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Magic Carpet Go Kart (a personal tracked vehicle)
As featured on the History Channel series Sold! This is the Magic Carpet Go Kart that I designed and built. You can build one for yourself with the available build plans. http://www.ebay.com/sch/autobeverage/m.html?item=201646554062&hash=item2ef3123bce%3Am%3AmxCYoU2c1NnRQqIsA0Ar9EA&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Visit ebay and type in keyword Personal Tracked Vehicle. Visit my facebook page: Personal Tracked Vehicle
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Lost Video: Magic Carpet Personal Tracked Vehicle
This is a compilation of lost video clips and deleted scenes from my Magic Carpet stand up Personal Tracked Vehicle project. Build plans are available to build this vehicle by visiting ebay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR3.TRC2.A0.H0.Xpersonal+tracked+vehicle.TRS0&_nkw=personal+tracked+vehicle&_sacat=0 To see more of my inventions, for more build plans, and to see what's next, visit my website: www.baumbuilds.com
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Personal Track Vehicle Part 11
Changed the sprockets, installed a header. Much better performance.
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PTV Demonstration 1 of 2
Demonstration video 1 of 2. Discussion of build and walk around of completed device. 1 of 2.
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PTV Boss High Octane Personal Tracked Vehicle
http://www.PTVBoss.com Adrenaline Inducing Off Road (P)ersonal (T)racked (V)ehicle Get In Line ~ Pre-Order Yours Today @ http://www.PTVBoss.com
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Personal Track Vehicle Part 16
13hp versus 6.5hp - Yes and amen!
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PTV ,Magic Carpet,tracked vehicle
Magic Carpet ,Personal Tracked Vehicle......."Hand Made"!
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Personal Track Vehicle Part 4, test run.
My awesome wife, test driving newly completed machine.
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Personal Tracked Vehicle
As featured on the History Channel series Sold! This is a tracked go kart that I designed and built. The build plans are for sale, visit ebay keyword Personal Tracked Vehicle. http://www.ebay.com/sch/autobeverage/m.html?item=201646554062&hash=item2ef3123bce%3Am%3AmxCYoU2c1NnRQqIsA0Ar9EA&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Visit my facebook page: Personal Tracked Vehicle
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Personal Track Vehicle Part 10
Lifan 6.5 hp. reinstalled, no governor, good results.
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Personal Track Vehicle Part 8, running!
It's been a while but it's alive and running well. Finally got good speed and that's without shifting up at all.
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Personal Track Vehicle Part 12
New modifications, Mikuni carb!
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Building a TL6 tracked vehicle
Assembly of the TL6 all terrain tracked vehicle and tourist transportation module. The work starts with a brand new Volvo FL6, a custom made chassie and tracks, gearboxes and suspension system from BAE Hägglunds BvS10. Disassembly of a new truck only takes two days, to carefully mark all hoses, pipes and electrical connections make up most of that time. The 280 HP Euro 6 engine from the Volvo is used in the new vehicle making this a environment friendly all terrain tracked vehicle. For more information http://www.stvab.se
Home made tracked vehicle, First test Drive
Like And Subscribe Like And Subscribe This here is the first semi sucesfull test drive we had of our home made traced vehicle. we have build in a 10 week school project and this is in week 7. the vehicle cannot turn yet do to som hydraulic motor problems, were one motor pulls more than the other, the problem is being fixed next week. Like And Subscribe
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Mantis Demonstration Video and The Adventures of Mantis Man
This is the Mantis Personal Tracked Vehicle that I designed and built. Build plans are available for your to build your own. http://www.ebay.com/sch/autobeverage/m.html?item=201646554062&hash=item2ef3123bce%3Am%3AmxCYoU2c1NnRQqIsA0Ar9EA&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Be sure to also watch "The Adventures of Mantis Man" at the end of the video.
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Homemade Twin-Track Go Kart
8 HP, Two snowmobile tracks
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Personal Track Vehicle build
First one I built was not practical for off road. This one I am building from scratch based on my experience.
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GO Kart Magic carpet for any terrain
They were three-wheelers and if you were not careful with where you put your leg the back tire would catch it and drag you off the bike. There is potential for injury with the Magic Carpet Go Kart too. The open drive system is just begging for someone’s foot to slip inside. Another problem is that the open tracks flip up mud, dirt, and whatever other nasty things the vehicle runs over. At the very least it needs mud flaps so that you do not end up wearing the terrain. It seems like an easy fix to just fit aluminum or plastic skin over the tracks and at the same time closing up the entry to the drive and track system.
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Magic carpet ride
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Tracked Vehicle Build
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Home made tracked vehicle Finished and driving
this is then the finished product, painted signal orange and black. any questions are welcome in the comments. watch the other videos of the monster.
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Personal Track Vehicle Part 15 Ride along!
Take a ride with me! First time using my action camera and you can get a taste of what it's like to ride one. It's a blast!
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Magic Carpet and Waterblade 2Rides in one Toy
Get one Toy and use it either Flying or Walking On Water
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Personal Track Vehicle Part 13A
PTV is now painted and we're at a car show. Couple of updates to the unit at this point.
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Personal Track Vehicle With Engine Swap Part 6
Now with the Suzuki LT125 engine installed
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Magic Carpet Festival 2015
Dirt track, dørtræk, Harley Davidson, vintage motorcycle racing,
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DTV Shredder Western Launch Video Futusion HD
DTV Shredder Western Launch Video Futusion HD Magic Carpet Go Kart (a personal tracked vehicle DTV Shredder - Forest Riding at Pastranaland
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Home made tracked vehicle Updated
We have resolved a problem with our front wheels, and replaced them with gokart wheels and bearings. Now it runs much better.
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Princess Auto - Magic Carpet
(Snow clearer)
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Custom Tracked Vehicle, Part 12 Track Assembly and Test
This is a video series where we (my kids and I) build a tracked vehicle out of a 1998 Chevy Blazer. In this video the one side gets finished and tested.
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Personal Track Vehicle Part 3, the steering brakes
Just put together the brake system for the steering and I think it's going to be fine.
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homemade personal tracked vehicle part one
Look at the other videos on my channel to see the crawler in operation. Here are some photos of the process of building my mini tracked vehicle. The tracks are built from conveyor belting and horse stall mats. The frame was made from some old steel I had around the shop. its powered by a briggs and stratton 900 series motor. I'm still making changes as I'm figuring out what works and what doesn't.
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tracked vehicle
allmost done
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Personal tracked vehicle pt 1
Ptv pt 1 Mancave For Sale
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tracked vehicle
tracked kart based on plans of another ptv on youtube.
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Tracked vehicle bv202
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Magic Carpet
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Tracked vehicle
Another RoR project, this time not fully mine, Donken started making it and about halfway we split the work and worked on it both.
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Home made tracked vehicle (asphalt and hill)
Like And Subscribe Like And Subscribe This is our second test drive with improved track tensioner and new 50cc hydraulic motors.
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Tracked vehicle suspension Part 4
Part 4 In the series of building a tracked vehicle. The suspension.
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My personal tracked vehicle part 6
First test run of my personal tracked vehicle without Brakes and steering :.-D
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Lost Video PTV
This is a lost video clip of my Personal Tracked Vehicle (PTV) operating in snow. See all of my inventions, and what's next by visiting my website: www.baumbuilds.com
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tracked vehicle
testing of tracked vehicle with new engine and stuff
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Track vehicle
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My tracked Vehicle Part 2
My personal tracked vehicle Part 2 First Run of my 390 ccm Engine Part2
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