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Зеркало (HD)
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La Donna Lupo
Erotico/Psicologico, Italia 1999 - Un film di Aurelio Grimaldi. Con Loredana Cannata, Pascal Persiano, Arturo Paglia, Marta Bifano
Views: 16520627 Franco Arcuri
Loredana Cannata
Finalmente Natale seconda parte
Views: 56650 Antonella d'annunzio
Trailer La Donna Lupo - Film Erotico con Loredana Cannata
[MioFilm.it] Trailer de La Donna Lupo - Film erotico con Loredana Cannata Un giorno si chiama Giuliana, un altro Viviana, un altro ancora Alessandra. Con grande indifferenza cambia nomi, perché l'aspetto che veramente le interessa mantenere è quello della donna lupo. In questi panni, la ragazza riesce a lasciarsi alle spalle le angosce e le inibizioni del passato per dare seguito ai propri desideri. Eccola durante il giorno impegnata nella rispettabile attività di assistente sociale: fa interviste, indagini, analisi. Ma quando arriva la notte si trasforma e sceglie le prede che possono essere indifferentemente studenti universitari, professionisti affermati, soldati di leva. Non rivela mai il proprio nome agli uomini che cattura ai quali chiede solo un rapporto fisico. Soprattutto i più giovani rimangono disorientati, non sanno come comportarsi, cercano altri diversivi. A Valerio capita di innamorarsi perdutamente della misteriosa ragazza e quando lei sparisce lui la cerca con insistenza. La trova, si sfoga con lei, le rinfaccia cose inesistenti. Per un momento lei sembra arrendersi. Ma, subito dopo, Valerio viene subito liquidato. E la donna lupo va verso altre vittime.
Views: 642027 MioFilmIT
"Erotic Games" (film completo)
"Erotic Games" (film completo) con Moana Pozzi, Marino Masè, Petra Scharbach, Hula. Regia: Piero Vivarelli.
Views: 21945408 Nico Pagliuca
A tu per tu con Loredana
Views: 2405 LoredanaCannata
Animal Aid Live 2015 - Loredana Cannata al primo concerto a Roma a favore dei diritti degli Animali
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Senso '45
Views: 884214 James Kim
Bad cop caught on tape arresting sober driver for DUI - Driver awarded $70k [UPDATE BELOW]
There is an UPDATED VIDEO that you can watch here that explains outcome: https://youtu.be/1bLq49UUQW8 Follow me on Instagram for updates and also feel free to give the santa monica police department a yelp review and don't grommet to mention Koby Arnold. here are the links.. http://bit.ly/YELPSMPD and http://instagram.com/mrcheckpoint_ Wonder if Officer Koby Arnold was fired? You can watch him riding horses on the beach IN UNIFORM http://bit.ly/KobyandHorses Make sure to sign this petition to terminate him as an officer of the Santa Monica Police Department: http://bit.ly/KOBYARNOLD Want to tell me your story: [email protected] Officer Koby Arnold badge number 3347 is a bad cop caught on tape of the Santa Monica Police Department who wrongfully arrested me and then lied in his police report. After pulling me over for a simple traffic violation, he yells at me telling me he will assume I am drunk driving. Then he puts me under arrest and squeezes the handcuffs unreasonably tight. When he searches my car he finds a bottle of prescribed oxycodone to me (I had a surgery 8 days before). Kobe Arnold changes his story from me being drunk to me being on oxycodone which he boasts in the report about knowing the symptoms of people on oxycodone from his experience and that I fit that description. To bad for him I hadn't taken the pills in days and when Santa Monica ran my blood is was clean meaning NO DUI was ever filed against me.. I was innocent and the blood proved it. Koby Arnold lied in his police report to justify making me spend the night in jail and take my dogs to the pound. There is an open lawsuit with the city of Santa Monica. They act like exercising a right is not cooperating... Very scary. Koby Arnold also has been involved in a previous lawsuit where he apparently used excessive force on a guy at Yankee Doodle in Santa Monica. Santa Monica paid the victim $99,000 partially because of Koby's actions. He needs to be accountable and not allowed to abuse his power. Instead of being terminated, you can watch Koby Arnold riding horses :( https://youtu.be/rO07JsUQOzQ?t=25s Check out this page to contribute to the movement, https://www.patreon.com/mrcheckpoint.. You also get a great service when you join. Your support sends an important message to an audience that no one else is reaching. Police officers, police agencies, anti-DUI organizations and community members have publicly come out to support Mr. Checkpoint. It is a privilege to serve the community and I thank you all for your time, energy and anticipated support, necessary to keep Mr. Checkpoint independent. 🧡 Be safe and Thanks for watching! :) -Mr. Checkpoint Support the #mrcheckpoint movement with as little as $2 a month and get real-time DUI Checkpoint alerts.. https://mrcheckpoint.com/membership/ If you're on instagram you can follow me at https://www.instagram.com/mrcheckpoint_/ #mrcheckpoint
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Review of Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror
This is a gem of incredible worth, and must be seen especially if one is a fan of Alice in Wonderland. It has an interesting twist involving mirrors (minor spoiler there) and the animation will make you gasp in pure amazement. Half the time, my mouth was gaping at how detailed everything was. The music was superb as well. All in all, a five star movie, hands down !
Views: 387 RoseofSharon
Le deportate della sezione speciale SS (1976) Italian Movie HD
UPLOADER: This is an Italian film with English over-dubbing. Wiki: Le deportate della sezione speciale SS (internationally released as Deported Women of the SS Special Section, SS Special Section Women and Deported Women) is a 1976 erotic-drama film directed by Rino De Silvestro. The film is considered the first Italian nazisploitation film, after the "auteur" progenitors such as Liliana Cavani's art film Il portiere di notte and Tinto Brass' exploitation film Salon Kitty.
Views: 63181 Yue Hiroto
espejo magico
prueba after effects
Views: 5168 jopelujopelu

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