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The Importance of Prayer in the Life of the Believer
The choices that we make—make us. It comes down to principles and disciplines applied—resulting in fruit. To be a growing Christian, you must have a frequent, passionate, and persistent prayer life everywhere, all the time, crying out to God. Prayer is our lifeline to Him.
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Benny Hinn - Why Is Daily Prayer Important?
Miracle Service | September 8, 2018 (Morning Service) | Toronto, Canada http://www.bennyhinn.org | http://www.facebook.com/BringBackTheCross http://www.twitter.com/bringback_cross
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The Importance Of Prayer - Kinetic Typography - Abu Ahmad
The prayer is very important because it's considered to be the foundation of the Muslim believer. Failure to pray with lack of a sound reason is a major sin... Speaker: Abu Ahmad Video made by: IDCA Productions http://www.youtube.com/user/AbuAhmadDawah
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Benny Hinn - Prayer is more important than Power
Miracle Crusade New York (NY), April 14-15, 2011 | http://www.bennyhinn.org
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The Power of Prayer
Fr. Mike lays down the reasons we should pray and gives a few spot-on examples of how real life reflects the nature of prayer. Through prayer, God invites us into his will and gives us the dignity to participate in it, which strengthens our relationship with him. Fr. Mike covers these truths and more in this week’s video. For a great study program on prayer, check out Oremus: A Catholic Guide to Prayer, by Ascension, at http://bit.ly/2fEBTaB. MORE FROM ASCENSION: Ascension Press main website: http://ascensionpress.com Ascension Presents website: http://ascensionpresents.com Ascension Press YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/ascensionpress SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AscensionPress/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/AscensionPress LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ascension-press Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/ascensionpresents
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Paul Washer - The Importance of Prayer for Christians
Paul Washer (@PaulWasher) became a believer while studying at the University of Texas. He completed his undergraduate studies and enrolled at Southwestern Theological Seminary, where he received his M
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Pray, pray, pray! Why prayer is important / Is God in Control of Everything?
[ See all our videos at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=TruthOrTradition&view=videos ] John W. Schoenheit of Spirit & Truth Fellowship International ( http://www.stfonline.org ) teaches on the subject of prayer. Why should we pray? What does God say about prayer? Is God in control of every thing that happens? For further study see: Articles on Prayer http://www.TruthOrTradition.com/prayertopic Is Everything That is Happening God's Will? http://www.TruthOrTradition.com/control See our website: http://TruthOrTradition.com See our main ministry website: http://STFonline.org Give financially to our ministry at: http://STFonline.org/Partnership Follow us on Twitter---------------------------------http://Twitter.com/TruthTradition Like us on Facebook--------------------------------http://Facebook.com/TruthOrTradition Subscribe to our iTunes Video podcast------http://TruthOrTradition.com/itunes Subscribe to our iTunes Audio podcast------http://STFonline.org/podcast
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Importance of Salat (Prayer) by Abu Usamah
Powerful Khutbah on the Importance of salat (the prayer). One of the conditions of Imaan and the Second piller of Islam. Khutbah took place at the BD5 Masjid on the 17th of August 2012 ABOUT THE SPEAKER - Abu usamah was born in New Jersey in 1964. He embraced Islam in 1986 and went onto studying in the Islamic University of Madina for eight years where he graduated from the College of Da'wah and Usool-ad-Din. sheikh abu usamah has been very active in da'wah since the day he embraced Islam. He has been the Imam of various mosques in the United States and in the United Kingdom. His zeal and eagerness in conveying the true message of Islam has lead him to many parts of the world, delivering lectures and seminars, as well as translating for many scholars and du'aat from the Arab world. Abu Usamah has been blessed in studying with some of the greatest scholars of our time, to name a few, Shaikh Umar Fulaatah at the Rawdah of the Prophets Mosque, Shaikh Muhammad 'Atiyyah Saalim (author of Tafsir 'Adwaa ul-Bayaan'), Shaikh Abdullah Muhammad al-Ghunaymaan, Shaikh Muhammad al-Jaami, Shaikh Saalih al-Fawzaan and many more. He was also very fortunate to have spent two summers in intensive study under Shaikh Ibn Baaz and Shaikh Ibn Uthaymin. http://bd5masjid.com/ [email protected] For more information on regular lectures taking place in the in the north of England please go to - http://www.dawahnorth.org/ To purchase Islamic products please visit One Islam Products: www.1islam.net
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Importance of Salah (Prayer) - Omer El Banna
Omar El-Banna introduces the need for us to draw closer to Allah through the obligatory act of Salah. He explains how it draws the believer closer to Allah, and it is our way for communicating with Allah, simplifying the religion for us. _______________ ABOUT THE SPEAKER - After completing his Bachelor of Science with a Major in Engineering, Shaykh Omar El-Banna began his extensive journey in the gaining of Islamic knowledge. For eight years he has devoted his time to the extensive study of Islamic knowledge under prominent scholars in Egypt gaining a wide knowledge base. Shaykh Omar studied at Al-Azhar University in Cairo in the Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence. Shaykh Omar is currently finishing his Masters in Islamic Studies at the University of New England. Having been involved in Dawah for the past 10 years, Shaykh Omar is now concentrating his efforts on the Dawah efforts in Australia, working with Muslim youth. ______________ Follow us on: http://www.facebook.com/FanarQatar Tweet us on: https://twitter.com/fanarqatar Like DigitalMimbar on Facebook: http://www.fb.com/TheMimbar Follow DigitalMimbar on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DigitalMimbar
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Night Prayer - Better Than Anything In the World
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Importance of Prayer - A Beautiful Reminder
A stunning reminder from a brother concerning the gravity and importance of our prayer. Don't forget to Share, Subscribe, Like and Comment to spread the word of Islam.
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Your Most Important Prayer
Our response to habitual sin problems, health problems, financial problems, joy problems should all be met with this answer: prayer. https://www.desiringgod.org/messages/our-deepest-prayer-hallowed-be-your-name/ https://www.desiringgod.org/messages/our-deepest-prayer-hallowed-be-your-name/excerpts/how-to-pray-for-victory
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Importance of Prayer | Mohamed Hoblos
► Subscribe Here: https://bit.ly/2uOvoqP ► Donate for Umati Productions Here: https://bit.ly/2Nyi3dQ ► Facebook: https://bit.ly/2zYv5PZ Never underestimate the importance of prayer and what value it holds in the sight of Allah (swt)
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http://facebook.com/OFFICIALKAZIM http://instagram.com/KAZ.I.M Snapchat: @kazimale EMAIL: [email protected] Moe: http://facebook.com/Mizmoee Instagram: @Mizmoee
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IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER - Nouman Ali Khan Animated
IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER - Nouman Ali Khan Animated Islamic Lecture Donate Now! Support the Channel Grow & be a part of the success Inshallah :D https://www.gofundme.com/quality-animated-videos-on-islam Assalamualaikum (Peace be with you), In this video Nouman Ali Khan highlights the importance of prayer, it is one of the pillars of islam so it must be given utmost importance in your life, He highlights the fact that without prayer iman isn't there because praying is directly attached to iman. If you don't pray then you don't really have a foundation to connect with Allah & the Quran, hence you will be easily more prone to sinning.
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🔥Prayer Sermon: Paul Washer ➡️ WHY IS DAILY PRAYER IMPORTANT FOR CHRISTIANS? (How To Pray: Praying )
✔PAUL WASHER: Why is daily prayer so important in the Christian life?➡️ https://goo.gl/X3HdP8 ✔Get more FREE Videos that will set your prayer life on FIRE🔥➡️ https://goo.gl/V9L6Xe (★☆★ SUBSCRIBE➡️ https://goo.gl/3CM1dD ...It's FREE!) ★☆★ CONNECT WITH US ★☆★ ✔FACEBOOK► https://goo.gl/8fXaxk ✔TWITTER► https://goo.gl/GYWdmk ✔INSTAGRAM► https://goo.gl/jpjk7Z ✔PINTEREST► https://goo.gl/ogHYFy ✔WEBSITE► http://www.learninghowtopray.com/ ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE ★☆★ ✔For new episodes and bonuses that will set your prayer life on FIRE!🔥 https://goo.gl/3CM1dD (It's FREE!) ★☆★RECOMMENDED PRAYER CLASSIC ★☆★ How To Pray by R. A. Torrey► http://amzn.to/2pJ4NXF * ★☆★ VIEW THE BLOG POST ★☆★ ✔Get the transcript and much more at http://www.learninghowtopray.com/ ★☆★ MORE HELPFUL VIDEOS ★☆★ ✔ Paul Washer 10 Keys or Secrets to Powerful, Effective Prayers: https://goo.gl/15H56N * Affiliate Link.
Friday Prayer - The Most Powerful Salah of The Week
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Swami Vivekananda explains ESSENCE OF PRAYER TO GOD - IMPORTANCE OF LORD'S NAME Music- The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
The most important and powerful prayer that you will ever pray
In this video Evangelist Gabriel leads us in the most important and powerful prayer that evry human being needs to make before they finish their life here on earth. This prayer has changed many peoples lives. For Daily prayer and weekly Prophetic word: http://www.gabrielfernandesministries.org/weekly-prophetic-word/ •If you would like to donate and help us fund the Gospel then you can do it via Patreon which is a secure platform and payments are accepted from PayPal or credit card, Further more you will gain access to extra content and posts of encouragement and revelations that we want to give you as a thank you for supporting us: https://www.patreon.com/gabrielfernandesministries For more info go to: www.gabrielfernandesministries.org Also feel free to add me as a friend on facebook: Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes Instagram: @gabri3lf3rnand35
Importance of Prayer // Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa// How to pray  //2018 sermons //
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Importance of Prayer
Does having a prayer life intimidate you? The most important thing is to begin! This video will tell you how! © Shutterstock Footage used with permission © 2012 Kevin MacLeod used with permission
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Prayer is Not a Long-Distance Call - Sadhguru
Sadhguru explains that a prayer is not a vocal communication or "long-distance call" with God. Prayer is a quality, not an act. It is a way of creating a state of receptivity within us, by involving ourselves completely. **************************************** Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/prayer-is-not-a-long-distance-call/ Sadhguru: Probably in this part of the world, if I utter the word prayer, immediately people will think sitting down and saying something to somebody up there. Some of you may know simple English prayers, some of you may know complicated Latin, Arabic, Sanskrit whatever kind of prayers. But essentially prayer unfortunately has been understood as a way like it’s some kind of a long-distance call. Prayer is not an act, it’s just a certain quality that you bring in to your life. In somewhere in 1860s certain missionaries came to central part of India which is now called as Madhya Pradesh and they were scouting the tribal districts because that is where the potential conversions are there. Then they heard there is a particular yogi around whom thousands of people are gathering. So, they thought he build a some kind of a church and people are gathering, let’s go and see. Competition, you know! So they went there, when they went there they couldn’t believe this, there was no Church, there were not even a home, the yogi was just sitting under a tree. All he had was a loin cloth, bare bodied, he was just sitting there; somebody who looks like he’s not worth anything and they got little encouraged. Okay, there’s not much of a competition but then they found hundreds and thousands of people gathering around him. Then they were amazed oh what’s happening here, he must be having some kind of power. So, when they got an appointment with him they asked what kind of prayers do you teach. Then he looked at them and laughed and said, Oh you are men of cloth, you are men of prayer aren’t you? You have done much prayer obviously in your life. Today, you just see some prayer, don’t do it just see it. They said how can we see prayer. He said just watch me now and he took some vegetables and started cutting. He said, this is my prayer just watch it, quite carefully watch it. This is the prayer. So, prayer is not just ……. prayer is a way of involving your whole body and getting it into a certain attitude of receptivity, of seeing. Prayer is essentially seeing that your presence here is so miniscule actually. You are just a speck of dust in this existence, tomorrow morning woof if you disappear nobody is going to miss you. A few people around you will cry for three days and then they will forget about you. Rest of the existence will just go on fine without you, isn’t it? All of this disappear, still this world will go on wonderfully well, maybe better (laughter). Yes or no. This self-assumed importance that man has created within himself, when you keep it aside you are in prayer. If you manage to keep aside the assumed importance that you have for yourself, then you are in prayer, you don’t have to say anything. Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/prayer-is-not-a-long-distance-call/ **************************************** Download Sadhguru App 📲 http://onelink.to/sadhguru__app Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. More Videos & Blogs on Website http://www.isha.sadhguru.org Subscribe to our channel here: http://isha.co/2ebiGKm Free Guided Meditation by Sadhguru at http://www.ishafoundation.org/Ishakriya Free Yoga Tools For Transformation at http://isha.sadhguru.org/5-min-practices/ Official Facebook Page of Sadhguru https://www.facebook.com/sadhguru Official Twitter Profile of Sadhguru https://twitter.com/SadhguruJV
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Benny Hinn - How To Have Power in Prayer
Monday Night Service | July 24, 2017 | Aliso Viejo, CA http://www.bennyhinn.org | http://www.facebook.com/BringBackTheCross http://www.twitter.com/bringback_cross
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Importance of Prayer in Islam
❱ Support us by Donating at: https://igg.me/at/qyz12rUhzIA ❱ Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DailyIR ❱ Click Here To Subscribe! https://goo.gl/jPEF9y ❱ FB page: https://www.facebook.com/DailyIR/ ❱ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dailyir/ Our Videos are inspired from the youtube channel TheMerciful Servant The Speaker talks about Importance of prayer in Islam Umar Bin Khattab (R.A) said that once the the Holy Prophet S.A.W said "There is no Deen for the ones who don't pray" Umar R.A said it while he was stabed and he had a hole in his heart! And he was trying to getup for prayer because he heard the azan! This is the Importance of Prayer in Islam. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny) has said: “The prayer of a person is (in reality) a light in his heart, so whoever desires, can illuminate his heart (by means of prayers) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Why we love Muhammad Ali ? Islamic Reminder" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm96EAiWOuw -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
The Importance of PRAYER
In this video I shared on the Importance of Prayer. How having a prayer life has helped me in the discovery of God's plan for my life and influenced my everyday decisions on what I do with my gift. 3 Key Points 1. Prayer will help you to understand and know the purpose of what you have. 2. Prayer will expose and clarify your motives. 3. Prayer will keep you going even in the face of discouragements. I challenge you to begin to seek the GIVER more than His gifts, develop a lifestyle of prayer and absolute dependence on God as He leads you in the right direction for your life. You can watch "Little is Much" here: https://youtu.be/Z7UDdCvSWOY ***SUBSCRIBE - LIKE - COMMENT - SHARE*** More Videos Coming Soon!!! Check out my Piano Instrumental Channel Here: https://youtube.com/dappytkeys Website: http://timoladeru.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DappyTKeysPi... Twitter: https://twitter.com/DappyTKeys Instagram: https://instagram.com/dappytkeys/ Tim Oladeru Inspirational Motivational Encouragement
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The Power of Fajr Salah (Prayer) #TeamFajr
❱ Donate: https://www.gofundme.com/LA328 ❱ FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/1IslamicBrotherHood Speaker: Nouman Ali Khan Other Beneficial Videos Muslim vs Muslim War: https://goo.gl/GsL22i Adive To Muslim Pranksters https://goo.gl/cOqlzY Why Do People Hate Muslims: https://goo.gl/nwX1E9 The Scariest Part About Judgement Day: https://goo.gl/Ymw9Sq How To Deal With Gay People and Gay Muslims: https://goo.gl/PzZxrR The Power of Fajr Salah (Prayer) #TeamFajr
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The Witr Prayer And Its Importance | Abu Muadh Taqweem Aslam
The Witr Prayer And Its Importance | Abu Muadh Taqweem Aslam How to perform the witr prayer? When to perform the witr prayer? The importance of performing the witr prayer? Audio Source: ► https://soundcloud.com/albaseerah/sunan-nafl-prayers Join Our Telegram Channel: ► https://telegram.me/SalafiYouTube
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WHAT IS PRAYER | PASTOR CHRIS | 2018 Pastor Chris teaches what is prayer and the importance of prayer. CLICK to subscribe NOW https://www.youtube.com/c/TheWirelessChurch?sub_confirmation=1 FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. 1)This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them) 2)This video is also for teaching purposes. 3)It is not transformative in nature. 4)I only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary. We make these videos with the intention of teaching/educating others in a motivational/inspirational form. if any owners of the content clips would like us to remove the video, we have no problem with that and will do so as fast as possible. Please email us if you have any concerns at [email protected]
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The Importance of Prayer — Pastor Mark Finley
Do you pray for your family? Your pastor? Your city? Because satanists are praying against them.
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Secret About Fajr and Asr Prayer You Didn't Know
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Importance of Going to Masjid for Prayer
Prayer is second pillar in Islam, Praying in masjid has more reward than praying anywhere else.
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Prophet Brian Carn - Importance of Prayer
Prophet Brian Carn preaching on the Importance of Prayer. Watch and be blessed. SUBSCRIBE to our channel HERE: http://bit.ly/2OQ27UN May God bless you! For FREE Christian Resources, visit: http://bit.ly/1aGxec8 If you have been blessed, please share this video with someone you feel would be edified and blessed by it. Thank you.
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Story on Prayer
A listen along story teaching children the value and ideas for prayer.
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What is the Shema? Intro to the Most Important Jewish Prayer
The Shema is the most important prayer in Judaism and is recited often multiple times a day, reaffirming the Jewish people to Judaism. Learn the meaning behind the most important Jewish prayer in this video featuring Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann, the rabbi and founder of Mishhkan Chicago. This video was created at the Chicago Rabbinic Writers Lab, a program where 10 rabbis wrote Introduction to Tefillah videos in chevruta as a group. This series breaks down and explains major Jewish prayers so you can feel more knowledgeable and comfortable while attending a Jewish service. Learn more about Jewish prayers and blessings at bimbam.com/prayers SUBSCRIBE to BimBam [http://www.youtube.com/bimbam] SIGN UP to our email newsletter to get educational content delivered to your inbox every week: http://bit.ly/2dyXrG3 ABOUT US BimBam sparks connections to Judaism through digital storytelling for learners of all ages. Watch something Jewish at https://www.bimbam.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heybimbam Twitter: https://twitter.com/heybimbam SUPPORT US We are a nonprofit organization and would love your support to continue creating engaging and educational content. If you like our videos support us here: https://www.bimbam.com/donate/
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THE IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER- Heart Touching Message By Man of God P.J.Stephen PAUL
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The Most Important Prayer - Dr D K Olukoya 2018 Message
The Most Important Prayer - Dr D K Olukoya The Most Important Prayer - Dr D K Olukoya Pastor W.F Kumuyi - Recognising False Prophets ( New Message 2017) Rest, The Door is Opened - Pastor Taiwo Odukoya (New Message 2017) Apostle Arome Osayi - The Dealings of God (New Message 2017) Pastor Gideon Odoma - What God Is Looking In The Church (New Message 2017) Bishop David Oyedepo - The Cost Factor for Breaking New Grounds (New Message 2017) Joel Osteen - Dont Allow The Devil To Stop You (NEW Message 2017) Pastor E.A Adeboye - Appointment With the Most High (NEW MESSAGE 2017) Dr D.K Olukoya - The Power Of The Spirit Terri Savelle Foy - Simple Secret for Weight Loss (New Message 2017) Graduating to Gratitude - Brooklyn Church (New Message 2017) Derek Prince - Immersed in the Holy Spirit (New Message 2017) Paula White - Just Believe (New Message 2017) Do Not Be Led By Your Head - Part 1. (New Message 2017) Pastor Bankie - Everything is in Christ (New Message 2017 Pastor Poju Oyemade - Using The Power Of God To Overcome Human Manipulation (New Message 2017) Bishop David Oyedepo -Faith Energizers for the Miraculous (New Message 2017) Pastor E.A. Adeboye - BEHOLD HIS FACE (New Message 2017) Dr D.K Olukoya - The Anointed Mind (New Message 2017) Bishop David Oyedepo - Revival Fire (New Message 2017) Pastor E.A Adeboye - THE TOUCH OF GOD (New Message 2017) Dr D.K Olukoya - The Power of Adamant Faith (New Message 2017) Pastor W.F Kumuyi - Prerequisite for Profitable Ministry (New Message 2017) Apostle Arome Osayi - Apostolic Grace (New Message 2017) Paula White - Dominion by Your Faith (New Message at Spirit & Truth Christian Fellowship Mississippi Terri foy - This One Thing Reveals Where Your Life Is Headed Monument Before God - Brooklyn Tabernacle (New Message 2017) Zac Poonen - ZEAL FOR GOD (New Message 2017) Derek Prince - Enjoying God's Grace - Part 2(New Message Release) Joyce Meyer - Let go (New Message 2017) Pastor Bankie - Descendants Of Faith pt 2 (New Message 2017) Bishop David Oyedepo - Commanding the Supernatural (New Message 2017) Pastor E. A. Adeboye - Manifesting the Supernatural (NEW MESSAGE 2017) Dr D.K Olukoya - Hearing From God for Triumph ( New Message 2017) Pastor E.A Adeboye - ABBA FATHER (New Message 2017) Dr D.K Olukoya - THE DESPERATE CRY (New Message 2017) Pastor W.F Kumuyi - The Church, Apostates And Antichrists Rest, The Door is Opened - Pastor Taiwo Odukoya (New Message 2017) Paula White - Simply Believe (New Message 2017) Bishop David Abioye - Encounter with the Power of the age to come (New Message 2017) Joyce Meyer - Trusting God When Bad Things Happen (New Message 2017) Pastor Bankie - The Law of Faith Part 2 (New Message 2017) Bishop David Oyedepo - The Power of Planning (New Message 2017) Pastor E.A Adeboye - The Lamb of God (New Message 2017) Dr D.K Olukoya - THE UNHIDDEN AGENDA (New Message 2017) Paula White - Calling Things into Existence (New Message 2017) Kenneth Copland - God Works Through the Holy Spirit (New Message 2017) Terri Foy - Positive Declarations For Weight Loss (New Message 2017) Joyce Meyer - Do Not Be Offended by Trouble (New Message 2017) Pastor Bankie - Freedom From The Curse pt 2 (New Message 2017) Pastor E.Adeboye - The Lifter of my Head (New Message 2017) Pastor E.Adeboye - The Lifter of my Head (New Message 2017) Pastor W.F Kumuyi - The Necessity of Discernment and Wisdom (New Message 2017) Apostle Arome Osayi - Prayer Work Of The Church (New Message 2017) Kenneth Copland - Wisdom & Understanding From Above (New Message 2017) Creflo Dollar - Seek God for your Care (New Message 2017 Pastor Rick Warren - Knowing God's Plan for your Life (New Message 2017) Pastor Rick Warren - Knowing God's Plan for your Life (New Message 2017) Joyce Meyer - Payday is Coming (New Message 2017) Pastor Bankie - The Law of Faith pt 2 (New Message 2017) Pastor E.A Adeboye - A NEW BEGINNING (New Message 2017) Bishop David Oyedepo - Commanding Exceeding Grace (New Message 2017) Pastor E.A Adeboye - ENFORCING PROPHECY (New Music 2017) Dr D.K Olukoya - POWER TO ARISE AND SHINE (New Message 2017) Pastor W.F Kumuyi - The Latter-Day Glory of The Restored Church (New Message 2016) Apostle Arome Osayi - THERE IS A PATH (New Message 2017) WHO WOULD YOU BECOME - Pastor Godman Akinlabi (New Message 2017) Bishop T D Jakes - Dangers of Giving up too Soon (New Message 2017) Zac Poonen - Seated In The Heavens (New Message 2017) The Secret to Victory - Kenneth Copeland (New Message 2017) The Secret to Victory - Kenneth Copeland (New Message 2017) Grace above Sin Pt. 2 - Pastor Bankie (New Message 2017) Joyce Meyer - What to Do When God Does Not Pick You (New Message 2017) Pastor E.A Adeboye - Deposit of the Anointing (New Message 2017 Pastor E.A Adeboye - Overflowing Anointing (New Message 2017)
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Tahajjud Night Prayer, It's Importance, & Benefits in this World & Next Qiyam al Layl Salat Namaz
Tahajjud Night Prayer, It's Importance, & Benefits in this World & Next Qiyam al Layl Salat Namaz Islamic Educational Animation Videos & Blog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkIssAHOI9AACnzDO_UatOg http://www.thesincereseeker.com/ Hijab Store Online | Designer Hijabs | The Jab Store | 2018 https://www.thejabstore.com/ The Jab Store offers 2018 Hijab Scarves for Women who want to be confident and comfortable. The Jab Store sells the top designer Hijabs from all over the world online. Free Shipping World-Wide w/ $50 Purchase Muslim Fashion Accessories + Hijab Shop | MuslimaQueen | 2018 https://www.muslimaqueen.com/ MuslimaQueen is a fashion accessory shop for Muslim Women. MuslimaQueen provides styles of all varieties while maintaining a modest look at affordable prices. Extra 25% off + Free Shipping World-Wide on Entire Store w/code: Queen25 The Importance of Islamic Night Prayer (Salat Namaz) & its Benefits in this World & Next... Salat / Salah/ Namaz Collection of clips of Sheikhs and Speakers such as Ustad Nouman Ali Khan, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, Mufti Menk, Sheikh Muhammd Saleh, Dr Zakir Naik, Shiekh Hamza Yusuf, Ustada Yasmin Mogahed, Dr. Muhammad salah, Sheikh Hussain Yee, Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem, Sheikh Abdur-Raheem Green, Sheikh Yusuf Estes, Dr. Bilal Philips, Imam Siraj Wahaj, Ahmed Deedat, Imam Suhaib Webb, Shykh Khalid Yasin, Shaykh Yassir Fazaga, and much more!
Importance Of Prayer/Worship
As a Christian it is vital that we prayer and continue to do so for ourselves, family, community, country, leaders, Isreal and its army . Draw near to God get to know him dont let your flesh take over your emotions be led by the spirit . As its the last days we must rise up and pray fight back the darkness. stand in the gap for others pray for your enemies You are a warrior in the army of God use your armour Ephesians 6.10. Godbless you
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Panel, Why is prayer so important
Trevin Wax, Tom Schreiner, David Allen and Darian Lockett discuss the question of why is prayer so important. The Christian Standard Bible (CSB) captures the Bible’s original meaning without compromising clarity. An optimal blend of accuracy and readability, this translation helps readers make a deeper connection with God’s Word and inspires lifelong discipleship. Find out more at www.csbible.com.
The Importance of Prayer
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In this short but powerful video Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes teaches about how important revelation knowledge is and He prays for you that you will receive mighty revelation knowledge from God. •If you want Evangelist Gabriel to pray for you daily then fill in a prayer form: https://www.gabrielfernandesministries.org/daily-prayer-list/ •Donation/Contribution to help us fund the work of the Gospel: 1)Direct Deposit: GFM UNITED PRAYER AND REVIVAL MINISTRY Account Number:62735388763 Bank: First National Bank Branch Name: Summerstrand Branch Code: 210049 Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ 2) Monthly Subscription via Patreon, which is a secure platform. Payments on Patreon go off on the first of each month and are accepted from PayPal or Credit card. All partners via Patreon will gain access to: -Extra content, -Monthly fasting and prayer for your Finances and Family -Daily Mentoring and prophetic devotional -Fasting and Prayer for your Businesses(Submit the names on Patreon, via message) We want to give you the above things as a thank you for your sacrifice in supporting us in this work of ministry: https://www.patreon.com/gabrielfernandesministries 3) Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/evangelistfernandes •Kindle Ebook and Paperback books by Ev. Gabriel Fernandes: 1) Kingdom Keys and Secrets For Success •For more info go to: www.gabrielfernandesministries.org Add me on Instagram and Facebook: Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes
Why is prayer important?
In this video, I will be discussing the question of why prayer is important. This is also part one of my prayer series. If you liked this video please share, subscribe, like. Also comment any ideas for future videos or any questions you may have about God or myself. Follow me on Instagram! My username is the_official_christian_teen
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If God is Sovereign, Why Pray? | Why Prayer Matters
What is the point of prayer if God already knows and controls all things? If we cannot change God’s mind, why should we pray? Does prayer really matter? How is prayer important? In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and special guest Dr. Nicolas Ellen confirm that the scriptures do declare that God is sovereign. They go on to state that God’s sovereignty does not negate the Christian’s responsibility to pray. Prayer for a Christian is not optional; God has commanded that we do so. They point out that, in asking these questions, we often do not understand the sovereignty of God when it comes to our prayers. Sovereign God has ordained prayer as a means that He has determined to work through to bring things to pass. Therefore, prayer really matters. They explain that the importance of prayer is not that we come seeking to change God’s mind and impose our will on Him. We pray to grow in our understanding of Him, His character and to line up our understanding of His will and desires. They further explain that prayer is dependent upon the recognition of a sovereign, all powerful God and that growing in this knowledge will inform and motivate our prayers. What is the purpose of prayer? Does prayer really change anything? These questions and more are addressed in this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, as Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Nicolas Ellen take us to God’s Word.
Dr. Myles Munroe: The importance of practicing meditation in prayer.
Dr. Myles Munroe teaching on the fact that meditation is the most important activity of prayer. Most Christian are taught to meditate on the Written Word the Bible which is only one aspect of biblical meditation. Through and in-depth study from a definitive root word perspective the original purpose of Meditation was to get Spoken Word from God which then became the personal Written Word for your life. Mediation in this form is what the ancients including Jesus taught and experienced in order to experience the full essence of the-inner-learning-environment of The Kingdom of God within the human being.
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