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10 Texts Men Love To Receive | Relationship Advice For Women By Mat Boggs
Mat Boggs shares relationship advice for women and 10 text messages men would LOVE to receive, but few women would actually send. Get More Great Tips - SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/2axWlYD Want more great texting tips? Check THIS out: http://bit.ly/2xxGRyl GET DATING AND RELATIONSHIP COACHING FROM MAT! http://www.crackingthemancode.com/coaching/ VIDEOS ABOUT COMMUNICATION WITH MEN (Communication Advice) 3 Things You Can Say To Make Him Feel Like a Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IL74Ief4gI&index=1&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk0iS-2xcDdGF-yfVwSOwzaw 5 Things Never to Say When Fighting (How To Communicate) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2bZTePuHb0&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk0iS-2xcDdGF-yfVwSOwzaw&index=4 What to Say When a ?Vanisher? Comes Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YZa9BHm1ik&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk0iS-2xcDdGF-yfVwSOwzaw&index=3 VIDEOS ABOUT DATING ADVICE 7 (FALSE!) Reasons You?re Still Single https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paYWhbpFsMI&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk3Auvwvbt0HCLYA0qtQJYY-&index=1 Funny First Date Story! Gotta hear this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-yIj_K4_nA&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk3Auvwvbt0HCLYA0qtQJYY-&index=3 What NOT to do on a First Date (Strange But True) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6Mq5nDtY54&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk3Auvwvbt0HCLYA0qtQJYY-&index=4 VIDEOS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING MEN Why he acts interested, then disappears?(The inside answer most don?t know) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdFJn4ID-2U&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk21aonkD71xIGH9S4CdHQlO&index=1 Scared of getting hurt again? Use this mindset? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtR9FVB8kVE&index=3&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk21aonkD71xIGH9S4CdHQlO When Should You Sleep With Him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJd47AOniW0&index=5&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk21aonkD71xIGH9S4CdHQlO VIDEOS ABOUT WHAT MEN WANT / HOW TO TELL IF HE LIKES YOU The Kind of Confidence Men Find Sexy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsJaLv-ogxk&index=1&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk15QjTyQ-YjbYQFjdVRdgbA 5 Unusual Signs Your Man is into You! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck7KDACP7z0&index=3&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk15QjTyQ-YjbYQFjdVRdgbA How to tell if he is emotionally available https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGWphEBWUYY&index=4&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk15QjTyQ-YjbYQFjdVRdgbA VIDEOS ABOUT CONFIDENCE AND SELF-WORTH 3 Affirmations to Attract Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bS2y1vXiyU&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk0JwZCDErrfE7PzCi15fJ93&index=1 3 Ways to Create More Self-Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PWUgoSI3WY&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk0JwZCDErrfE7PzCi15fJ93&index=2 Uncool is the New Cool (5 ?Uncool? Things I Do) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFFiwn3gQnU&list=PLkSA6lK4Izk0JwZCDErrfE7PzCi15fJ93&index=4 _________________ LET?S STAY CONNECTED! https://www.facebook.com/matboggsfan https://twitter.com/mathewboggs http://www.crackingthemancode.com http://projecteverlasting.com/ Mat Boggs Bio: As a sought-after dating and relationship coach for women and international speaker, Mat Boggs has helped thousands of women understand men, improve their relationships, and attract the relationship they want. As the best-selling author of Project Everlasting, and creator of Cracking The Man Code, Mat Boggs? dating and relationship advice has been featured on national media including The Today Show, CNN, Headline News, Oprah and Friends, and many more. Mat?s Mission: To increase love in the world, one heart at a time. As a dating coach for women, Mat believes that your history does not determine your destiny, and that you are more powerful than any circumstance you are facing. The relationship dream in your heart really can become the life you love living! Mat Boggs highly acclaimed relationship programs have served women around the world in all age groups from 20yrs old to over 70yrs old. If you?re interested in receiving help attracting love or improving your relationship click here: http://www.crackingthemancode.com/coaching/ Directed and Editing By: Alexis Garcia Written By: Mathew Boggs Related Topics: Dating Advice For Women Relationship Advice For Women Relationship Coach For Women Dating Coach For Women Dating, Relationships, understanding men, Dating Advice, Love Advice Relationship Advice, How Men Think, What Men Want, What attracts men, How to attract a man, how to create lasting love, how to know if he likes you, signs your man likes you.
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3 Texting Secrets Men Can't Resist - Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy
►► Confused about what to text him? Just copy & paste these 9 texts from dating expert Matthew Hussey >>> http://www.9texts.com ▼ Don’t Miss Out! Subscribe to my YouTube channel now. I post new dating advice videos for you every Sunday. ▼ Confused about what to text him? Just copy and paste any of these 9 texts from dating expert Matthew Hussey --- http://bit.ly/1EpQNbm These are literally 9 text messages you can copy from the guide and send right away to become the most intriguing woman in any guy's life. If you have a friend you want something more with, a lover you want to commit to you, or a partner you want to reignite the spark with, these messages will help revive the situation. Under each text I explain the male psychology as to why they work. And you can get free, instant access here: http://www.9texts.com Use these tonight to attract any man you choose! ▼ Get My Latest Dating Tips and Connect With Me… ▼ Blog → http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/blog/ Facebook → https://facebook.com/CoachMatthewHussey Twitter → https://twitter.com/matthewhussey ►► FREE DOWNLOAD: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → http://www.9texts.com ►► FREE DOWNLOAD: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com
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5 Texts To Make Any Man Obsess Over You
http://www.CoachNorth.com/Texting --- 5 Texts To Make Any Man Obsess Over You There’s no denying that phones are a big part of where we live our romantic lives. Since everyone and their mother seems to have and carry around a cell phone in today’s world, making a man obsess over you can be as easy as sending him the right text messages. But, what are the “right text messages” and which ones will have the opposite effect? Hey ladies, Amy North here, welcome to my channel. As you may or may not already know I’m a relationship coach from the west coast of Canada and author of The Devotion System — a program I’ve designed to help women find and create the love lives they want and deserve. From being ready for love to locking down Mr. Right, the program covers every aspect of romantic relationships, so if you’re looking to improve yours then you may want to consider checking it out. That aside though, today I want to share with you five types of text messages you can send men to make them obsessed with you. Yes, obsessed as in he won’t be able to eat, sleep or go about other daily tasks without thinking about you. Before I jump into the messages you should be sending your guy, I want to first talk a bit about the types of text messages you shouldn’t send him, because believe me, even if you send him the most heavenly texts, the wrong ones can be huge deal breakers. For starters, the generic “hey, hello, or what’s up” texts. These messages suck because they don’t do anything to stir up emotion in your guy, and not to mention they make you seem incredibly boring. While I’m talking about these dull messages, it’s also worth mentioning that sending your man updates on your every move isn’t a good idea either. Believe me, as much as you think it’s the end of the world that the coffee shop is out of your favourite bagel, or how you’re feeling bloated from your weekend of partying, he doesn’t care, nor does he want to know. Sure, you may be smitten, but you’re not doing yourself any favours by sending these mundane types of text messages Same goes for sending him “what are you up to messages.” Why? Because if he doesn’t willingly tell you what he’s doing then it’s probably because he doesn’t feel it’s worth sharing. When you send him these kind of text messages it’ll seem like a chore for him to respond to you… which is 100% the opposite of what you want if you’re looking to make him obsessed with you. And at all costs avoid sitting around, staring at a black screen, desperately waiting for him to reply to you. This is important for a couple reasons. First, if you respond too quickly it will give him the impression that you’re sitting around, waiting to hear from him. Second, it comes across as clingy, and third, responding too quickly implies that you have no life outside of him and the relationship. To prevent this from happening, keep busy! By doing so it’ll help you fight the urge to text him back too soon, and not to mention, it’ll give you something new to tell him about when he asks how your day was. In those scenarios where you don’t have much happening when he texts, still make a point to hold back for at least a few minutes to give him the impression that you’re busy with other things. Not making his text messages your number one priority will give you time to do other things that keep you active and happy, and time to properly think about your response. Of course if you’re in the middle of a conversation with him, or he asks you a question that is time sensitive and needs a quick reply, then don’t leave him hanging. If you do, you risk coming across as self-centered or rude. Be respectful of his needs, too. Before I move on to the juicy part of this video it’s also important to mention how much of an impact grammar has on your relationship. If you’re text messages are littered with misspelt words or lack common sense, then that’s going to be a huge turn off for him, and let’s face it, you’re not going to look like the brightest crayon in the box. So save yourself the embarrassment and make sure that you read over and edit your text where necessary. Don’t think this is a real issue? Just Google search it and you’d be amazed at some of the cringeworthy misspellings you find. Or, learn from my friend’s experience. He was seeing a girl who would text “hoo,” as in “H-O-O” when referring to “who” as in “W-H-O.” He tried giving her the benefit of the doubt, and hoped it was just a strange auto-correct or voice to text memo, but after she sent him the same misspelt version of “hoo” multiple times, he realized that he couldn’t be with someone. *** More from Amy North: *** How to Get A Man: http://www.coachnorth.com Love Learnings: http://www.lovelearnings.com Google+: https://plus.google.com/116823069948654495789 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amy.north.798
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Men vs Women on SMS (Relationships)
http://www.memesetc.com Relationships: Women & men on chat
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[SMS] Let's generalize about Men
!Please read this before watching the MEP! This song may come off as offensive but please know that it is not our goal to offend anyone. This is a Studio focusing on Spoof themes and this song fit perfectly into our theme. We do not agree to anything the song is stating, we were just trying to have fun. If you are easily offended or do not like this type of fun then please watch something else instead of hating on us because we are here just to have fun. Now, moving on xD Hey everybody and welcome to SMS' second MEP. This took slightly longer than we had hoped, but it's finally here and that's all that counts. We are very happy with this MEP and hope that you will enjoy it, too. We'd also like to thank Fennix and FiremoonX for helping us so much with filling the MEP and getting it done, we really appreciate it:hearts: Without further ado, let us generalize about men xD Intro: FiremoonX 1: Theochka 2: Remmii 3: FiremoonX 4: Fennix 5: falibat 6: Terrafoxe [G] 7: Fennix 8: SaraChanLionwolf [G] 9: Rachenna77 10: Serendipity 11: FiremoonX 12: Fennix
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4 Text That Makes Men Fall In Love With You (Make Him Chase You HARD)
4 Text That Makes Men Fall In Love With You (Make Him Chase You HARD) Purchase my course "The Psychological Game of Attraction": https://dalexis-school.thinkific.com WORK WITH ME 1-1: https://mindfulattraction.org/inner-game-coaching/ Purchase seminars & books: https://mindfulattraction.org/new-products-1/ JOIN MY FB GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindfulattraction20 Follow me on twitter for updates: Twitter.com/dalexispe Follow me on instagram: @dalexisp 1. Be playful. Do the opposite (say experience) or call back humor 1. Don't ask questions, make statement and then suggestion 2. Don't use text to get to know them, use text to meet them - Don't worry, as the day go by, the guy will show his true colors. Go with your gut instinct 3. The don't fall in love with you over text, they like the person. Separate the illusion from reality
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Kantoi Men Sms
Ni lah jadinya klo asyik men sms je
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Almighty Father - SMS Men's Chorus
To purchase CD's of their music, please go to www.smsrecordings.com
R-Watch Bluetooth M26 SMS Pedometer Anti Lost 1.4" Men Phone Watch - Banggood.com
Check price or buy here: http://bit.ly/1wGDSKB Specification: Item Type: Wrist WatchDial Window Material Type: Hardlex GlassModel Number: M26Movement: Quartz WatchClasp Type: Needle Buckle ClaspColor: Black,Blue,WhiteStyle: Fashion & Casual & SportGender: Men,WomenDial Display: Analog-DigitalFeature: Water Resistance,Bluetooth,Phonebook,Dialer,Messaging,Call,Notification,Music,Remote Capture,Anti Lost,Baromete,Alitmeter,Pedometer,StopwatchCase Shape: SquareBand Material Type: SiliconeDial Diameter: About 4.5cmDial Thickness: About 1cmBand Length: About 25.5cmBand Width: About 2.4cm ====================================================
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SMS Men's Chorus - And Can It Be?
To my ears this rendition of And Can It Be? is unsurpassed; so not finding it on YouTube and checking with people at SMS and Lillenas, it is my delight to share it! This Joseph Linn arrangement of the great Charles Wesley/Thomas Campbell hymn is here adapted and orchestrated by Tim Fisher, the album's producer. The tribute on the CD insert reads, "Our prayer is that you will not get caught away with the beautiful singing or stirring arrangements, but that your focus will be on the Savior. 'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.' (John 15:13)" May your listening recall to mind how special YOU are! And when your joy is sparked, please share this YouTube link with friends. https://youtu.be/VHk0iUQtBac Many Thanks Hymn: And Can It Be? Disc: Amazing Love, The SMS Men's Chorus, Vol. II / Track 1 / CD SMS-009 Author: Charles Wesley Composer: Thomas Campbell, 1812 Arranger: Joseph Linn/Lillenas Producer: Tim Fisher Release Date: 1991 Label: Sacred Music Services For your own copy and/or to learn more: http://www.smsrecordings.com/?category=Men%27s+Choir http://www.majestymusic.com/qualifying-products/amazing-love-cd.html http://www.oldchristianmusic.com/mproductpages/sms-mens-chorus--amazing-love.html
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Young men SMS  Rap Kreyol 2014 School,Muzik,Swag
Siw pa kanpe an SMS yo pap we'w ti tonton !!! BPC Young Men for real niggazzz !
Views: 734 Alex LouisVideo
Men komn pou resevwa sms mnnj u byn fasil  wp jwenn link apks anh ln deskribsyn video anh
Tuto sa pale Komn u ka resevwa sms mnnj u byn fasil Mn non apks ki pale de sms ln (SMS auto forwarder) Merci tut mun ki gade like komnte video anh Wendy tech tv
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His Love - SMS Men's Chorus
To purchase CD's of their music, please go to www.smsrecordings.com
SMS Men In Tights 2010
variety show fun
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King of Glory - SMS Men's Chorus
This is my favorite Christmas song, "King of Glory" from the SMS Men's Chorus album of the same title.
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constructing The SMS WHEEL OF MEN
Our friend a listener of the Smiley Morning Show, Zach lives in Danville, IN and has been constructing the WHEEL OF MEN the past few weeks. Join us at the Vogue on March 23, 2012 for the craziest single party every!! Single Hoosier men can register to spin on the wheel at wheelofmen.com. Ladies, just show up to the Vogue in Broad Ripple and spin and win a man!!
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SMS (School Music Swagg) Young Men
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Luxury Brand Smart Watch Men With BT Call/ SMS /Twitter/ Facebook/ Whatsapp/ Skype Reminder Sports S
https://goo.gl/mcZJYq Luxury Brand Smart Watch Men With BT Call/ SMS /Twitter/ Facebook/ Whatsapp/ Skype Reminder Sports Steps Counting WatchLuxury Brand Smart Watch Men With BT Call/ SMS /Twitter/ Facebook/ Whatsapp/ Skype Reminder Sports Steps Counting Watch
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A Few Things WOMEN Look for in Men!!! SMS TIPS
Like, Comment, & SUBSCRIBE!!!
Saffab sherva
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Dostumun xeyanet sms’lerini görende men - Niko Sayagi 2018
Dostumun xeyanet sms’lerini görende men - Niko Sayagi 2018 #nikosayagi Salam Men Niko. Çekdiyim 1 deqiqelik vine lerle sizlerin üzünde tebessüm yaratmaga çalisiram. Mene destek olmaq üçün asagidan videonu nu beyenib kanala abune ola bilersiniz. Abune olmaq heç bir xerc teleb etmir. Mence maraqli ve gülmeli ve eğlence li bir vine oldu. Kanalimda eglence , komik , komediya , vine , vlog , montaj , zarafat , mahni , sual cavab ve basqa benzeri vine ler ve ya videolar paylasmaga çalisiram. Mene destek olmaq üçün vine ni beyenib asagidan kanala abune olmagi unutmayin. Xos seyirler Eger vine xosunuza geldise asagidan vine ni beyenib vine haqqindaki fikirlerinizi rey olaraq yaza bilersiniz. Niko Sayagi official yeni bu kanal özüme mexsusdur ve resmi youtube kanalimdir. Mene mexsus vine leri ve ya diger videolari kimse youtube paylasarsa ona kanalimiz ve partnerimiz terefinden telif atilacaq. Etiket NikoSayagi , Nicat Mutellimov, Nikosayagi 2018 , nicat mutellimov vine , niko , NIKO , azeri vine , azeri vine 2018 , komedi , komediya , gülmeli vine , gülmeli vineler , gülmeli vineler 2018 ,prikol , azeri prikol .
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Fun Dance by SMS Men’s Team 2016
Created and choreographed by Mrs Daizy Joseph.
Views: 171 Justus JV
Dusro ki call apny mobile men suney or sms bhi read Kren Us ko Pta bhi na chaly
Dusro ki call apny mobile men suney or sms bhi read Kren Us ko Pta bhi na chaly.ji han aj ki trick bhot hi zbrdast hai jis men aap dusru ki calls or sms parh or sun skty hen or usy pta bhi nai chly ga.mazeed tricks k liy hmary channel ko subscribe kre . visit:www,khanurduit.blogspot.com
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X-Men: Mojo World (SMS) in 5:19
Blinded this last night, decided to do more runs today. Good stuff!
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MTV Roadies Strip SMS Game, Sexy men in underwear!
MTV Roadies Strip SMS Game, Sexy men in underwear!
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Look And Live (Numbers 21:8) - SMS Men's Chorus
By William A. Ogden, 1887 I've a message from the Lord, hallelujah! This message unto you I'll give, 'Tis recorded in His word, hallelujah! It is only that you "look and live." Refrain: "Look and live," my brother, live, Look to Jesus now, and live; 'Tis recorded in His word, hallelujah! It is only that you "look and live." I've a message full of love, hallelujah! A message, O my friend, for you, 'Tis a message from above, hallelujah! Jesus said it, and I know 'tis true. Life is offered unto you, hallelujah! Eternal life thy soul shall have, If you'll only look to Him, hallelujah! Look to Jesus who alone can save. I will tell you how I came, hallelujah! To Jesus when He made me whole— 'Twas believing on His name, hallelujah! I trusted and He saved my soul. To purchase CD's of their music, please go to www.smsrecordings.com
Bring on the Men- SMS Jekyll and Hyde
This was my favorite dance! Im so proud of all my dancers and how great they did! It was a lot of work but totally worth it(:
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How Can It Be - Sms Men's Chorus
Hope you enjoy! SUBSCRIBE to this channel and give it a thumbs up! :) For more God-honoring music, check out this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td4gntryfzU&index=1&list=PLHbyMQrvthiTr9yXG3WvShEDv8Fp-ahFH
Views: 224 Piano Princess
Ten Thousand Hallelujahs - SMS Men's Chorus
Words and music by Ron and Shelly Hamilton Copyrights owned by Majesty Music, Inc www.majestymusic.com (posted with permission) To purchase CD's of their music, please go to www.smsrecordings.com
Boys to Men - SMS Style
via YouTube Capture
Dusro ki call apny mobile men suney or sms bhi read kren Us ko pata bhi na chaly
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There's Room At The Cross - SMS Men's Chorus
by Ira F. Stanphill (1946) The cross upon which Jesus died, Is a shelter in which we can hide; And its grace so free is sufficient for me, And deep is its fountain as wide as the sea There's room at the cross for you, There's room at the cross for you, Tho millions have come, There's still room for one Yes, there's room at the cross for you. Tho millions have found Him a friend, And have turned from the sins they have sinned, The Savior still waits to open the gates And welcomes a sinner before it's too late. There's room at the cross for you, There's room at the cross for you, Tho millions have come, There's still room for one Yes, there's room at the cross for you. The hand of my Savior is strong, And the love of my Savior is long; Through sunshine or rain, through loss or in gain, The blood flows from Calvary to cleanse every stain. There's room at the cross for you, There's room at the cross for you, Tho millions have come, There's still room for one Yes, there's room at the cross for you. To purchase CD's of their music, please go to www.smsrecordings.com
Little Innocent Lamb - SMS Men's Chorus
Little Lamb, little Lamb, little innocent lamb, I'm a-gonna serve God till I die. Little Lamb, little Lamb, little innocent lamb, I'm a-gonna serve God till I die. Devil, he's got a slippery shoe. I'm a-gonna serve God till I die. Now, if you don't mind, he's gonna slip it on you. I'm a-gonna serve God till I die. 'Cause there ain't no dyin' over there, In that Heavenly Land, There'll be joy, joy, joy. Just take one brick from Satan's wall, I'm a-gonna serve God till I die. Satan's wall, gonna tumble and fall. I'm a-gonna serve God till I die. Little Lamb, little Lamb, little innocent lamb, I'm a-gonna serve God till I die. Little Lamb, little Lamb, little innocent lamb, I'm a-gonna serve God till I die. (No there aint no dyin' over there) 'Cause there ain't no dyin' over there, In that Heavenly Land, (In that Heavenly Land) In that Heavenly Land, (In that Heavenly Land) In that Heavenly Land, (No dyin' over there) 'Cause there ain't no dyin' over there (In that Heavenly Land) In that Heavenly Land, There'll be joy, joy, joy. To purchase CD's of their music, please go to www.smsrecordings.com
Tera Ghata | Gajendra Verma Ft. Karishma Sharma | Vikram Singh | Official Video
Watch My Showreel http://bit.ly/GajendraVerma_Showreel Welcome to the Official Channel of Gajendra Verma Blive Music & Entertainment and Virtual Planet Present #GajendraVerma New Music Video #TeraGhata ft. Karishma Sharma Directed by Vikram Singh Hear It Exclusively on Gaana : https://gaana.com/song/tera-ghata Download Link : http://bit.ly/DownloadAudioTrack Tera Ghata Rap Version : http://bit.ly/TeraGhata_RapVersion Tera Ghata Rajasthani Version : http://bit.ly/TeraGhata_RajasthaniVersion Subscribe Here http://bit.ly/GajendraVermaSubscribe Operator Codes: Airtel Subscribers Dial 009165300001618 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116531618 Vodafone Subscribers SMS CT 10472118 to 56789 Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53710472118 Idea Subscribers Dial 5678910472118 Docomo Promo Code for Call Me Tunes SMS SET 10472118 to 543211 BSNL (N) NORTH Subscribers ZONE BT 7092421 to 56700 BSNL (W) WEST Subscribers ZONE BT 7092421 to 56700 BSNL (S) SOUTH Subscribers ZONE BT 10472118 to 56700 BSNL (E) EAST Subscribers ZONE BT 10472118 to 56700 Virgin Subscribers SMS 10472118 to 58475 Telenor OnMobile Subscribers SMS ACT 10472118 to 543211 Song: Tera Ghata Album: From Lost To Found Singer/Composer/Lyricist: Gajendra Verma Directed by: Vikram Singh Producer: Sanjay Kukreja Starring: Karishma Sharma Production: Virtual Planet Production Cinematographer: Suman Dutta Assistant Director: Mansi Moghe, Vishal Yoman, Rohan Shah Editor: Hashtag# Studios Colorist: Vikrant Studios (Nirmal Sharma) Publicity Design: Kalpanik Films Makeup & Hair: Aanchal Khanna Stylist: Surabhi Sharma Social Promotion: Ayushi Anand Focus Puller: Ramu Karri Drone: Aditya Pandey Camera Team: Vikas Jaiswal, Avishekh Patel Line Production: Destination Siam, Thailand, Emerald Cove Online Promotions: Chitransh Jain & Shubham Jain Record Label: Virtual Planet Music ♫Social Handle ♫ Connect with Gajendra Verma: Facebook /iVermaGajendra Instagram @iVermaGajendra Twitter @iVermaGajendra Subscribe for More Videos Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Virtualplanetmusic Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/virtualplanetmusic Google: http://www.google.com/+virtualplanetmusic Website http://www.virtualplanet.in For Live Shows Bookings & Business Enquiries: Prashant Chaudhary +919988989833. Prashant Chaudhary +919988989833.
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