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SeaStar Solutions Hydraulic Facility
SeaStar Solutions Hydraulic Facility
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SeaStar Solutions InBoard Hydraulic Steering - iboats.com
SeaStar Solutions is the leader in the marine industry in hydraulic steering. They have all the parts you need to convert your steering system to hydraulic, or to replace your old parts. http://www.iboats.com/Marine-Hydraulic-Steering-Systems-Parts/dm/view_id.217125
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SeaStar Solutions - Optimus
For fishermen the benefits for Optimus 360 are many. Manage wind and current with slight nudges on the joystick. Easily hold your boat over wreck or reef and never have to risk your anchor to a snag again or break your back hauling one up. If the fish move, move with them, just nudge the stick and follow the school. Being able to focus on fishing is what the Optimus 360 is all about.
BLA - Trade Talk - SeaStar Solutions - XTREME Mechanical Steering Systems
www.seastarsolutions.com www.bla.com.au
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SeaStar Solutions - Optimus 360 Joystick Docking Control System
SeaStar Solutions Marine Steering: https://goo.gl/tlXmfe The Optimus 360 Control System by SeaStar represents the pinnacle of steering technology for mechanically-controlled twin outboard powerboats. The all-in-one joystick controls steering, thrust and shifting, giving 360 degrees of control to even the most novice boater. With a move of the joystick, Optimus smart cylinders and actuators engage, allowing for instant, independent movement of each outboard motor, giving the user better control while maneuvering through docks, loading a vessel onto a trailer or navigating through tight areas. Shop Boat Parts & Hardware at CARiD.com: https://goo.gl/XZHz3H
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BLA - Trade Talk - SeaStar Solutions -SeaStation GPS
www.bla.com.au An easy add-on to your boat fitted with Optimus 360 steering.
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BLA - SeaStar Solutions - JackPlates
LATEST SeaStar hydraulic jackplates from BLA offer heavy duty lifting of outboard engines. The SeaStar range of manual, hydraulic and heavy duty hydraulic jackplates are one of the sleekest and most durable engine jackplates available. This essential performance accessory allows for higher speeds, gains in fuel economy and the ability to run in shallow water. Available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch setbacks, they feature bold styling that is redefining the look of jackplates. The new heavy duty models feature an upgraded, high-speed hydraulic actuator. The frames are capable of handling engines up to 350hp that weigh up to 356kg. “SeaStar Jackplates provide a lift of 6” in 8 seconds, which is one of the quickest on the market,” advises Michael Sharp, brand manager. “They suit bass boats, and high performance race and ski boats. Another good practical application is for use on moored boats. Often you can’t keep your motors out of the water but with SeaStar Jackplates you can lift your motor up and clear of the water, giving you less corrosion,” adds Sharp.
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SeaStar Solutions' NEW SeaStar Jackplate   Full Length
The all NEW Seastar Jackplate, the option for anyone looking to increase performance on their motor. Find out more or get yours today here: http://www.iboats.com/SeaStar-Hydraulic-Jack-Plates/dm/view_id.1264161
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SeaStar Tech Tips: Power Assist
Marc Adams explains one of the top questions that we get in our tech line!
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SeaStar Solutions Presents the ALL NEW SeaStar Jackplate
The all new Seastar Jackplate redefines the style of a jackplate and is the best option for anyone looking to increase performance on their motor. Find out more or get yours today here: http://www.iboats.com/SeaStar-Hydraulic-Jack-Plates/dm/view_id.1264161
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STATS Sierra Touch and Test System by SeaStar Solutions
Learn how Sierra's hand-held engine diagnostic tool can save you time and money. Designed for major outboard, sterndrive, Inboard and pwc engines. *Note: attachments do not work in this video.
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BLA - SeaStar Solutions - Optimus 360 - A 360 Degree Revolution
Optimus 360 by SeaStar Solutions gives your boat a whole new dimension of control. The system builds on the Optimus EPS (Electronic Power Steering) system to offer a revolutionary command to provide complete harmonised control of steering, shift and throttle via an intuitive electronic joystick. As the name suggests, Optimus 360 utilises state-of-the-art electronics to provide 360 degree manoeuvring capabilities which greatly assist in docking, negotiating tight areas such as marinas and for launching and retrieving. “Optimus 360 is available for new engine installs or can be retro-fitted with existing electronic or mechanical shift engines in twin, triple or quad applications, “ advises Scott Miller, brand manager. “The joystick allows you to manoeuvre your boat forward, backward and sideways by simply pushing the joystick in the direction you want to go. And when docking you can have direct sideways movement by hard over right or left, and to rotate on a dime you simply rotate the joystick.” Regardless if you have a centre console, RIB, catamaran, pontoon, barge or similar, BLA will be able to fit the SeaStar Optimus 360 and give you the confidence to manoeuvre your boat like never before.
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SeaStar Solutions Ke4+ Electronic Engine Controls
Video demonstration of the Ke4+ Engine Control System
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SeaStar Solutions Inboard Hydraulic Steering
SeaStar Inboard Steering Systems are engineered and manufactured for all Pleasure and Work Boat applications up to 50 feet with some exceptions. For Commercial and Work Boat applications over 50 feet and Pleasure Boats, please refer to our Capilano range of Inboard Steering Systems.
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SeaStar Solutions Speedometers
Learn how SeaStar Solutions Speedometers provide boaters with highly accurate speed over ground.
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SeaStar Solutions ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
SeaStar Solutions accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge given by Taylor Made Products. We all enjoyed participating together... Plus, Sierra donated $5 to ALS for each person that volunteered for the challenge! Enjoy! #ALSIceBucketChallenge #ThatWasCold #WeDidIt
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Seastar Hydraulic Steering System Install
Installation of a Seastar Hydraulic Steering System and Bleeding of hoses. Okay I'll let's do this I need to get my subscribers up over 10,000 if this video helped you Please subscribe, Comment or leave feedback below. Thanks #SGTBassin, #FavoriteUSA, #FavoriteFishingUSA
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SeaStar Solutions Control Cables
The Control Cable is a critical component in the control system. It is the vital link between the control head and the propulsion unit. Employing the best cable ensures that your shift and throttle system operate smoothly and efficiently. SeaStar Solutions' cables have set the standard for the entire marine industry with design, technology and materials.
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SeaStar Solutions Xtreme Steering Systems
SeaStar Solutions Xtreme Steering Systems enhances the driving experience and operational control of outboard powered boats.
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Seastar Solutions - Optimus 360° Joystick system
Installaione dell'inovativo sistema di Joystick sul Mar.co R-evolution 35
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SeaStar Solutions Xtreme Steering System
With it's unique splined core XTREME delivers unparalleled smoothness and efficiency -- with hardly any lost motion -- even in the longest and most complex cable routings. This gives superior feel at the control, performance that until now was considered 'impossible'. Traditional cables vary by the stiffness of the core wire and how tightly it fits in the casing. Thus the classic trade-offs that have existed in control cable design: Stiffer core/tighter fit offers less lost motion, but is harder to move. With longer and more complex runs, cable movement becomes progressively more difficult. More flexible core/looser fit has an easier feel, but allows more lost motion. This approach leads to an overall sloppy feel, RPM loss or difficult gear engagement. These trade-offs aren't an issue for cables with XTREME technology because they are different — really different! SeaStar Solutions®'s unique XTREME technology incorporates a patented splined core. Ridges on the core allow a close fit with the cable's inner liner, but with minimum contact, so the core glides back and forth smoothly like a skater on ice. RESULT: a control cable with easy movement AND minimum lost motion.
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BLA - SeaStar Solutions - SeaStation - Tampa Homeland Security
www.bla.com.au http://www.seastarsolutions.com/products/electronic-power-steering/seastation/
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SeaStar Solutions' SeaStation GPS Anchoring System
SeaStar Solutions new SeaStation GPS anchoring system can revolutionize your boating experience and can be easily integrated into the vessel you already love. Its dual-antenna GPS sensor provides input to Optimus 360 controls to automatically hold a vessel’s position, heading – or both, depending upon the need. For more information on SeaStar Solution’s SeaStation virtual anchoring system or any of SeaStar Solutions’ full range of steering and control products, please visit www.seastarsolutions.com
SeaStar Solutions GPS Speedometers - iboats.com
A gauge that is accurate within one MPH and one degree with GPS. Style and functionality meet together with Seastar Solutions GPS Speedometers. http://www.iboats.com/Boat-Parts-Accessories/dm/keywords.GPS%20speedometer
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Control Cables | SeaStar Solutions
The Control Cable is a critical component in the control system. It is the vital link between the control head and the propulsion unit. Employing the best cable ensures that your shift and throttle system operate smoothly and efficiently. SeaStar Solutions' cables have set the standard for the entire marine industry with design, technology and materials. Thank you for watching! ►LEARN more info on SeaStar control cables: http://www.overtons.com/Boating-Marine/Steering-Controls/Throttle-Shifter-Control-Cables ►SUBSCRIBE to OvertonsOnline Channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-OvertonsOnline ►VISIT us at Overton's | launching Life on the Water: http://www.overtons.com/
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SeaStar Solutions GPS Speedometers
The GPS Speedometers from Sierra and SeaStar Solutions provide accurate speed over ground readings and heading information all in one attractive package.
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Sportsman Boats is an exclusive partner of SeaStar Solutions
SeaStar Solutions® has continually led the recreational marine industry with innovation, quality and a commitment to supplying boat builders, dealers and boaters with the parts they need, when they need them. It’s this dedication that has kept SeaStar Solutions® at the forefront of the industry – and that continues to play an important role as we enter the 21st century.
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Boat steering change Teleflex dual cable manual seastar is new name
learn how to change a boat steering -- boat helm sh4920 How to Install a Rotary Steering System step by step
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Optimus 360 by SeaStar
The Optimus 360 by SeaStar Solutions is a retro-fittable joystick steering system that brings close-quarters maneuverability to your boat.
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Seastar Optimus 360 Outboard Joystick Solution
We took few minutes to film this quick video showing how two Seastar Solutions Optimus 360-enabled Suzuki outboards get the job done. As you watch, keep in mind that the boat operator isn't adjusting throttles or turning a steering wheel--it's all being done through easy joystick inputs at the helm. Read more: http://features.boats.com/boat-content/2014/06/seastar-optimus-360-outboard-joystick-solution-video/ For more boating videos, visit http://www.boats.com. boats.com features boat reviews, how-to videos, special features, and information about new boats, boats for sale, and boating products—usually with a dash of fun. Our reviewers test the features, performance, and specifications of each boat, searching out the hidden details for a critical evaluation. If you're shopping for a boat, we want to help you make the best choice. And if you're just looking, we'll try to make it fun too. Subscribe to receive notification of new videos.
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Sierra Rotating Electric Products by SeaStar Solutions
Sierra’s Rotating Electric product line now includes an extensive selection of more than 400 Rotating Marine Electrical Parts. *NOTE: There are no attachments in this video.
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