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Sea Wolf - The Violet Hour (official music video)

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Official music video for Sea Wolf - "The Violet Hour". From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Directed by Michael Mohan. Buy "Twilight: New Moon" Soundtrack: http://dbrd.la/hsVHuR Buy "Music Videos & Performance from The Twilight Saga DVD : http://dbrd.la/igAVwC Like Sea Wolf on Facebook http://facebook.com/seawolf Follow Sea Wolf on Twitter http://twitter.com/seawolfmusic Official Sea Wolf Website http://seawolfmusic.com Dangerbird Records http://dangerbirdrecords.com http://facebook.com/dangerbirdrecords http://twitter.com/dangerbird
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Text Comments (144)
BrkGncy (2 months ago)
Güzel bir klip.
co green (4 months ago)
Si tan solo supiera bailar
Rj Davidson XYX (5 months ago)
jeremy black duncan
Sheray Welch (6 months ago)
2018 anyone
Alexandra 。 (6 months ago)
their music videos are always soo funny
B (7 months ago)
Was listening to Neutral Milk Hotel and came across this song. I’ve had it on repeat for an hour now!😂 love it!
Cynical (7 months ago)
The vocalist sounds exactly like Ian McCulloch. When I first heard this song in New Moon, I legitimately thought it was an Echo & the Bunnymen song that I hadn't heard of.
favorite song from the new moon soundtrack
MILCA ALCALA (8 months ago)
I love this song because it's a new moon and it's pretty like if you too
Dani Slaughter (8 months ago)
Now, am I the only one, or does this sound a teensy bit like Johnny Cash at some points? LOL
Miguel Martins (1 month ago)
My first thought....
ReviewCam (3 months ago)
Like a ballad and the guitar?
redol hage (9 months ago)
well its 2018 and i m listening....its a good song
dreamalicous123 (9 months ago)
This song sounds like falling in love.
Victoria Sojo Balbuena (10 months ago)
M encanta esta canción!
PABLO DAVID Aragon (11 months ago)
Lyrics "Your lips are nettles, Your tongue is wine. Your laughter's liquid, But your body's pine. You love all sailors, But hate the beach. You say come touch me But you're always out of reach.... In the dark you tell me of the flower That only blooms in the violet hour. Your arms are lovely, Yellow and rose. Your back's a meadow, Covered in snow. Your thigh's are thistles, And hot-house grapes. You breath your sweet breath And have me wait. In the dark you tell me of the flower. That only blooms in the violet hour. I turn the lights out, I clean the sheets. You change the station, Turn up the heat. And now your sitting, Upon your chair. You've got me tangled up, Inside your beautiful black hair.... In the dark you tell me of the flower. That only blooms in the violet hour.
Música Lua Nova ...aniversário da Bella
Dans Dans (11 months ago)
Se escuchan mucho como The Maccabees,esta rifadisima la rola!
Gabriel Petersen (11 months ago)
All I want to know is why is this song not on Spotify?!?!
Mercedes Gomez (1 year ago)
I miss Sea Wolf!!
Hope Jones (1 year ago)
This makes me so happpy... I just love love love. ❣️💍
Anthony Bostock (1 year ago)
Does anyone know where I can find a cast list for this music video?
Phil Kowalski (1 year ago)
who esle is still listening to this in 2017? :)
CAIO ZANOLLA (7 months ago)
Phil Kowalski 2018 !! :)
Phil Kowalski (1 year ago)
Jarred Michael (1 year ago)
My goodness, I miss Twilight. I'm still such a huge fan that if you name any song from any soundtrack, I can name the movie it was in.
Uriel :v (1 year ago)
Solo vine a dejar mi comentario en españo,l en esta bella canción.
c r y b a b y (1 year ago)
Straight From Hell (1 year ago)
13! Lucky number!
Chorokape A. Kapemai (2 years ago)
Can't Get Over This Song.....!!! ;_;
Brëndii Brandÿ (2 years ago)
de que trata el video??
Pamela Elix (2 years ago)
rad song..
nienke huijbens (2 years ago)
There's a lot to say about the twilight movies, but the soundtracks are definitely awesome
quin giles (8 months ago)
nienke huijbens the best
weetzybat (9 months ago)
I knew of this song before twilight ahhhh I feel it takes away from it. Oh well. At least the band got $$
Socially Awkward (9 months ago)
nienke huijbens the soundtracks are the reason why I listen to all the music I listen to today
Melissa Heffelfinger (2 years ago)
new moons soundtrack was ridiculously amazing
jadeg (2 years ago)
Your tongue is wine
çağlar Alptekin (2 years ago)
new moon..birthday BLOOD lol 😃😃😃
ReviewCam (1 year ago)
Fatih Kurt (2 years ago)
Hayattaki rolüm temizlikçiden farksız
Latanya Baker (2 years ago)
in the dark you tell me of a flower
absürtizm meselesi (2 years ago)
sonunda buldum seni be :)
Jaila Waddles (2 years ago)
anyone else come here from twilight? #teamEdward
Rosie Marshall (3 months ago)
jacob in movies edward in the books
Shinigami (2 years ago)
#TeamEdward <3
me encanta esta canción
Ware Sisters (2 years ago)
Loved this song, glad I stumbled upon it again!
Talita Miola (2 years ago)
amsbee 675 (2 years ago)
1. #twilight ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2. WHY U REMOVE FROM SPOTIFY????
Diego Sequeira (2 years ago)
I have search this in Spotify... 😓 mission impossible
Naelah Febres (6 months ago)
So sad :(
Kate iwudike (8 months ago)
Yea can't find it on spotify
ReviewCam (1 year ago)
I know the feeling :(
TheMrSuperRaga (3 years ago)
Great song!
Abby Davis (3 years ago)
did anyone notice that one girl had sort of a welt on her face?
sandramiksawrites (3 years ago)
am i the only one who was slightly reminded of the dance in Grease while watching this video? (i really love the video)
Marcelo Licetti (3 years ago)
Twilight <3
Irlanda Guzman (3 years ago)
you love all sailors but hate the beach
Veridiana Celta (2 months ago)
Irlanda Guzman I singing bitch.
Elizabeth Dunn (2 years ago)
I thought it was old, I've been signing this song wrong for years😂
blue shel (3 years ago)
blue shel (2 years ago)
blue shel (2 years ago)
+Andy Alessandra *w*
Aleksandra Vólkov (3 years ago)
+-Linkx Rogers. Aqui!
Anna Teigen (3 years ago)
Why... Why did they remove this from spotify? I freaking love this song so much
Naelah Febres (6 months ago)
Totally agree
ReviewCam (1 year ago)
Where can you buy them? I'd pay for this song alone, even though New Moon has the best songs of the saga.
Melly (2 years ago)
you can buy twilight soundtrack album and then make the mp3 yourself on your PC (that's what I did 😅)
Anna Teigen (2 years ago)
My theory is that the people behind the New Moon-album bought the rights to most of the songs on it
Guest (2 years ago)
I've searched so much on Spotify for thuz
007ferguson007 (3 years ago)
all the girls in this video are so attractive
Brandon Foster (3 years ago)
e this song played at my dance
Nicola Geyser (3 years ago)
This has got to be my favorite song of all time.  poetic, romantic, sexy... love love love
Yiğit Sözer (3 years ago)
is that lindsey stirling in the clip? +Lindsey Stirling 
fatih ermiş (3 years ago)
pretty good 
Casandra R (3 years ago)
The Janitor is the singer and the men drinking are the band... I love Sea Wolf
JoshelinKarina Daphne (4 years ago)
Hoy la bailé. ¡Excelente tema, me encantó!
Isabella Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Now this is music!
Rime War (4 years ago)
This is MUSIC (Y)
QuintaFunnyPics (4 years ago)
I can only think about Jasper cullen when I hear this. Probably coz they play this song on Bella her bday and in that scene jasper attacked her....anyway, im team Edward and Jasper!
ReviewCam (1 year ago)
I'm more of a Carlisle fan
Kimberly Devon (4 years ago)
I love this song! Sea Wolf the best.
jéssica Alves (4 years ago)
Amo demais essa musica <3 twilight tem a melhor trilha sonora do mundo!!
Carito Juan (4 years ago)
Ignasi Nou Plana (4 years ago)
Couples must be moving all the time!
duvan buitron (4 years ago)
la  mejor  cancion  del  mundo ;)
Eloise Murphy-Hill (5 years ago)
anyone else think that San Cisco's 'fred astaire' music video is VERY similar to this ?? both good songs though..
Emmanuel Dubeau (5 years ago)
I never knew this song was in Twilight until I read the comments... I don't know why but it makes me sad that they use such good music in such poor movies.
modaa fkaa (5 years ago)
modaa fkaa (5 years ago)
I am not a fan of most twilight songs but this is amazing :)
baba jan (5 years ago)
it's because bieber is more famous. hahahahahaahah U HOT
? (5 years ago)
The ONLY reason why I dislike this song is because it reminds me of Twilight.
BenjiQ575 (5 years ago)
Wish Alex sung at MY High School dances..
Inès Achour (5 years ago)
yes it's because I'm in it
I'm really grateful to Twilight because it showed me so many awesome songs i would probably never get to listen in my country..so please stop hating and if you don't like the movies try books..they are much better.
Mariana Almeida (5 years ago)
Twilight New moon
lavkush pandey (5 years ago)
Lav u guys..lyrics th beat evrythng is super.
Mirza E. C.C. (5 years ago)
recordando la fiesta de graduación de bella Twilight New Moon
Raymundo Martinez (5 years ago)
Ann Zrate (6 years ago)
adororo este video
Gorila Silente (6 years ago)
oh wow! what a comment! I'm so scared for your intelligence!
ch3ckm4t3r (6 years ago)
I think the song and the video are great!
Brooke6Michelle48 (6 years ago)
Why is everyone hating on twilight? You know you all loved the books and the movie was pretty close (maybe a bit cheezy). stop hating just cuz everyone else is.
Gorila Silente (6 years ago)
Music Rocks, but that movie is horrible!
dpd06 (6 years ago)
song is perfect, video is the shittiest one i have ever seen.
Martha Z. (6 years ago)
My favorite number is 13! And it was a coincidence that it appears in the back of handsome guy!! :B
Martha Z. (6 years ago)
Who loves ♥ this song but hates Twilight?? Me!!
diglew (6 years ago)
bythefireside27 (6 years ago)
@MissDaniellaVega cool story.
Kreepy Kreeper (6 years ago)
@MtnDewGuy100 yeah, especially the big one with spectacles...
Yero789 (6 years ago)
That girl on the corner is soooo cuteee:))))))I would probably dance with her!!!!:D:)))))
bbregni (6 years ago)
the violet hour as quoting eliot?
Eve Rowland (6 years ago)
i seriously cannot understand how this has 24,808 views and justin beiber has 665 million, im not saying i dont like beiber but i just think this is an equally good song
Tainá Costa (7 years ago)
twist õ/
guadamarqz (7 years ago)
kill the one who clickd dislike! xD hahaha
Spaceman3 (7 years ago)
This song is so fucking beautiful...
Jessica Stefanik (7 years ago)
Ok woah! I may sound like an idiot but wht era is that?! I love it and I've seen it before but can remember what its called...
prioridadconfusa (7 years ago)
Saira te amooo! lo siento tenia que decirlo. thanks eulogies for this :)
Sir Shogun Advnse (7 years ago)
@wackyworldz i knew it dude "YOU ARE A DUMBASS"!! translation for dis too Mr. wacky_jer-off-my-pants_worldz???
wackyworldz (7 years ago)
@seceretary Translation please? Just because you're a "Twi-hard" doesn't excuse you from not typing coherent words.
mememeome (7 years ago)
I absolutely love this video. :}
90maripaz (7 years ago)
I know this song because of new moon! And I loooove it! is my ringtone♥

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