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Privileged Account Management, Secret Server Demo.
00:00 - Who is Thycotic & What is Thycotic Secret Server 03:26 - User Permissions and Role-Based Access 04:16 - Strong Authentication 05:04 - Active Password Management 07:37 - Reduce Exposure 10:00 - Your IT Admin Leaves 10:54 - Managing Service Accounts 12:14 - Securing Local Accounts 13:13 - Sensitive File Vaulting 13:57 - Break the Glass http://thycotic.com/products/secret-server | Secret Server is a web-based repository where you can store all your privileged account information, and with over 3,500 customers worldwide about 200,000 IT admins use the product on a daily basis. This is a summary of the content of this video: At 00:40 ‘Privileged accounts’ refers to Unix root accounts, local Windows admin accounts, active directory domain accounts, database accounts—accounts shared between administrators within your organization. All admins can access their accounts just using the browser. There's nothing they have to install on their desktop in order to access these particular accounts. It's an asp.net web application so it's on the Microsoft stack all the way down through SQL server. At 01:12 What are ‘secrets’? At 01:40 Accessing Secret Server is very simple. (Architecture diagram) At 02:06 Secret Server is a security tool. Everything is fully and completely audited. You have the entire history of everything that a user has done within the system: every time a secret is looked at, or anybody accessing anything within the system itself. At 02:43 Secret Server changes and maintains passwords for you … You simply hit a button saying a person has left [the organization], and Secret Server will automatically change all the passwords that particular person has seen. At 03:27 Role-based access control is fully customizable … You might want an auditor, who can't see any of the data or any of the passwords, to look at the logs and make sure that the accounts are changing on the appropriate schedule, or ensure that the people from the proper teams are the only ones that have access to a particular account or password. This is very different than having an encrypted Excel spreadsheet or a key pass database where, once you have access to the database, you have access to everything. At 04:17 Secret Server’s security features. [Screen images] At 05:05 Risks that today’s companies are facing. Failing compliance audits … PCI, HIPAA, and SOX compliance. External threats … external hackers are trying to get into businesses by using privileged account escalation to elevate their privileges across the network, and then doing real damage. Internal threats … these come from disgruntled employees, or people that are hired with malicious pretenses. At 06:45 Automatically rotate your privileged account passwords, especially on service accounts, either on a schedule or on demand. With Secret Server it's very easily done just with a click of a button. At 07:37 Reduce exposure to passwords with Secret Server. At 08:16 Secret Server’s one-time passwords. At 08:47 Request access and approve access to a secret. At 10:00 What happens when somebody leaves the organization, especially an IT admin who's been critical around your infrastructure and has access to a lot of accounts? Within Secret Server there's a custom built-in report where you can just click a button to see everything that this person has accessed within a given time frame. Once you have that report, you can click one more button that expires every single one of these secrets. At 10:54 Manage your service accounts with Secret Server … A service account can be any type of account that has that password stored and used in other locations. At 11:35 Discover accounts with Secret Server … Let's say, for example, you have a service account that you've been using for years and it's just running Windows services left, right, and center. You can run discovery once, find that account, find all of the places where it's being used, and then just with a few clicks of a button, bring all of that data into Secret Server. You can manage that account, change the password, and then update all of the services where it's being used. At 12:14 Manage local account credentials with Secret Server. Using Secret Server you can automate the process of rotating and controlling access to local account passwords very easily. At 13:13 Store any type of data you want with Secret Server, for example, file attachments and SSH keys. At 13:57 Secret Server’s Break the Glass feature. Secret Server delivers the best value in the industry. It is designed to be the fastest to deploy, easiest to use, most customizable enterprise-class tool, and delivered to you at substantially less money. We make great products, with great support, delivered at a great price. That is what sets us apart from the rest. Start a free trial to see for yourself: http://thycotic.com/products/secret-server
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Thycotic Secret Server Intro
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Secret Server Session Launching through Applications   How to and Why
Descriotion of session launcher feature in thycotic secret server
Thycotic Secret Server Overview
Thycotic Secret Server Overview
Thycotic Secret Server Webinar   AWS - Oct 2017
Introduciton to AWS, creating labs on a public cloud infrastructure for POC and Test Drives
Adobe’s Privileged Account Management Solution – Thycotic Secret Server
Adobe products and cloud services are used on and accessed by billions of devices across the world, so its cloud operations teams wanted to ensure that their security standards were adhered to during the building and deploying of Adobe’s products and services. This is the privileged account management product Adobe chose: http://thycotic.com/products/secret-server The Adobe team’s feedback: Liz: Privileged account security is a major component of our security posture and strategy because the weakest link in any security story is the human. You could spend millions of dollars and have a whole army of information security professionals, but if you don't do anything about that human, your security posture is going to be very weak. Nay D: Some Adobe products teams move to the cloud. We needed to start provisioning computing capabilities automatically without human interaction. This is why we needed a dedicated storage credential management system where we can store credentials and share them among other team members. Eric R: Privileged credential management gives us the ability to enforce the same level or greater protection on these build machines as we would have on other individual machines. We can't use things like two-factor author OTP, but with privileged credential management, we get just as much security. Liz: I can give you some example use cases of why Thycotic is very valuable to us. We try to orchestrate and automate our complete build environment in the cloud environment. And in every case you need credentials to actually make that happen and Thycotic provides an API. And that API was critical in our decision to use them in our automation environments. Eric R: What we found with Thycotic is that not only do we get this ease of integration—the web APIs—which is just super simple to integrate no matter what kind of scripts we're using, or what kind of tools. But beyond that we get the security of the credentials. We get the confidence that the credentials we are in the process of using are not sitting somewhere unprotected. They're sitting in a secure vault and we feel safe. Nay D: Thycotic’s tech support is very responsive and we've been fortunate to collaborate with a highly responsive support team who guided us from the initial implementation to the final adoption of Secret Server. Even after the final implementation, they kept helping us and guiding us, and they have successfully integrated our feature request into their solution. Liz: When I look for security tools, I'm not looking for the Swiss army knife that has all the features or functionality, I'm looking for the partner that's going work with me, that's going to give me support, that's going to respond to my product request and is going to be there to help me solve the problems I'm trying to solve. We've found the features of Thycotic [products] are very comprehensive but most of all, when we ask for things…when we're trying something new…they've been very responsible with us. We're really doing some leading edge work in terms of security automation in deployments and having a partner that's willing to work with us and try new things is been extremely valuable to us. I definitely recommend that other organizations start with privileged account management. It's like good security hygiene. Every day you brush your teeth, you floss your teeth, but you wouldn't go get a $400 hairdo or get a $400 personal trainer if you're not brushing or flossing your teeth. Similarly, in the security space privileged account management is such a fundamental security control that if you're not doing it, and you're doing something else, your security posture is in trouble. When I think about partners that we've worked with for security tools, I'm very happy with our relationship with Thycotic. They've been a great partner for us in responding to our questions and product requests. I couldn't be happier! This is the privileged account management product Adobe chose: http://thycotic.com/products/secret-server
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University of San Diego Centralizes Privileged Account Password Security with Thycotic Secret Server
Learn why the University of San Diego Central IT trusts Thycotic to manage their most sensitive passwords with Secret Server's centralized password management software. Michael Somerville - Manager of Systems Support: Parents feel very comfortable having their students here, so we want to provide a very secure and safe environment where one can learn and teach ... we discovered that the developers and IT admins, etc, had their own way of storing passwords, and there wasn't one centralized point of success. That's when we referred to Thycotic and Secret Server. The other criteria was that it had to be an enterprise solution, and the Secret Server Solution absolutely is! And the great thing is...we don't have to manage this HUGE application. Secret Server is very lean, it's very effective, and it's incredibly reliable. It's not like it ever fails. Jordan Anderson - Systems Admin: Ideally, we needed to have a place to store passwords (secrets) that was different than how we were doing it before. Doug Burke - Senior Director Network Infrastructure Systems: Our students are our customers, and protecting student data is important to us - it has to be secure. With Secret Server we're able to easily manage those privileged accounts. Check out the privileged account manager software that these clients are talking about, and download a free trial: http://thycotic.com/products/secret-server
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Thycotic Secret Server
Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter http://www.also.de
Eliminate Passwords in web.config files in 15 minutes with Thycotic Secret Server API
Join Ben Yoder, Product Manager at Thycotic, and learn how to get passwords out of code with the Thycotic Secret Server API. Recorded live at Microsoft Ignite 2015. There are a few challenges with web.config files. A common customer problem we see at Thycotic is that web.config files use a lot of sensitive information, including passwords used in SQL connection strings, and API keys used to connect to different service providers or an API. Another security question Thycotic customers ask is who has access to the web.configuration file. If there are embedded passwords, how many people will have access to the file and can see those passwords? You can use logical tokens to replace passwords within scripts, and instead, keep passwords safely secured in Thycotic Secret Server. This is especially important for non-human passwords, or privileged account credentials that are used to escalate access on a network. Learn More: Check out http://thycotic.com/solutions/application-accou­nts to learn more about how Thycotic Secret Server manages credentials and files needed by applications, and to sign up for a free Secret Server trial.
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Установка Thycotic Secret Server
Установка системы управления привилегированными пользователями Thycotic Secret Server занимает всего несколько минут, и вы получаете полный набор функций уже "из коробки". Больше на www.thycotic.ru
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Thycotic Secret Server - sučelje
Prikaz sučelja Secret Server rješenja i osnovnih funkcija
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ISSA - Security in the Spotlight - Thycotic Secret Server
Thycotic Secret Server Admin story at ISSA London Chapter event - Security in the Spotlight - HQS Wellington on 13th of July Special thanks to Danny Murphy, SE at Thycotic for the presentation Resources: https://thycotic.com/solutions/free-it-tools/ https://thycotic.com/products/secret-server/start-a-trial/
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Introduction to Thycotic Privilege Manager
85% of data breaches start on user computers. Block Social Engineering Attacks, Malware, and Ransomware at the Gate. WATCH this quick 2 minute overview of how Privilege Manager makes your least privilege project successful through application control -- giving you a solution that's easy for IT Support and seamless for business users.
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This is Thycotic
Thycotic is a global leader in IT security and is the fastest growing provider of Privileged Account Management solutions. In this quick culture snapshot, you’ll meet our team (some of the smartest people in the industry) and learn what it’s like to work for one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies at the cutting edge of technology. Love what you see? http://bit.ly/WorkAtThycotic
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Thycotic Secret Server
Демонстрация возможностей системы управления привилегированными пользователями
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Credential Management via Tenable Security Center's Integration with Thycotic Secret Server
Tenable™ has partnered with Thycotic to integrate Tenable Security Center® with Thycotic Secret Server. The integrated solution delivers a comprehensive authenticated scanning solution that gives security teams more insight while protecting sensitive privileged accounts. The integrated solution supports storage of privileged credentials in Thycotic Secret Server and their automatic retrieval at scan time by Security Center. This ensures that sensitive passwords are controlled in a single, secure vault, don’t proliferate and can be audited and changed without having to manually update the password after the fact.
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Thycotic Webinar - Developing a PAM & privileged password management plan
What is Privileged Account Management? Privileged accounts are the # 1 target for hackers and malicious insiders today. Once bad actors have “the keys to your kingdom” they have complete access to, and control of, the IT infrastructure, core systems and applications, as well as critical business and customer data. On the webinar, you’ll learn how with Thycotic Secret Server you can: * Know exactly who has access to key systems, and when they use them * Meet your audit and compliance obligations * Never lose track of service accounts or application pools * Enforce strong passwords and other password policies
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Thycotic’s Privileged Access Management Tools for IT Security and IT Ops
Jacob Stucky, VP of Software Development at Thycotic, on enterprise-level privileged access management. How an attacker breaches networks today, what they are looking for, and the best steps to secure and prevent attacks. Thycotic, a global leader in cybersecurity, is the fastest growing provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. Thycotic enables you to minimize privileged credential risk, limit user privileges, and control applications on endpoints and servers. Thycotic’s award-winning PAM solutions simplify and improve cybersecurity, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and help achieve compliance for more than 7500 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. Thycotic was founded in 1996 with corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C. and global offices in the U.K. and Australia. For more information, please visit thycotic.com.
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This is Thycotic: Meet our Engineering Team
Ready to tackle the top cybersecurity threats in the world and work alongside some of the most talented security engineers? As the global leader and fastest growing provider of Privileged Account Management solutions, we are busy helping organizations tackle big threats. If you have a passion for cybersecurity and up for a challenge we may be just what you are looking for. In just 3 minutes, you’ll learn about life at Thycotic. Love what you see? We’re hiring! http://bit.ly/WorkAtThycotic
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Privilege Manager Overview
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Thycotic Privileged Account Management: Ensuring Least Privilege – a highly practical guide
How many privileged passwords are across your Windows infrastructure? Typically, you’ll have three or four times more privileged passwords than your number of employees, across: -Windows admin accounts -Active Directory service accounts -Domain admin accounts Each comes with its own risk, potentially offering widespread systems access to hackers. It’s no surprise they’re one of the most coveted targets. Our Technical Director, David King, and Tim Carolan from Thycotic discussed how Thycotic can help you resolve this issue.
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San Francisco Ballet Secures Sensitive Passwords with Thycotic
Thycotic media correspondent Nick Lagalante chats with Murray Bognovitz of the San Francisco Ballet on how Secret Server helps protect their most sensitive data and why password management is essential for keeping the arts secure.
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Secret Server Update 8.9.3 - Password Management Software
Ben Yoder describes Secret Server 8.9.3 updates. Secret Server is Thycotic's enterprise-level password management software. Updates include improvements to Active Directory synchronization and streamlining of the installation and setup process. Already known for rapid deployment and ease of use, Secret Server 8.9.3 now means even less training for your end users! To find out why Secret Server password management software is so popular with IT Admins and security pros, take a look at the product here: https://thycotic.com/products/secret-server/
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Managing Access to electronic-Protected Health Information (e-PHI) with Secret Server
With digital medical records, patient online portals and other electronic methods of healthcare management, maintaining a secure network is critical to meet the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Technical Safegaurd requirements. IT accounts, such as IT admin accounts, application and service accounts, each grant a specific level of access to your companies electronic Protected Health Information (e-PHI). Typically IT teams share these credentials amongst themselves to gain access to equipment storing patient’s information, as needed. This makes it very difficult to know who exactly is accessing your patient’s data and to restrict access amongst IT staff. In this Webinar you’ll learn how Thycotic’s Secret Server Password Management Software manages the availability, rotation, and integrity of the privilege accounts that allow access to electronic Protected Health Information (e-PHI).
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Culture Snapshot: Thycotic
Learn what it's like to work for one of America's fastest growing private companies in IT security.
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Thycotic Secret Server Intro (Greek Language)
With Secret Server enterprise password management software, you and your colleagues can control access to critical passwords in one centralized, web-based repository. Our password management software offers permissioned users secure access to passwords and other privileged information. Choose the edition that is right for you. Secret Server seamlessly scales to meet your organization’s evolving IT challenges. Gain security and reduce risk through multiple levels of auditing, monitoring, and alerts. Streamline IT operations with automatic password changing and account discovery. Ongoing feature development ensures the software is always up to the demands of world-class enterprises.
Thycotic - Ensuring Least Privilege: A highly practical guide
Ensuring Least Privilege: A highly practical guide
VMworld 2017: Thycotic
A short interview with Thycotic from VMworld 2017
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Point Loma Nazarene University Secures Privileged Account Passwords with Secret Server
Prior to using Secret Server, the Point Loma Nazarene University IT department was managing its important privileged account credentials in a number of disparate ways, leading to inefficiency. In order to further comply with federal and state regulations such as HIPAA and FERPA, the university turned to Thycotic to help better secure important account information and provide access to the fewest number of users possible. Check out the privileged account management software the university uses and download a free trial: http://thycotic.com/products/secret-server
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Top Privileged Account Protection Software. FREE!
IT Admins...here's the fastest, easiest, no-cost way to protect your vulnerable privileged account credentials and passwords from hackers - Secret Server Free! We've made it a global mission to help IT teams worldwide protect these vulnerable accounts by offering our proven privileged account management software ABSOLUTELY FREE. Help us reach our goal, and protect 20,000 organizations worldwide against cyber attacks. See all the great privileged account protection you get, and download Secret Server Free today: thycotic.com/solutions/free-it-tools/secret-server-free/ A VERY REAL THREAT Privileged accounts exist on nearly every aspect of your network and are the “keys to the IT kingdom.” If compromised, these accounts can provide an external attacker or malicious insider, control of all parts of your IT infrastructure and critical business data.
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The easiest privileged password manager to use, our clients say.
The good news: Thycotic Secret Server offers you a proven way to protect privileged account passwords that is: • Faster to install • Easier to manage and maintain • Better enterprise-class solution for securing your privileged enterprise passwords. In this short video you'll see why Thycotic Secret Server assures the protection of privileged accounts while being the fastest to deploy, easiest to use, scalable enterprise-class solution offered at a competitive price. Learn more at http://thycotic.com/products/secret-server/ "When we were evaluating privileged password managers, we were looking for something that was clean to install and easy to use. Secret Server was the only one that we found that met those critieria as well as our security requirements. The deployment experience was real, real simple. Secret Server didn't require any thing special; it was a pretty standard install in that it didn't have any gaps in documentation or any grey spots that I had to contact support. Everything I needed was there and provided to me when I went to install." - Joseph Alcorn, Systems Administrator "As soon as I show [other employees] how to log in -- you use your AD credentials to log in, you don't have to remember any other passwords to log in -- I show them how to search for passwords, I show them the folder layout... once I show them the basic layout, people just go right from there." - Jordan Anderson, Systems Administrator "As a UNIX Senior Systems Admin, the adoption of Secret Server was a piece of cake. InfoSec office introduced it to us, they gave us a presentation. There was also a video built inside of it for usage of the window panes. It was just unbelievably easy to use." - Rob Traub, Senior UNIX Admin "Setting up the actual access was very easy using Active Directory. Secret Server has Active Directory integration, so we were able use Active Directory Groups, and tie that to access within Secret Server, so provisioning and deep provisioning users is extremely simple using normal processes that the staff is already accustomed to." -Sean Greenbaum, Senior Windows Administrator "The scalability is there. When we first started using it, we found that we needed to separate folders and use shared folders with the keys in it. It was so easy to do that, when we approached InfoSec and said 'wait, we see a problem here, that we need to have these things separated,' that boom, it was done instantaneously." - Rob Traub, Senior UNIX Admin "Secret Server is beneficial to our team because it allows us to keep the passwords in one, secured location. The product is easy to be moved, so if we have a disaster of some sort, it's easy to bring it up into another environment very quickly, and then get us all the access to the keys that we need to bring our systems up." -Sean Greenbaum, Senior Windows Administrator "Putting the rows of server names, and then trying to create unique passwords that meet the security requirements... it's just ludicrous to try to go ahead and try to keep maintaining something like that [manually]. Secret Server just does it all for you. It keeps it there, it rotates the passwords, it's effortless." - Rob Traub, Senior UNIX Admin
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Python - Thycotic API, pulling folders and secrets
This tutorial gets you started with interacting the Thycotic API. The thycotic is an enterprise class access management and centralized password management solution. Github: https://github.com/r3ap3rpy/python/blob/master/py_thiccer.py Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/r3ap3rpy
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Thycotic Acquires Arellia
Arellia Acquisition Expands Thycotic Leadership in Privileged Account Protection and Windows Endpoint Security Together, Thycotic and Arellia deliver a comprehensive PAM security solution that combines Secret Server Privileged Account credential protection with the ability to limit privileged account access for business and administrative users as well as control application rights—without impacting user productivity. Learn more at Thycotic.com
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The Secret Server
The AES Watch called the 2013 Midterm Election as "one of the worst devastations that has ever struck the nation." WATCH, LEARN & SHARE: "Anatomy of a Fraud, Chapter 3" #TheSecretServer
Access & Identity Management: Why I chose Thycotic for BankUnited
Anne Gorman, Access and Identity Management VP at BankUnited describes why she trusts Thycotic Software for privileged access and identity management of BankUnited's service accounts. Before implementing Thycotic's PAM solution, Anne described the company's privileged service accounts as a 'hot mess'. She now anticipates a "long, long relationship" with Thycotic. Anne's top reasons for choosing Thycotic: 1. Service account discovery - we can now see what is being used and what is not being used in our service accounts. 2. Easy to install 3. Easy to run 4. Very user-friendly software 5. Not much effort for the IT department 6. Good user compliance 7. Excellent customer support - the people at Thycotic are very accommodating. 8. With Thycotic, everything is fast and easy. View the product Anne Gorman is talking about: thycotic.com/products/secret-server/
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Episode 356 - Tools, Tips and Tricks - Thycotic Is Giving Away Their Secret Server Password...
This week's tools, tips and tricks is about the privileged account management company Thycotic. They offer their vault solution called Secret Server for free. This is a $5,000 value. This episode goes over this tool and if you are any business without a privileged account solution why you should get this. Be aware, be safe. Don't forget to subscribe to the Security In Five Newsletter. Send in your Security Horror Stories - [email protected] —————— Where you can find Binary Blogger —————— Binary Blogger Website Security In Five Podcast Page - Podcast RSS Twitter @binaryblogger iTunes, YouTube, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher Email - [email protected]
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Pass the Hash Attacks: 15 minute crash course from Thycotic
Join Jonathan Cogley, CEO at Thycotic, for a crash course in Pass the Hash attacks. Find out how these attacks happen, ways newer versions of Windows help protect against them, and other steps you can take to protect your organization. Pass the Hash is a very popular attack that takes just minutes to escalate. When successful, an attacker can capture a password hash for a domain admin account instantly. Once the hash is compromised, it can be used to move horizontally across the network, giving the attacker access to whatever that credential unlocks. A privileged account management (PAM) tool like Thycotic Secret Server helps you manage passwords, keeps them securely encrypted, audits who uses them, and automatically changes the passwords after a credential is used. When a PAM tool automates password management, it guarantees passwords are changed after use and ensures password hashes are no longer valid, even if they were captured by an attacker. Protect yourself against Pass-the-Hash attacks using a privileged account management tool like Thycotic's Secret Server at: http://thycotic.com/solutions/pass-the-hash-att­­acks Recorded live at Microsoft Ignite 2015.
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Meet the women behind Thycotic
The numbers don’t lie, the tech industry is only about 30% female. It can be a struggle for women to succeed in such a male dominated industry. Here at Thycotic we believe in being the front runners for women in tech and redefining the way women are treated in the industry. Our team offers insight into how to get more women into IT and their experience. Hear our team’s success stories of building their careers and becoming successful leaders at Thycotic.
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Secret Server Quick Demo - Checkout e One-Time Passwords
Às vezes, é necessário que mais de um usuário tenha acesso à mesma credencial privilegiada. Para garantir responsabilização e atribuição, o Secret Server utiliza senhas de uso único (One-Time Passwords), garantindo que mesmo contas compartilhadas como as de admin ou root não terão senhas conhecidas por mais de um indivíduo de cada vez. Quer saber mais? Acesse http://leverage.inf.br
Easy-to-deploy Enterprise Password Management Software | Secret Server Overview (Greek Language)
Enterprise Password Management software that's easy to deploy for IT Admins, and cost-effective for enterprises. Control access to critical passwords in one centralized, web-based repository with Secret Server enterprise password management software. Secret Server is infinitely scalable to meet evolving IT challenges. Gain security and reduce risk through multiple levels of auditing, monitoring, and alerts. Learn how you can EASILY and quickly streamline IT operations with great features like automatic password changing and account discovery: http://thycotic.com/products/secret-s... Thycotic deploys intuitive, reliable solutions that are easy to set up and empower companies to remove the complexities associated with proper control and monitoring of privileged account credentials. A 2013 Inc. 5000 company, Thycotic is trusted by more than 100,000 IT professionals worldwide for high-level password management software -- including members of the Fortune 500, enterprises, government agencies, technology firms, universities, non-profits and managed service providers.
Episode 356 - Tools, Tips and Tricks - Thycotic Is Giving Away Their Secret Server Password...
This week's tools, tips and tricks is about the privileged account management company Thycotic. They offer their vault solution called Secret Server for free. This is a $5,000 value. This episode goes over this tool and if you are any business without a privileged account solution why you should get this. Be aware, be safe. Don't forget to subscribe to the Security In Five Newsletter. Send in your Security Horror Stories - [email protected] —————— Where you can find Binary Blogger —————— Binary Blogger Website Security In Five Podcast Page - Podcast RSS Twitter @binaryblogger iTunes, YouTube, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher Email - [email protected]
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Managing Passwords for Nonprofits - an MSP’s Solution
Team members from Managed Service Provider, Community IT, reveal why they chose Secret Server over a custom-built password management system. More about the password management system they chose: http://thycotic.com/products/secret-server Matthew: Community IT is a number 1 ranked MSP in Washington, DC., and is ranked in the top 200 of MSPs nationally by MSPmentor. Johan: Our mission is to help nonprofit organizations accomplish their missions through the effective use of technology, and we do that by providing managed services and support for nonprofit organizations. Matthew: A number of years ago we had a custom-built password management system that we used to manage access for our technicians to the client information. Managing over 50 techs accessing 150 client records was really unwieldy for us. Johan: We were interested in an Enterprise Solution for managing passwords and other confidential information. That's really the most important information that we store for our clients, and it was important to us to find a partner and a solution that we had a lot of confidence in, and that our customers would have confidence in it as well. Matthew: So…in terms of the actual deployment of Thycotic Secret Server, we spent a few hours with the support engineer at Thycotic, and then we were able to deploy Secret Server on our own and we were up and running in just a few hours. Johanny: Having privileged account management with Thycotic Secret Server was very important to us because our clients trust us with their information. By having Secret Server helping with the management and the assignment of secrets to a just particular technician… making sure that once the technician doesn't need the password anymore, we can retrieve the information and keep it secure. Matthew: One of the things we really appreciate about Secret Server as an enterprise password management solution is the out-of-the-box integration that it had with our existing technology tools. We maintain a lot of different systems, and so it's really nice to have tools that are built to work together as opposed to needing to figure out how to build custom integrations between tools. With the proliferation of different services and systems, it's important for organizations to take access and management to those systems very seriously. Having a good policy and procedure for maintaining and auditing access to all of the applications that your organization is using is absolutely critical. One of the features that we used with our enterprise-level clients is the password rotation feature. We use that for privileged accounts such as domain admin or other very sensitive credentials. It gives us the ability to rotate those credentials on a regular basis to make sure that they are secure, complex, and always changing. Johan: One of the things that we've done as an MSP is invest in a variety of tools that help us manage all aspects of our customers’ IT, and Thycotic is an important part of that. It helps us to manage their credential information; it helps us manage the most sensitive information they have as an organization. The investment we've made at Thycotic has made us a lot more efficient in delivering the services we deliver to our clients. Johanny: Implementing Secret Server…having centralized solutions and having them log in to retrieve the passwords has definitely saved us a lot of time. Johan: Thycotic is incredibly valuable to us as an MSP because it allows us to confidently store our customers’ most sensitive information in a secure and reliable way. More about the password management system they chose: ttp://thycotic.com/products/secret-server
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