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[Geometry dash] - 'Don't Cry' by FunnyGame (All Coins)

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ID - 27106043 Dont Cry ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ Nice Intro By Remy Designs :D Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTKm-rd9kU70TOATXayOilg Song : Fox Stevenson & Curbi – Hoohah (Original Mix)
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Text Comments (59)
NVM ? (2 years ago)
first YT 3coins vidio
dead channel (1 year ago)
damn it
Redstoneboi (10 months ago)
don't bottle up your emotions either
cristian felipe (11 months ago)
Halpa (1 year ago)
i cry T_T
KurtDaWeeb (1 year ago)
"I was very serious... damn it" it actually sound depressing if you didn't see it funny because the one talking is serious on expressing his feelings while u keep jumping...I find it sad because for me the guy talking was very serious on his life , he thinks that his friends keep making fun of him but it was just to try cheering him up , he was serious about the words being spoken out by his friends to him not realizing that it was for him to be happy, yeah I repeated that lmao, well in the end he loses his friends and people stayed away from him causing him to be lonely..or it can be a prank like his friend pretending to be crazy and killing his another friend , he was serious about it so he ended up getting a weapon and killing his friend that was pretending to be a murderer , this one actually makes more sense than the other reason I think about..
Martha Williams (1 year ago)
note to self: don't watch after getting dumped by your bae 😭😭😭
Majestix 77 (3 months ago)
GD SuperSoniC15 (1 year ago)
I'm crying but I need stop (:'-')
Redstoneboi (10 months ago)
"need"? don't bottle em up
Samuel Wang (1 year ago)
I was very serious... Damn it.......
KurtDaWeeb (1 year ago)
Aquathyx Gaming its actually depressing if its not because of the player jumping repeatedly
Phantom (1 year ago)
dont be depressed funnygame... :(
Merely X (1 year ago)
Merely X (1 year ago)
Suspeckt (1 year ago)
What a music?
Shymask (1 year ago)
How i feel when i get bullied.
Alagirez [WerewolfGD] (1 year ago)
#Undying same
High amounts of lead (1 year ago)
that was beautiful
Wiluzi Mapping (1 year ago)
#prayforfunnygame #funnygameyouarestrong
Ng CongCen (1 year ago)
what song
l Niels l (1 year ago)
Don't cry challenge........................... I lose......................
Shymask (1 year ago)
RickTzGD (1 year ago)
I died in 82% :v
Redstoneboi (10 months ago)
_Don't cry..._
EArLGrEy (2 years ago)
Story of my life
Diego (2 years ago)
awesome :,D
Why do people like funnygame that much?Just look g4lvatron.Funnygame posted the level and in 20 mins it got 4 videos.Truth by G4lvatron is 2x better maybe but it has 4 or 5 videos in 4 months!I mean there are many people better than funnygame very underrated.I hate this so much.And im not talking about famous creators.Im just talking how did funnygame got this fame?His only good levels was made in 2.0.And this is NOT A HATE COMMENT.
[FX] MLG-Striker (1 year ago)
It's your opinion after all, but you probably never played GD before 2.0.... Funnygame is the inventor of effect levels and he changed the standards for level making. He introduced/invented lots of new things like the custom backgrounds or the LDM. Sure, there might be really good creators out there, but nobody did what funnygame did at the time. This is why he's so popular and this is also why he's a legend in this community. G4lvatron is an outsanding level creator but he didn't change GD like FG did. You might argue that G4lva makes better effects than FG, but that's really it tbh. His levels(take truth, wich is his masterpiece,as an example) are laggy af, the gameplay sucks and the block design is sometimes really bland. They're purely based on effects and that's what I don't like about him. Funnygame made 95% of his levels without passing the object limit which means that he barely used an object limit hack. How are we supposed to play/record levels that have over 80K objects? 8)
Im saying fg has been a legend from 1.4 or 1.5 but his 1.9 levels arent that good.Dreamers clock effect is very ez bcz it was ez to use color triggers at the time.
G4lva is popular now.But funnygame is still overrated.
Enjoi (1 year ago)
FunnyGame is a GD legend
Enjoi (1 year ago)
Shut up bitch FunnyGame introduced lots of things nobody had even thought of to use and that is why he is so popular Also he is one of the best creators in the game and yes G4lvatron may be good but not as inspirational as FunnyGame was on the GD Community and creating 👍🏻
Lucas Muñoz (2 years ago)
66 likes (._.)
ITzMakakikusGOYT ñ-ñ (2 years ago)
Awesome!!!! But Im cry dont GO funnygame :,(
IMToxicWaste (2 years ago)
im legit seeing this level spammed in my subscriptions lol, but GG Mulpan :)
HaellM (2 years ago)
SAD level by FUNNYgame
[GD] Neiluj (2 years ago)
Frixy (2 years ago)
Alderite (2 years ago)
It would Have Been Awesome if This Level has a Story. But Damn FunnyGame Wow It will be featured in Less Than 6 Hrs.
Steve28 (2 years ago)
That red text was creepy...
Redstoneboi (10 months ago)
it's a secret coin. it was intended.
Enslex Hardest (2 years ago)
Steve28 It only shows itself when you keep jumping after every spike. That's weird ._.
엠삐MP (2 years ago)
SO GOOD! I love it a lot!
Frixy (2 years ago)
MadPilot GeometryDash 8)
Serponge Geometry Dash (2 years ago)
so cool :3
P ə ā ş Ý ._. (1 year ago)
Serponge Geometry Dash Please comment back i love your levels and i need some tips. My name is ArktronGD. Im waiting...
Frixy (2 years ago)
Serponge Geometry Dash SpongeBob
Sub New iIJinCreeIi (2 years ago)
역시 물판님은 항상 빠르셔
Uriel Lampon (2 years ago)
Me Ganaste En Subirlo xD Like Buen Video
Afga Pratama (2 years ago)
So beautiful, I almost crying
Tickle GD (2 years ago)
cool! :3 hey mulpan what is the song of your GD?
Tickle GD (2 years ago)
Mulpan Thanks so much! ^^
Mulpan (2 years ago)
panda eyes - colorblind
Tickle GD (2 years ago)
Mulpan Yep! what is? tell me plz
Mulpan (2 years ago)
menu song?
[GW M] GD fhewi (2 years ago)
와 빠르다
Kiflaim (2 years ago)
let's go verity
Kiflaim (2 years ago)

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