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How To Make Banoffee Boilies - Carp Bait Recipe
Best Banoffee Boilies - Carp Bait Recipe A carp fishing bait classic, Banoffee Boilies! This quick and simple bait recipe will have you knocking up banana and toffee flavored boilie baits in no time. Made from supermarket ingredients anyone can make these for very little money. Banoffee boilies have proven to be extremely effective in catching carp and other fresh water species in the UK and overseas. A lot of commercial versions contain artificial flavorings, it only makes sense to use the real deal "ripe bananas" for creating a vitamin rich and high protein bait. Bait Vault is a dedicated channel to catching carp, catfish and other freshwater species with homemade baits. We provide the advice, tried and tested bait recipes and community for you to take the plunge. Tweak or implement your existing bait today to truly create something unique to you! There is nothing better than out-fishing a lake or river on your own secret bait blend. Show your support by hitting SUBSCRIBE! - For our latest channel releases. Join our "Facebook Page" https://www.facebook.com/baitvault Check out our "Bait Vault" website https://www.baitvault.com/ Music by: http://www.bensound.com
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Das Boilie Geheimnis zu IB Carptrack Scopana.Love - all Secrets inside!
Alle Geheimnisse und die Idee hinter dem Scopana.Love Boilie erfährst Du in diesem Video! Max Nollert zeigt Dir die besonderen Zutaten im Imperial Baits Mixraum und erzählt Dir Details von der Idee bis hin zur Entstehung über den sehr erfolgreichen IB Carptrack Scopana.Love Boilie. Außerdem erklärt er Dir, wie Du die Chance hast 20 Kilo dieser gefragten Murmel zu gewinnen und zudem jetzt noch mit 10% Rabatt die höchstwahrscheinlich finale Version „3tuned“ mittesten zu können! Produktlink: http://www.imperial-fishing.de/index.php?page=product&info=10772 Good Carping!
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Carping with Solar Baits
A firm favourite with many big-name anglers, The Club Mix is Solar's longest-standing bait Boasts an incredible track record at catching big carp High nutritional value Contains the fantastic, Squid & Octopus koi rearer Free hardened hook baits with every kilo packet Available in 14mm and 18mm Resealable packaging Check out Solar bait and tackle at http://www.solartackle.co.uk Please subscribe, like and share our videos around and help our channel grow. Join us on FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/OddysAnglingTv All tackle items in this video are available from http://www.mainirishangling.com Filmed at Lyreen Coarse Angling Centre in Maynooth, County Kildare. For more information about Lyreen Angling Centre, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, contact Mick or Darren - +353 1 629 3202 - [email protected] For a more detailed look at rigs and tackle for carp, we recommend you take a look at http://www.youtube.com/KordaTV
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CARPologyTV - How to give your boilies the heat treatment
Watch the video to see how to give your boilies the heat treatment. Website: http://www.carpology.net/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/CARPologyMagazine Twitter: https://twitter.com/carpology Instagram: https://instagram.com/carpologyofficial/
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Solar... Big Carp Baits
Take a look at this montage of huge carp, all caught on Solar Bait.
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Joe Turnbull's Tip for Using Solar Up & Down Mix
Crafty Carpers' bait maestro Joe Turnbull has been playing about with some of the Up & Down mixes from Solar, and here's a neat little tip for using it in a way that's slightly different to the norm.
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Carpfishing  -  LIFE  -  Nomad By Fate
I know...in these last months we didn't post so much...basically the reason why is because we have been working very hard for our serie "Vita da Nomadi" airing on Sky TV in November...which took so much time and efforts to create something definitely unforgettable for us....but since the shooting were finished i was finally able to leave alone for a week fishing in the east side of the country and try to set my mind a bit more free and clear ideas...a new place for me...with no infos about it...only the will to go and try...this thing comes from the deep of my heart...as things came natural and never forced...that's a kind of "old" me style adding some more of a grown bearded guy's knowledge... Peace. SPECIAL THANKS TO : RD LJUTOMER RIBISKE KARTE http://www.ribiskekarte.si/en/rd-ljutomer/akumulacija-gajsevci
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Solar Lead Clip Kit
Myles Gascoyne shows you the benefits of Solar Tackle's brilliant lead-clip system.
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Boost Your Carp Baits
Dan Hawkes shares a simple, but oh-so effective, way to boost your baits using Solar Tackle's new Hot Scottish Salmon Oil.
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How to make carp bait
http://www.baitcraft.com/ A rare glimpse into Baitcraft's factory to watch how fresh carp baits including boilies and pellets are made. If you would like to know more visit Baitcraft.com, the home of fresh bait.
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CARPologyTV - Frank Warwick on the brand new Spotted Fin Smokey Jack range
Frank Warwick talks us through the brand new Smokey Jack range from Spotted Fin. Read our full review here: https://www.carpology.net/articles/reviews/spotted-fin-smokey-jack-range Website: http://www.carpology.net/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/CARPologyMagazine Twitter: https://twitter.com/carpology Instagram: https://instagram.com/carpologyofficial/
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SBS Carp Fishing Quick Tips - How to use paste
https://www.sbsbaits.com ***Available subtitles*** English Magyar Romana Srpski Question: „I have been using SBS boilies for many years, however I have not used paste yet. I have heard from others that by using paste I can get more bites and will be more successful. Could you give me tips on using paste?” Answer: Check out the video ;)
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Cygnet Carbon Bankware Range
Hewn from Carbon tube and aluminium for superb lightness, strength and performance’ Cygnet Carbon Bankware brings Cygnet trustability to your angling.
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Cypography Ep #011 Trailer
Cypography episode #011 is AVAILABLE NOW and we have a huge 2.5 hours of pure carp fishing for you! First up is a film inspired by the feedback and questions we get from you guys every month, and with pre-baiting being a hot topic we’ve summoned Joe Stephens to cover the secrets to a successful baiting campaign. Joe is an everyday guy that works a 9-5 job and prides his family time, so how does he keep catching carp? The answer is simple, baiting campaigns, it takes planning, effort and dedication but the rewards are plain to see! Elliott has recently got married and with such a large friendship group within the carp fishing scene, it seemed only right to have a fishing stag! The venue is Christchurch lake on the Linch hill complex, home to some truly jaw-dropping carp and the perfect venue to house some of carp fishing’s big guns for 48 hours of fun. This one has a parental advisory rating but is sure to make you laugh. You simply couldn’t have written the outcome but Elliott manages to catch the lakes largest resident, an incredible mirror named Scar at well over 40-pounds, how’s about that for a wedding gift! Our headline film see’s Scott Lloyd return to Cypography and this is not only the longest Session film to date but there’s a twist! Scott loves challenging people to a match and Elliott had planned to spring it upon him once they got to the venue but true to form, Scott offered him out before they’d even arrived! We’re back to Linch Hill again but this time we are over on Willow lake, a venue that neither of the lads have fished a great deal but Scott certainly has the home advantage and the confidence is booming. This is all out war and the lads use a variety of tactics in order to succeed, there’s no room for laziness here, the carp are far too scaly to risk not catching any. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention, for every carp caught, the other angler must remove an item of clothing, first one to end up NAKED, loses! Lloyd vs Gray, who’s your money on? There’s also sections from Adam Penning, James Armstrong, Dave Levy, Kurt The Chef and our honest reviews! #cypography #cyp #carpfilms #carp #carpfishing #carpangling #carpfisherman #carpangler
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carpfishing The secret Fenland pit session 3 (part 2)
carp fishing in the fens
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Anglers Guide to AAs
A summary of how amino acids act as fish feeding stimulants in carp baits
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Solar's Up & Down Mix underwater footage.mov
Underwater footage of Solar Tackle's unique and amazing Up & Down Mix... this is why it's one of the best baits on the market.
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Carp Go Mad For Club Mix.mov
A handful of Solar's Club Mix boilies in the margins and this is the result...
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Joe Turnbull's Crafty Guide to Bait Making -- Pt1
In the first part of this series, Crafty Carpers' bait expert Joe Turnbull runs you through the things you'll need to create your own boiled baits at home.
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Groundbait Boilies with Joe Turnbull
Joe Turnbull was our guest on the Bait-Tech stand at Carp in the Park 2015. Joe was showing visitors how to make boilies out of our groundbaits - it is so easy and many of the visitors were so impressed with the results they were going to give it a try themselves. We took a quick video so you guys don't have to miss out on this tip! Don't forget to check out other clips on the Bait-Tech channel and look at the website for more information about all our products, read articles and see what's been catching: www.bait-tech.com Follow us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BaitTech Twitter: @BaitTech Instagram: BAIT_TECH
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Rod Hutchinson Fruit Frenzy Spring Blossom boilies
The new Fruit frenzy & spring Blossom Boilies
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Solar Tackle | carpfishing dall'alba al tramonto
Solar Tackle come utilizzarne i materiali in brevi sessioni di carpfishing
How to use artificial pop up sweetcorn with a boilie snowman style
Here I demonstrate attaching a boilie topped with pop up artificial sweetcorn filming how it sits and behaves in water. The tipping off of the boilie with the buoyant artificial gives the boilie a lovely bit of movement and a highly visible bright yellow colour.
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Рыбалка с ночевкой! Ловля трофейных карпов осенью! Готовлю ТАШКЕНТСКИЙ ПЛОВ с салом! Часть 1
Часть 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpMmjdExTl8 Фидеры: ZEMEX IRON FEEDER https://bit.ly/2QwAcel ZEMEX HI-PRO SUPER FEEDER https://bit.ly/2NIJfKO ТАШКЕНТСКИЙ ПЛОВ http://www.plov.biz.ua/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=mihalych СНАСТИ ПРИОБРЕТАЛ ЗДЕСЬ: https://carpzander.com.ua Удилища карповые Jaxon https://carpzander.com.ua/karpovoe-udilishe-jaxon/ Чехол под одно удилище Tandem Baits Lufa https://carpzander.com.ua/chehol-tandem-baits-lufa/ Катушка Jaxon Dominator DTX https://carpzander.com.ua/katushka-jaxon-dominator-dtx/ Подставка(род под)Tandem Baits Phantom Pod https://carpzander.com.ua/podstavka-tandem-baits-phantom-pod/ Пеллетс Winner Master Mix Method/Feeder 2мм https://carpzander.com.ua/pellets-winner-methodfeeder-pellet-1kg/ Пеллетс Tandem Baits SuperFeed Micro Pellet 6mm https://carpzander.com.ua/pellets-tandem-baits-super-feed-6mm-1kg/ Плачущие флуоресцентные Бойлы Tandem Baits SF Diffusion https://carpzander.com.ua/bojly-tandem-baits-super-feed-diffusion-mini-boilies-12mm-35g/ https://carpzander.com.ua/bojly-tandem-baits-super-feed-diffusion-boilies-14mm16mm-mix-90g-/ Бойлы плачущие флуоресцентные Winner Method Feeder 8мм https://carpzander.com.ua/bojly-winner-methodfeeder-fluo-pop-up-micro-boilies-8mm-35g/ Бойлы тонущие Tandem Baits Carp Food https://carpzander.com.ua/bojly-tandem-baits-carp-food-boilies-super-feed-1kg/ Бустер флуоресцентный Tandem Baits SuperFeed Diffusion https://carpzander.com.ua/buster-tandembaits-super-feed-diffusion-100ml/ Бустер для прикормки Tandem Baits Euro Booster XXL 1L https://carpzander.com.ua/buster-tandem-baits-euro-booster-xxl-1l/ Карповые крючки Tandem Baits https://carpzander.com.ua/kryuchki-tandem-baits/ Весы Jaxon https://carpzander.com.ua/wesy/brand/jaxon/ Подсак карповый Tandem Baits Enforcer XT42" https://carpzander.com.ua/podsak-tandem-baits-enforcer-xt42/ Сигнализаторы Jaxon https://carpzander.com.ua/signalizatory-poklevki/brand/jaxon/ Свингер на цепочке Jaxon AJ-SYS110 https://carpzander.com.ua/svinger-na-cepochke-jaxon-aj-sys110/ Сумки карповые Tandem Baits https://carpzander.com.ua/sumki-i-chehly/search/tandem-baits/jaxon/ Сумка дорожная Dragon http://bigriver.com.ua/product_info.php?products_id=1209 Безинерционная катушка Dragon Fishmaker http://bigriver.com.ua/product_info.php?products_id=6978 Cумка для катушек Dragon http://bigriver.com.ua/product_info.php?products_id=6939 Стяжка-липучка Dragon http://bigriver.com.ua/index.php?cat=563 Чехол для удилищ Dragon http://bigriver.com.ua/product_info.php?products_id=1192 МЫ В СОЦСЕТЯХ Инстаграм https://www.instagram.com/clubrybakov/ ВКонтакте https://vk.com/public69481155 По вопросу приобретения УДОЧЕК С БОКОВЫМ КИВКОМ , КИВКОВ, МОРМЫШЕК, КОРМАЧКОВ пишем сюда: [email protected] #рыбалкаМихалыч #какПойматьКарпа #РыбалкаСночевкой #КарпЗандер #ловляКарпа #рыбалкаНафидер
Обзор новинок 2016 от компании DYNAMITE BAITS! Сайт: https://carptackle.ru Вконтакте: https://vk.com/carptackle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Карптэкл-247894551928712/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carptackle.ru/ Periscope: Carptackle.ru
Joe Turnbull's Oily Boilies
Joe Turnbull shows you a quick and easy but highly attractive PVA bag mix that can get you those extra bites! Works wonders in warm water, summer conditions and you can use any of our range of oils to make up your own combination! Don't forget to check out other clips on the Bait-Tech channel and look at the website for more information about all our products, read articles and see what's been catching: www.bait-tech.com Follow us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BaitTech Twitter: @BaitTech
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Bohemia Boilies Cup 2013 DivX Cz
Závody na BCT na Podnovevském rybníce 2013
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6.TOP SECRET CARP CUP-první den závodu
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Cypography Used & Abused with Elliott Gray: RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher
With thanks to Elliott at www.cypography.com for the original clip: two hours of carpy entertainment direct to your desktop every month!! www.ridgemonkey.co.uk www.facebook.com/ridgemonkey www.instagram.com/ridgemonkey www.youtube.com/c/ridgemonkeyuk
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Ловля карпа Как сделать правильный Поводок для насадки на волос
Ловля карпа Как сделать Поводок с насадкой на волосе Здравствуйте, дорогие друзья! Тишина подводного царства. Сквозь толщу вод у самого дна медленно плывёт крупный карп. На дне водоёма лежит рыболовный крючок. Крючок открытый. Его насадка лежит рядом. Карп клюёт насадку. Вдруг, чувствует во рту металл крючка и с силой выплёвывает добычу. Миг! И жало крючка впивается в нижнюю губу карпа. Именно так происходит долгожданная поклёвка крупной и сильной рыбы, когда мы ловим карпа на поводок с насадкой на волосе. Однако, для того, чтобы так эффектно и надёжно поймать карпа, нужно как минимум, уметь вязать такой поводок. Чем мы с вами сегодня и займёмся, дорогие друзья, любители ловить карпов и амуров. Я знаю, что многие из нас, современных карпятников, прошли долгий путь эволюции своих знаний и умений в этом, самом интересном и увлекательном рыболовном увлечении, прежде, чем поняли эффективность простого карпового поводка с насадкой на волосе. Но для меня не секрет и другое. Ещё больше любителей ловить карпа, несмотря на свой многолетний рыбацкий опыт, словно замерли в своём рыболовном умении. Эти добрые люди с завидным упорством, из года в год продолжают втыкать в линию берега целые шеренги дешевых палок крокодилов, перед этим заходя в воду по пояс, чтобы сделать заброс подальше. И большинство их палок оснащено громоздким монтажом: Груз впереди, три поводка с крючками позади. И всё связали на основной леске диаметром потолще. Чего тут скрывать, я сам когда – то, лет пятнадцать тому назад, ловил карпа именно так. Мда... Даже вспоминать такие рыбалки сейчас особо не хочется. Хотя, тогда все так ловили. Так продолжалось до тех пор, пока до наших краёв не дошла новость о том, что карпа можно ловить на поводки с насадкой на волосе. Помню, когда я первый раз увидел такой поводок, мне он очень понравился! Кстати сказать, большое спасибо тому рыбаку, кто показал мне тот самый первый правильный карповый поводок. Дело в том, что он не просто продемонстрировал мне это чудо карповых снастей, а очень запросто подарил мне его. Вот так взял, протянул мне его, и сказал: - Дарю! Представляете мой восторг? Я до сих пор храню этот поводок в специальном пакетике. Ни разу его не доставал. Так и держу его, как дорогой и очень важный сувенир. С тех пор, каких только вариантов правильных карповых поводков я не узнал. Уйму! Шутка ли в деле – я серьёзно увлёкся спортивной ловлей карпа. Один вариант поводка даже сам придумал и сконструировал. Но тот самый первый правильный карповый поводок для насадки на волосе, до сих пор остаётся для меня самым важным и особенным. Здесь уместно заметить, что принцип вязания этого простого карпового поводка для насадки на волосе совершенно не изменился. Для удобства мы, с моим другом и напарником по ловле карпа Андреем Кулиш, называем его «поводок с фиксированным волосом». Считаем его самым надёжным, среди всех разновидностей правильных карповых поводков для донной ловли карпа. Дорогой друг, сегодня, посмотрев это видео, ты познакомишься с этим поводком. Мало того, ты научишься его вязать и, надеюсь, станешь самостоятельно применять в своих рыбалках. Пусть он будет очередным шагом в развитии твоего рыболовного опыта в этом самом интересном виде рыбной ловли – ловли карпа. Добра тебе! Свет в Свет! Смотрим знакомимся комментируем Всем наград! Встретимся на рыбалке Страница Областной праздник любителей рыбалки http://zamyatin.club/oblastnojj-prazdnik-lyubitelejj-rybalki/ Кормушки RIG http://zamyatin.club/dlya-chego-tak-mnogo-fidernykh-kormushek/ Рыбацкий клуб Евгения Замятина http://zamyatin.club Евгений Замятин в соц сетях https://www.facebook.com/evgeny.zamyatin Лодки ПВХ http://zamyatin.club/lodki-pvkh/ Графика - youtube.com/shotcutru
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The Parachute Rig - Lewis Read
Lewis Read demonstrates some excellent hints and tips to get the most out of using our Dissolving Rig Foam. He also shows you how to tie a parachute rig, an excellent presentation which leaves a cluster of freebies tight around your hook bait. http://gardnertackle.co.uk/products/rig-accessories/rigwise-dissolving-foam/ http://gardnertackle.co.uk/products/rig-accessories/fluoro-dissolving-foam/
How to make boilies: Get top quality carp bait from ready made base mix
Step by step boilie making guide and recipe to make your own carp bait with Blue Oyster base mix. Fishing with my homemade boilies has given great results: http://www.frenchcarpandcats.com/blog/blogstory.php?seq=94 This video shows in great detail my boilie making process. I've been making my own carp bait since the beginning of the year. In March, I tested it out properly at Beausoleil. After pre-baiting for a week with 5kg of 22mm baits, I got a new PB of 48lbs 4 oz and followed that with a 43lb mirror to give me my first ever brace of 40's. The hook baits were 22mm dumbbells that were air dried for longer and boosted by adding a few drops of liquid every few days. I've also achieved my goal of catching a river carp and again after pre-baiting with 3kg, took a 24lb 12oz mirror carp from the river Mayenne. Filmed at Beausoleil French Carp and Cats, one of the most beautiful fishing lakes for big carp and monster catfish in North West France. Subscribe to receive new Beausoleil carp fishing videos in your feed: https://www.youtube.com/user/frenchcarpandcats/ Exclusive carp and catfish fishing holiday in France, with accommodation, where you can fish for big carp and monster catfish in your own private 4 acre fishing lake. Visit http://www.frenchcarpandcats.com/
Views: 144857 Matthew Collins
Joe Turnbull's Crafty Guide to Bait Making - Pt2
Essex boy Joe Turnbull guides you through some more of the basics of making your own boiled carp baits, offering hints and tips along the way. Joe contributes to monthly carp fishing magazines Crafty Carper and Carpworld, focusing on all aspects of bait and its application.
Views: 4227 CraftyCarperTV
CARP Fishing in Austria/Danube on Method Feeder
Hey guys, today I will show you how my latest Method Feeder session for carp and other non-predatory fish went. I used the incredible warm October weather to fish an old Danube oxbow in Lower Austria. I used small fruit-taste boilies and it showed to be the right decision. Hope you like this vid and Petri Heil! PS: Don´t forget to subscribe! Follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rybak_marrick/ Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rybak.marrick Follow me on VK: https://vk.com/id392381024 Song by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck6iXOH3wok
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Good carp bait
This is my secret mix and it always brings the carp in. Trust me this stuff really works.
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Spa Baits
Carp Pellets¶Carp Dealers UK¶Carp Boilies¶Carp UK, 164, Grafton Rd, Oldbury, West Midlands, B68 8BL, http://www.yell.com/b/Spa+Baits-Fishing+Tackle-Oldbury-B688BL-6883876/photos-video.html
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Новинка 2018! Карповые крючки Rigga Gardner (русская озвучка)
Новая линейка крючков Rigga от компании Gardner Tackle появилась после 4,5 лет разработок и тестирования. Две новые эксклюзивные модели крючков: CVR - идеальное воплощение изогнутого цевья, за счет чего ушко и жало крючка находятся на одной прямой. Таким образом, получается оптимальный угол атаки, обеспечивающий идеальное проникновение и 100% надежную засечку. Вторая модель - это крючки для чод-рига с загнутым жалом - BCR. Это крючки, изготовленные из очень прочной проволоки, имеют увеличенное ушко и невероятно острое, слегка загнутое вовнутрь жало, благодаря которому не уменьшается ширина зева. Обе модификации выпускаются с бородкой и без, различных размеров. Спрашивайте новую линейку крючков Rigga от компании Gardner Tackle у официального представителя компании CarpTime и её региональных партнеров. Присоединяйтесь ВКОНТАКТЕ https://vk.com/carptimeshop FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/carptimeshop.ru INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/carptimeshop.ru
Jonathon Porritt, Nick Boyle and Ray Noble react with disbelief and anger to news of further ROC rev
Peter Bennett introduces a supercut of reactions to news that the government is once again reviewing renewable obligation certificates for ground-mounted solar. In the video Jonathon Porritt, Ray Noble and Nick Boyle offer up a call to arms for large-scale solar developers who have been affected by decisions made for what they call 'political, not economic' reasons. Contains language some might find offensive.
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Прикормка для ловли карпа -жидкости часть 3 (Дипы)
В этом ролике мы расскажем о том где можно использовать дипы. Сайт: https://carptackle.ru Вконтакте: https://vk.com/carptackle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Карптэкл-247894551928712/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carptackle.ru/ Periscope: Carptackle.ru
CARPologyTV - How to tie Jensen Mannings' Multi Rig
Jensen Mannings explains how he ties his Multi Rig. Website: http://www.carpology.net/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/CARPologyMagazine Twitter: https://twitter.com/carpology Instagram: https://instagram.com/carpologyofficial/
Views: 7613 CARPologyTV
Tackleuk Enterprise Tackle Products
Enterprise Tackle Products are available from: http://www.tackleuk.co.uk
Views: 13442 Ashley Tomkins
TF TV Tips - Bottom Bait Rigs
TF TV's Duncan gives you the low-down on a couple of brilliant bottom bait rigs, and catches a few park lake carp along the way! To buy, sell or part-exchange your fishing tackle, click here: http://www.tacklefanatics.co.uk/ Spread the cost with our pay monthly finance options: https://goo.gl/SpWQx4 Find out what’s going on with our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TackleFanatics/ If you found this video valuable, give it a like. If you know someone who needs to see it, share it. Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Add it to a playlist if you want to watch it later. Tight lines, TF TV
Views: 1297 Tackle Fanatics
Carpfishing Slovenia - VOGRSCEK LAKE in the heart - HD
Sessione memorabile di Carpfishing in terra Slovena nel magnifico lago Vogrscek. Buona visione.
Views: 7194 Nicholas Marzola
Carp Fishing - Eclipse Baits at Bush Farm, Essex - "Lets Feed Them..."
Meet some of the Eclipse Baits team on a social fishing session at Bush Farm, Upminster, Essex. Dave Poxon of Eclipse Baits' extensive knowledge of bait comes from years of experience in the bait making industry and this film shows how the Eclipse Baits team tackles this premier Essex day ticket water with bait tips, tactics and the odd fish along the way. We are also given an insight into the fishery with details of how you can fish there too. Filmed by Paul Smith & Lee May Edited by Paul Smith Please subscribe and like if you enjoy our films and stay tuned for more episodes broadcast on our channel. Join us on our Facebook pages. https://www.facebook.com/Reality-Carp-Fishing-302051963335080/ https://www.facebook.com/EclipseBaits?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/Bush-Farm-Upminster-Essex-Members-Day-Ticket-Syndicate-Lakes-960455680700847/ Music by: Chris Zabriskie This music is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Reality Carp Fishing 2016
Carp Fishing 2014 Session #3 VLOG CC Moore Live System Equinox Brace of Common Carp USA
I went out for a quick session and was using both CC Moore Equinox on 2 rods and Live System on my other rod. I had back to back brace of fish one on each bait and ended the night with 2 great fish. I have lots more footage to come so stay tuned! All CC Moore products in the US can be found here. http://www.bigcarptackle.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=cc+moore Also as a special promo you can use this special coupon code. REWARD-7886-64IO2-RSOX My Blog http://bwingy.blogspot.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BrianWingardCarpAngler Teknoaxe: http://www.youtube.com/teknoaxe royalty free music and free to use with express written permission for commercial use
Views: 1536 Brian Wingard
Carp fishing (huge catch)
Vary fun to fish for carp
Views: 28 Lavancannon Vlogs
CoD Baits Dark Spice Peach
In diesem Video stellen wir euch unsere Dark Spice Peach Range vor. http://www.cod-baits.de/ http://carpersondyke.de/produkt/dark-spice-peach-ready/ http://carpersondyke.de/produkt/dark-spice-peach-freezer/ http://carpersondyke.de/produkt/dark-spice-peach-2/ http://carpersondyke.de/produkt/dark-spice-peach-boilie-dip/ http://carpersondyke.de/produkt/dark-spice-peach-liquid/ http://carpersondyke.de/produkt/pop-up-dumbells-dark-spice-peach/ http://carpersondyke.de/produkt/pop-ups-dark-spice-peach/
Views: 810 CoD Baits
Massive Carp Baits
Massive Carp Baits
Views: 1388 Grzegorz Prucnal

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