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ORACLE: How to audit user SYS ?
AUDIT SYS Operations to SYSLOG --------------- - Bật cấu hình audit SYS từ sqlplus. - Thêm thông tin audit vào syslog.conf
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Partially Documented Oracle Database Parameters
Partially Documented Oracle Database Parameters AUDIT_SYSLOG_LEVEL Database actions by SYS and/or database administrators or operators may be audited to the UNIX operating system’s syslog daemon log files owned by the UNIX user root. This prevents privileged database users from removing audit records that contain a log of their activities
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Examples on Oracle Database Auditing |  Oracle Database Security | auditing in oracle 11g
This is the part of the series "Oracle DBA Videos" on Oracle Database Security. The following topics are covered in practical -- General idea about database auditing -- Statement level auditing -- Privilege level auditing -- Object level auditing
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demo syslog
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Audit and syslog integration - demo
Demo about audit and syslog integration
Monitor your database without logging
http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/se-dbsiem/index.html Jose Bravo demonstrates how to set up the integration between IBM Security QRadar SIEM and IBM Guardium to create an efficient, low-impact database monitoring solution. He then walks through a typical use case scenario where an unauthorized transaction on a database is detected and raised as a security offense in the QRadar SIEM.
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Wide support for log sources | GFI EventsManager
Analysis of log data, including SNMP traps, Windows® event logs, W3C logs, text-based logs, Syslog, SQL Server® and Oracle® audit logs. Try GFI EventsManager FREE for 30 days: http://www.gfi.com/products-and-solut... Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFS4...
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Beginner's guide to IBM software audits
In this video Eric Chiu from HW Fisher's IT asset consulting (FIAC) practice shares his experience of IBM audit defence.
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How to configure syslog service for UNIX and UNIX like hosts?
This video tutorial helps you to configure syslog services for UNIX and UNIX like hosts such as HP-UX, Solaris and IBM AIX hosts. For more 'How to' videos visit http://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/
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Oracle DB - Alert Log, Trace Files & ADR
Oracle DB - Alert Log, Trace Files & ADR Watch More Videos at: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/videotutorials/index.htm Lecture By: Mr. Parth Panjabi, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Using Splunk Internal Indexes to Audit Security, Users, Searches and more.
Use the Splunk internal audit index to find people trying to access your Splunk servers and users running inefficient searches.
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Advanced Security Audit Policy - Etechtraining.com
Advanced Security Audit Polic
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MSBI - SSIS - Using Windows Event Log And Text File Log Providers- Part-31
MSBI - SSIS - Using Windows Event Log And Text File Log Providers- Part-31
Cisco CCNA Packet Tracer Ultimate labs: NTP & syslog: Answers Part 2
Packet Tracer file (PT Version 7.1): https://bit.ly/2vKLIMQ Get the Packet Tracer course for only $10 by clicking here: https://goo.gl/vikgKN Get my ICND1 and ICND2 courses for $10 here: https://goo.gl/XR1xm9 (you will get ICND2 as a free bonus when you buy the ICND1 course). For lots more content, visit http://www.davidbombal.com - learn about GNS3, CCNA, Packet Tracer, Python, Ansible and much, much more. #CCNA #PacketTracer #CCENT Syslog: In computing, syslog is a standard for message logging. It allows separation of the software that generates messages, the system that stores them, and the software that reports and analyzes them. Each message is labeled with a facility code, indicating the software type generating the message, and assigned a severity label. Computer system designers may use syslog for system management and security auditing as well as general informational, analysis, and debugging messages. A wide variety of devices, such as printers, routers, and message receivers across many platforms use the syslog standard. This permits the consolidation of logging data from different types of systems in a central repository. Implementations of syslog exist for many operating systems. NTP: Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol for clock synchronization between computer systems over packet-switched, variable-latency data networks. In operation since before 1985, NTP is one of the oldest Internet protocols in current use. NTP was designed by David L. Mills of the University of Delaware. NTP is intended to synchronize all participating computers to within a few milliseconds of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). It uses the intersection algorithm, a modified version of Marzullo's algorithm, to select accurate time servers and is designed to mitigate the effects of variable network latency. NTP can usually maintain time to within tens of milliseconds over the public Internet, and can achieve better than one millisecond accuracy in local area networks under ideal conditions. Asymmetric routes and network congestion can cause errors of 100 ms or more. The protocol is usually described in terms of a client-server model, but can as easily be used in peer-to-peer relationships where both peers consider the other to be a potential time source. Implementations send and receive timestamps using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) on port number 123.[4][5] They can also use broadcasting or multicasting, where clients passively listen to time updates after an initial round-trip calibrating exchange. NTP supplies a warning of any impending leap second adjustment, but no information about local time zones or daylight saving time is transmitted. The current protocol is version 4 (NTPv4), which is a proposed standard as documented in RFC 5905. It is backward compatible with version 3, specified in RFC 1305 Transcription: The first thing I need to do is configure the NTP server. So on the NTP server, go to NTP and I’ll enable the NTP service. I’m not going enable authentication at this point. I can then specify the date and time. This is okay for this lab. The clock on the local PC is the 12th of April 2018; time is 4:38 am. We’re told to check the time on the router and the switch first. At the moment show clock shows us that the router thinks it’s in 1993. The switch thinks it’s also 1993. So the time is wrong on both these devices. Before we configure NTP, let’s send timestamp messages to the syslog server. So at the moment, the syslog server is not showing timestamps on syslog messages. So on the router, I’m going to type service timestamps log messages date and time and milliseconds Notice the difference now when I type end we can see the date and time on the syslog message. But it’s the wrong date and time. So that doesn’t really help us with troubleshooting. We want to know when something took place. So we want date and time as well as milliseconds. But again, the switch as showing the wrong date and time. So we need to fix that, so, on the router ntp server We need to specify the IP address of the NTP server; NTP server has this IP address So specify IP address of NTP server. When I type end now and press Enter. Notice the correct date and time is displayed on the syslog message. It’s the 12th of April 2018, the time is 4:42 am. So that’s good. Configure the switch, so ntp server type end Notice the correct date and time is displayed. We’re getting messages from both the router and the switch. We’re told to verify the date and time on the router and the switch. So on the router show clock shows the correct date and time.
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OMS Agent for Linux (Preview) - Onboarding
Quick walk through detailing how to onboard your Linux server into OMS. Also go through some basic agent configuration for syslog, and performance. http://www.microsoft.com/oms https://github.com/MSFTOSSMgmt/OMS-Agent-for-Linux
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How to send Operating System logs to AWS CloudWatch
In this demo I will show you how to send operating system logs (Apache) to AWS CloudWatch.
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Oracle Audit Vault and DatabaseFirewall - Escenario 1
Oracle Audit Vault and DatabaseFirewall Escenario 1: Bloqueo General de Acceso a una Base de datos
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SQL Server DBA Tutorial 89-How to Create Server Audit Specifications in SQL Server
In this video you will learn how to create Server Audit Specifications in SQL Server using SQL Server Management studio as well as using T-SQL Script. It shows all the events to capture using Audit, how to create Audit, how to create Audit specifications using existing Audit. How to capture events such as creating and dropping databases in SQL Server, how to find out who created and dropped the databases and how to capture login failure on SQL Server instance etc. Blog post link for this video: http://sqlage.blogspot.com/2015/03/how-to-create-server-audit.html Visit our website to check out SQL Server DBA Tutorial Step by Step http://www.techbrothersit.com/2014/12/sql-server-dba-tutorial.html Twitter https://twitter.com/AamirSh48904922 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TechBrothersIT
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Configuring File Integrity Monitoring
For more information: http://bit.ly/LEM_FIM This video covers how to install and configure Real-Time File Integrity Monitoring - a major new security feature in Log & Event Manager 6.0 Connect with SolarWinds: thwack Community: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolarWinds Twitter: https://twitter.com/solarwinds Google+: https://plus.google.com/+solarwinds/ LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/solarwinds
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Weblogic auditing and Logging -  WEBLOGIC_11
This Video explains how to enable weblogic auditing and logging in weblogic server
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Enable Auditing Feature in SAP Hana | Audit Policy in SAP Hana
In this video I will show you how to Enable Auditing Feature in SAP Hana. How to create audit Policy in SAP Hana. Auditing in SAP Hana. Create Audit Policy in SAP Hana. SAP Hana Audit policy creation. SAP Hana enable audit feature.SAP HANA audit policy. SAP HANA Auditing.Auditing Activity in SAP HANA Systems. How to Setup SAP HANA Audit Trace.Audit Trails.SAP HANA Administration Auditing Activities. SAP Hana is a in memory database. Learn sap hana database. sap hana tutorial for beginners.sap hana tutorial.sap hana training videos, sap hana administration, sap hana training videos for beginners, sap hana training videos for beginners. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enable Audit Policy in SAP Hana: http://hightechnology.in/enable-audit-policy-in-sap-hana/ Types of Privileges in SAP Hana: http://hightechnology.in/types-of-privileges-in-sap-hana/ What is role in SAP Hana: http://hightechnology.in/role-management-in-sap-hana/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO INSTALL SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7 IN YOUR LAPTOP/DESKTOP. SAP ECC6.0 SR3 Installation with Oracle 11G on Linux. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install SAP HANA Studio: https://youtu.be/XSX4op2Y2hE Start & Stop SAP HANA Database:https://youtu.be/Rm8Be0WFNaY How to Create Tenant Database in SAP HANA: https://youtu.be/QfljgKeBtiQ How to Take SAP HANA Database Backup: https://youtu.be/zmdjQuWxt4c How to Install SAP HANA Studio Plugin in Eclipse: https://youtu.be/lnVvmXs8x6Q How to Install SAP HANA Express Edition on SUSE Linux: https://youtu.be/ruL2bob4vrM Step By Step SAP ECC installation on Linux With Oracle | Install SAP ECC 6 on Linux With Oracle: https://youtu.be/Jy-Li1ucNx8 Schedule SAP HANA Database Backup in SAP HANA Cockpit | SAP Hana Database Backup Schedule in Cockpit: https://youtu.be/6J7UV-GHKrM How to Create User in SAP Hana Database | SAP Hana User Creation | Create user in SAP Hana: https://youtu.be/MP6As2kLFdc Create Role in SAP Hana | Assign Role to User in SAP Hana: https://youtu.be/UxG8i3OGCO0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/hightechnologyin Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hightechnology1 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hightechnologyblog Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TheHightechnology Website: http://hightechnology.in/
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SIEM and SYSLOG forwarding tool for the AS400 platform or iSeries IBM i by Rob McAdams @MIDLAND
This is the first of a series of short videos on the SIEM and SYSLOG forwarding tool for the AS400 platform… or iSeries IBM i if you prefer. This first session is focused on the configuration or setup needed to start sending your AS400 event logs to your SIEM or SYSLOG server. As you will see, it only takes a couple minutes to setup up.
Data protection   File Integrity Monitoring
With this video, learn how EventLog Analyzer can protect an organization's data by monitoring all critical changes to files and folders. Learn the necessary prerequisites such as defining access control lists and enabling object access auditing. Next, learn how to add the host in EventLog Analyzer, provide the file, folder, and user details which need to be monitored, and how to install the required agents. To know more visit:https://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/?YouTube Download Free Trial : https://www.manageengine.com/products/eventlog/download.html?YouTube Product Live Demo: http://demo.eventloganalyzer.com/event/index3.do?YouTube
Firewall Audit with Active Scanning and Passive Traffic Monitoring
This video shows how firewall open ports can be monitored with both external active scans as well as internal passive network traffic monitoring.
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Kiwi Syslog Server: Split Files Automatically
Learn more about Kiwi Syslog Server at: http://bit.ly/kiwi-split-files Kiwi Syslog Server provides the capability to auto-split log files by priority, time of day, host name, host IP address, domain name, and WELF format tags in message text. Using this feature eliminates the need to use filters and actions to split incoming messages into multiple log files. Simplify syslog and SNMP trap management with Kiwi Syslog Server. Connect with SolarWinds: THWACK Community: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolarWinds Twitter: https://twitter.com/solarwinds LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/solarwinds Instagram: http://instagram.com/solarwindsinc/ Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/solarwinds_inc/ Transcript: Kiwi Syslog Server provides the capability to auto-split log files by priority, time of day, host name, host IP address, domain name, and WELF format tags in message text. Using this feature eliminates the need to use filters and actions to split incoming messages into multiple log files. Go to File, Setup, and click on 'Log to File' under Actions. In the field that displays the path and filename, you can place the cursor wherever you want to insert the new value and then click 'Insert AutoSplit value.' Now, choose how you wish to split the log files, whether by date, time, priority, input source, host IP, hostname, message text, or custom fields. For example, let's insert the host IP address into the path and the date into the file name and click 'OK.' Now, Kiwi Syslog Server will create separate folders for each IP and the log file for each day. For more information on Kiwi Syslog Server, contact [email protected]
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Using Flume to Load Log Files Into HDFS
Do you want to load log files or similar data into Hadoop? This short demo outlines how to use Flume and shows you how to stream data into Hadoop Distributed File System. For more information, visit: http://www.oracle.com/bigdata
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Audit DHCP Server log running Windows Server 2016
Audit DHCP Server log running Windows Server 2016 1. Prepare - DC21 : Domain Controller - DC22 : DHCP Server - WIN1091, WIN1092 : Client 2. Step by step : Audit DHCP Server log on DC22 - DC22 : Enable DHCP audit logging + Server Manager - Tools - DHCP - DC22.pns.vn - Right-click IPv4 - Properties - General tab - Check "Enable DHCP audit logging" - OK - WIN1091, WIN1092 : Set recive IP from DHCP - DC22 : Check DHCP log + File Explorer - C: drive - Windows - System32 - DHCP - DhcpSrvLog ( Event ID 10 ) : + WIN1091 : Release IP. Start - cmd - ipconfig /release === check DhcpSrvLog (Event ID 12 ) + WIN1091 : Request IP. Start - cmd - ipconfig /renew === check DhcpSrvLog ( Event ID 10 ) + IPv4 - Delete WIN1092.pns.vn === check DhcpSrvLog ( Event ID 16 )
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Configuring Active Directory Access Audit Policy
There is no Audio and Video includes: Configuration of AD Access Audit Policy Defining SACL on Domain Users for Success Audit Integrating these with OSSIM using Snare
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Auditing the Cloud!  ESXi & vSphere Basic Security Auditing
Virtualization is here to stay. That's not to say it's a bad thing, but among the things that we spend some time talking about in the SANS Audit 507 course are the most common and most serious security mis-configurations and hazards that we find in virtualized environments. Also in the course we spend time demystifying the VMWare Best Practices guide and give super clear reasons why some of what it recommends is just plain old bad advice! This video, however, gives you a brief 34 minute look at one of the lab exercises in that audit/security course. The lab will give you broad-brush familiarity with the vSphere management client, discuss common issues in ESXi configurations in addition to demonstrating how to get specific data that is related to some of the more common problem areas in these systems. For a more detailed discussion into this topic and many others you might consider this class: http://www.sans.org/course/auditing-networks-perimeters-systems
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Splunk For DB Connect V3
The channel is designed to share knowledge about information technology and system security. SUBSCRIBE TO RECEIVE LATEST VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA_hTGbx83J_XPVPisVMAkQ?sub_confirmation=1 #splunkenterprise #splunkforwindows #splunkforlinux #splunkforactivedirector #splunkforpaloalto #splunkforsymantec #splunkforweb #splunkforcheckpoint #splunksiemlog #siem
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Security auditing software tutorial part 07
Security, software, tutorial, Cissp, Cisa, security review, review, penetration testing, forensics, compliance, vulnerability, vulnerability assessment, vulnerability management, audit, auditing, how to, training, security vulnerability, secure auditor, event log viewer, compliance tools, tools, utilities, audit software, secure bytes, security assessment, Sans, Cis, Isaca, Cert, policy audit, enumeration, hack, hacking, system, Cisco, oracle, windows, MSSQL, Windows vulnerability, oracle security, Cisco configuration, Cisco routers, routers, windows security, Microsoft, security software, internal auditing, Microsoft products, ethical hacking, Secure Win Auditor, Secure Ora Auditor, Secure SQL Auditor, Secure Cisco Auditor, Access control, event log management, query, risk management, risk assessment, unified digital risk assessment solution, risk assessment software,
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04 SQL DBA View Windows Event Logs Coach-in-a-Can(tm)
https://bestonline.leadpages.net/ciac-opt-in-/ Get Coached Now. SQL Server is an application that runs on the Windows operating system. As such, it's critically important that the operating system is functioning well. In 3 minutes and 4 seconds the Coach will show you how to find and read the Windows Event Logs, and how to interpret the errors and warnings.
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Configure Central Event Logs
Student will learn how to configure and create events log subscription and setup a Performance alert.
03   Watching Log Messages On Server
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Catch failed logins with PowerShell in realtime
In this video we will continue with our exploration of Windows Server 2012. However all of the principals in this video can be applies to Windows Server 2008R2 as well. We will explore the Metro / "Modern UI Style" and how it comes into play managing a server. In addition we will cover how to: • Install Windows Features using PowerShell (Installing a SMTP server) • Send an e-mail from PowerShell V2 • Write a script that will e-mail and tell us when there has been a failed login to our server • Attach that script and have it triggered by an event in Windows Event Viewer Hopefully working through these steps will give you some more information about Windows Server 2012, as well as start gaining experience writing simple PowerShell commands that you can use for your daily administrative tasks! If you want to download the Windows Scheduled Task file and the simple PowerShell script you can download them from the website at: www.winsrvtuts.com Thanks for watching and as always please drop us a line Follow along on twitter: @winsrvtuts If you like the video please remember to check out our sponsors links in the video!
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How to manually collect logs from a Clustered Data ONTAP node
https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1012523 This video demonstrates how to collect all the logs from a node running clustered Data ONTAP. The logs might be requested by NetApp support for troubleshooting. To learn more about NetApp's technologies that help increase storage efficiency, please visit: http://www.netapp.com/us/company/leadership/storage-efficiency/ For more discussions on Data ONTAP, OnCommand, Shelves and Drives, SnapX Products/Software, Storage Systems, visit our community at: https://forums.netapp.com/community/support Our Official YouTube Home page - https://www.youtube.com/NetAppKBTV Our Official knowledgebase site: https://kb.netapp.com/ Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/netappkb Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NetApp Tumblr: http://netappkbtv.tumblr.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db5cPyvm7p4
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How To Use The Event Viewer In Windows 10 Tutorial
How To Use The Event Viewer In Windows 10 Tutorial In this Windows 10 Tutorial I will be showing you how to use the event viewer that comes with Windows and why it is really handy to use when trying to troubleshoot your desktop or laptop. About Windows Event Viewer: Event Viewer is a component of Microsoft's Windows that lets administrators and users view the event logs on a local or remote machine. NEW ComputerSluggish Plus Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDGkYY98rV-0ZgOAkBpZFxA Help Support my Patreon Campaign Here: https://www.patreon.com/computersluggish #Windows10 #Windows #Tutorials
LogZilla Webinar Series: High Performance  Logging Architecture and Methodology
There's a wealth of knowledge available from logs, and more are being added to the infrastructure at an alarming rate. Anyone who manages a VMWare cluster knows how noisy they are, yet the information contained is only about 10% useful. AWS, Digital Ocean, Google, etc. all have their own unique log messages. Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and OpenStack have increased the average amount of logs received 100-fold. Containers and Microservices such as Docker and Kubernetes multiplies the amount of logs generated on a per-process basis and, finally, the Internet of Things adds a massive number of devices totaling more than 26 billion devices by the year 2020. Proper Log Management reduces downtime through operational effectiveness. Identifying Actionable Events builds intelligence around the platform to detect anomalies. Proper Problem Management reduces business interruptions; for example, a Fan Failure is a problem (as opposed to an incident), unless you ignore it. And Event Automation provides the mechanism to enable self-healing network and application infrastructures. Being more proactive reduces the need for post-mortem analysis - in other words, it's about getting out of that fire-fighting mode. Your logging solution should be that Front Line Management tool which eliminates this reactive network management mentality.
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iSeries Database File Audit Field Level Changes
Monitoring and controlling access and changes to sensitive DB2 database files is critical for every compliance regulation, and Enforcive provides all the tools you need.
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Demo: Cisco ACI and Splunk - User Interface
Learn how to navigate and interact with the app by viewing the functions of each of the visualization components in the app. More on Cisco ACI capabilities: http://cs.co/9003Djv5V.
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Keeping An Eye on Your Unix & Linux Privileged Accounts
With sudo you can give admins the authority they need without giving away root and all the security risks and compliance problems caused by doing so. But once you carefully delegate limited, privileged authority with sudo you still need an audit trail of what admins are doing. A privileged user audit trail is irreplaceable as a deterrent and detective control over admins and in terms of implementing basic accountability. But in today’s environment of advanced and persistent attackers you also need the ability to actively monitor privileged user activity for quick detection of suspicious events. Microsoft MVP and security expert, Randy Franklin Smith, dives into the logging capabilities of sudo. Sudo provides event auditing for tracking command execution by sudoers – both for successful and denied sudo requests as well as errors. Randy will show you how to enable sudo auditing and how to control where it’s logged, if syslog is used and more importantly: what do sudo logs looks like and how do you interpret them? But sudo also offers session auditing (aka the iolog) which allows you to capture entire sudo sessions including both input and output of commands executed through sudo whether in an interactive shell or via script. Randy will demonstrate how to configure sudo session logging and how to view recorded sessions with sudoreplay. After Randy presents, BeyondTrust Product Manager, Paul Harper will walk you through how to augment sudo for complete control and auditing over Unix and Linux user activity.
alphorm.com | Formation administration PostgreSQL (11/22) Les logs d'activités sous PostgreSQL
Cette vidéo/tutorial fait partie de la formation administration PostgreSQL. Elle est réalisée par l'expert bases de données Noureddine Drissipour http://www.alphorm.com. Vous pouvez retrouver toute la formation ici http://www.alphorm.com/formation/administration-postgresql Voici le plan de cette formation : Les logs d'activités Enregistre les évènements pendant l'exécution du serveur Méthode d'enregistrement fsync, stderr, syslog, eventlog (Windows) Niveau de trace Différentes nature de message Possibilité d'ajuster le niveau de trace Bonne formation.
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Linux Auditd App for Splunk v2 User Guide
A quick, dirty and not-so-short video user guide for version 2 of the Linux Auditd app for Splunk: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/2642/
Views: 4301 Trusted Subject

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