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Ian Boddy - "Box Of Secrets"
Ian Boddy - "Box Of Secrets" From the Box Of Secrets CD
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Symbiont (Ian Boddy & Andy Pickford) - Enigmagic
The music published in our channel is exclusively dedicated to divulgation purposes and not commercial. If someone, for any reason, would deem that a video appearing in this channel violates the copyright, please inform us immediately before you submit a claim to Youtube, and it will be our care to remove immediately the video accordingly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Los músicos británicos Ian Boddy y Andy Pickford con el proyecto conjunto Symbiont de 1995, en el que publicaron el tema "Enigmagic". Más información/More information: http://www.audionautas.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Audionauts Twitter: http://twitter.com/audionauts
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Déjà Vu (Part 1 and 2) - Ian Boddy (1983)
From the album "The Climb" (Something Else Productions, 1983) The bass has been tempered somewhat (the neighbours will be grateful) and a hiccup between Part 1 and Part 2 has been removed. Image: René Magritte (1898-1967)
Views: 747 Kapitein Horloge
Ian Boddy | Ghost Planet: Preset Tour
Haunted Spaces Sound Pack Ghost Planet is a collection of 128 Haunted Spaces presets by renowned sound designer Ian Boddy. A journey into dark Sci-Fi worlds, Ghost Planet focuses on rich analogue pads & soundscapes. Requires Soniccouture Haunted Spaces http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/28-rare-and-experimental/g60-haunted-spaces/
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ian boddy - into view
photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6928280157/ music http://www.discogs.com/Ian-Boddy-Options/release/2204946
ian boddy corridors
synth masterpiece www.ianboddy.com
From the album 'AS ABOVE SO BELOW (DIN51)' Highly recommended album! https://www.dinrecords.bandcamp.com/din51
Views: 1521 PROPHET V
Ian Boddy - Waterworlds [Full album]
Submerge yourself in the oceanic realm. All tracks copyright Ian Boddy. 0:00 Waterworlds 3:01 The Abyss 5:45 Ripples 8:53 Under the Ice 11:30 Warm Water 13:41 Floating Down 17:05 Underwater Life 19:51 Atlantis 22:24 Restless Waves 25:32 The Deep 28:27 Ocean Predator Part 1 30:58 Ocean Predator Part 2 32:10 Colours of the Seas 35:05 Rock Pools 37:49 Fluidity 40:41 Mystery Waters 44:07 Still Waters 47:36 Crystalline 50:30 Submerged 53:27 Around the Reef 56:05 Small Creatures DWCD 0281 De Wolfe Music, 2000
Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds - Impresario
Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds - Impresario I Exit Strategy (DiN 37), 2011 Visuals edited by: Kiriakos Kanellos "Impresario is a person that organizes concerts or big events like opera or production of theatrical plays. But through this title -with the wonderfull music by Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds- I wanted to visualize memory, or fragments of memory. We all felt it. An experience, a trip, a stripe of light, an intense moment. But memory chooses fragments of the reality we experienced and bounds them with feelings we had at these moments. Thus these visual impressions, are distorted. Memory, sometimes even transforms a moment of the past, into something unreal, something that does not always obey to the laws of reality as we know it. These fragments, appear in dreams or while we try to recall a moment. For me, memory is a mental Impresario, that stages for us impossible visual scapes coming from a possible and vibrant reality we experienced. It transforms past into a concert of images and sequences carrying huge feelings. And this wonderful track carries within all the above." Kiriakos Kanellos
Views: 1251 Kiriakos Kanellos
Ian Boddy - Masquerade
Album: Odyssey 1989 Ian Boddy: British electronic musician and composer.
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ian boddy follow
................................... www.ianboddy.com
Ian Boddy ~ The Possibility of Existence
hope you enjoy this amazing piece of electronic by Ian Boddy the possibility of existence from the album slide, check-out his website http://www.ianboddy.com video made and edited by http://uk.youtube.com/zrnho thanks again for watching and happy easter :)
Views: 6470 Zrnho Correy
A2 Music Video -  Cover of Box of Secrets
This is the music video we produced for our A2 media studies. No copyright intended.
Views: 198 Paige Yates
Ian Boddy - Yesterdays Memories
Hope you enjoy this amazing piece of electronic by Ian Boddy yesterdays memories from the album slide check out his website http://www.ianboddy.com video made and edited by http://uk.youtube.com/zrnho thanks again for watching :)
Views: 12684 Zrnho Correy
Ian Boddy - At Set Points
From the album: 'Spectroscopic 1979-1982' [2013] At Set Points (Bonus Track, Excerpt, Recorded In Concert At Spectro Arts Workshop On Nov. 7th, 1981) https://www.discogs.com/Ian-Boddy-Spectroscopic-1979-1982/master/1409911
Views: 322 JoY
Ian Boddy - Slide
Another amazing piece of electronic by Ian Boddy from his album slide, check-out his website http://www.ianboddy.com video made and edited by http://uk.youtube.com/zrnho thanks again for watching :)
Views: 5086 Zrnho Correy
Ian Boddy - Cantata
from compilation "Spectroscopic 1979-1982" (Vinyl-On-Demand, 2013)
Views: 3148 strugatsky
Ian Boddy, Ron Boots - Phase3
This amazing electronic piece is 16.30" minutes long hope you enjoy the 8.00" minutes i uploaded album phase3 by Ian Boddy and Ron Boots check out his website http://www.ianboddy.com video made and edited by http://uk.youtube.com/zrnho thanks again for watching :)
Views: 5554 Zrnho Correy
Ian Boddy & Andy Pickford - Symbiont
Title track from the 1995 album "Symbiont". Available here : http://www.musiczeit.com/album.php?album=74&title=Symbiont+Ian+Boddy+%26+Andy+Pickford
Views: 1788 Richard W
Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy - Memento
Title track of the album "Memento" https://dinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/memento-din52 Video by Jeff Evans, http://www.mellamojefe.com “Memento” (DiN52) is the fifth DiN CD collaboration between label boss Ian Boddy & renowned composer and touch guitarist Markus Reuter. They were there at the birth of DiN in 1999 with their inaugural release Distant Rituals (DiN2) and this latest work not only affectionately looks back to that album but forges ahead into new musical territory. The album opens with the powerful tour de force of “Gyroscope” with its ever evolving guitar arpeggios and thunderous percussion. The following track “Spindrift” has a mysterious harmonic feel highlighted by Reuter’s beautiful guitar playing & Boddy’s ambient production. “Linger” & “Stay” form a pair of soundscapes where Reuter’s guitar loop ambiences are intermingled with extraordinary analogue textures from Boddy’s Serge modular synthesiser. The former provides a breathing space within the album after the two opening tracks whereas the latter brings the CD to a gentle, drifting close. The title track hearkens back to the duos first collaborative album with it’s pulsing cut up treatment of a Reuter guitar loop soundscape and perhaps informs the listener as to the nature of this “Memento”. Although Boddy often keeps in the background in terms of lead solo work when working with Reuter the track “Deadlock” features an Ondes Martenot style synth line that soars above this dark emotionally laden piece. Once again Reuter & Boddy have proved to be a potent musical team with their balance of styles producing a complex, deep album. Effortlessly crossing genres between prog and ambient electronica it not only looks back to their roots but creates new sonic landscapes for the listener to explore. Composed, played & produced by Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy (September - November 2016). Mixed by Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter (November 2016). Mastered by Ian Boddy @ DiN studio (December 2016). Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® AU8, 6-string Electric Guitar, Looping, Programming Ian Boddy: Serge & Eurorack Modulars, Moog Voyager, Ableton Live running NI Kontakt, Spectrasonics Omnisphere & Camel Audio Alchemy
Views: 1382 Markus Reuter
Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo - Reverie (from the album Frontiers)
Available at Amazon.com (CD/download): http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00701QWWW/echoes Available for digital download at iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/frontiers/id506643703?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Also available at: CCNow: http://www.ccnow.com/cgi-local/sc_cart.cgi?9837564875434351 Bandcamp: http://dinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/frontiers-din39 DiN label boss Ian Boddy is as well known for his collaborative projects as for his solo output and Erik Wøllo is the eighth musician Boddy has worked with on the DiN catalogue. Indeed Wøllo's initial outing on DiN was in collaboration with Bernhard Wöstheinrich on the 2009 release Arcadia Borealis (DiN34). Bernhard has also worked with Boddy on two DiN releases (Moiré (DiN18) & Hemispheres (DiNDDL05)). This feedback and inter-connection between musicians with different musical backgrounds has always been one of the DiN labels main aims which continues to produce fascinating and unexpected results. Frontiers (DiN39) is a musical travelogue through lands unknown although the sonic climate is very much influenced by the two musicians shared Northern European heritage. The album is book-ended by Vista & Ascension which feature Wøllo's panoramic chordal backdrops over which Boddy plays his now famous "Ondes Martenot" glissando synth lead lines. Between these two beautiful, haunting tracks the album is built around four sequencer driven pieces, each gaining in intensity and culminating in the intense penultimate title track Frontiers. These are interspersed with more abstract and atmospheric interludes, featuring field recordings the two artists have made in their own personal travels through their respective native landscapes. Constantly shifting in mood and tone, the album leads the listener across vast, open, icy sonic landscapes whilst periodically sheltering in more warm humane zones. Expertly crafted by two renowned musicians Wøllo & Boddy produce a work of complex musical maturity that will open up it's secrets over repeated listenings. Ian Boddy: http://www.din.org.uk/din/node/310 Erik Wøllo: http://www.wollo.com/ DiN records: http://www.din.org.uk/din/
Views: 5353 Monumental Wollo
Scorch by Ian Boddy
A little tribute to his debut album, choose this central piece with raw analog sounds and chimes, my little slide show with some older pics and a review of the original gear on the 1983 album "The Climb" some of these are still used by Ian Boddy like the Roland System 100 M and the EMS vcs3, a lot of sounds of these here. His current label DIN, purveyor of fine electronika brings quality releases to discover. Enjoy
Views: 626 markusmala
Aquanaut -The Deep 1994 - Ian Boddy
5th track from album "The Deep", released in 1994 by the electronic musician Ian Boddy. [Something Else Records]
Views: 1428 Claudio Caro
Strange Attractors
"Strange Attractors" is a milestone for the DiN label in that it is the 50th album release (38 physical + 12 digital). As such it is only fitting that it should be by the driving force behind DiN, label boss Ian Boddy. Recorded live in April 2011 at the Awakenings series of electronic music concerts the album showcases Boddy at the top of his game. Employing almost exclusively analogue sound sources he crafts a seamless blend of electronica spanning 76 minutes of sonic exploration. The album opens up with "Amongst Dark Clouds" with it's nebulous, spacey atmospheres and wash of glorious, epic chords. Tracks such as "Crossing The Range" and "Return Vector" see Boddy pulling off the feat of live sequencing and keyboard playing, a difficult task in a solo concert environment. As the tracks build you can literally hear Boddy building the pieces brick by brick to a sonic crescendo before tearing the musical structure down again. A fascinating experience that uses his years of experience using analogue modular synthesisers to the full. Other tracks such as "Parabolic Excursions" & the encore piece "Trip The Light Fandango" use studio created trippy sequencer grooves. Over these Boddy plays a range of subtle keyboard parts which feature his analogue "Ondes Martenot" style controller. These soaring lines are built up using a looping device into beautiful ambient beds and phrases. The title track "Strange Attractors" is an all together different affair. Like some proto-sequencer soundscape it's organic pulsations seem to drift in and out of phase. Overlaid with darkly shimmering ring modulated textures it's dark, unsettling atmosphere is punctuated with beautiful mellotron flutes. Building to an intense climax Ligeti like choral intrusions heighten the sense of unease. One of Boddy's best and most intense concert performance of recent years "Strange Attractors" showcases one of the UK's leading electronic musicians. With almost 150 concerts under his belt such experience really shines through on the complexity and inventiveness of this live show. http://dinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/strange-attractors-dinddl12
Views: 2135 theianboddy
Ian Boddy - One Day 2016
Views: 438 Andrea T
Ian Boddy -- The Sentinel
Ian Boddy -- Spirits
Views: 2272 LeMort Parsel
Ian Boddy. David Wright - Comets
Hope you enjoy this amazing electronic piece by Ian Boddy and David Wright comets from the album shifting sands check out his website http://www.ianboddy.com video made and edited by http://uk.youtube.com/zrnho thanks again for watching :)
Views: 4961 Zrnho Correy
Ian Boddy-Ecliptic
But with "Ecliptic," a slowly percolating rhythm takes hold, like nucleotides pinging through the air, while overhead hints of melody stream through. Birds seem to twitter from afar, the tempo picks up, the melodies increase, as if a newly born world is unfolding before our ears.
Views: 499 Chris White
Liverdelphia (DiN42)
Liverdelphia (DiN42) is taken from Boddy's two concerts played on opposite sides of the Atlantic in the autumn of 2012. The first was his fourth solo appearance at the Gatherings, hosted by Chuck van Zyl, in Philadelphia, USA. Four weeks later he then played at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool, UK. The album will be released on 21st May 2013 on a limited edition CD as well as download. www.din.org.uk
Views: 1217 theianboddy
Ian Boddy - Living in a Ritual
From Spirits (1985) http://www.last.fm/music/Ian+Boddy Lyrics: We're living in a ritual Dance to death, dance for life Some people say it could be hell Some dim and distant evil spell Revolutions in our mind Stepping stones back in time We're only searching for a sign Knowledge is that evil so sublime We're going to destroy ourselves It's written in the ritual We sacrificed our hungry souls Trying to live, frightened to die We're living in a ritual Hear the tolling of the bell Our end is near, our end is nigh Do we believe... do we hell!
Views: 6561 Chris Ex
Deja vu Ian Boddy
"Deja vu", Parts 1 & 2, of the album "The Climb". After 3 early cassette releases The Climb was released in 1983 and is seen by many as one of Boddy's classic albums. Boddy's classic debut vinyl release from 1983 was reissued on Something Else Records in 1995. This release saw a quantum leap in style & composition from his early three cassette only releases on the "Mirage" label.
Views: 3477 Claudio Caro
Ian Boddy -- Pulse + Living In A Ritual
Label: New Media Records Format: Vinyl, LP Country: UK Released: 1984
Views: 2877 DIYSynth
Atlantis  Ian Boddy
5th track from album "Drive" released in 1991 by electronic Musician Ian Boddy
Views: 447 Claudio Caro
Electronic Circus 2010 - Interview Ian Boddy & Bernhard Wöstheinrich
Interview with Ian Boddy & Bernhard Wöstheinrich hosted by Stefan Erbe during the Electronic Circus Festival at the 25.09.2010 in Bielefeld/Germany. More Infos are available here: www.electronic-circus.net
Ian Boddy (Rare Elements): Space Cadet
This is a retrospective double album of rare compilation CD tracks, unreleased studio material and selected recordings from 3 concerts. In many ways it is a summation of Boddy's music from the previous decade before he moved on to the formation of his DiN label in 1999. Space Cadet (live) is a personal favourite of mine.
Views: 1418 LeeBakerLegion
Ian Boddy Atomicity
Neocron Soundtrack
Views: 1984 Sydalesis
Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo - Prime Blue
From the 2014 release "EC12". Available here : https://dinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ec12-dinddl16
Views: 931 Richard W
Ian Boddy - AKAI Roadshow - Pt 1
Taken at the AKAI Roadshow in Newcastle Upon Tyne...some time ago! Ian Boddy in full demo mode playing a piece from his album 'The DEEP' called 'Standing At The Edge' with some improv added samples. Shot on a Panasonic VHS recorder, shoulder mount hence the un..stablity. Ian Qouted later ' A hotel in Jesmond, Newcastle and the year must be 1994/5 I think. It's a bonkers version of the Deep though'.
Views: 776 Zarogon
Distant Rituals
Fractal animation.
Views: 518 suew0
Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter & Nigel Mullaney - Sienna Daze
extract from album "Triptych" released in 2001 on UK label DiN.
Views: 869 Te Iubesc Records
ARC Fleet (DiN53)
Promo video for Fleet by ARC (Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve). Released on DiN on 20th October 2017. Recorded live at the E-Scape Electronic Music Festival 13th May 2017. www.din.org.uk
Views: 2562 theianboddy
Ian Boddy - Akai Roadshow - Pt 4
Supernova from 'The Uncertainty Principle' by Ian Boddy SER004 - 1993. The first album that Boddy produced and mixed entirely in his own studio. The combinattion of sequencing, melodies and spacy atmospheres produced what is one of the classic UK EM albums of the mid-90's/. A possibly unique recording and performance for you to enjoy, with Ian permission as always.
Views: 207 Zarogon
Ian Boddy-Earthrise
From Developing Technologies
Views: 1012 Marlon Garay
Pure by Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy
Music by Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy from the album Pure (DiN17) www.DiN.org.uk
Views: 1422 theianboddy
Ian Boddy - Underwater life
From the album Waterworlds
Views: 261 Brian Mas

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