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FFX All Black & White Magic [HQ] (Clean Versions)
No editing, mixing, added music or graphics. Channel: www.youtube.com/users/Velius99 Spells: Fire 4 Deals a small amount of fire damage. Thunder 8 Deals a small amount of lightning damage. Water 4 Deals a small amount of water damage. Blizzard 4 Deals a small amount of ice damage. Fira 8 Deals a moderate amount of fire damage. Thundara 8 Deals a moderate amount of lightning damage. Watera 8 Deals a moderate amount of water damage. Blizzara 8 Deals a moderate amount of ice damage. Firaga 16 Deals a massive amount of fire damage. Thundaga 16 Deals a massive amount of lightning damage. Waterga 16 Deals a massive amount of water damage. Blizzaga 16 Deals a massive amount of ice damage. Bio 10 Poisons the enemy - causes damage every turn. Demi 32 Reduces the enemy's HP by 1/4. Death 20 Kills the enemy instantly. Drain 12 Transfers enemy's HP to the caster. Osmose 0 Transfers enemy's MP to the caster. Flare 54 Deals non-elemental damage to the enemy. Ultima 90 Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies. Cannot be reflected Cure 4 Restores a small amount of HP Cura 10 Restores a moderate amount of HP Curaga 20 Restores a massive amount of HP Esuna 5 Cures ally of all status ailments Scan 1 Shows the enemies HP, and weaknesses Nulblaze 2 Nullifies Fire Magic once Nulfrost 2 Nullifies Ice Magic once Nulshock 2 Nullifies Lightning Magic once Nultide 2 Nullifies Water Magic once Life 18 Revives character and restores half HP Full-Life 60 Revives character and restores characters HP fully Haste 8 Speeds up the charachter Hastega 30 Speeds up the Party Slow 12 Slows down an enemy's turn Slowga 20 Slows down all enemies' turn Shell 10 Reduces damage taken from Magic Attack Protect 12 Reduces damage taken from Physical Attack Reflect 14 Reflects magic back to the caster Dispel 12 Remove all spells from a character that affect his/her physical status Regen 40 Gradually recover small amounts of HP over time Holy 85 Deals holy damage to an enemy Auto-Life 97 Auto-Revive a character after he/she gets KO'd
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Buy the lovely Final Fantasy 15 Carbuncle pin: https://etsy.me/2yi1Jv4 Ultima is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It is almost always the most powerful spell in the game, hitting all enemies for non-elemental damage, often ignoring defense, Reflect and any other protection. With the exception of its debut appearance in Final Fantasy II, Ultima is considered to be Black Magic. Ultima usually manifests as an explosive sphere of blue or green energy consuming opponents. In the games where Ultima is not available to the player, it is instead cast by some of the game's most powerful bosses, such as Trance Kuja in Final Fantasy IX and oretoises in Final Fantasy XIII. Ultima is a plot device in Final Fantasy II as the ultimate spell that was sealed away. 1. 0:05 Final Fantasy II (1988) 2. 0:09 Final Fantasy VI (1994) 3. 0:18 Final Fantasy VII (1997) 4. 0:27 Final Fantasy Tactics (1997) 5. 0:50 Final Fantasy VIII (1999) 6. 1:07 Final Fantasy IX (2000) 7. 2:45 Final Fantasy X (2001) 8. 3:01 Final Fantasy X-2 (2003) 9. 3:16 Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (2007) 10. 3:25 Final Fantasy XIII (2009) 11. 3:38 Final Fantasy XIII-2 (2011) 12. 3:53 Final Fantasy Type-0 (2011) 13. 3:58 Final Fantasy XIV (2013) 14. 5:22 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (2013) 15. 5:32 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (2015) 16. 5:36 World Of Final Fantasy (2016) Please subscribe for Final Fantasy videos! http://bit.ly/2hl4qlB Kupo!
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Final Fantasy X | HD - Yuna sending Souls HD Scene
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2 Ways to Kill the Magic Urn (Final fantasy X)
#FFX #Ps2 #Finalfantasy #Tidus #Auron In the Resistance Magic urn won from Penance, only 2 attacks can kill it but you gain nothing if you beat it there. https://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-FFXED...
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FFX-2: Turbo Cast Lulu (Creature) vs Outer Plane Envoy
YRP is obsolete -- Let fiends win the fight for you. I built Lulu to be a spell-casting-speed demon. Any Black Magic spells channeled by her will essentially have no cast time. In conjunction with Ultima, the game's "Wait Mode" will halt ALL other ATBs (including enemy fiends). Once the ATB is active again Lu's immediately ready for the next cast. Make sure to unlearn her elemental Fury spells. If she learns one by accident in mid-fight, pray she doesn't use. Little or no attention can be required for the "hardest" boss... ----------------------------- Abilities: 1. Ultima Auto Abilities: 1. Break Damage Limit 2. Spell Spring (0 MP Cost) 3. Magic Booster 4. Black Magic Lv 2 5. Turbo Black Magic 6. Ribbon ----------------------------- Good luck!
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Final Fantasy X Magic - Holy, Flare, and Ultima
Yuna casting the powerful magic spells Holy, Flare, and Ultima while wielding her Celestial Weapon, Nirvana.
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All Overdrives of Lulu Final Fantasy X
All overdrives of Lulu Overdrives goes in order of: Fire Fury Thunder Fury Water Fury Blizzard Fury Fire Fury Thundara Fury Watera Fury Blizzara Fury Firaga Fury Thundaga Fury Wateraga Fury Blizzaga Fury Bio Fury Demi Fury Death Fury Drain Fury Osmose Fury Flare Fury Ultima Fury Publisher: Square Released: 19 July 2001 Platforms: PS2 Rated: Teen
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How to make Kimahri a GOD! — Final Fantasy X
Tired of switching your party members all the time? Need a kick ass Black Mage earlier on but don't like using Lulu? Need to refil your HP and MP on a whim? What if that Black Mage could also do Piercing damage and totally negate your need for Auron? With higher starting stats than the whole party and his Blue Magic, you may never need to use anyone but Kimahri again! Guest narrator; FoxStyle!
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FFX - How to get Loner overdrive fast
Loner is THE best overdrive mode, because it's the fastest way to charge the overdrive gauge in Final Fantasy X. You must encounter Magic Urn, because it's quicker this way.
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FFX - Tidus's Quotes - Skills, Special and Magic
Tidus's rare quotes said only once in the game, with the exception of Flee, Provoke, and Threaten, in which can be said multiple times. Cheer: "Let's give 'em all we got!" Flee: "I won't go so easy on you next time!" Flee: "I'll be right back!" Flee: "Live and let live!" Haste: "This should be quick!" Hastega: "Let's end this quickly." Slow: "Relax, take it easy!" Slowga: "Chill, there's no rush." Delay Attack: "Sorry, maybe next time!" Delay Buster: "Take a number, buddy!" Provoke: "Hey, you! Take me on!" Provoke: "Hey, you! Over here!" Provoke: "Hey, hey, hey!" Threaten: "Don't move!" Threaten: "Take it easy!"
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Final Fantasy HOLY EVOLUTION Holy, also known as Fade, White, or Pearl, is usually a very powerful spell made up of pure holy energy and as such deals holy-elemental damage. Despite it being one of the most powerful offensive spells, it is classified as White Magic and can often only be cast by White Mages. It is often a counterpart to the Black Magic spells Flare or Ultima, and the spells often have similar graphics. Undead are usually weak to holy magic. In some games, characters or enemies may have access to an upgraded version, Holyja. Buy the lovely Final Fantasy 15 Carbuncle pin: https://etsy.me/2yi1Jv4 1. 0:06 Final Fantasy NES version (1987) Playstation (2002) 2. 0:12 Final Fantasy II (1988) 3. 0:17 Final Fantasy III (1990) 4. 0:23 Final Fantasy IV (1991) 5. 0:31 Final Fantasy V (1992) 6. 0:40 Final Fantasy VI (1994) 7. 0:50 Final Fantasy VII (1997) 8. 2:31 Final Fantasy: Tactics (1997) 9. 2:52 Final Fantasy VIII (1999) 10. 3:03 Final Fantasy IX (2000) 11. 3:15 Final Fantasy X (2001) 12. 3:28 Final Fantasy XI (2002) 13. 3:38 Final Fantasy XII (2006) 14. 4:00 Final Fantasy type-0 (2011) 15. 4:17 Final Fantasy XIV (2013) 16. 4:33 World of Final Fantasy (2016) 17. 4:52 Final Fantasy XV (2016) Please subscribe for Final Fantasy videos! http://bit.ly/2hl4qlB Kupo!
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Final Fantasy Blizzaga Evolution
Final Fantasy Blizzaga Evolution 1. 0:06 Final Fantasy (1987) 2. 0:10 Final Fantasy III (1990) 3. 0:15 Final Fantasy IV (1991) 4. 0:23 Final Fantasy V (1992) 5. 0:30 Final Fantasy VI (1994) 6. 0:35 Final Fantasy VII (1997) 7. 0:43 Final Fantasy Tactics (1997) 8. 0:54 Final Fantasy VIII (1999) 9. 1:05 Final Fantasy IX (2000) 10. 1:15 Final Fantasy X (2001) 11. 1:31 Final Fantasy XI (2002) 12. 1:38 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2003) 13. 1:49 Final Fantasy X-2 (2003) 14. 1:53 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (2003) 15. 1:59 Final Fantasy XII (2006) 16. 2:10 Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (2007) 17. 2:14 Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (2007) 18. 2:23 Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (2008) 19. 2:30 Final Fantasy XIII (2009) 20. 2:36 Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (2011) 21. 2:39 Final Fantasy Type-0 (2011) 22. 2:47 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (2013) 23. 2:53 Mobius Final Fantasy (2015) 24. 2:53 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (2015) 25. 3:01 World Of Final Fantasy (2016) 26. 3:07 Final Fantasy XV (2016) 27. 3:16 Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (2017) 28. 3:22 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (2018) Blizzaga, also known as Ice 3, Blizzard 3, and Blizzard III, is a Black Magic spell. It deals major Ice-elemental damage to one enemy, or moderate Ice-elemental damage to all enemies.
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FFX Magic Urn/Pot battle results
Proof that to battle the magic Urn/Pot in the cavern of the stolen faiyth is a waste and is best to just flee. Even if you, you loose as you aren't given ap, gil, or any item drops. FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA01227_00
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FFX Luck and Fortune spheres "easy and fast"
Keep 2 characters on low stats until the end, just don't develop them. They'll help you farm those spheres super fast later. Comrade overdrive fills the gauge depending on the damage the ally takes in relation to his/her max HP. So low max HP and low defence stats = full overdrive to Wakka and Tidus on every hit, 100% guaranteed. Don't use Yojimbo, because Zanmato doesn't do Overkill, which gives double reward. You can fill everyone else's grids full first, and then fill only luck spheres with those low stat characters (with help of teleport spheres from Sleep Sprout). After you have 255 luck on those low characters, you can go and fill the rest of their grids. This was done with Expert Sphere Grid, so no, you don't need those extra nodes from Standard Grid to max out all stats. Standard Grid just requires you to do more pointless work to fill the entire grid. Have fun! And ignore those typos in the video... :P
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Final Fantasy X - Seymour Natus versus bosses - 10 - Chocobo Eater
Seymour Natus versus bosses playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akW2IyDw1iU&list=PL6dTt7vXJ8lQ8tdz3XSB4CZn4rVE-6GQZ Walkthrough's description and rules: Welcome to my "hackthrough". Here my favorite boss, Seymour Natus, will fight solo against every enemy of the game, except random encounters and most of the monster arena. Batches will be in a single video. All optional enemies will be recorded after the main storyline with the exceptions of Lord Ochu, Belgemine's Ifrit (pre-Remiem) and Belgemine's Ixion (pre-Remiem). His stats begin at 499 HP, 999 MP and 1 for everything else (technical limitations aside). Before Seymour Guado's first battle, they'll be raised by 100 HP, 0 MP and 1 for every other stat. From it until Jecht's battle, they'll increase by 200 HP, 0 MP and 2 for all others. If Seymour Guado is in the party he'll summon Seymour Natus on his first turn, otherwise the fastest character will. Grand summoning can't be used. Once Seymour Natus is there everybody else will use eraser on itself as soon as possible. The hack-item appearance will be used once in every battle. Spell hack-items won't be used if silenced. Turbo ethers can only be used if osmose ("osmosa") has targeted every enemy at least once, and this resets if said enemy drains his MP. Overdrive and items will be restored before every video. After killing Braska's Final Aeon, anything may change at my discretion. Maximum HP: 1399 Maximum MP: 999 All other stats: 10 Auto-abilities: First strike, no encounters, one MP cost, piercing, berserkproof, confuseproof, deathproof, stoneproof. Overdrive mode: Aeons' overdrive mode. Special abilities: Steal, pray, cheer, aim, focus, reflex, luck, jinx, lancet, threaten, provoke, doublecast. Black magic: Firaga, thundaga, waterga, blizzaga, drain, flare, ultima. White magic: Curaga, scan, nulblaze, nulshock, nultide, nulfrost, esuna, full-life, hastega, slowga, shell, protect, reflect, dispel, regen, holy. Items and hack-items: Turbo ether, echo screen, holy water, berserk, confuse, mute ball, blind, sleep, mind blast, mega death, gravija, osmose ("osmosa"), curse, tera-graviton, biora, lance of atrophy, appearance, summon (disallowed), eraser (disallowed), thundaja (disallowed) Other abilities: Energy blast, stand by, talk, shield, boost. Custom recordings: Would you really love to see something that's not yet on my channel? I consider requests regarding Final Fantasy X (NTSC-J) videos or Final Fantasy X (PAL-Spanish) videos, however I'll only use the Spanish version if said video/s require/s using the debug room, only accessible in this version. I won't accept requests which are cheat-free/hack-free (please, ask anybody else) or longer than 15 minutes of video unless it's something I'm truly interested in. Do keep in mind that I'll take my time, since I don't have wi-fi and I can't pay so much internet café! As long as my phone is working I'll answer comments, though. WARNING: I noticed that there are several accounts here in YouTube reuploading my videos. They include a hack-tools downloading link or a few at the very beginning of the description and leave everything else intact, pretending they were me. The true guy recording and originally uploading these videos is me, Seymour Natus. Accounts with different names are fake. Here's the link to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSaKSws33jcp_2txPlzlncg Stuff used: Final Fantasy X (NTSC-J), PCSX2, MyMc, FFXED, OmniConvert, PCSX2CE, x264vfw - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec, VirtualDubMod, free video to flash converter (by DVDVideoSoft)
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Final Fantasy X Int.: Kimahri's Nova true power! 4764474 damage!!!
I always get mad when games have unbalanced characters. Even though I love FFX, one of it's major flaws is the difference between characters damage output. Lulu and Kimahri are near useless on optional content of the game mostly because their overdrive sucks while you have something like Slice and Dice or Attack Heels. Lulu can't be fixed since the problem with her is that her Fury spells are sooooooooooo weak. But the only thing holding Kimahri back is the damage limit. In this video you can see the real damage of Kimahri's Nova. It's the most powerful special attack in the game. Kimahri's Fire Breath, Aqua Breath and Nova ignores targets MDEF so doesn't matter if you're fighting foes with 10 MDEF or 255 MDEF it'll always deal over 4 million damage. As for me I'll would be happy if they've changed the damage limit of his overdrives to 1 million and Increased Lulu Spells power in the new HD version. I love these two! Nova Type : Special magic. Targets : All foes. Don't hit far alway targets. Power: 70 Rank : 7 Note: Affected by critical hit. Effect: Inflict massive MAG based non-elemental damage on all foes. Ignore targets MDEF. NOTE: CHEAT CODE WAS USED PURELY FOR TESTING. I DON"T USED CHEATS ON MY GAMEPLAY. Thanks for watching!
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FFX - Auron's Quotes - Skills and Special
Auron's rare quotes said only once in-game, except with the Threaten ability. Power Break: "You will hurt no one!" Magic Break: "You placed too much trust in your magicks!" Armor Break: "Your pain shall be twofold!" Mental Break: "You shall fear magic!" Threaten: "Do not move!" Threaten: "Calm down!" Threaten: "You don't want to move!"
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FFX PAL+ v1.1 (Hack/Mod) :: Magic Urn {compilation} // ChaosN
Final Fantasy X PAL/International hack (Beta) made by pbirdman. Post or send your suggestions to improve the modification: http://www.youtube.com/user/ppbirdman http://www.youtube.com/user/ChaosN I have decided to enhance my YouTube content by cutting out the boring parts and showing the highlights exclusively. The only purpose of this video is to present several changes made in the mod. It has a deliberate 'weird' look to accentuate my style. --- e-mail: ChaozN (at) gmail (dot) com Please rate and share this video: http://youtu.be/tPBJzsxrZBc Playlist "FFX PAL+ v1.1 (Hack/Mod)": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL10EC4F6AD006A536 Playlist "FFX PAL+ v1.1 (Hack/Mod) - Bonus": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL381B99C1F4C78027 --- The game is played on and recorded via the PCSX2 (0.9.8) emulator. Created with: Windows Movie Maker
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Final Fantasy X: Ronso Rage (Blue Magic) Demonstration
For the full Ronso Rage Guide go to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682967292 Kimahri Ronso is introduced in FFX as a member of the Ronso tribe. While taller than humans, he is smaller than the average Ronso. Unlike other Ronso, Kimahri has a broken horn, which serves as a distinguishing characteristic. Similar to characters such as Quina, Kimahri can be considered a Blue Mage. Like all Rosno, Kimahri has a lancet ability, which grants him the power to obtain various enemy skills throughout the game. These skills can then be used in overdrive throughout the game. Gaining a new enemy skill fills up Kimahri’s overdrive bar instantly. Kimahri automatically starts with the ability Jump. Specifically, lancet is an ability in Final Fantasy X that allows characters to absorb HP and MP from their opponents. If Kimahri uses this ability on certain fiends, he will have a chance to learn a new Ronso Rage. Similar to other spells such as Drain, Lancet does damage to its user if it is used on a fiend who is undead fiend or zombie status . The damage that lancet causes is not considered physical or magical, but rather falls into its own “special” category. Lancet is not influenced by the spells protect or shell.
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Final Fantasy X HD Jumbo Flan Vs Copycat Rikku
Here is my strategy: Rikku Stats: 255 Str, ( Useless!!! ) 255 Def, ( Useless!!! ) 100+ Mag and ( Very Important!!! ) 255 MagDef. ( Important! ) The rest below 100. Rikku Weapon/Armor abilities: BDL ( 99999 Damage ) Magic Booster ( to boost magic ) Magic +20% AutoHaste Step: Use Reflect to Rikku Use Slow to Rikku to bounce to Jumbo Flan. Then escape to other party. Use Holy to Rikku and Last the Copycat skill, do it repeatedly.
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Final Fantasy X HD - Learning! Trophy
A video with commentary to assist you with getting the Learning! trophy. To earn this trophy Kimari needs to learn all 12 possible Blue Magic abilities by hitting specific enemies with Lancet. The written trophy guide can be found at; ===Coming Soon=== --- Final Fantasy X HD © 2001 - 2004 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD
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Let's Play Final Fantasy X part 78: Quiz chests!
While trying to find Yuna the group gets quizzed by chests... way to go al bheds... quizzing people when they are in a hurry... Sphere gains Kimahri +2 strength +4 magic +2 agi +20 mp Auron +200 hp +3 def +4 strength Tidus +4 agi +3 def +200 hp +Hastega Rikku +200 hp +4 agi +3 strength +2 m. def Lulu +2 def +Demi +3 def +4 agi Wakka +4 strength +200 hp +3 magic +20 mp +3 acc. +3 agi.
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Final Fantasy X Remaster - Boss: Dark Yojimbo
Gotta fight Dark Yojimbo 5 times!! The coolest boss to farm for 99 Dark Matters, Break HP Limit + Ribbon Armor with 2 extra empty slots, and or Break Damage Limit Weapon with 3 extra slots. Boss: Dark Yojimbo (Overkill) HP: 1,600,000 (99,999) AP: 8,000 (10,000) Drop: Dark Matter (x2) or Master Sphere (x2) Weapon Drop: Break Damage Limit, Counter-Attack, Magic Counter, Overdrive AP. Armor Drop: Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Curseproof.
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Final Fantasy X - Monster Arena Boss Guide - Species Conquest - AI, Tips & Tricks
The best way to use this video is to check the timestamps below for the Boss you want to learn more about. This is aimed at newcomers, experienced players won't have much use for this video. Huge thanks to pbirdman who compiled the brilliant Ultimate Companion Guide - https://www.scribd.com/doc/86352624/FFX-UCG-FIENDISH-EDITION-v0-9 - please check this document out if you want to learn more about the Bosses/Fiends of FFX. Timestamps for Monster Arena Area Conquest Bosses. You can see me defeating them all in the 100% Guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSsaA6WTXkw Jumbo Flan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9eCR_CMIgo Intro: I talk about when it might be a good idea to take on the Monster Arena, and advise on what kinds of Armours/Weapons/Tactics will help you defeat the Bosses. For those interested in what is considered the "ultimate armours" of the game and how to make them, check part 109 of the guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpKT3wzH2SU Monster Timestamps: Fenrir - 7:16 Ornitholestes - 11:18 Pteryx - 14:36 Hornet - 16:35 Vidatu - 19:58 One Eye - 20:38 Jumbo Flan - 22:37 Nega Elemental - 29:29 Tanket - 34:11 Fafnir - 35:43 Sleep Sprout - 39:40 Bomb King - 41:22 Juggernaut - 43:54 Ironclad - 46:23 I hope this is helpful. If anything doesn't make sense or you're still struggling, post in the comments and I'm sure either me or someone else who knows their stuff will help you out :) Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/dansg08 Twitter - https://twitter.com/dansg08
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Jumbo Flan FFX in 2:40 - Fast Magic Spheres
http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/643146-final-fantasy-x-x-2-hd-remaster/71390926 See this thread for further details. Fastest non-Zanmato method that I've found for farming Magic Spheres.
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Final Fantasy X Perfect Game File - Max Stats Aeons Weapons Armor Blitzball +++
The constituent elements of a perfect FFX game file: -maxed timer -maxed Gil -all characters have killed at least 1,000 enemies -all Music and Movie Sphere are purchased -Sphere Grid completed: - all nodes optimized, - all characters have: 99,999HP, 999 MP, 255 Strength, 255 Defense, 255 Magic, 255 Magic Defense, 255 Agility, 255 Luck, Evasion+Accuracy = 170+ - all characters have activated all stat nodes and all ability nodes - all characters have traversed every single path connecting any two adjacent nodes -all characters have 99 S.Levels and require 22,000 AP to gain further S.Levels -all Overdrives are learned -all Overdrive modes are learned -all Celestial Weapons are acquired and fully powered up -Brotherhood, Longsword, a "No Encounter" weapon and a weapon dropped by Penance (for its unqiue Critical Hit Chance bonus) are acquired -several other weapons are available to all characters: -Break Damage Limit, Magic Booster, Magic+20%, Magic+10% -Capture, Break Damage Limit (-Overdrive=AP, Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Empty) (-First Strike, Empty, Empty, Empty) (-Alchemy, Empty, Empty, Empty) (-Deathstrike, Stonestrike, Slowstrike, Sleepstrike) (-Empty, Empty, Empty, Empty) -a "Magic Counter" Buckler is acquired -several other pieces of armor are available to all characters: -Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Auto-Phoenix, Auto-Potion -Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Auto-Potion, Defense+20% -Ribbon, Break HP Limit, Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect -Ribbon, Break HP Limit, Auto-Haste, Auto-Shell -Break HP Limit, Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Auto-Regen (-Master Thief, Auto-Haste, Empty, Empty) (-Break HP Limit, Break MP Limit, Auto-Haste, Empty) (-HP Stroll, MP Stroll, Empty, Empty) (-Ribbon, Deathproof, Curseproof, Auto-Haste) (-Auto-Protect, Auto-Shell, Auto-Reflect, Auto-Regen) (-Fire Eater, Ice Eater, Lightning Eater, Water Eater) (-Empty, Empty, Empty, Empty) -all Aeons stats are maxed -all Aeons abilities are learned -99 copies of every item are obtained -all Key Items that cannot be used up are obtained -all monsters are captured, all creations are unlocked and defeated -all Dark Aeons and Penance are defeated -all members of one's Blitzball team are at Level 99 and have learned all techs -Tidus has learned Jecht Shot and Jecht Shot 2, and Wakka has learned Aurochs Spirit -Durren is a member of one's team
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Ultima  Spell in Final Fantasy X-2
Ultima spell demonstrated in Final Fantasy X-2. Achieved by having the Megiddo Garment and cycling through each of the dress Spheres in order.
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Final Fantasy Death Spell Evolution
Final Fantasy Death Spell Evolution 1. 0:06 Final Fantasy (1987) 2. 0:23 Final Fantasy III (1990) 3. 0:29 Final Fantasy IV (1991) 4. 0:37 Final Fantasy V (1992) 5. 0:42 Final Fantasy VI (1994) 6. 0:47 Final Fantasy VII (1997) 7. 1:04 Final Fantasy Tactics (1997) 8. 1:14 Final Fantasy VIII (1999) 9. 1:41 Final Fantasy IX (2000) 10. 1:55 Final Fantasy X (2001) 11.2:17 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2003) 12. 4:24 Final Fantasy X-2 (2003) 13. 2:40 Final Fantasy II GBA (2004) 14. 2:46 Final Fantasy XII (2006) 15. 3:01 Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (2007) 16. 3:05 Final Fantasy XIII (2009) 17. 3:19 Final Fantasy Type-0 (2011) 18. 3:39 World Of Final Fantasy (2016) 19. 3:48 Final Fantasy XV (2016) Death, also known as RUB, Fatal or Doom, is a recurring Black Magic spell from the Final Fantasy series that inflicts Instant Death on its target. Death is also often referred to as the status effect of KO, or having zero HP. Kupo!
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Final Fantasy X Remaster - Boss: Dark Magus Sisters
Cindy and her Camisade...Forget Three Stars, only helps when not dead. You can fight the Magus Sisters within two optional ways: Fighting them the hard way with all three of them at the same time, or splitting them up by running away from them. Grouping them will use their Delta Attack which does 99,999 damage and ignores Auto-Life. Mega-Graviton is used instead when fighting them one by one. Boss: Dark Cindy (Overkill) HP: 3,000,000 (99,999) AP: 10,000 (12,000) Drop: Dark Matter (x2) or Master Sphere (x2) Weapon Drop: Break Damage Limit, Alchemy, Triple Overdrive, Gillionaire. Armor Drop: Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Phoenix. Boss: Dark Sandy (Overkill) HP: 2,500,000 (99,999) AP: 10,000 (12,000) Drop: Dark Matter (x2) or Master Sphere (x2) Weapon Drop: Break Damage Limit, Evade & Counter, Magic Counter, Triple Overdrive. Armor Drop: Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Shell. Boss: Dark Mindy (Overkill) HP: 2,000,000 (99,999) AP: 10,000 (12,000) Drop: Dark Matter (x2) or Master Sphere (x2) Weapon Drop: Break Damage Limit, Magic Booster, One MP Cost, Triple Overdrive. Armor Drop: Break HP Limit, Ribbon, Auto-Haste.
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Final Fantasy X Remaster - Guardian Wyrm: Evrae
The guardian wyrm of Bevelle...lookout for its Stone Gaze and Poison Breath. Evrae - HP: 32,000 (Overkill) (2,000) AP: 5,400 (Overkill) (8,100) Drop: Blk Magic Sphere
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Final Fantasy X-2 - Lulu vs Seymour
Magic vs magic
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Final Fantasy X: The best location to spawn Tonberry
DO NOT spawn the tonberry where i am spawning in this video clip IF you are unable to spawn it. i spawn the tonberry at the entrace of that small room or next to the chest on PS3. One of the hardest monster to spawn in entire game. I can only spawn 1 or 2 tonberry every 30 mins or so even in this location. Still it is better than wondering around in Stolen Caraven Cave for many hours trying to find 1 tonberry.
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How to Recruit Yojimbo in Final Fantasy X
Here is a short video guide on how to recruit the secret Aeon, Yojimbo, in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster. For more on Final Fantasy X, see my guide here: http://hxchector.com/final-fantasy-x-hd-remaster-walkthrough/ Don't forget to follow me around the net. http://www.hxchector.com http://www.facebook.com/hXcHector http://twitter.com/hXcHector https://www.instagram.com/hxchector https://www.youtube.com/c/HectorMadrigal (USA/Vlog Channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7bG1PoyqpH2Ky8_FY-tmKQ (Japanese Channel)
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Final Fantasy X HD - Missable Items Part 5 - Magic Counter Buckler
This item is not needed to get all PSN trophies, but is missable and helpful nonetheless. Try to get this one the first time you enter the Calm Lands if you want it, because the hovercraft disappears soon after you leave the area.
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Final Fantasy X - Omega Weapon (No Sphere Grid & No Summons)
This is a very tough battle and there is one good reason for that. Unlike the arena monsters, this guy has a rather complicated AI, so there's a lot to keep track of. The attack pattern can be divided into steps, and it goes like this: Step 1: Attack or Core Energy (death to random target) Step 2: Attack, Break or Confuse Step 3: Attack or Shimmering Rain (death to all but Auron) Step 4: Attack, Demi or Ultima (death to all but Auron) This is more complicated than it looks. He doesn't just go through the steps and then repeat. He only progresses to the next step after using something other than Attack. However, he's got one more attack and this is where it really gets fun. It is called Nova and it kills everyone including Auron to death, so you need to mix Hyper Mighty G for it. When does he use it? Whenever he gets 30 points. What are points and how does he get them? 5 points every time he uses Attack and 2 points for everything else. Once he uses Nova, it resets to 0, no matter how many points he had. Got it? I hope so, because otherwise you are not getting through this battle. Auron must be beefed up as much as possible in order to survive Shimmering Rain and Ultima, so start the battle by giving him double HP, Shell, Protect and 5x Cheer and Focus from Ultra Nul-All. With all this, he can also survive a regular attack without defending, so there's no need to worry about that. He also needs Haste, so make sure to toss him a Chocobo Feather before you start attacking. As soon as you see Confuse or Break, you must bring him to the front line and keep him there until you see Ultima or Demi. As for attacking, the best time is between Step 4 and 3. Just pay attention to the turns and make sure you will have time to switch in Auron before Step 3. With some luck, you can get three Attack Reels in a row. Rikku can toss items if she gets free turns, but he's immune to all regular elements, so no gems allowed. Don't mix Trio of 9999 when he's got more than 20 points, and make sure to switch out Rikku when he's got 25 or more. You don't want her to get killed and not have a chance to mix Hyper Mighty G before Nova. Also, pray to Yevon that Nova doesn't come up at Step 3 or 4. Especially 3. He always gets one more turn before you can do anything after Nova, and if that turn happens to be Shimmering Rain or Ultima, it's over. Thankfully, this is the only luck reliant part of the battle, and you will most likely only see Nova twice. There are two things that make this battle more annoying than it needs to be. First of all, Auron some times only revives one character. This character can be anyone that he revives at any other time, so there's really no system to it. The other thing is the fact that Shimmering Rain, Ultima and Nova some times do not fill up Rikku's overdrive bar. This also happens at random, no matter what position she's in. Even though it's a slightly luck reliant battle, you're more likely to die by mistake in this one. At least I was. I always managed to keep track of the steps, but I forgot to add points several times and ended up seeing Nova without being prepared for it. I also fucked up the Attack Reels now and then, and that's obviously not going in the video. The final insult is the fact it takes over five minutes before you get another shot, since you need to go through seven battles on the way. Despite the problems, this is still a good and fun battle. HP: 999,999 Weapons (Tidus, Wakka & Rikku): First Strike, Evade & Counter, Triple Overdrive Weapons (Auron & Kimahri): First Strike (and some irrelevant shit) Armor (except Auron): Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix, Stoneproof, Confuseproof Armor (Auron): HP +30%, HP +20%, Magic Def +20%, Auto-Phoenix Overdrive mode: Comrade
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Final Fantasy X HD - Earth Eater
Don't forget to leave a rating, helps me out a lot! Check below for lots of info! ----------------------------------------------------- HP/Overkill/MP 1,300,000 99,999 30 Strength/Magic/Defense 117 186 200 M. Defense/Agility/Accuracy 210 47 120 Evasion/Luck 0 15 AP (Overkill)/Gil 50,000 (50,000) 0 Elemental affinities Fire/Lightning/Water/Ice/Holy - - - - - Tactics: You'll want auto-haste and auto-phoenix. Auto-shell is nice. In the stats department you'll want 255 STR, 255 M.Def, and optionally 255 Agility. Loner Wakka using Attack Reels is the fastest, but requires you pay attention. The other method basically just requires you mash the X button using Quick Hits, it will take quite a bit longer but doesn't require you pay attention to the game. *MAKE SURE YOU KNOCK HIM DOWN BEFORE LEAVING WAKKA ALONE* This will avoid mistakes that could cost you the attempt. He will counter every attack while standing with a KO punch. He will counter every attack while on his back with a reflected flare. You must kill Earth Eater three times as often as Greater Sphere. What is Final Fantasy X? Final Fantasy X (ファイナルファンタジーX Fainaru Fantajī Ten?) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) as the tenth entry in the Final Fantasy series. Originally released in 2001 for Sony's PlayStation 2, the game is to be re-released as a high-definition port for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on March 18th, 2014, under the name Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. The game marks the Final Fantasy series transition from entirely pre-rendered backdrops to fully three-dimensional areas, and is also the first in the series to feature voice acting. Final Fantasy X replaces the Active Time Battle (ATB) system with the "Conditional Turn-Based Battle" (CTB) system, and uses a new leveling system called the "Sphere Grid". Set in the fantasy world of Spira, the game's story revolves around a group of adventurers and their quest to defeat a rampaging monster known as Sin. The player character is Tidus, a blitzball star who finds himself in Spira after his home city of Zanarkand is destroyed by Sin. Shortly after arriving to Spira, Tidus joins the summoner Yuna on her pilgrimage to destroy Sin. The HD Remaster version includes improved visuals, music, and gameplay with the addition of the International version's changes. It was released on March 18th, 2014. ----------------------------------------------------- http://www.twitch.tv/sleepyjo2 http://www.facebook.com/sleepyjo2 http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Sleepyjo2 http://plus.google.com/118312620702349120348 http://www.twitter.com/Sleepyjo2YT Sponsor me to help support the channel directly! https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=3LGhnms87oI&action=sponsor
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Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster - Yuna Solo 6 - Standard Cup
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KindredCVS The Minerva's Plate accessory has really made a lot of battles easier. The huge boost on the user's Magic stat allows Yuna to breeze through encounters despite being underleveled. When it is combined with Black Mage's mastered Black Magic Lv. 2 and Lv. 3, it becomes more formidable since it greatly reduces cast time as seen in the video. The accessory reduces the wearer's Defense stat, so equip either another accessory that boosts Defense or HP. © 2003, 2004, 2013-2015 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. CHARACTER DESIGN: TETSUYA NOMURA ALTERNATE COSTUME DESIGN: TETSU TSUKAMOTO SQUARE ENIX and FINAL FANTASY X-2 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Square Enix.
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Final Fantasy X-2 Blue Bullet Spells Part 1
I'm completely sorry that it's been a while. I went to Maryland to see my cousin, I had to go to a golfing event over there. and plus I took a break on FFX-2 and started playing Marvel vs Capcom 3. but anyways my Walkthrough still continues on. I'll show you how to get useful blue bullet spells early in the game.
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TIDUS AND YUNA KISS | Final Fantasy X HD Gameplay Part 35 | Pyrflies Lake Magic Love Interest
Nick Melville plays Final Fantasy X where a love interest, Tidus and Yuna hd fall in love and kiss at a magic lake where there are magical pyrflies at the scene. _____SOCIAL MEDIA_____ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/onetrushocker Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/melvin.64/ ____________________________ KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 & 2.5 REMIX PLAYLIST: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqRzkxlNTTs&list=PLwwRaHPxpcNMWlDbWxUAez6bpv_8X_8cl SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION PLAYLIST: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exUDd... TOMB RAIDER DEFINITIVE EDITION PLAYLIST: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auWHC... RESIDENT EVIL 4 PLAYLIST: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYjyu... GOD OF WAR 3 REMASTERED PLAYLIST: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHrwg... NARUTO SHIPPUDEN ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 4 PLAYLIST: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlAW3... UNCHARTED THE NATHAN DRAKE COLLECTION PLAYLIST: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar28d... MOVIE TRAILER REACTIONS: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE5AJ... FINAL FANTASY X PLAYLIST: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7La7M... VIDEO GAME TRAILER REACTIONS: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYGPj.. ____________________ DEVELOPERS AND PUBLISHERS: - Square Enix WEBSITES: - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_X - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_X/X-2_HD_Remaster - https://na.square-enix.com/us/games - https://www.playstation.com/en-us/ ______________________ WHAT IS FINAL FANTASY X? - Final Fantasy X (ファイナルファンタジーX Fainaru Fantajī Ten) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square as the tenth entry in the Final Fantasy series. Originally released in 2001 for Sony's PlayStation 2, the game was re-released as Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2013, for PlayStation 4 in 2015 and for Microsoft Windows in 2016. The game marks the Final Fantasy series transition from entirely pre-rendered backdrops to fully three-dimensional areas, and is also the first in the series to feature voice acting. Final Fantasy X replaces the Active Time Battle (ATB) system with the "Conditional Turn-Based Battle" (CTB) system, and uses a new leveling system called the "Sphere Grid". Set in the fantasy world of Spira, the game's story revolves around a group of adventurers and their quest to defeat a rampaging monster known as Sin. The player character is Tidus, a star athlete in the fictional sport of blitzball, who finds himself in the world Spira after his home city of Zanarkand is destroyed by Sin. Shortly after arriving to Spira, Tidus joins the summoner Yuna on her pilgrimage to destroy Sin. ____________________ TIDUS AND YUNA KISS | Final Fantasy X Gameplay Walkthrough Commentary | Part 35 - In this video, we defeat Seymour Guado again, and then Tidus talks to Yuna in Macalania Woods and share a kiss. #nickmelville
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Final Fantasy X HD - P41, Gilgamesh
Today marks the end of all the bonus stuff to show here and the continuation of the main story! But first, we meet with a fayth.
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FINAL FANTASY X HD Remaster: Provoke/Threaten Compilation
FINAL FANTASY X HD Remaster: Provoke/Threaten Compilation SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - 100% Commentary Walkthrough - Part 105 - Jupiter Sigil
This shows a couple of matches from the final League I had to play to get Wakka's Jupiter Sigil. I re-cap what you need to in order to obtain it. To hear more about the best Blitzers etc watch from part 102. Full Playlist: http://goo.gl/vvE6Vt Welcome to part 105 of a commentary playthrough I will be doing for the remastered edition of Final Fantasy X.
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Final Fantasy X - Yunalesca (Ability Nodes Only, No Items/Overdrives/Summons)
M A M U D O O N Discord: https://discord.gg/fdSaJv4 Lowdown on the restrictions of this challenge: Ability Nodes Only (ANO) - You can only activate ability nodes, no raising characters' stats in anyway. Own Sphere Grid (OSG) - Each character may not leave their own section of the sphere grid. Note that these rules combined mean you can still use key spheres to e.g. teach Lulu Doublecast, Yuna Auto-Life etc. No Summons (NS) - Self-explanatory, Aeons are OP meatshields No Overdrives (NO) - Mainly for getting rid of Rikku's Mix, which is ludicrously OP No Items (NI) - No using items, in or out of battle. Chakra Drops, Revival Beads, Megido Rocks, all those classic FF staples are banned (you can still customize equipment though) Initial equipment: Tidus: (First Strike) + (Defense +10%, Berserk Ward, HP +30%) Yuna: (Magic +10%, Magic +3%, One MP Cost) + (SOS Regen, Zombieproof, Confuse Ward) Rikku: (First Strike, Initiative) + (HP +10%, HP +5%) Lulu: (Magic Booster, Magic +10%, Magic +5%, One MP Cost) + (SOS Regen, Zombieproof, Confuse Ward) Auron: (Piercing, Strength +10%, Sensor) + (Zombieproof, Deathproof, Confuse Ward) Once again, Sentinel comes to the rescue. Her regular physical attack dispels most buffs, so make sure Auron is constantly guarding while you set up. Lulu and Yuna want Haste, Protect, Shell and Focus x5, while Auron wants Regen. I had Rikku and Tidus Haste/Cheer themselves for later on too. Don't attack her with Holy during the first phase or Yuna will be silenced permanently. The 2nd phase is really easy if you set up properly. She'll mostly just spam Hellbiter which doesn't do much to a Zombieproof team. I actually re-used the SOS Regen armours I got way back for this fight which speeds things up a little, but you could cast Regen manually or heal with Pray. The tricky part is the transition to the 3rd phase, as she immediately opens with Mega Death. Customising a whole team of Deathproof armours would be very expensive at this point, so it's best to have some reserve members who are zombies. This requires some precise timing - get Lady Y as close to 0 HP as you can, then bring them out to get struck by Hellbiter before finishing her off (this is why I buffed their strength at the start, in case Lulu couldn't get close enough with just magic) The combination of Shell, Focus and Confuse Ward should take care of Mind Blast in the third form. Mega Death is mercifully predictable. It comes every 5 turns, so bring out your zombies when you know it's coming then send them on their way again. All in all, a surprisingly simple fight.
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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - 100% Commentary Walkthrough - Part 122 - Dark Bahamut
We move on to the harder set of Dark Aeons, starting with Dark Bahamut. I have increased my stats from what I had in part 121, namely Strength, Defence, Magic Defence and Luck. Full Playlist: http://goo.gl/vvE6Vt Welcome to part 122 of a commentary playthrough I will be doing for the remastered edition of Final Fantasy X.
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Final Fantasy X - Part 44: Dark Shiva
Dark Shiva is summoned by the Guado guarding Macalania Temple. After you defeat her, Guado Guardians will chase you and summon fiends until you leave the area, similar to when you defeated Seymour for the first time. If you head back to the Chamber of the Fayth (8:05), you get a brief scene and a Magic Sphere, Magic Defense Sphere & an Accuracy Sphere but you will have to go through the Cloister of Trials when leaving.
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Final Fantasy X - Bahamut - Impulse & Mega Flare
A summon.
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Final Fantasy XV - How Magic Works
Footage/Images Courtesy of Square Enix. SUBSCRIBE - http://www.youtube.com/yongyea - http://www.youtube.com/yongplays Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/yongyea Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/yongyea Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+YongYeaPlus/
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Final Fantasy X - Chimerageist (Ability Nodes Only, No Items/Overdrives/Summons)
Final Fantasy X-tra Discord: https://discord.gg/fdSaJv4 Lowdown on the restrictions of this challenge: Ability Nodes Only (ANO) - You can only activate ability nodes, no raising characters' stats in anyway. Own Sphere Grid (OSG) - Each character may not leave their own section of the sphere grid. Note that these rules combined mean you can still use key spheres to e.g. teach Lulu Doublecast, Yuna Auto-Life etc. No Summons (NS) - Self-explanatory, Aeons are OP meatshields No Overdrives (NO) - Mainly for getting rid of Rikku's Mix, which is ludicrously OP No Items (NI) - No using items, in or out of battle. Chakra Drops, Revival Beads, Megido Rocks, all those classic FF staples are banned (you can still customize equipment though) Initial equipment: Tidus: (First Strike) + (HP +5%, SOS Haste, Stoneproof) Auron: (Piercing, One MP Cost, Evade & Counter) + (SOS Reflect, SOS NulBlaze, SOS NulTide) Rikku: (First Strike, Initiative) + (SOS Reflect, SOS Haste) Yuna/Lulu: (One MP Cost, Magic Booster, Magic +20%, Magic +10%) + (SOS Haste, SOS Reflect, SOS NulTide, SOS NulBlaze) Onto the arena now. Chimerageist is one of the less ridiculous creations for this challenge, being the first one you unlock. His attack cycle is predictable, and all his spells can be blocked with armour abilities. You just need to have Auron take the physical attack while Yuna keeps him under Auto-Life. Otherwise you're free to buff your magic and nuke him.
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Final Fantasy 10 X 2 HD - P2 - Black mage, White mage and the Gun mage
Black Mage The Black Mage dressphere allows characters to cast devastating Black Magic spells. A Black Mage wields elements such as Fire, Water, Lightning, and Ice. She can also utilize an Osmose-like ability called MP Drain. The spells are limited to the basic elemental magic, and higher level Black Magic, such as Flare and Ultima, can only be gained by equipping a relevant Garment Grid. Players receive the Black Mage after the first mission in Chapter 1 on Floating Ruins. It is implied the Black Mage dressphere was created from Maechen's memories. White Mage White Mages equip rods but cannot attack unless afflicted with Berserk or are equipped with a Garment Grid or an accessory which grants access to physical attack commands and/or skill subsets. They work similar to White Mages in past games, casting White Magic and healing. Higher level White Magic, such as Auto Life and Holy, are gained by equipping a relevant Garment Grid. The White Mages' HP is low, but they have excellent Magic Defense. The dressphere is received after completing the story mission in Besaid during Chapter 1. Gun Mage Players can obtain the Gun Mage dressphere in either Chapter 1 or 2 at the Moonflow. The Gun Mage is quite weak in all areas except Magic. Fiend Hunter abilities, which deal quadruple damage to specific fiend types, are where she really shines. Gun Mages also have the Blue Bullet skill, which works like traditional Blue Magic, in that the character learns an enemy's ability by having it performed on them and surviving the battle. Support If you want to support me, through a like or a subscribe on the channel. If you want to support me more here is a donation page: https://streamtip.com/y/UCj6yVXIPEgdnGpjzSTTUPLg Social I try to be social, come and join me in some areas: Discord ► https://discord.gg/ejC5VWn Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/BlackHat225 Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/Blackhat225 YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj6yVXIPEgdnGpjzSTTUPLg Steam ► http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061672153/ Gplus ► https://plus.google.com/u/0/115582651398039890928 Get Final Fantasy X HD Remastered: ► http://store.steampowered.com/app/359870/FINAL_FANTASY_XX2_HD_Remaster/ ► https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/final-fantasy-x-x-2-hd-remaster-ps3 Source ► http://ps3trophies.com/forums/showwiki.php?title=PS3-Trophy-Guides:Final-Fantasy-X-2-HD-Trophy-Guide Source ► https://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/643146-final-fantasy-x-x-2-hd-remaster/faqs/69206
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