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where were my parents?... .. business inquiries- [email protected] -- Can't wait to include your mail in my videos (: P.O. BOX 25541 , SCOTTSDALE , AZ , 85255 ;; SCREENSHOT YOUR FAVORITE FACIAL EXPRESSION & TAG ME ON INSTA SO I CAN SEE IT & LIKE IT! :) INSTAGRAM : @TAYLORALESIA . HI BABES. make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button if you haven't already :) going to start trying to upload EVERY DAY for you guys! WE JUST HIT 500K WHEN THIS VIDEO WENT LIVE ..... OMGOMGOMGOMOGMGKKRSJFENA THNAK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Omg. What. I will give you all a proper thankyou in tomorrow's video 💘💘💘 ....taytortot merch coming soon ;)
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tayloralesia (4 months ago)
MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO! ⚡️⚡️ https://youtu.be/zAGKnaSPnmI
Morgan Brasso (1 day ago)
Your so pretty
Jay The destroyer (6 days ago)
Jay The destroyer (6 days ago)
Jay The destroyer (6 days ago)
Justin Cummings (2 hours ago)
Says that her photos got more likes because how she looks and she doesnt like it. Has 2.3 million subscribers and does videos with her in bikinis and what not. Case and point.......still gonna sub tho cause im a basic male.
Gummybear4892 (3 hours ago)
Don’t get me wrong and not to be weird but like yea she has a nice body and boobs and what it but like why did u choose of all the photos u have taken and posted the ones with your breasts showing a lot? It just makes no sense and that’s about all u talked about in The Whole video like oh my boob kookier like it was gonna pop or oh it didn’t look like I had a left boob like yes there are the prevented guys here but they are prob gonna be more actual fans that don’t really care or wanna see that and u should listen to your actual fans not the perverts it’s just nuts how society has become
credit trails (5 hours ago)
i would honestly fuck the shit outta you when u were fucking 10
Zack Jondro (5 hours ago)
Zack Jondro (5 hours ago)
Put those tits away before I barf
schellebaum baum (11 hours ago)
Too much ... way too much make up. Why are you hiding????
rek tel (13 hours ago)
so many haters, like seriously you all watched her video and commented like seriously admit it, you like her! keeps the nice work and you are super pretty.
Petter Pam (14 hours ago)
Not to sound like a dog or anything if I was a dog I'd be licking you up
JULIAN SANBY (1 day ago)
Shut the fuck up!!!
Sal Palladino (1 day ago)
Sluts are gonna slut.
675forlife 2017 (1 day ago)
Marry me.
נאור גורל (1 day ago)
DO ME KIDS !!!!!!
Anna Turner (1 day ago)
Omg she is so funny and you don't have to post everyday!
asiansrus2 (2 days ago)
Are you 16 now? How long ago was 15 for you that you're so baffled by looking all the way back when you were 15? You're so old school home girl.
Jordan Duffy (2 days ago)
Your hot
Steve Hunt (2 days ago)
I would LOVE to be her tator tot!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lauren Diessner (2 days ago)
you are cuter with no makeup
Mark Penhall (2 days ago)
Everything you do is for us? Is it not putting money In Your pocket. I think a fair statement would be you do this for us so you can make some dollars
Kenneth Swanson (2 days ago)
A video starts at 13:49
Alex yeager Murphy (2 days ago)
Wow.. You said something "I didn't appreciate" when you asked us a "giant favor" of clicking that bell. Lol
Minijer 12 (2 days ago)
I want to see your boobs
Bella (3 days ago)
y’all tryna tell me she ain’t had plastic surgery. lmao
hi talor you are the best
KriSSi1 (3 days ago)
Your sexy asfuck tho
SonT22 Gaming (3 days ago)
Entire video was about her talking about her own boobs wtf
Mike Day (4 days ago)
Your hot
Will (4 days ago)
You're crazy for putting a p.o. box up on your channel homie
Henrik Ekholm (4 days ago)
No nut november is a bit hard...
Tres Puntos (4 days ago)
I Want to suck your tits
Jordan Mudgett (5 days ago)
Ohhhhhhh! Now she knows who she is!!!
TheWizardOfOsborne (5 days ago)
Tbh you’re way to hard on yourself
ofheredenclub _ (5 days ago)
Nãowiëk kiår (5 days ago)
The thumbnail gives the impression that girl have been working in the porn industry , she used a picture of her chest cleavage as a thumbnail as clickbait , typical strategy used by girls
Jay The destroyer (6 days ago)
Yooooou looooooook gooooood
Spaceman Spiff (6 days ago)
You still look 15 and how can you not remember taking a photo that happened less than 5 years ago? Do you have brain damage, or are you just a dumb broad?
Michael Borrodell (6 days ago)
You seem like a nice kid forget about the selfies get out and enjoy life so preoccupied with taking pics u can become too self obsessed
Kiandro The Pro Gengu (6 days ago)
You’re freaking hot💦💦
Raptures End (6 days ago)
Don’t do the makeup Hitler stash lol it’s really noticeable
TheStrongmansteve (6 days ago)
So. What do you actually do?
AirForce Gamer (6 days ago)
How the fuck does a 15 year old have tits that big? Unless they are fake holy shit. This is a prime example of a 15 year old girl looking alot older then she actually is. Based off the pics she looked more like 19 or 20 imo. Wtf lol
Tragic_Trev (6 days ago)
This bitch is annoying. “OHMYGAWWWWWWDDDDD” stfu bitch.
Jake Feniquito (7 days ago)
I think youtube thinks im a booby guy thats why it’s recommended
64imma (7 days ago)
*complains about the boo boobage in her old pics* *still posts pics with tons of boobage*
Your Huckleberry (7 days ago)
I keep seeing you on my recommendations and asking myself. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR CHANNEL ABOUT?
Alexander Peoples (7 days ago)
Yo she reminds me of the catch me outside girl
llbedj djk (7 days ago)
To save you 3:53 of your life.. Here you go.
OneTooManyGames (7 days ago)
have you heard of jesus
Bumpy Bum (7 days ago)
When I look at pictures of me at 15... “Fat piece of shit”
Zz_Drizzle (7 days ago)
Ur body is fuckin awesome
CAM KING (7 days ago)
who the hell is this
Scott Hall (7 days ago)
She is pretty
El Vei (7 days ago)
Really u react to photos of yourself......... The true begging of attention is here
StarClownBuggy (7 days ago)
You’re fucking annoying and asking for attention
eric smith (7 days ago)
use the boobs in the screen shot to get views - my favorite girl
z0h (8 days ago)
Video begins at 3:50
Aijj (8 days ago)
I’m calling she will get pregnant five times by five different dudes will need a therapy and get a cut on her forehead and shoot either shoot herself or take to many pills fucking conceded much
Ishan Giri (8 days ago)
Come come come in here ******
laura martinez (8 days ago)
You are cool 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
illmanneredplayer (8 days ago)
How old is she right here??
irrelevant princess (8 days ago)
You are absoluetly gorgeous, my godness 😍💞
Simon Phipps (8 days ago)
the most vacuous video on youtube.
Martin Dyer (8 days ago)
What a dirty fucking whore, poor parents.
Harrison Even (9 days ago)
By how much she’s judging herself you can tell how much she’s matured
Maximillian Osaben (9 days ago)
Boobs are cool, but you were only 15, so never mind that I said that (for those photos).
Polaar (9 days ago)
your voice is oddly satisfying
???? ???? (9 days ago)
I really wish I was her brother or father
Samita Hall (9 days ago)
your very pretty
Ninja Dave (9 days ago)
sean conway (9 days ago)
Came because of the thumbnail....sure I'm not the only one lol
Cruella De Vil (9 days ago)
Whered you get that choker?
cathy webb (9 days ago)
I love your pranks
【 Ƥebble 】 (9 days ago)
DarkLife 3074 (9 days ago)
I feel bad for her parents.
Pokego Walking (10 days ago)
I'm actually surprised... I actually made it to the end of this video ... even tho I watch far worse cringier videos
D Mert (10 days ago)
Gillian Henkel (10 days ago)
If ya go to her Insta, it's all the same thing, boobs or ass, sh hasn't changed a bit
t33ror (10 days ago)
try video chat :))
Jarryd Cruikshank (10 days ago)
Makeup looks much better.
F B (10 days ago)
Loll what a fucking slut
sylasvelez (11 days ago)
😛😛😛😛😛😛😯😛😛🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💦💦💦💦💦😳😳😳😳😳FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK HOLY FUCK WOAH FUCK AND IM 16 THO!!!!!!!!!!!
moniboss11 k (11 days ago)
Video doesn’t start until 3:55
Brian Kump (11 days ago)
Gotta love them click bait titties! Also gotta love a girl that makes a video about herself taking pictures of herself then talkin about how she feels about herself lookin at herself. Herself herself herself.
Hiraku (11 days ago)
and how old are you now? 16?
Hayden Bond (11 days ago)
i dont know whee my mum was lmfao !!! good come back totally forgiven
Kings Crown (11 days ago)
I just wanna say, ur posts still looks like those things that u said "Im never gonna post like that again"
jaryan bridgman (11 days ago)
Im.in love with your personality
Rod Skapé (11 days ago)
This is the 2000' generation! I'm hype for the future...
Marc Small (11 days ago)
My butt hurts ?
Jon Beckham (12 days ago)
You are literally going to be nothing when you grow up. Just let that sink in while you talk about your slutty photos.
deep deep (12 days ago)
I really had to watch this video on mute. You know you're hot but you're acting stupid about it.
Corey Scott (12 days ago)
your so hot text me plz or email me [email protected]
deep deep (12 days ago)
Are you 15 and a half now?
Jeffrey Walker (12 days ago)
omg so hot... love you
Jeffrey Walker (12 days ago)
omg.so hot
Felix (12 days ago)
Can someone count how many cuts she did? cause she cuts like every 3 words
Sharaina Menerey (12 days ago)
It was recommended to everyone, never ever heard of her, she must have paid for something. She's so damn cringy, loooook at my boobs I'm so young. With her wannabe Tana voice. It's a compilation of her boobs, and she's a check I'm disgusted
Chelsie Nicholson (12 days ago)
Yes post vids everyday i love you
Ropey Bear (12 days ago)
im confused as to why you are in my suggested videos when i dont watch anything related to you and im even more confused as to how you are a public figure and or somewhat famous

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