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Lego Batman Movie funny bloopers

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Rapolas RA (2 days ago)
I want Lego StarWars Movie
maribel barahona (13 days ago)
the lego meme movie
Salma Manzoor (13 days ago)
Congratulations you now officially have 500 comments Sir
bat jas (15 days ago)
I'm a fan girl of the Lego batman movie!
Zlobni Zmaj Smaug (22 days ago)
And it is all on green screen. Like nowdays movies
Edrian Zaid The Legend (26 days ago)
Squid Animations (27 days ago)
"UHM, no!" Batman: Yeah!
DarkRed (27 days ago)
How mainly people thought Michael cera did a great job as robin
I'm laughing so hard. XD
Jilan Aqilah (1 month ago)
And 1:31
Jilan Aqilah (1 month ago)
I like 0:31
om nom x (1 month ago)
1:29 | 1:48 omg that's amazing..lol
0:35 Emmet Hat and t-shirt
Albert Vasu (1 month ago)
Okay one question 😕are the lego characters CGI?
Christian Parrish (2 months ago)
Harley is upset.
Christian Parrish (2 months ago)
Clayface, freeze!
Jack Salvin (3 months ago)
Saif Sufian Otoum (3 months ago)
0:38 LOL!
EightiesChild (3 months ago)
I enjoyed The Lego Batman movie more than The Lego Movie but I did love the same type of humor they put into each one and the bloopers on purpose was great.
Clair Ryan (3 months ago)
I think that the sequel should be called "The Lego JOKER Movie". Right?
Clair Ryan (3 months ago)
2:17 I ship it like fedex
I dont get it
IndigoWolf Soul (4 months ago)
That's just adorable
Magpie Doodles (4 months ago)
I dislike this movie, but the bloopers are nice
Ninja Maddie (4 months ago)
CLAYFACE FREEZE wait no no I mean Clayface and Freeze clayface dont freeze
Bob McGuffin (4 months ago)
But for real though, why didn’t anyone notice Harley was unaccounted for?
Kurayi Maguwudze (4 months ago)
I like how Harley and joker caused a fire and they didn't even notice
Eric Bowen (5 months ago)
The Lego movie outtakes were better
Flutterchu Animations (5 months ago)
Robin Is Adorable
155chipmunkz (5 months ago)
PsychoDoesGacha Boi (5 months ago)
I just realized Harley Quinn is Pony Head from Star vs the Forces of Evil
Mill (6 months ago)
I subscribed because of your channel name.
OzzyGamingYT (6 months ago)
*Black & Yellow* *Black & Yellow* *Black & Yellow* *Black & Yellow* *Black & Yellow* *Black & Yellow* *Black & Yellow* *Black & Yellow*
Sarah Pawlaczyk (6 months ago)
Umm Harry Potter is awesome don’t talk trash about it
Sonic_PsychoG (6 months ago)
Kurayi Maguwudze (6 months ago)
I just noticed when bat "flipped" Robin his head got a little loose when I paused the video
Kurayi Maguwudze (6 months ago)
I like how cat women almost makes Robin jump, but then he says hi and batman jumps on like the plat form and Robin lands on cat woman
Kurayi Maguwudze (6 months ago)
I hope people make a sequel of the movie just like what they are doing with the lego movie
Angelita Saez (6 months ago)
Alfred playing with the plane. Hahaha!! I love how they made it seem like a live action movie, making the Legos "mess up their lines" and their movements 😁
AwesomeMaddy 1 (6 months ago)
this is what good animated bloopers looks like
Bucky Barnes (6 months ago)
Did you notice Harry Potter in the directors chair?
MarshmallowGirl (7 months ago)
the mech scene wish they added that scene 😂😂
Struen Lee (7 months ago)
How are there bloopers...this is animated....lol!
Grumpchump (7 months ago)
I ship batman and joker so much (only in this movie tho)
Jack Sparrow (7 months ago)
nice magicianing voldemort hilarious, nice one joker
DejaVus _Revenge (7 months ago)
Do directors establish the set of the movie first, or the voice acting before the set
clickbait- (7 months ago)
ralph at the end oml
0:02 Anyone else thought the beginnings to that song was a parody of the Gravity Falls theme song.
Anne Blake (7 months ago)
So cute!
Secret Terces (7 months ago)
“Nice magicianing Voldemort”
T W I S T E D B O Y (8 months ago)
"Hey there" " miao miao mía mía miao >:v"
Sionik Space (8 months ago)
XD so funny
A Fandom Thing (8 months ago)
Sneaky Assassin27 (8 months ago)
this movie i terrible
eddie ! (8 months ago)
alexandra coffman (8 months ago)
Deleted scenes
Birb Sama (8 months ago)
I love how they actually put bloopers in this lmao
savage banana YT (8 months ago)
0:27 that’s some Jake Paul stuff there
I don't know what was the song that robin sang, but it's adorable! Can there be a full version in the lego movie 2?
Cherry Pie (8 months ago)
raptygaming 64 (8 months ago)
This makes me want to watch the Lego Batman movie again...
Spider Taken (8 months ago)
Lol brrrrbbrbrbrbrb lol hahahaha
Spider Taken (8 months ago)
Yes that funny
Dayja Klotz (8 months ago)
2:22, me on skates on the road XD
der andi (8 months ago)
Same alfred, same
Brian Wu (9 months ago)
Alfred: “I do love this movie” Me: Don’t we all???
Zumen Diego Youtuber (9 months ago)
Yo lo sigo esperando en latino jajajaja (^∇^)
Galaxy Stuidos (9 months ago)
The last one I could picture that would actually happen in the batcave
SSGoku 71 (9 months ago)
1:19 lol
voldermort from harry potter seriously
SmashLiXs (9 months ago)
glob i wish these movies made more money
HARLEY QUINN (9 months ago)
The joker and harley's part make my Life in a better way 😍😍😍
Space Pizza (10 months ago)
I love the Joker blooper one XD
Space Pizza (10 months ago)
S. Spyro7956 (10 months ago)
1:29-1:47 *Egghead is just a fucking mood during that*
Sequoia Dupree (10 months ago)
My favorite parts of the whole movie is all the sound effects
Deana Lane (10 months ago)
1:29 to 1:46
Jack&DadGamer (10 months ago)
Whys voldermort in this movie?
Lolbyte (10 months ago)
2:03 I neva fweeze
PenguinGaming867 :3 (10 months ago)
*V O L D E R M O R T*
Skylar Loeffler (11 months ago)
Kimberlie Harris (11 months ago)
1:07 he was sick and then he got cured
Jesus Christ (11 months ago)
Lol voldermort
Kiran Farooqi (11 months ago)
Harley quinn sounds like Ponyhead from star vs the forces of evil
Galaxy Girl (11 months ago)
Alfred at the end is hilarious but I would get carried away like him if I was doing that
Panda Kat (11 months ago)
“wow, nice magicianing voldemort”
Gerald Olivares (11 months ago)
Anthony Down (11 months ago)
Joker: CLAYFACE! FREEZE! Clayface: *freezes* joker: no! Clayface AND Fr- Don’t freeze, Clayface! Clayface: *unfreezes* joker: Clayface AND Freeze! Joker: bring me Commissioner Gordon!
LPS Bombonica (11 months ago)
Mysterious Lela (1 year ago)
Wyien Alba (1 year ago)
1:49 its VolDEmort not VolDERmort
NJWNevaeh (1 year ago)
only the joke
Luna the Therian (1 year ago)
Cookiestar (1 year ago)
“VOLDERMORT” I’m dead 😂😂
Billy Clelland gaming (1 year ago)
You could have said joker clyface mr freezer
Konnecting Keys (1 year ago)
The Joker and Harley moment was too pure Q-Q
Foxy Fusha Ninja (1 year ago)
Who has ever heard CatWoman say meow meow meow meow
Xetsubo (1 year ago)
2:17 when your movie is too gay for the audience so you try to make it less gay but it doesn’t work
miles luther (1 year ago)
was up

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