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Steve Jobs - Clip: "Woz Asks Steve What He Does" (HD)

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Steve Jobs - In Select Theaters October 9, Everywhere October 23 Get tickets: http://unvrs.al/SJTix http://www.stevejobsthefilm.com/ Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter. Steve Jobs is directed by Academy Award® winner Danny Boyle and written by Academy Award® winner Aaron Sorkin, working from Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography of the Apple founder. The producers are Mark Gordon, Guymon Casady of Film 360, Scott Rudin and Academy Award® winner Christian Colson. Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs, the pioneering founder of Apple, with Academy Award®-winning actress Kate Winslet starring as Joanna Hoffman, former marketing chief of Macintosh. Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple, is played by Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels stars as former Apple CEO John Sculley. The film also stars Katherine Waterston as Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ ex-girlfriend, and Michael Stuhlbarg as Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original members of the Apple Macintosh development team.
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Text Comments (494)
saikat93ify (2 months ago)
I didn't understand this part. What machine are they talking about ?
MH0709 (2 months ago)
Jobs had one skill: the ability to 'sell' a story to people that did not know any better.
Nathaniel Kelly (2 months ago)
None of that’s true Steve Wozniak never talk back to Steve Jobs he stated it in a interview
Liila Lemuri (3 months ago)
I love how the comments split ppls in those 2 diff. categories. Those who are smart enough to think and those who are too smart to care. I hate apple. I do. But you're right down hypocrite if you can't see what genius he was and you're not done hating em cause they're all around you , they're your friend , your son and your father that make fun of you but love you enough to never say it. You're below , always will but we still love you somehow. Why can't you do the same ? This movie honor him those who taught contrary ...... im sorry you did i know its a shock.
danj (4 months ago)
Woz is a cuck.
Suraj Sarma (8 months ago)
I mean who else would’ve given the google guys and microbill glasses a run for their money ?! The name was jobs bitch , Steve F ‘jobs .
Suraj Sarma (8 months ago)
I mean who else would’ve given the google guys and microbill glasses a run for their money ?! The name was jobs bitch , Steve F ‘jobs .
Timmy Odaley (9 months ago)
Great job rogan....woz is great
Eduardo Clezar (9 months ago)
Who the hell thought of this cast as a good idea? My God, Fassbender doesn’t even look like Jobs.
C J (10 months ago)
Musk > Jobs A musician and conductor
Eduardo Moya (10 months ago)
This fragment of the movie made me read both Wozniak's and Steve's biographies. Wozniak knew he would have never founded Apple without Steve Jobs. His father once called Jobs on it, and Jobs said Woz could have it all (before the Apple 2 was launched), but Woz knew he would have given it away for free without him. They kept it 40-40 as they had originally agreed.Wozniak made the circuit board for the Apple 2, but Steve played a big role in making it ready to use once the users got it out of the box (power supply and case, which was the first one in plastic). He made it into a fully integrated consumers product. After the Apple 2, Jobs wanted a product of his own, since the Apple 2 would always be considered Wozniak's masterpiece. He first tried to make the Apple 3 and then the Lisa this product, but the Apple 3 was unsuccessful and the Lisa was taken away from his control. This product became the Macintosh. Originally under control of Jef Raskin, Jobs was assigned to it after the Lisa incident. They both had very different ideas of what they wanted to make, Raskin wanted an inexpensive machine and did not like the idea of icons and a mouse. Jobs, as he always did, wanted to make an insanely great product (even if that increased the cost), and saw the mouse and icons as the future. Once Raskin resigned, tired of Jobs' management, Steve got to build the machine he wanted. Raskin did the machine he wanted as well, with Canon, and the Canon Cat (as it was called) was unsuccessful. If there was something Jobs was good at, was at making people give the best out of them, both with his reality distortion field (which made them think the impossible was possible) and by not accepting anything but the best. He was also closely involved in the aesthetics of the product, from the icons to the calculator and the fonts (the first computer to have more than one).Xerox Parc made their own computer, the Xerox Star, but its user interface was not as good as the one Apple made later. It did not sell well, unlike the Macintosh. Steve Jobs was not very successful at NeXT, he lost money. But his company was bought by Apple, who wanted, needed, a new operating system. At his second coming, Steve saved the company from bankruptcy. This stage, act 3, was where he really shone and showed what he had learned at Apple and Next, but that is for another time. Quoting Bill Gates: "He never knew much about technology, but he had an amazing instinct for what works".
Mark Emerson (11 months ago)
were these discussions between woz and jobs from true life? was woz consulted on these events? - curious to know
Blake B. (11 months ago)
Looks nothing like Steve Jobs. TRASH.
Kenny the Clown (1 year ago)
Good stuff.
Suyash Kumar (1 year ago)
Any iWoz readers here?
Robert M. Lee (1 year ago)
Still such an underrated film. I love how this film is about Steve’s relationships more than his products.
debendra gurung (1 year ago)
Steve Jobs is the kninda guy who would take the Ipod and shove it up your ass and make u pay for it.
José Neto (1 year ago)
He was just a damn salesman, that's all ... He was not a creator or visionary, just a salesman. The genius was Woz.
Abitosh (1 year ago)
Wasn't it Ashton Kutcher playing Steve jobs? Or is this another movie because I remember Seth rogen and Ashton k in a jobs movie
Mark Stiburski (1 year ago)
Didn't think rogen could do drama guess I was wrong
Kiyoshi Kirishima (1 year ago)
Such bullshit. Woz never acted like this and never attended this event. Apple didn't steal from Xerox, Steve Jobs COULD write code and DID design the cases of both the original Mac AND the NeXT Cube. This movie was pure fiction and an insult to the people it portrays, including Woz who was a paid consultant!
gm679 (1 year ago)
To be fair, Steve never claimed he performed any technological innovation himself, even in product launches, he mostly built up APPLE than himself; he was in the same league as Bezos, who got excited about the possibility of a mass market product and assembled a team to get it done. He almost died on the Job, didn't spend much of the accumulated fortune and ....
Toro Loco (11 months ago)
glorified salesman
harjot johal (1 year ago)
In a nutshell Steve job is a corporate thief like other , that’s how they become rich
Davy Santos (1 year ago)
Steve Jobs was never a programmer. He was a product visionary, astute businessman, and excellent if eccentric salesman. It was Steve Wozniak who built the Apple I while Steve promoted it. That said (from my experience working at his company NeXT), Steve had an amazing knack for understanding technical concepts and how they could be relevant. While he had never programmed, his technical people convinced him of the revolutionary power of object-oriented programming.
gadget00 (1 year ago)
Fassbender has a very monotone tone of voice that totally kills his performance, in my opinion. Kutcher was way better at looking and sounding the part. On the other hand, Rogen elevated himself as an actor; amazing performance
joe jackson (1 year ago)
I'm not trolling and I am being actually and genuinely sincere when I say this but I think that Seth Rogen was a better actor than Michael Fassbender.
GeneralJack (1 year ago)
Thank God Steve was big failure in that times. Otherwise we have to pay double for computers.
BrainSeepsOut (1 year ago)
Fun fact steve jobs was a piece of shit and didn't actually do anything for computing.
sweiland75 (1 year ago)
Two American characters who speak without American accents.
GcoEnterprises (1 year ago)
the script of this movie was heavily consulted with Steve Wozniak himself, but....it has been known throughout history and history is rewritten by the victors, Steve Wozniak is unleashed and speaking from his point of view after Steve Jobs has passed. What if this story was consulted by Steve Jobs, or anyone else who were involved with apple? The Story will never be the same because everyone has a different perspective. This movie is the first to take into heavy account Steve Wozniak's perspective.
Constantine Joseph (1 year ago)
Wozniak didn't build his hierarchical structure properly. The CEO role had made Jobs way too important in the company whilst the technology man Wozniak didn't get the praises he deserved. Jobs should always consult Wozniak about how the company would be driven.
ufuk özdeş (1 year ago)
Seth Rogen's beastin'!
Rajendra Nadarajan (1 year ago)
Seth Rogen showed some serious acting chops in this film. Who knew?
lozza925 (1 year ago)
This film is fantastic, the themes are great. Jobs' need for control means he won't even recognise anything in which he isn't. Whether it be refusing to acknowledge the Apple 2 (which was a reasonable decision imo) or even his own daughter.
DZE (1 year ago)
Being a Narcissist is what makes you CEO of a huge company in the first place.
S&M Gaming (1 year ago)
Why was Seth Rogen not nominated for any major awards for this
Kris B (1 year ago)
The failure of Next did humble Steve when he came back to Apple. He realized, in business, you can't have everything perfect and need to ship imperfect products, then iterate. With that mindset, we got the iBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple got a ton of money.
Chris Corley (1 year ago)
Woz = an essential piece of the puzzle. Jobs = puzzle builder. Brothers for life. Apple. 🍎 _c.
Kneecap22 (1 year ago)
"What Do you do?" "I sell iCrap to iSheep"
Real One (1 year ago)
This is all fabricated
Al El (1 year ago)
Ashton Kutcher did it better.
luke hp (1 year ago)
Jobs: Tell me something else i dont know.. Woz: Programming
Kieran Tobin (1 year ago)
Sometimes I forget that Seth Rogen is a really good actor
Clancy Coburn (1 year ago)
This guy looks nothing like Jobs.
TenTonKoala (1 year ago)
"This guy was such an asshole, I'm glad he's dead" say the people that are currently typing away on their iPhones which this asshole invented.....Scumbags
Patricio Celedon (1 year ago)
min 00:49 Correction, the graphical interface was "created" by xerox parc
albert p007 (1 year ago)
when i saw this movie, i realized Jobs was a real selfish cocksucker
BaldManLogan (1 year ago)
Amazing how different michaels voice is between steve and magneto
Piko Van (1 year ago)
arguing and smugness for 90 minutes?  Pass
DJTerribilisHD (1 year ago)
Piko Van go watch garbage cheesy action shit then
Samir Arora (1 year ago)
Woz can't understand a simple role of management which was played by jobs
Nico Bellic (1 year ago)
strange to see seth rogan not high on weed
AlisterShufflebottom (1 year ago)
0:18 did...did he just fart?!
Aryan Kandira (1 year ago)
I don't think Steve Jobs was in denial but he just didn't know what to do.
Malthizar (1 year ago)
It's shown that he knew the whole time.
Dilithium Crystals (1 year ago)
steve was the demo guy
Garundi P. McGrundy (1 year ago)
Woz is a better dancer than a computer technician.
The Fandom Menace (1 year ago)
Pure fiction. Sounds like a grab bag of criticisms of Jobs cobbled from Youtube comments.
Curien247 (1 year ago)
4 different bio-movies and 2 autobiographies later... history will remember Steve Jobs as a general dick to everyone who knew him.
KillaKam (1 year ago)
Thats what friends do? Man how he treated him yet he said he'll be by his side..... smh
TechNOGeek Reviews (1 year ago)
Ive seen a lot of seth rogan films this is his best preformence ever fantastic scene at capturing both mens visions.
Boris Bagryanskiy (1 year ago)
did he seriously fart as part of his role in 0:17
Leland carpenter (1 year ago)
Glad Jobs is dead. Total scumbag.
MusicSprint1080p (1 year ago)
He doesn't really look like Steve jobs to be honest.
Cruz CGK (1 year ago)
steve jobs was not crucial to apple at all
Mlg Bantz (1 year ago)
Steve Wozniak is a legend
Edgy Veggie (1 year ago)
I love Seth Rogen when he's being funny and goofy but for this role he definitely deserved an oscar.
warhawk9566 (1 year ago)
Damn, Seth Rogen is kicking ass as Wozniak.
Eli (1 year ago)
that dude doesn't even resemble Jobs at all why the fuck did he play jobs? and Seth Rogen actually impressed me with his performance
Kevin Najera (1 year ago)
EliCurrent he looks like Jobs towards the end
Atiq R (1 year ago)
I hate eavesdroppers with a passion and this clip infuriates me. :)
DevilsAvocado (1 year ago)
Seth Rogen can actually be a damn good actor.
Abel Snowden (1 year ago)
Seth Rogen is an actor yet I feel like I've never seen him act before, only being in roles that seem like a version of himself Until now, holy fuck dude, I felt that shit man
Samuel James (1 year ago)
I see the comment section that Steve Jobs was basically the biggest asshole in the world. Yes, he was an asshole. This movie doesn't portray him as a genius or a hero or a saint. He may have acted like an asshole but he was human. He was a businessman. He was creative and took risks. He failed, yes and he pushed his co-workers to their limits but that's becuase he had to do what he can to put his business forward. He was an asshole, just like the rest of us but that doesn't mean he was a bad person
Rocko (1 year ago)
He was a parasite and a tyrant. These are the kindest words I have for him.
Brian Paterson (1 year ago)
"You can't put a hammer to a nail!" Fucking great line.
Eugene. L (1 year ago)
Steve Jobs was a visionary. Yes, he was an ass, but he never let anyone point a finger in his face and tell him he's not good enough. He never faltered when the going was tough, and never diluted his dreams. We can at least learn from him this much.
rsuriyop (1 year ago)
So if Steve Jobs was just a visionary who came up with ideas (not actually creating stuff), then why don't we have more Steve Jobs type multi-billionaires around?
DH1986 (1 year ago)
Took a nearly bankrupt Apple from $7/share to $376. You're underestimating the importance of good leadership and getting people to do their best work. It's not as simple as "Jobs the manipulator" - what he did took a lot of work.
rsuriyop (1 year ago)
Rocko This is a more reasonable answer; thanks.
rsuriyop (1 year ago)
Ki You could've said all that without being insulting; I wasn't attacking anyone. And there was nothing to suggest that I had "assumed" anything.
Rocko (1 year ago)
Because they aren't all that narcissistic. The richest of society get their wealth from owning things and hiring people, not building, working or inventing things.
American Citizen (2 years ago)
"Exactly what is it that you do do?"
Alvin Tan (1 year ago)
I already told you, I talk to the goddamned customers so that the engineers don't have to. I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS. I AM GOOD AT DEALING WITH PEOPLE. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?
sexyloser (1 year ago)
+Perry Choi The iPhone was by far Jobs' biggest success. The iPod and Pixar were great, but the iPhone is why Apple is worth 3 times as much as Microsoft today.
Lance Dones (1 year ago)
Perry Choi "You're gonna have a stroke there little buddy."
Perry Choi (1 year ago)
He buys Pixar, which pushes five #1 animated movies out, and then sells it to Disney at 750x the price that he bought it. He uses the mojo from that success to force Apple to produce a new music-laundering product that allows users to play their illegal downloads on a portable device and keep it within a legitimate store. The rest, as they say, is history.
Vloggerihardlyknowher (2 years ago)
I still don't understand what Steve Jobs does.
Nullll1111 (1 month ago)
He sold shit. That's it.
Nohiro (1 month ago)
+Shaik Shafi he designed nothing he had a team for that ;) He 's just a smooth talker nothing more.
the truth (4 months ago)
He saw what you are using a long before ,
Suraj Sarma (8 months ago)
Guys like you wouldn’t know about him .. it’s natural .
Drenwickification (10 months ago)
He’s a leader. You can’t honestly say you think he did nothing at Apple when you look at the dramatic turn around they had from the brink of bankruptcy to the most valuable company in the world when Steve returned
Mitch Kelley (2 years ago)
I think this is the only movie I've seen with seth rogen not a pot head and being serious he was absolutely awesome in this
pon33villin (2 years ago)
Yet we all want to think Steve Jobs did everything. Somehow, he MUST be the guy behind the iPod and iPhone! We're pathetic for needing a simplistic hero. You realize that's the reason people at the top make billions more than their employees, right?
pon33villin (1 year ago)
Insulted your intelligence much? lol Get over yourself.
Phillip Beckman (2 years ago)
An Oscar worthy scene
Lucy Snorebush (2 years ago)
Great fucking acting in this.
SpideyGaming (2 years ago)
this is honestly the first Seth rogen movie I've seen him in a dramatic movie
OmightyBEAR (1 year ago)
Joe Whitehead There are many comedians that are able to act in a dramatic role.
Joe Whitehead (2 years ago)
SpideyGaming He's one of many comedians that are capable of so much more then a few laughs
Nero Oeso (2 years ago)
Тhis mоооoviе is nоw аvаilable tоооo wаatch hеre => https://twitter.com/0bda0cd53e5f48b9a/status/791862196112199680 Stevе Jоооbs Clip Woz Аsks Stеvеее Whаt Hе Dоеs HD
Ming (2 years ago)
What was that watch Woz has on? With the screw-on or w/e
Joseph Farrugia (2 years ago)
Nice scene (not "great"), but Woz NEVER said anything of the sort to Jobs. Woz himself confirms that he never said this & most of what is in the movie.
Darryl Shack (9 months ago)
Indeed Woz never said this. But Wozniak stated that it could have been said by someone else. If you read the authorized biography by Isaacson you will realize that Bill Gates said it, but not in that setting.
Rich K (10 months ago)
Yes Woz never said this, But this sentiment was rampant among the engineers at apple.
Rolland Long (2 years ago)
In those same interviews, Woz clarifies that the characters that are written are very real: they don't say the same things in the same places, but they feel and act just as the real ones would under different particular circumstances. I think too many people forget that this is far more important: the movie is factual in that it captures the man himself (or men themselves).
JohnoEAL (2 years ago)
Josh Gad = worst Wozniak ever.
MAGNUM FILMS (2 years ago)
JohnoEAL I agree
JohnoEAL (2 years ago)
Le Rayon Film - Rogen was awesome in this.
MAGNUM FILMS (2 years ago)
kenerry But Seth Rogen made a great performance .
kenerry (2 years ago)
agree. Woz himself is a much better actor than most of them who tried to play as him..
egg64 (2 years ago)
Ok, now I gotta see this.
Anthony (2 years ago)
Seth Rogen will give a similar speech in The Masterpiece.
zorroag (2 years ago)
rewatching this is actually god actig from fassbender and winslet but they just should have accented or emphasized a few phrases differently and it would have made more sense, seemed more profound...whereas rogen comes across like total amateur hour...
Housenebula (2 years ago)
Fassbender is similar to Jobs.............. after a thrombosis
joseph speights (2 years ago)
what did jobs mean when he said " I play the orchestra "
IMR (2 years ago)
He means that Woz and the other employees are the musician playing the instruments and Jobs is the conductor, the one that make sure everyone are playing well.
Mindstorm Records (2 years ago)
I don't think they could have picked two people that look NOTHING like the people they're playing more than these two. Maybe their personalities are there but I can't get into the performance when I'm looking at two people and wondering who they're trying to play
ReaktorLeak (1 year ago)
They didn't get Woz's personality right AT ALL.
robwillie (2 years ago)
Funny how Apple is better now with Jobs gone.
joseph rivera (2 years ago)
Uh, no. Not even close. Apple Watch is a bust, new MacBook is an insult to the Mac name, they can't figure out how to advance the iPad, the se is the most blatant case of product recycling in recent memory, and iTunes and Apple Music are getting slayed by Spotify.
joseph rivera (2 years ago)
Uh, no. Not even close. Apple Watch is a bust, new MacBook is an insult to the Mac name, they can't figure out how to advance the iPad, the se is the most blatant case of product recycling in recent memory, and iTunes and Apple Music are getting slayed by Spotify.
byron lee (2 years ago)
And, he was not brilliant. He was not an engineer or architect of anything. He could not write code; he would not even have been able to work in IT in any organization. People tend to confuse wealth with brilliance. "Well, he must have been brilliant because he became so rich". Countless carnival barkers, card sharks, car dealers, con men, ant other scammers have become rich. Steve Jobs simply played on one of human beings' inherent failings....being sheep. Apple is a well orchestrated cult (People's Temple at Jonestown Guyana). Steve Jobs is Jim Jones. He convinced his sheep to kill themselves (become enslaved to Apple) before he died.
byron lee (2 years ago)
Virtually everyone who knew him says that....including his own kid.
byron lee (2 years ago)
Steve Jobs was one of the worst human beings that ever existed.
ExotikZBoy17 (2 years ago)
Bravo, Seth.
satysal1 (2 years ago)
This is perfect. Jobs has confidence, although he might come of as a little condescending, it is what Apple needed in order to succeed. Jobs is a few of a million. Robert Kiyosaki said it best, paraphrased, "to be a big business owner, you don't have to be the smartest, the most specialized, or the strongest in your field. You just lead." Most of the greats didn't built their product, their team did, their specialized knowledge was their leadership, the quality that separates the mediocre from the greats.
gotajerb (2 years ago)
+satysal1 'little' condescending? This is about as condescending as you can get. And there isn't just one way to make a successful company. There are people that have the absolute opposite personality of Jobs and still found success. There are many factors.
PAP DADDY KUSH (2 years ago)
He was John. Because he was John.
whtabtbob (2 years ago)
Didn't realize jobs had a euro accent. Guess I can hate him more
aeonjoey (2 years ago)
this is the most retarded pile of exposition I've ever seen in any movie ever. this is some kind of linux zealot's wet dream
qhekdbgk (2 years ago)
sincerely, what the fuck he has done

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