.net Be sure to keep up to date with CLASH Tournaments on the following pages: http://clashtournaments.com http://twitch.tv/clashtournaments http://youtube.com/clashtournaments Twitter @CLASHTournament And be sure to follow and like our pro players Twitter @CT_Mew2King Twitter @CT_ZeRo Twitter @CT_Chibo http://facebook.com/mewtwoking
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{osu!} and I'm home Mirai HDDT 98 27 FC 161pp
Title says what I play Equipment: Tablet: CTL-480 Keyboard:Logitech MK270R Soon to either be CM quickfire rapid RED or K70 Vengeance Original Star rating:3.55* Star rating with DT:4.91* Map Link:https://osu.ppy.sh/b/490154 osu! is a circle clicking rythm game download here: osu.ppy.sh/p/download I think I'm gonna be a player like index who keeps changing skins and never settles on a skin because I just can't seem to choose a skin...
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Carly Pearce Plays 'Every Little Thing' Mad Libs at the 2018 CMA Music Festival
Carly Pearce has had a major year with earning her first No.1 single, "Every Little Thing," releasing her debut album of the same name and earning the fan voted Breakthrough Video of the Year at the 2018 CMT Music Awards. To celebrate, the Kentucky native took to the streets of Music City with Sounds Like Nashville to play a round of Mad Libs with fans. Watch the clip to see what happened! ---- Subscribe Today! https://goo.gl/w8utJk Visit Our Website! http://soundslikenashville.com/ Follow Us! http://twitter.com/soundslikenash Like Us! http://facebook.com/soundslikenashville Follow Us! http://instagram.com/soundslikenashville Follow us on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/user/soundslikenashville Pin Us! https://www.pinterest.com/soundslikenash Follow Us on Tumblr! http://soundslikenashville.tumblr.com
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SCSYN5 ORLY (Bowser) & Strong Bad (DK) vs Kirk (Boton) & Scythe (Ganon)
SCSYN 5 - 2/16/2012 Oak Lawn, IL Project: M 2.5 Winners Semis
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VB6 MSCOMCLT.OCX could not loaded Problem resolution
I have faced VB6 "MSCOMCLT.OCX" could not loaded Problem and found solution. Follow these steps and you have your resolution. After Applying this step close you VB6 program and Open again with desired project.
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How to fix Launcher Initialization Error:Configuration system failed to initialize
This is a video on how to fix Launcher Initialization Error:Configuration system failed to initialize for pc games Question i answer on comments bored of this video: Q.do this work with W7 - A. yes it works for xp/vista/W7 Q.Can this work on popular games now in this year? -A. yes if u follow steps it will fix the problem Q.I dont see the control panel where can i find it? - A.go to start and type in [control panel]
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How to FIX Windows 10/8/7 Black Screen of Death With Cursor After Login/Boot
Got a Windows 10 PC that has a black screen with a mouse cursor after login/boot? I'll show you how to fix this issue! This also works with Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7, and it works under virtualisation software like VirtualBox. -- If you liked this video, please SUBSCRIBE to HandyAndy Tech Tips for more tutorials. -- How to FIX Windows 7/8/10 Black Screen of Death With Cursor After Login/Boot So essentially what happens is that you log in and you're greeted with a black screen and a mouse cursor - nothing else. Now there's two ways to fix this problem in Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7; I'll show you the temporary fix first, and then the permanent one. The easy temporary fix is to press Control + Alt + Delete, and click on Task Manager from the menu that comes up. Click File, Run New Task, and type "explorer.exe". This should bring your Windows 10 desktop back, but the only disadvantage is that you have to do this every time you start up your computer - not good. Here's the more permanent fix, but be warned that it is more difficult! First, press Control + Alt + Delete, click on Task Manager from the menu, click File, Run New Task, and type "regedit.exe". Allow it to make changes to the computer by clicking Yes. Now, in the left-hand pane, click the little triangle next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, scroll down and click the one next to Software, click the one next to Microsoft, click the one next to Windows NT, and click on the Winlogon folder - not the triangle, the actual folder. Next, move over to the right-hand panel, scroll down, and find the key called "Shell". Make sure that, under the "Data" column, it says explorer.exe. See over here? Make sure that says explorer.exe. If it doesn't, then right click on the Shell key and click "Modify". Now change the value in this textbox to explorer.exe. Hopefully this helps you fix the issue. -- How to FIX Windows 7/8/10 Black Screen of Death With Cursor After Login/Boot
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Logistics & Supply Chain Management -Cold Chain Distribution Center I APSSDC I MANA TV I 06-06-2017
Published on Jun 6, 2017 Watch the training class of "Logistics & Supply Chain Management ''' in MANA TV Special Programs. MANA TV presents the Online tutorial of 'Soft Skills' for the competitive exam preparation candidates through APSSDC by highly experienced professors. Date :06-06-2017 Time : 3:00:00 PM User Department Name: Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation Topic Name : Logistics & Supply Chain Management - Cold Chain Distribution Center Presenters Name & Designation: Mr. Debasish Mukherjee & Trainer (APSSDC) Subscribe for latest Classes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSzMrVC36NictxkhZR1Kpw
How to connect Android Studio and BlueStacks on Windows
Now you can run your Android's app on BlueStacks. Follow us! https://www.facebook.com/TheDevNote https://twitter.com/thedevnote https://plus.google.com/112888743028947707242 http://www.thedevnote.info Follow to Author! https://www.facebook.com/ismarf9 https://twitter.com/ismarf9 https://plus.google.com/+IsmaelRenteriaOficial
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Mass Effect Andromeda - Romance avec Suvi Anwar
Retrouvez l'actualité de Mass Effect Andromeda sur http://masseffectuniverse.fr/
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जालौन में भारी मात्रा में विस्फोट बरामद @ HINDI KHABAR 4 AUGUST 2016
Hindi Khabar is the fastest growing digital media platform of India. We are coming up with a 24 hours satellite news channel for 3 Indian regions; Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bundelkhand. Please get all the update on your finger's tips. Please log-in on www.HindiKhabar.com

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