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Pick a Cabin: Seven Seas Explorer Deck Plan Decoder
The 750-passenger all-balcony Seven Seas Explorer, Regent’s first new build in 13 years, is the fleet’s largest ship, with 10 different cabin categories — more choices than the line’s other three vessels. Here's our guide to the ship’s suites.
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Royal Caribbean - Explorer of the Seas - Ship Tour - Deck by Deck
Royal Caribbean - Explorer of the Seas - Ship Tour DECK BY DECK. First Cruise out of Sydney Australia 2015 - 2016 Cruise season. We did our best to get as many features as possible.
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Explorer of the seas All deck Royal Caribbean
Explorer of the seas cruise ship from Royal Caribbean cruise line. Explorer of the seas tour, with deck plan tour with photos of the ship, restaurants, rooms, interior cabin, oceanview, balcony stateroom, and suite.
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Pick a Cabin: Viking Ocean Deck Plan Decoder
Viking Star, launched in 2015, and the brand-new Viking Sea both carry 930 guests in 465 staterooms and suites. To make choosing easier, we've decoded the deck plan. Here's our guide to the ship's accommodations.
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Inside Seven Seas Explorer Luxury Suites - Regent Cruise Line
English Captions Available!!! Seven Seas Explorer is a cruise ship worked by Fincantieri of Italy for Regent Seven Seas Cruises. She entered administration in July 2016, and highlights all overhang suite convenience. The boat was dedicated on July 13, 2016, in Monaco and withdrew on her first venture later that night. Charlene, Princess of Monaco, is her back up parent. Authoritatively invited to the Regent Seven Seas Cruises' armada on July 13, 2016 in Monaco, and initiated by Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, Seven Seas Explorer® is extensively private, enthusiastically exquisite and flawlessly staffed to offer Regent Seven Seas Cruises' exceptional image of comprehensive extravagance. She conveys polish and style to the world's most noteworthy destinations, offering choice eating alternatives that opponent those of the finest eateries shorewards and all-suite, all-overhang facilities gloating the biggest galleries adrift. For progressive news on Seven Seas Explorer®, please visit our web journal or take after a timetable of points of reference and occasions. You may likewise see our Deck Plans to take in more. --- Other Video: Seven Seas Explorer Cruise Ship Tour - https://goo.gl/YSiJxw --- Regent Seven Seas Cruises Youtube channel: youtube.com/user/RegentLuxuryCruise Cruise Ships Info Youtube channel: youtube.com/cruiseshipsinfo Cruise Ships Info Facebook Page: facebook.com/cruiseshipsinfo Cruise Ships Info Twitter Page: twitter.com/cruiseship_info Cruise Ships Info Pinterest Page: pinterest.com/cruiseshipinfo
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P&O Pacific Explorer Decks 8 -15
Part Two!! I know how excited we were to be going on our first cruise and how we scoured the internet looking for information on the Ship and activities to keep us going until we FINALLY went on our holiday. This is a quick tour of the Pacific Explorer Decks 8 through 15. Footage was taken in July 2017 during its third cruise out of Sydney to the Pacific Islands of Noumea, Lifou, Port Vila, Mystery Island and Isle of Pines. Look forward to sharing more videos of our trip with you :) so dont forget to like and subscribe so you dont miss out! Music Ehrling - Clouds The original download link: https://soundcloud.com/ehrling/ehrlin... Support Ehrling: https://www.instagram.com/ehrlingoffi... https://www.facebook.com/EhrlingMusic https://soundcloud.com/ehrling
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The Mystery Beneath (Baltic Sea UFO Documentary) | Timeline
Check out our new website for more incredible history documentaries: HD and ad-free. http://bit.ly/2O6zUsK The most exciting underwater story of the modern age On June 19th 2011 the Swedish-based diving company Ocean Explorer discovered something extraordinary. They were exploring in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, looking for sunken treasures when a very unusual image suddenly appeared on the sonar. A 197ft diameter cylindrical object was discovered at the depth of approximately 275 feet, something they had never seen before. In this documentary special, we follow the treasure hunters and their crew on their expedition to reveal what could be the most extraordinary discovery in deep sea ever. We share the tension, the excitement and the nervousness that threats – both known and unknown – may be enforced. There is reason to believe that their ship is under surveillance. Using advanced equipment - ROW cameras, sonar pictures and human divers, we discover that the findings really are something very strange and incredibly unique. Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by Titan Television
Pick a Cabin: Viking River Longships Deck Plan Decoder
The signature Viking Longship design, first introduced in 2012, radically transformed the face of European river cruising, and Viking River Cruises has expanded the fleet at a rapid pace ever since. Here's our guide to the ship's accommodations.
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10 Worst Cruise Cabins on a Ship ~ How to Avoid Bad Staterooms
There are 10 cabins on a cruise you might want to stay away from. We are going through the 10 worst cabins on a cruise ship. To read more on why you should avoid these cabins check out our post here: https://cruisefever.net/1021-cabins-on-cruises-that-should-be-avoided/ If you’re living on a cruise ship for a few days you’re already doing pretty good in life, but not all staterooms are created equal. Before you book your cruise, make sure you know what kind of stateroom you’re getting. We recommend you stay away from these 10 cabins on a cruise ship. Related: How to make the most of interior cabins on a cruise: https://cruisefever.net/how-to-make-the-most-of-inside-cabins-on-cruises/ 1.Cabins directly above or below clubs and lounges. Unless you plan on heading to your cabin after 1 a.m. each night for sleep, you should try to avoid cabins that are directly over or below the ship’s clubs and bars. The bass of the subwoofers in the clubs can easily be heard in these staterooms. 2. Cabins above the theater. Unfortunately, the cabin walls on cruise ships are not sound proof. While they do block a fair amount of noise, you will still be able to hear music in the staterooms directly above the theater. If shows are over by 11pm this may not be much of an issue. 3. Cabins directly below the pool deck. Each morning, staff members will begin to rearrange and organize the pool deck loungers getting the lido deck ready for the day. While some crew members will lift and move the loungers, many will drag them across the lido deck floor waking up passengers who are sleeping directly below. See unique cabins found on Carnival cruise ships: https://cruisefever.net/unique-cabins-found-on-carnival-cruise-ships/ 4. Obstructed view cabins. Not everyone loves the idea of having a bright orange lifeboat as their view outside their ocean view cabin. While I still think that’s better than having no view at all, it’s something to keep in mind when booking a stateroom. 5. Adjoining Cabins. Adjoining cabins are great for larger families as many staterooms only hold a maximum of 4-5 passengers. However, due to the extra door between the cabins, you can often hear conversations from louder neighbors in the adjoining cabin next to you. The door is not as soundproof as the walls. 6. Cabins with little privacy. Remember that some balcony cabins face inward and so will have views of a promenade or passengers right across the way. While curtains are there for a reason, there’s little point in having a balcony if you don’t use it. Just remember that privacy will not be a premium in these cabins. 7. Balcony cabins directly below public areas. On some ships there are balconies that are perfectly visible from the pool deck or other public areas as they jut out from the ship slightly. So, if you are enjoying your balcony on a beautiful day you may turn around and look up to see another passenger. This can be an awkward moment. This goes along with the lack of privacy, but not everyone may mind this. 8. Cabins prone to motion. I personally don’t mind cabins in the very front or back of the ship, (in fact I prefer that wonderful aft view) but for those who are worried about motion sickness, you might want to choose a cabin somewhere in the middle, where a rocking ship isn’t as noticeable. 9. Cabins near the anchor. Early birds won’t be affected by this one, but for those who want to sleep-in, steer clear of cabins near the anchor. You will hear quite the clanging noise when the ship is dropping anchor at port. 10. Cabins on the lower decks. Yes, these cabins are often the cheapest on the ship, but they more affordable for a reason. Cabins on deck 1 or 2 are further away from all the activities on the ship and elevators are often crowded. On the plus side, you will save money and can get a great work out if you plan on taking the stairs. Hope this list helps you plan your next cruise cabin location. Be sure to study those deck plans before reserving your stateroom. Are there certain cabins you try to avoid? Any stateroom nightmares you care to share? Let us know in the comments below…
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Voyager class ocean view new cabins on deck three, category 8N
I found no YouTube videos on this! These are the new Category I cabins on the Voyager class ships on deck 3, starboard. This was on Navigator of the Seas but is also good for Adventure, Voyager, Explorer and Mariner of the Seas!
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Regent Seven Seas Voyager Categories and Staterooms and Deck Plans
This video is about the Regent Seven Seas Voyager Staterooms.Photos and design layouts of each category For more information, contact: www.thetrippeople.com
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Serenade of the seas All deck tour
Serenade of the seas all deck tour,with deck plan. Serenade of the seas nice cruise ship from Royal Caribbean cruise line ship, on youtube, with photos. See the restaurants, room, interior cabin, oceanview, balcony stateroom, and suite. Serenade of the seas owner suite Serenade of the seas Royal caribbean Serenade of the seas 2018 2019 Serenade of the seas reviews Serenade of the seas chef table food
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P&O Pacific Explorer triple share interior cabin tour, Cabin 9061 Deck 9 forward starboard side.
Just a quick walk through of cabin 9061 interior triple share on the P&O Pacific Explorer in December 2017 on the Christmas Cruise. The cabin was was Forward on the Starboard side next to a through fare, It was a nice quiet location when the kids from another cabin weren’t thumping around at all hours and the parents did absolutely nothing about them even when people were trying to sleep at 2am. Excuse the Mess as it was the first night of embarkation and after travelling overnight we were stuffed and just crashed. Filmed on my iPhone 7 Plus. Music: Across the Ocean by JR Tundra, YouTube Free Music Library *Just a Quick note about one of my Videos from the trip* I also have the footage from White Bay Cruise Terminal sailing under the Harbour bridge for the sail away party. But after uploading it and receiving 2x copyright notices for 2 songs, Appealling the copyright claims as I stated I do not own the music which was being used under fair use in Sydney Australia on a London England Registered Ship and since we were sailing under our own power we were under "Maritime Law" and P&O crew stated to get cameras out photograph and record and to Instagram it so there was a Verbal "It's OK to film despite the music in the background" since how P&O would have the respective licensing to use the music they do in a public domain on a cruise ship operated for Profit. They also stated when it was and was not ok to film due to international copyright laws this instance they said it was OK. Both songs were credited to their respective artists and studio's being Mark Ronsons Uptown Funk and Tina Turner's "Nutbush CIty limits". Youtube and the "Copyright claiments" denied the appeal of "Fair use and Monetised my content for their profit despite me not monetising it in the first place upon uploading knowing it had third party music in it I put it up just for people to see and experience it and know what to expect when sailing out of White Bay Cruise Terminal Sydney Australia, So I removed that footage from Youtube and sent a further email stating they do not have my permission to monetise my Video and they are in breach of Copyright laws by monetising my footage that they do not own. As I was quite happy to have it up and not Monetised as it was and gave credit to the respective parties so neither party earnt anything from it, But as soon as they said they had monetised my footage I deleted it from Youtube so they could not profit from my footage on footage that was uploaded and never originally monetised unlike my other footage. As having done my Certificate 4 in Digital Media I'm familiar with Copyright laws so I know what I can and can not monetise, The only downside lacking to the quality of my clips and why I am going with the "Raw" uploads is because my home Computer isnt quite powerfull enough to run the programs I prefer to use for editing and takes forever to render. As when you end up with some video's in excess of 10gb in 1080p 60fps or even 4k to edit and compress that down to a bite sized portion of under 500mb for Youtube without losing any quality takes a lot of computing power and a i5 4gb ram machine goes OH HELL NO!!! even my 6 month old i7 with 16gb ram has the odd OH CRAP!!! moment.
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Royal Caribbean Anthem Of Seas 10 Stateroom / Cabin Types
Tour of 10 different stateroom cabins on Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas cruise ship: Royal Loft, Sky Loft Suite, Grand Loft, Superior Grand Suite, Spa Junior Suite, Royal Family Suite, Family Junior Suite, Superior Ocean View with Balcony, Ocean View Stateroom and Accessible Interior Stateroom with Virtual Balcony. These will be the same as on Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas ship. For more visit http://www.tipsfortravellers.com/royalcaribbean
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Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas Deck 9 Interior Stateroom / Inside Cabin
This video provides a detailed tour of an interior stateroom on deck 9 of Independence of the Seas. This video was filmed on Thursday 13th April on the 15 night Caribbean / Transatlantic cruise. For more information on the ship check out my blog on www.BourkeBlogs.com If you have any questions or comments, please add a comment below.
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Grandeur of the Seas photos, rooms, deck plans and a layout for your itinerary.
All on deck for my personal vacation experience for you to review with the Grandeur of the Seas. Take a inside look of what the ship is like plus some friendly staff. Please subrscribe. Its free.
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Viking Sea: Tour of decks 7 8 and 9
Join me as we tour the Viking Sea from Viking Cruises. The Viking sea is an ocean cruise ship which holds 930 passengers. I was lucky to be invited by Viking to cruise on her in pursuit of the 'midnight sun'. The cruise took us to the top of Norway where we visited Tromso, Molde, Geiranger and Bergen. This was my first Viking cruise and I was blown away by the ship, the service and the food! The attention to detail onboard was unlike anything I've ever seen on a ship before. There is SO much included in your Viking fare: Excursions in every port, drinks with lunch/dinner, minibar, wifi and loads more. I will be writing a full post about this soon. Make sure you visit cruisingisntjustforoldpeople.co.uk so that you don't miss it! I have more Viking videos coming so make sure you subscribe. Please leave me a comment letting me know if you've ever cruised with Viking or if you'd like too. Also, let me know if you'd jump into the icey pool... Twitter: @emmacruises Instagram: @emmacruises [email protected] www.cruisingisntjustforoldpeople.co.uk
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Radiance of the seas All deck tour
Radiance of the seas cruise ship tour. Radiance of the seas from Royal Caribbean cruise line tour, with deck plan and photos. See the restaurants, rooms, interior cabin, oceanview, balcony stateroom and suites. Radiance of the seas youtube Radiance of the seas photos Radiance of the seas deck plan Radiance of the seas restaurants Radiance of the seas Royal caribbean Radiance of the seas review Radiance of the seas grand suite Hawaii New zeland Alaska
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Panoramic Oceanview Cabin 1852 - Voyager Of The Seas
Royal Caribbean's Voyager Of The Seas Panoramic Oceanview Cabin 1852 tour. This is a cabin that is on Deck 12 inside the newly renovated section of the Voyager. It is right beside the Spa,
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Voyager of the Seas Walk through Decks 13 - 5
This is me walking through the ship from deck 13 to deck 5. Commentary by me and i do apologise for the filming, its my first time doing something like this. I wanted to show the ship to people who are about to go on board and hope they get a feel of what its like and where is every thing on board.
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The 10 Cabins To Avoid On A Cruise. How To Choose A Cruise Ship Cabin!
How do you choose the right cruise cabin for your cruising vacation? There is more to deciding between an inside, ocean view, balcony or suite. In this video discover the ten types of cabins that you should avoid to ensure a great cruise vacation. These tips from Gary Bembridge, cruise expert and author, apply to all grades of cabins and will help ensure you select a cabin that will provide the most enjoyable time in board. You will discover areas to avoid, things to watch out for some unexpected issues to consider. Support Tips For Travellers and book your next cruise through CruiseDirect using this link: http://www.tipsfortravellers.com/cruisedirect . You will get the best and lowest price around. I get a small commission but you pay nothing extra. If you enjoy the video please give it a "thumbs up" and if you subscribed to the channel now: http://bit.ly/TFT_YouTube2 Every week Tips For Travellers shares videos to help you make the most of your precious travel time and money on both land and at sea. First-hand travel inspiration, advice and tips based on the over 20 years I have been travelling every month. Follow me on all social media platforms. Search there for "TipsForTravellers" or "Gary Bembridge"
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Carnival Imagination Ocean View Stateroom Tour & Room Service Menus (4K)
See what an oceanview cabin on the Carnival Imagination cruise ship is like, specifically room number U235 (located on deck 6 aft) in video and pictures. This was an okay stateroom, decent but a bit dated. Interestingly, of the 20+ different cruise ships we have been on, this is the only cruise ship without a thermostat in the cabin. The only way to affect the temperature in the room is to turn a mechanical dial in the ceiling which controls the amount of air that comes in through the vent. The window was not as clean as it could be- calcium deposit streaks made the view not as appealing. The beds, however, were nice and comfortable, and overall the cabin was pretty clean, and the room steward was nice and did a good job. In terms of noise- it could get loud when the ship is docking, but otherwise it was not too bad. Water pressure was nice in the shower, and despite being an older ship, the water temperature in the shower was quite stable. We also included the in-room breakfast menus and the room service menus. As you can see if you order past 10 PM, there is nothing free, but you can always leave the cabin and grab a bite to eat at the late night buffet or the 24/7 Pizza Pirate. This was from our late December 2018 4 day cruise on the Imagination sailing from Long Beach.
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Explorer of the seas Deck 2 tour
Deck 2 of the Explorer of the Seas has the Screening room which is a small theatre and the conference center. Different movies are played each day a few times a day in the theatre. The Daily compass lists the times and the movies showing.
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P&O Pacific Explorer - Deck by Deck tour - Filmed In 4K
P&O Pacific Explorer - Deck by Deck tour. A full look at the Pacific Explorer cruise ship. This ship was brought to Australia in 2017 under the P&O Management.
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Enchantment of the Seas Balcony Cabin Tour
This is cabin No. 7536 on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas. We sailed to the Bahamas, Coco Cay and Key West on this cruise ship.
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Independence Of The Seas Deck Plan|Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas Floor Plan
http://www.CruiseSecretsExposed.com Independence of the Seas deck plan will show many of the highlights and images of Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas. Images of the ships layout and deckplans are present but can be fully viewd from Royal Caribbean official website. Independence of the seas floor plan Independence of the seas reviews Independence of the seas deck plan pdf Independence of the seas deck plan 11 Independence of the seas deck plan 8 Independence of the seas deck plan 9 Independence of the seas pictures Independence of the seas deck plan 12 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKvBSHzpLYc Independence of the Seas Deck Plan
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A walk through the decks of the Marella Discovery Cruise Ship. The Marella Discovery is one of a number of cruise ships in a fleet owned by TUI Cruises formerly Thomson Cruises. The Marella Discovery is very similar in size and design as the Marella Discovery 2. This is a video to give you a better idea as to what to expect to find on the different decks if you decide to sail with this cruise line. Or maybe, you just want to reminisce about a past cruise you have taken on the Marella Discovery. The sail date was 20/05/18 for 14 days and we sailed the Baltic Sea visiting ports such as Copenhagen, St Petersburg, Oslo, Gothenburg, Tallin, Stockholm, Helsinki and Warnemunde. I hope you enjoy the video and Happy Sailing.
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Top 10 tips you MUST KNOW for a Royal Caribbean Cruise
Planning a Royal Caribbean cruise? You need to watch this is you are planning to cruise with Royal Caribbean. We give our top 10 Royal Caribbean cruise tips to make your cruise even better. If you are thinking of booking a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation then this video is perfect for you. Our tips apply to any of the Royal Caribbean ships including the largest cruise ships in the world Symphony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas. Or smaller ships such as Enchantment of the Seas, Independence of the Seas, Navigator of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas or Voyager of the Seas. It doesn't matter if your planning a Caribbean cruise, Alaska Cruise, Mediterranean Cruise or Australian cruise, these tips work! It doesn't matter if your a first time cruiser or a seasoned cruiser please enjoy our Royal Caribbean tips video. Click here to subscribe to our channel: ➤ https://www.youtube.com/cruisewith?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on social media: ➤ https://www.twitter.com/CruiseWithBD ➤ https://www.facebook.com/cruisewith ➤ https://www.instagram.com/cruisewith Click here to visit our website: ➤ http://www.cruisewith.co.uk Contact us: ➤ [email protected] Get unlimited, FREE One-Day Delivery on millions of items with Amazon Prime ➤ http://amzn.to/2v8eYf6 At Royal Caribbean International, their aim is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. They are the pioneers of many firsts at sea, offering a playground of incredible experiences on 25 of the world’s most innovative and spectacular ships, visiting over 250 destinations around the world. They are revolutionising the cruise industry to make every holiday onboard one to remember. Whether that’s wowing you with our robotic bartenders, dazzling with a 30-foot giraffe or thrilling you with breath-taking destinations, they want to open your eyes to a new way to travel. If you’ve never cruised before, we’d like to bust a few myths for you. Cruise holidays have changed – our ships are bolder and better, accommodation is spacious and comfortable. Food is amazing, entertainment is world-class and there has never been more reasons to set sail for couples and families alike. About Cruise with Ben & David: ****************************** Previously known as Honest Cruising, we're now called Cruise with Ben & David. We produce the Cruise Ship videos including cruise ship tours, stateroom cabin tours, reviews, cruise ship food, cruise tips and tricks, cruise vlogs and live shows. We love to cruise, we bring you along on all of our cruise adventures around the world including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA, Australia and Asia. We love to sail with the best cruise liners in the world including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Cruises, Princess Cruises, P&O and Viking Cruises. Video footage: © Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd #RoyalCaribbean #Cruise #CruiseWith
Navigator Of The Seas Deck Plan|Layout of Royal Caribbeans Navigator of the Seas
http://www.CruiseSecretsExposed.com Navigator of the seas deck plan video will show you some of the highlights of the ship. This beautiful Royal Caribbean cruise ship has some of the nicest staterooms and deck layout of any ship in the cruising industry. navigator of the seas pictures royal caribbean navigator of the seas deck plan navigator of the seas deck plan 7 navigator of the seas deck plan 9 navigator of the seas deck plan pdf navigator of the seas deck plan 10 navigator of the seas deck plan 6 navigator of the seas deck plan 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cuE_VLnfKg Navigator of the seas deck plan
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Voyager of the Seas deck 5 starboard
Walking up the starboard side of the ship outside on deck 5 Nov. 29 2010 cruising southeast in the Gulf of Mexico
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Cruise Ship Cabin Comparison, Inside vs Ocean View vs Balcony, Very unOfficial Travel Guides
A decision that everyone booking a cruise must make: inside, ocean view, or balcony? Norwegian EPIC Balcony Cabin tour: https://youtu.be/tzIeViOWTqI MSC Magnifica Balcony Cabin Tour: https://youtu.be/v8r454nvQDc NCL Studio Cabins for Solo Travelers: https://youtu.be/2ZAssZYzmPc www.facebook.com/MorgansVeryunOfficialTravelGuides Twitter: @MrMorganOBrien Instagram @MrMorganOBrien
Independence Of The Seas Deck 6
Independence Of The Seas Deck 6 Information From The Deck Plan Business Services and Loyalty Ambassador Desk Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program information.
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Viking Sea Tour & Review ~ Viking Ocean Cruises ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review [4K Ultra HD]
Watch our review and tour of the Viking Sea from Viking Ocean Cruises including accommodations: Penthouse Veranda, Penthouse Junior Suite, Explorer Suite and Owner's Suite; activities: The Viking Living Room, art collection, Viking Heritage exhibit, digital touchscreen and traditional games, shopping, Liv Nordic Spa & Fitness center, pool deck, sports deck, shuffleboard, lawn bowling, miniature golf, infinity pool, Explorers' Lounge and library; dining: The Restaurant, Viking Bar, Manfredi's Italian Restaurant, The Chef's Table, room service, Pool Grill, Pool Bar, World Cafe buffet, Aquavit Terrace, Wintergarden, Mamsen's and The Kitchen Table; and entertainment: pool screen, cinemas, The Theater, Torshavn, live music and the destination. ~ http://www.PopularCruising.com
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Liberty Of The Seas Deck Plan|Royal Caribbean's Liberty Deck Plans
http://www.CruiseSecretsExposed.com Liberty of the Seas deck plan video will show many images of the deck plans of Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas. This beautiful ship has some of the best floor plans and layout in its class. Video will also show you many of the interesting facts of this magnificent ship. liberty of the seas deck plan 8 liberty of the seas deck plan 9 liberty of the seas deck plan 6 liberty of the seas deck plan 7 liberty of the seas reviews liberty of the seas deck plan 3 liberty of the seas deck plan 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu133ttzKdw Liberty of the seas deck plan
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Cabin 8500 on Navigator of the Seas
A tour of a Family Oceanview Cabin on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas. Normally the cabin requires four or five people in order to book it, but shortly before the sail date, if the cabin has not been booked, even a couple can book it.
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Royal Caribbean  Explorer of the seas Stateroom cabin  6388 2015
Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas Stateroom 6388
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Celebrity Solstice Balcony Tour - Cabin 8279
This is my GoPro video tour of our balcony cabin 8279 while the Celebrity Solstice was still in the port of Sydney, Australia on January 27, 2015. After braving the rain, I parked myself at the Martini Bar before filming the cabin tour so please, bear with me! The Celebrity Solstice is a Solstice class ship owned by Celebrity Cruises. She first entered service in November 2008. With a GRT (tonnage) of 121,878 and measuring 1033 feet in length, the Celebrity Solstice can carry 2,850 passengers and up to 1500 crew members. From the Celebrity Cruises website: Celebrity Solstice® is one of our more decorated ships at sea. So it's no wonder that it's full of "firsts." Like the first Lawn Club at sea. The first Hot Glass Show℠. The first cruise line to have 5 women, also known as "the Leading Ladies℠" redesign, and redecorate the staterooms. Some other things that set the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship apart are its specialty restaurants. Our passion for outstanding cuisine has taken the restaurants, the food and the overall dining experience to a whole new level in the cruising world. But staterooms and specialty restaurants are only part of this ship's charm. Celebrity Solstice also has the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® and fitness center, where you can pamper yourself with spa treatments or push yourself in a workout with one of our trainers. If only life on land was as good as life on Celebrity Solstice. Read all of my posts on the Celebrity Solstice on my blog: http://www.travelshopgirl.com/blog/category/celebrity-solstice Read all of my posts on Sydney on my blog here: http://www.travelshopgirl.com/blog/category/sydney Read all of my posts on Australia on my blog here: http://www.travelshopgirl.com/blog/category/australia More pictures of the ship on the Travel Shop Girl FaceBook page. Feel free to visit the blog at www.travelshopgirl.com for more cruise tours, ship information, advice, and more as well as on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Subscribe to the Travel Shop Girl channel and be sure to come back and visit this channel for new videos added weekly! Celebrity Solstice Balcony Cabin 8279 - January 2015
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Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas Deck 7 Superior Ocean View with Balcony Cabin / Stateroom Tour
This is a video tour of cabin 7220, a Deck 7 Superior Ocean View with Balcony cabin, on the Harmony of the Seas. The cabin is mid ship, port side. This is from the inaugural sailing on Sunday 22nd May 2016 from Southampton for 4 nights. Visit my blog: www.BourkeBlogs.com Twitter: @BourkeBlogs Facebook.com/BourkeBlogs Contact me: [email protected]
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Tour of Our Balcony Cabin Aboard Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas
Balcony Cabin 7606 on a 14-day cruise departing on October 9th in Barcelona, Spain and ending in Dubai, UAE on October 23rd.
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Cabin 1690 Voyager of the Seas
I freaking love this room! 1690 is the same room on Voyager, Explorer, Adventure, Navigator and Mariner of the Seas
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Mariner of the Seas - Cabin 9331 - Cat 4V Interior - 11/12/2018
Mariner of the Seas Cabin 9331 is one of the newly added cabins during refurbishment in 2018. This interior cabin has a fantastic location on Deck 9. There are only 4 cabins in this very quiet, hidden, cozy area with 2 entrances, one of the entrance door is kept closed but not locked. The category 4V interior is 160 sq ft and very close to the elevator lobby. The outside hallway to the elevators overlooks the Promenade.
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Anthem of the Seas Balcony Room Obstructed View Cabin 6304
Cabin Tube Productions provides videos of Cruise Ship Cabins. See an obstructed view cabin, balcony cabin, ocean view cabin, inside cabin, NCL Haven Suite and more. Sea Your Room: Many cruise lines use deceptive video and pictures to enhance the appearance of cruise ship rooms. Cabin Tube allows your to "Sea" your room before you book. Ships include Carnival Horizon Carnival Vista Carnival Breeze Carnival Magic Carnival Dream Carnival Splendor Carnival Freedom Carnival Liberty Carnival Valor Carnival Miracle Carnival Glory Carnival Conquest Carnival Legend Carnival Pride Carnival Spirit Carnival Victory Carnival Triumph Carnival Elation Carnival Paradise Carnival Inspiration Carnival Sunshine. Norwegian Bliss Norwegian Breakaway Norwegian Dawn Norwegian Epic Norwegian Escape Norwegian Gem Norwegian Escape Norwegian Getaway Norwegian Jade. NCL Cruise Room Difference. Azamara Club Cruises Carnival Cruise Lines Celebrity Cruises Costa Cruises Crystal Cruises Cunard Line Disney Cruise Line Holland America Line MSC Cruises Norwegian Cruise Line Oceania Cruises Princess Cruises Regent Seven Seas Cruises Royal Caribbean International Silversea Cruises Viking Ocean Cruises Seabourn Cruise Line Oasis of the Seas Allure of the Seas Harmony of the Seas Symphony of the Seas Anthem of the Seas Brilliance of the Seas Adventure of the Seas Allure of the Seas Explorer of the Seas Freedom of the Seas Grandeur of the Seas Harmony of the Seas Independence of the Seas Liberty of the Seas Majesty of the Seas Oasis of the Seas Ovation of the Seas Quantum of the Seas
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Navigator of the Seas- Part 4- Deck 6
This is mainly the deck where you can plan your next cruise. My room was also on this deck. Please like and subscribe!
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Cruise Ship Deck Plan
For more information about this luxury passenger cruise ship, please visit: http://workboatsinternational.com/cruise-ships-for-sale.html where you'll find our cruise ships for sale.
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Regent Seven Seas Mariner Cabin Tour (Suite 931)
We stayed in luxurious Suite No. 931 on Regent Seven Seas Mariner for our Alaska cruise. Check it out. It's loaded with all sorts of cool amenities and inclusions. Tour of Suite No. 1069: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIR4TyXU-os&t= Tour of the Fitness Center: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqJqhR6j5Tg Regent Seven Seas Mariner Full Ship Tour: Coming Soon
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Seven Seas Explorer Christening Ceremony
Officially welcomed to the Regent Seven Seas Cruises' fleet on July 13, 2016 in Monaco, and christened by Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, Seven Seas Explorer® is spaciously intimate, breathlessly elegant and perfectly staffed to offer Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ special brand of all-inclusive luxury. She brings elegance and glamour to the world’s greatest destinations, offering exquisite dining options that rival those of the finest restaurants ashore and all-suite, all-balcony accommodations boasting the largest balconies at sea.
SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER | maiden call worlds most luxurious cruise ship in Warnemünde | 4K-Quality-Video
Maiden call of the most luxurious cruise ship of the world after the definition of the shipping company Regent SEVEN SEAS CRUISES, SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER, on July 2nd 2017 in Warnemünde (port for visits to Berlin/Germany). The SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER arrived at Warnemünde shortly after 4 am. As a bonus are seen from minute 2:42 some shots aboard, which were made already in October 2016. You can also see the SUPERIOR SUITE 924 in the end. Filmed with a SONY FDR-AX53 and a SONY FDR-AX33 in high 4K-Quality. If you like this video, please subscribe and give a like. More videos about the SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER: SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER | The worlds most luxurious cruise ship in Monaco: https://youtu.be/1F1ZztfQgtc SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER | inside aboard GRAND SUITE 1012 highly luxurious suite: https://youtu.be/xYl8X-R4rMk Unimedien: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Unimedien facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unimedien Twitter: https://twitter.com/unimedien
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Regent Seven Seas Explorer concierge suite
Video of a concierge suite on board Regent Seven Seas Cruises new ship Regent Seven Seas Explorer Explorer
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