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ORACLE: AUDIT -Giám sát user SYS và lưu thông tin vào SYSLOG
AUDIT SYS Operationsto SYSLOG --------------- - Bật cấu hình audit SYS từ sqlplus. - Thêm thông tin audit vào syslog.conf
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Auditing in Oracle 11g
Auditing in Oracle database will help you to what a user doing??
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Partially Documented Oracle Database Parameters
Partially Documented Oracle Database Parameters AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL Database actions by SYS and/or database administrators or operators may be audited to the UNIX operating system’s syslog daemon log files owned by the UNIX user root. This prevents privileged database users from removing audit records that contain a log of their activities
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ORACLE: KILL session và KILL process kết nối tới database
- Kill session bang lệnh Oracle. - Kill bang lệnh Hệ Điều Hành. - Monitor thông tin session và process. - Lưu ý trên Oracle database 12c.
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Audit and syslog integration - demo
Demo about audit and syslog integration
Startup database by command line on Linux/Unix
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How to configure syslog service for UNIX and UNIX like hosts?
This video tutorial helps you to configure syslog services for UNIX and UNIX like hosts such as HP-UX, Solaris and IBM AIX hosts. For more 'How to' videos visit http://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/
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ORACLE: Controlfile - ORA-00205: error in identifying controlfile [Solved]
ORA-00205: error in identifying controlfile ORA-00210: cannot open the specified control file
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demo syslog
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Audit Database
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03   Watching Log Messages On Server
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iSeries Database File Audit Field Level Changes
Monitoring and controlling access and changes to sensitive DB2 database files is critical for every compliance regulation, and Enforcive provides all the tools you need.
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#1  Auditing Routers and Switches with Nipper
In this episode we take a look at an extremely useful tool for examining router and switch configuration files in addition to identifying various audit questions and potential findings while walking through the administrator's process. Show notes for this episode are posted on the http://audit.sans.org/blog site. Show Notes have been posted: http://it-audit.sans.org/blog/2011/06/07/auditing-routers-switches-with-nipper-show-notes
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Examples on Oracle Database Auditing |  Oracle Database Security | auditing in oracle 11g
This is the part of the series "Oracle DBA Videos" on Oracle Database Security. The following topics are covered in practical -- General idea about database auditing -- Statement level auditing -- Privilege level auditing -- Object level auditing
Views: 12200 Wysheid Wysheid
ORACLE: USERS -Tạo USER và những quyền cơ bản.
[ORAVN.COM] USERS - Tạo USER và những quyền cơ bản. ------ Trả lời những câu hỏi: - Làm thế nào để tạo USER trên Oracle? - Thế nào là DEFAULT TABLESPACE ? - Những quyền tối thiểu nào để user có thể kết nối vào DB và tạo đối tượng cơ bản, vd: tables ? - Tạo sao phải cần QUOTA ? - ....
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Wide support for log sources | GFI EventsManager
Analysis of log data, including SNMP traps, Windows® event logs, W3C logs, text-based logs, Syslog, SQL Server® and Oracle® audit logs. Try GFI EventsManager FREE for 30 days: http://www.gfi.com/products-and-solut... Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFS4...
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Using Splunk Internal Indexes to Audit Security, Users, Searches and more.
Use the Splunk internal audit index to find people trying to access your Splunk servers and users running inefficient searches.
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Beginner's guide to IBM software audits
In this video Eric Chiu from HW Fisher's IT asset consulting (FIAC) practice shares his experience of IBM audit defence.
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Video Audit of "ESS REC" System Operations : DigInfo
DigInfo - http://movie.diginfo.tv The ESS REC audit tool from Encourage Technologies is a memory resident software program that records and audits system operations of client PCs and Windows based servers. Especially notable is its unique video recording function that records video images of the operating screens. This is a function not found on other systems. This method drastically reduces the amount of time and personnel required to audit system operations and significantly improves the audit efficiency. RSA Conference
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SQL Log Auditing | EventLog Analyzer | ManageEngine
Follow our ManageEngine community: https://goo.gl/Uua98P Log360 is our comprehensive SIEM solution which integrates EventLog Analyzer, ADAudit Plus, and more. Join our community to get information about upcoming events and webinars, access the latest product resources, and more. To know more visit:https://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/?YouTube Download Free Trial : https://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/download.html?YouTube Product Live Demo: http://demo.eventloganalyzer.com/event/index3.do?YouTube
OMS Agent for Linux (Preview) - Onboarding
Quick walk through detailing how to onboard your Linux server into OMS. Also go through some basic agent configuration for syslog, and performance. http://www.microsoft.com/oms https://github.com/MSFTOSSMgmt/OMS-Agent-for-Linux
Views: 4450 Operational Insights
Monitor your database without logging
http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/se-dbsiem/index.html Jose Bravo demonstrates how to set up the integration between IBM Security QRadar SIEM and IBM Guardium to create an efficient, low-impact database monitoring solution. He then walks through a typical use case scenario where an unauthorized transaction on a database is detected and raised as a security offense in the QRadar SIEM.
Views: 873 IBM Developer
IIS : Configuration de la journalisation
IIS : Configuration de la journalisation
Views: 198 dawantv
Weblogic auditing and Logging -  WEBLOGIC_11
This Video explains how to enable weblogic auditing and logging in weblogic server
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Using Flume to Load Log Files Into HDFS
Do you want to load log files or similar data into Hadoop? This short demo outlines how to use Flume and shows you how to stream data into Hadoop Distributed File System. For more information, visit: http://www.oracle.com/bigdata
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Oracle Audit Vault and DatabaseFirewall - Escenario 1
Oracle Audit Vault and DatabaseFirewall Escenario 1: Bloqueo General de Acceso a una Base de datos
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SQL Server DBA Tutorial 89-How to Create Server Audit Specifications in SQL Server
In this video you will learn how to create Server Audit Specifications in SQL Server using SQL Server Management studio as well as using T-SQL Script. It shows all the events to capture using Audit, how to create Audit, how to create Audit specifications using existing Audit. How to capture events such as creating and dropping databases in SQL Server, how to find out who created and dropped the databases and how to capture login failure on SQL Server instance etc. Blog post link for this video: http://sqlage.blogspot.com/2015/03/how-to-create-server-audit.html Visit our website to check out SQL Server DBA Tutorial Step by Step http://www.techbrothersit.com/2014/12/sql-server-dba-tutorial.html Twitter https://twitter.com/AamirSh48904922 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TechBrothersIT
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Firewall Audit with Active Scanning and Passive Traffic Monitoring
This video shows how firewall open ports can be monitored with both external active scans as well as internal passive network traffic monitoring.
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How to Monitor UNIX Systems
This session is an overview on how to monitor your UNIX/Linux syslog messages with EventTracker.
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04 SQL DBA View Windows Event Logs Coach-in-a-Can(tm)
https://bestonline.leadpages.net/ciac-opt-in-/ Get Coached Now. SQL Server is an application that runs on the Windows operating system. As such, it's critically important that the operating system is functioning well. In 3 minutes and 4 seconds the Coach will show you how to find and read the Windows Event Logs, and how to interpret the errors and warnings.
Views: 5721 Coach-In-A-Can™
MSBI - SSIS - Using Windows Event Log And Text File Log Providers- Part-31
MSBI - SSIS - Using Windows Event Log And Text File Log Providers- Part-31
Linux - web server 4 (apache) : log
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The Easier, Faster Path to PCI DSS Compliance
Save time and money demonstrating PCI DSS compliance with audit-ready reports and the essential security controls you need in one easy-to-use console. With AlienVault USM you can accelerate compliance management and security visibility with the integrated capabilities of asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, and SIEM. More about PCI DSS compliance with AlienVault USM: https://www.alienvault.com/solutions/pci-dss-compliance Have a question? Ask it in our forum: http://www.alienvault.com/forums/ AlienVault Blogs: https://www.alienvault.com/blogs AlienVault: https://www.alienvault.com/
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ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Product Overview
See how our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software automates log management and helps you to mitigate internal threats, conduct log forensics analysis, meet regulatory compliance requirements and more. Product Page: http://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/index.html Free Download: http://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/download.html Testimonials: http://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/testimonials.html Awards: http://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/eventlog-awards-and-recognitions.html
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How to use the ctmlog utility to view Control-M Server logs.
How to use the ctmlog utility to view Control-M Server logs.
"System Monitor" in Solaris
Редактирование релиза в Системном Мониторе Solaris.
Data protection   File Integrity Monitoring
With this video, learn how EventLog Analyzer can protect an organization's data by monitoring all critical changes to files and folders. Learn the necessary prerequisites such as defining access control lists and enabling object access auditing. Next, learn how to add the host in EventLog Analyzer, provide the file, folder, and user details which need to be monitored, and how to install the required agents. To know more visit:https://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/?YouTube Download Free Trial : https://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/download.html?YouTube Product Live Demo: http://demo.eventloganalyzer.com/event/index3.do?YouTube
Configuring File Integrity Monitoring
For more information: http://bit.ly/LEM_FIM This video covers how to install and configure Real-Time File Integrity Monitoring - a major new security feature in Log & Event Manager 6.0 Connect with SolarWinds: thwack Community: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolarWinds Twitter: https://twitter.com/solarwinds Google+: https://plus.google.com/+solarwinds/ LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/solarwinds
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papertrail document log
papertrail document log
Views: 178 Tim Nelson
Preventing Data Breaches without Constraining Business
https://www.balabit.com/ Behavior Analytics is The New Authentication Over the last ten years, organizations around the world have spent billions on security technology designed to protect users and data from cybercrime. Technologies like Anti-spam/anti-virus, firewalls and DLP systems have been deployed to create a perimeter to try to keep the criminals out. In fact, some of the world’s largest organizations have as many as 200 different security solutions in place, and yet … major breaches are on the increase. The majority of these breaches come from privileged account abuse – in other words, your most trusted users are the weakest link in your defense. Why? Because they have legitimate, unconstrained access to your mission-critical applications. All it takes is one Privileged User to act maliciously … or one Privileged User account to be hi-jacked by an external attacker … and you are powerless to detect and prevent a major breach. The fact is, it doesn’t matter where the perimeter is, it will be breached. Even the latest Privileged Identity Management systems can’t stop an insider or APT attack, because all they are really doing is moving the perimeter to a different point of authentication. To prevent a data breach, you need to stop thinking about perimeters, and ‘one-off’ authentication methods as a means of defence, and accept that the attacker is already inside your organization. At Balabit, we consider the continuous monitoring of Privileged User behaviour as a new form of authentication. We record individual user sessions as movie-like audit trails and, over time, we build up a detailed ‘digital footprint’ of each individual. Using machine learning, we create a matrix of baseline typical behaviours …. When does the user typically log-on to which systems … what commands do they normally use? What is the screen resolution of their laptop? What are their unique typing characteristics? What do their mouse movements look like? By monitoring Privileged User behaviour in real time, we can then quickly determine if something out of the ordinary is happening, whether it’s an insider acting differently, or an attack from the outside where we need to be sure the user is who he or she is supposed to be. Once the Balabit solution has flagged something suspicious, an alert is sent to the Security Operations Centre, where a rapid decision can be made to act, terminating the connection if necessary. Balabit’s Contextual Security Intelligence platform is the only fully integrated Privileged User Monitoring and Analytics solution of its kind, preventing data breaches by treating behaviour as a form of real time continuous authentication. We’re also helping organizations meet their compliance obligations by securely gathering evidence and making it possible to show a bullet-proof audit trail. Also, with our laser focus on the context of Privileged User Behaviour, we help cut through the white noise of multiple alerts and false positives, resulting in significant efficiency gains in the Security Operations Centre. Balabit – preventing data breaches without constraining business.
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Linux Auditd App for Splunk v2 User Guide
A quick, dirty and not-so-short video user guide for version 2 of the Linux Auditd app for Splunk: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/2642/
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PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers: Configuring Windows Event Log filters
This video demonstrates how to configure Windows Event Logs by using PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers. For more information, see https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/mswindows50/Windows+Event+Log on the BMC Online Documentation Portal.
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Solarwinds Log and Event Manager - Configuring FIM and Analyzing FIM Data
This video covers the Log and Event Manager (LEM) File Integrity Monitor (FIM) configuration, as well as how to go about looking for and analyzing the data that is generated. Find out more out the LEM here:http://www.solarwinds.com/log-event-manager.aspx
Views: 894 Curtis Ingram

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